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by: Vernice Schuster

FundamentalsofPhysicsIII PHYS201

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Vernice Schuster
GPA 3.54


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Vernice Schuster on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS201 at Drexel University taught by BrigitaUrbanc in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 22 views. For similar materials see /class/212523/phys201-drexel-university in Physics 2 at Drexel University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Physics 201 Midterm Cheat Sheet N A N airI lag l HL gtl nu Represemtion of ieclmn39ic and wt polarized sinusoidal pinnecmam magncltc wave Onawnvclcngth at me wave is shnwn at time I mm mm m N A N A N h quotE2 l a A a Emmerich k 23 L H N A N A N A N v c n 3 mumm A Sundown 3392 L gt N A N It N A N A N d n E i i Fonxthnmonicj A Thirdovc mg K fu l gtt Au x A Mammy i Ill pammlnl ie mtic was qu E r 1 Auquotlmee1mgyinlllkine x mm 39 Emu 1 I39 3 5 39HUZ w mwmuwmim illnumeralan A m points at which Ihl nmplimde chmmg mumm u yum x a n K 39 rt purlI tinnml u v runsmam J a V md in iiim Fundmn nl 1 E 39 minimmi mill 0 u ma mm A m 1 a u rm hlnl oni f n5 n5 Simple Harmonic Motion oscillation in which the restoring force is directly proportional to the displacement from equilibrium increasing In increases period increasing k decreases period changing Ahas n effect Simple Pendulum is not an example of SHM because restoring force is proportional to sine not 6 Damping the decrease in amplitude caused by dissipative forces Critical lqurtkm system no longer oscillates but returns to equilibrium position Overdamping bgtsqrtkm no oscillation but system returns to equilibrium but more slowly then critical ping Underdampirig bltsprtkm system oscillates With steadily decreasing Resonance the fact that there is an amplitude peak at driving frequencies close to the natural frequency of the system Transverse Waves displacements of the medium are perpendicular to the direction of travel of the Wave Longitudinal Waves motions of the particles of the medium are back and forth along the same direction the Wave travels Sinusoidal Waves periodic Waves With simple harmonic motion Interference overlapping of Waves Destructive Waves cancel string displacement is zero Constructive Waves coincide string displacement is maximum Sound lo 39tudinal waves in a medium Displacement Nodes are Pressure Antinodes 11gt Physics 201 Midterm Cheat Sheet fl 7 1 Fe 2 mg sin 6 z 1 s39zk plepeizduLm Factoringrer 2 2 1 a a 7 b SALLI quotquot 1 WW yx l Acwcr c0t I df 1 HA I if A n t V 392 a t m SHM l 7 wave mint221quot fl T4 00PM 1127861 m L V V S 2 21 k SIMl V 139 wze e LL speed ofa I zmlr erse wave 01 a sir71g TC 1c M 1 Ll 1 2 1t m Iquot T 7 D 2 TC SH quot1 3 max 4 13 IrUH Avrilaimquot 2 3 2 2 A 1111 l 0 xAcomt SHM 39 25 my krz 2 ball tn1111 512711 Median7le Elmg1 d a l p VszbalpEIZdylum small ampmale I n 4 L K 1 K 72157 li 7li J I mgcz D I amp 2 7 V I vigil r SHU 1 g AylL Ul g z lmglIm iml wary 1I lr g i Y D Z 7 Simplepemlztztm wzlz small amp1121M quot l f x lr IIg u39z 1 I willy 2 L l n V II A 39 i 7 L 1I lK IIquotl fi lmr 7 7 m39 7 7 all rqJperppt III l l39 l MINIwild meal flll 7II39II rm I z ral l m0quot 39ii i f 1 27E 2 L by ii If Illa5 maxcosar ot 271 2139 l D g V m m 01jf coshml 7 J max I r 4 2 quot1 coxo39 D lM I39Ill l will ll1 IQIIIII39IIg 1 I s 1 E x 3 P01 m g V m 1 l 2 39v 50 H0 I m 2 plquot 1 4quot average 17mm s39I39Ilm39ru rrll MIMI IX771539 5W 5 wmIE J 13 o amp1Igle zywm l39ImI39an Iquot I ASWSiM Aw sin 0 Mia2A 2 A stalzdi g wave 017 I m39Mg 1 Pum 7 Hum 2pl 2 3 E B E Z I um max max 5 l o l m39 7 397 2 2 p p0r u 110 nun w a I w 2 p m 2 3 llgtl 7 cos0 LID 2 2 max 13 mg 0 sin 9 Restoring Targzre Units fHzor 1s mrads kNrn orkgs2 E joules v ms P watts I inertia kg x In2 H kgrn I intensity VVrn2 B Bulk or Y Young s Pa p kgrn3 e CZNrn2 p TinA B magnetism T E Vrn Q rads 1 Physics 201 Midterm Cheat Sheet When two or more waves overlap the resultant displacement at any point and at any instant is found by adding the instantaneous displacemenw that would be produced at the point by the individual waves if each were present alone Coherent two monochromatic sources of the same frequency and with any de nite constant relationship though not necessarily in phase constructive interference rzrl In de tructive interference rzrl m 2X Fresnel Diffraction gt near eld diffraction Fraunhofer Diffmction gt far eld diffraction Einstein s Postulates First Principle of Relativity The laws of physics are the same in every inertial frame of reference Second the speed of light in avacuum is the same in all inertial frames of reference and is independent of the motion of the source Implications it is impossible for aninertial observes to tmvel at c the speed of light in vacuum Proper Time time interval At between two evens that occur at the same point Length component parallel to motion is contracted length component perpendicular to motion remains the same All the principles of Newtonian mechanics are present as limiting cases when all the speeds are small compared to c e energy in an electromagnetic wave is always emitted and absorbed in packages called photons or quanta with energy proportional to the frequency of the radiation The Photoelectric Effect is the emission of electrons when light strikes a surface The miniman amount of energy an individual electron has to gain to escape from a particular surface is called the work function for that surface and is denoted by CD The Rutherford scattering experiments show that the center of an atom is a dense nucleus much smaller than the overall size of the atom but containing all of the positive charge and most of the mass The laser operates on the principle of stimulated emission by which many photons with identical wavelength and phase are emitted Laser operation requires a nonequilibrium condition called a population inversion in which more atoms are in a higherenergy state that are in a lowerenergy state ln a potential well with nite depth U the energy levels are lower than those for an infinitely deep well with the same width and the number of energy levels corresponding to bound states is nite The levels are obtained by matching the wave functions at the well walls to satisfy the continuity of wx and dwxdx Constants Planck s Constant h 6626103934 Js 4136103915 eVs Rydberg Constant R 1097107 m39l th 2179103918 136 eV Permittivity ofFree Space in 88541039lZ CZNmZ StefanBotlzman Constant o 56710398 WmZK4 hbar hZn 10546103934 Js oton Mass mp 16731039Z7 kg I Mmainlnmnw Mmialbrfasr Mandala nnn Mimi 11 Malainln ail anluinlb low quotf quotI mam Ammmlued K new Rc eued l f m ncxtdwnyeundngocsm V memenmkzgmsa MWquot mumuuinmmun quwm L n 39 wel w39nh depth In for the cm H 6E The horizonlal bmwn line for each wave function b0 micM 4 I 39 wins ism L mlll rj nrn r n I with E gt U form a continuum 5 1 0 U quot um mm 00 55x E A 50912 n 034800 51 243E 0405110 E 05755 x mow L


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