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by: Keagan DuBuque

Social&PoliticalPhilos PHIL241

Marketplace > Drexel University > PHIL-Philosophy > PHIL241 > Social PoliticalPhilos
Keagan DuBuque
GPA 3.71


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Keagan DuBuque on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHIL241 at Drexel University taught by PeterAmato in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/212555/phil241-drexel-university in PHIL-Philosophy at Drexel University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
Social 8 Political Philosophy PHIL241001 Winter 2009 PeterAmato MacAlister5030 ext 1353 peteramanrexeledu Office hrs M W 230430 TH 330430 Class meets TTH 200 0320 in Curtis 454 Second Essay Assignment Here is our Second Essay Assignment due by the end ofthe day Friday March 13 You can hand yourfinished work in at classtime that day or place it in my mailbox in the English and Philosophy Department mailroom MacAIister 5057 or slip it under my office door MacAIister 5030 any time until 500pm If you email it it will be considered on time if sent before midnight that night Please follow all the instructions carefully and let me know if you d like me to clarify anything or if you have any questions at all I am happy to give you some comments on a ra ofthe paper Please see me in office hours or send me a note about this if you are interested This essay assignment is worth 15 ofyour grade for the class Please note an Extra Extra Credit Assignment is also added below Second Essay Instructions Respond directly fully and thoughtfully to each part of one of the questions below There are mainly twothings I hope to see in your essay 1 A serious encounterwit the author whose work you are considering aimed at making as much sense of its nuances and complexities as you can based on our class readings and discussions 2 A thoughtful reflective and creative momentthat involves doing your best to express your own voice clearly and reasonably in a discussion of the subject This is not a formal essay Use the structure ofthe question as the guide forwhat you write You do not need an introductory paragraph or a conclusion orany predetermined structural elements Tryyour best to respond directly to the question in a complete way 39 39frui This is not a research paper I am 39 in what you In A readings and class discussions I do not expect you to consult any other sources in the production ofthis essay Ifyou feel that you must any and all sources otherthan ourtexts and any materials specifically referred to in the questions that are consulted in any manner in the production of the essay must be duly cited whether or not you quote anything rom them directly or indirectly Failure to cite sources consulted in the production of an essay is plagiarism Assignments for which I have evidence of plagiarism will receive a zero and will be reported Please avoid any quotations of more than a couple of lines All quotations should be cited by placingthe author s name work and page number in parenthesis Plato Republic p 4 Let me know if you have any questions about how to do this Vouressay should be at least about 57 pages long doublespaced with 1 margins Ques ons for the Second Essay 1 Carefully explain in your own wordsthe reasoning Hobbes gives in Chapter XVII of Leviathan for why sovereignty must be absolute On the basis of this chapter compare and contrast Hobbes notion ofthe 39True Ruler with that ofThrasymachus Book I of Republic and that of Socrates Book IV of Republic Close your essay with your own response to the question of what the 39True Rulel would be like 2 Compare and contrast Hobbes notion of quotnatural right as presented in Chapter XIV of Leviathan with that of Locke as presented in Chapter II of the Second T quot quot LIiaL each ofthese notions is reflected in contemporary legal and political thinking 3 Explain Mill s notion of quotthe tyranny of the majority as presented in Chapterl ofOn Liberty and relate it to Mill s broader notions ofdemocratic liberty and individual freedom as defended in our readings Explain how Mill would answerthe question quotWhy obey the law and give reasons for why this would be an acceptable or an inadequate answer in yourview 4 Summarize and explain a theme or argument from the article in our syllabus by Iris Voung httpwwwpagesdrexeledupa34VOUNGpdf or from the article by David Schweickart httpwwwpagesdrexeleduNpa34SCHW RTpdf Then compare and contrastthe author s position on thistheme with a relevant contrast from any one ofthe authors we ve discussed this term Close youressay with your own reaction critique or response to the author Extra Extra Credit Assignment TL39 quot 39 Wuulu quot quot Lime fur uul rinal Exam Thursday March 19 8001000 am Ifyou doa goodjob it willadd up to ten points to your Midterm or Final Exam grade which is equivalent to 3 points overall in the course The extra credit is open to evenone Instructions Write a s nopsis carefully summarizing in your own words the main argument ofthe article in our syllabus by Isaiah Berlin httpwwwpagesdrexeledupa34BERLINpdf orthe article byAmartya Sen httpwwwpagesdrexeledupa34SENpdf in at least about 25 to 3 pages double spaced with 1 margins Then add a short 12 to 1 page analysis that relates what you take to be the author s main point to any of the authors we have discussed thisterm


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