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by: Mr. Shaylee Champlin

ContentRepresentation INFO622

Mr. Shaylee Champlin
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This 16 page Class Notes was uploaded by Mr. Shaylee Champlin on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to INFO622 at Drexel University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 39 views. For similar materials see /class/212583/info622-drexel-university in Info Systems & Decision Sciences at Drexel University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
Comics and Graphic Novels Thesaurus Kenneth Raining Info 622 Winter 2009 Introduction Comic books and their precursor the comic strip have a long and colorful history be tting their brightly rendered panels The rst comic books beginning with Famous Funnies in 1933 were reprints of newspaper comics but it wasn t long before the demand for comic books exceeded the material available so new work was soon commissioned Today comic strips continue to be a staple of the agging newspaper industry while comic books have seen two forms of book publishing the graphic novel and the Japanese imported comics known as Manga take hold in libraries and book stores around the country This thesaurus looks to broadly de ne and connect several terms that the non comic book fan may encounter when rst approaching the eld The speci c mechanical elements used to create the sequential combination of words and pictures that we call comics can be found in Technical Terms while Creative Team names the positions responsible for creating those elements Eras provides the generally accepted terms applied to the chronological history of the comic book Genres names several stylistic categories that have been distinguished by their common elements Formats identi es the different types of publications containing comics Finally Comic Book Terms expands upon several speci c words or phrases fans and professionals have come to apply to the strange fantastic world of comic books Hierarchy Technical Terms Page Layout Panels Splash Page Word Balloons Thought Balloons Captions Sound Effects Creative Team Eras Genres Cartoonists ltwritinggt Plotter Scripter ltartworkgt Penciller Inker ltproduction and oversightgt Letterer Colorist Editor ltPeriods in comics history arranged chronologicallygt Golden Age Atomic Age Comics Code Authority Seduction of the Innocent Silver Age Bronze Age Copper Age Black and White Boom Modern Age Speculation Boom Crime Horror Humor Funny Animal Manga Romance Science Fiction Superhero Sword and Sorcery Underground Autobiographical Non ction War Western Formats Comic Strips Daily Strips Sunday Strips Panels Comic Books Anthologies Trade Paperbacks Graphic Novels Non ction Comic Book Terminology Comic Book Death Comic Book Universe Continuity Crossover Decompression Direct Market Event Comic First Appearance Newsstand Sales Out of Continuity Reboot Retconn Small Press Speculation Boom Women in Refrigerator Syndrome Alphabetical Listing of Terms Anthology SN Collection of unrelated comics of various size usually by different authors BT Comic Books Atomic Age SN Period of comic book publication between 19451956 the only time in the history of the medium that superheroes were not the dominant publishing genre BT Comic Book Eras T Golden Age T Silver Age T Bronze Age T Copper Age T Modern Age NT Seduction of the Innocent NT Comics Code Authority WWWWW Autobiographical SN Comics pertaining to real life subject matter often in black and white BT Genres BT Undergrounds RT Non ction Barbarians see Sword and Sorcery Black and White Boom SN Period in the early 1980 s that saw the sudden rise of several self published black and white comics followed by an equally sudden collapse BT Copper Age Box see Caption Bronze Age SN Period of comic book publication from 19701984 BT Comic Book Eras RT Golden Age RT Atomic Age RT Silver Age RT Copper Age RT Modern Age Caption SN Element of a comic containing unspoken text used primarily as narration BT Technical Terms RT Word Ballon RT Thought Ballon RT Sound Effect UF Box Caltoonist SN Creator that both writes and illustrates and often inks and letters BT Creative Team Colorist SN Creator that adds color to nished artwork BT Creative Team RT Letterer RT Editor Comic Book SN Comics published in a pamphlet format usually bound together by staples and containing advertisements RT Comic Strips RT Graphic Novel NT Trade Paperback NT Anthology Comic Book Death SN Term referring to the seeming impermanence of death within comic books and the readership s general belief that any character that perishes will eventually return BT Comic Book Terminology RT Retconn Comic Book Universe SN The shared reality between characters within a particular line of comic books BT Comic Book Terminology RT Continuity RT Crossover RT Event Comic RT Out of Continuity RT Reboot RT Retconn Comic Strip SN Comics published in a small format no more then a page usually on a daily or weekly basis BT Formats NT Daily Strips NT Sunday Strips NT Panel Strips Comics Code Authority SN Self regulating body in the comic book industry formed after the US Senate inquiry into comic books brought about by the book Seduction of the Innocent BT Atomic Age RT Seduction of the Innocent RT Crime RT Romance RT Horror Continuity SN The continuing history running from one installment of a comic book to the next or the shared universe for a line of comics BT Comic Book Termanology RT Comic Book Death RT Comic Book Universe RT First Appearance RT Out of Continuity RT Reboot RT Retconn Copper Age SN Period of comic book publication loosely de ned as 19841992 BT Comic Book Eras RT Golden Age RT Atomic Age RT Silver Age RT Bronze Age RT Modern Age NT Black and White Boom Crime SN Genre of comic books featuring real life stories of criminals and law enforcement One of the dominant genres of the Atomic Age crime comics were among the genres widely protested leading to the Senate hearings on comic books and the eventual adoption of the Comics Code BT Comic Book Genres Crossover SN Comic book in which two or more characters from different comic books meet within one story BT Comic Book Terms RT Continuity RT Event Comic Daily Strip SN Comic strip published daily in a newspaper often having a Sunday version as well BT Comic Strip Formats RT Sunday Strip RT Panel Strip Decompression SN Comic book term referring to the recent trend in storytelling to stretch out stories from one issue to many BT Comic Book Terms Dialoguer see Scripter Direct Market SN Comic book term referring to the distribution of comics and graphic novels directly to comic book specialty shops first beginning in the late Bronze Age Now the dominant means of comic book distribution BT Comic book terms RT Small Press Editor SN Person that oversees the production of a comic book generally not a creative position BT Creative Team RT Letterer RT Colorist Event Comic SN Comic book term referring to a story or series with large ramifications to the universe continuity generally featuring most if not all of the characters within said universe BT Comic Book Terms RT Comic Book Universe RT Continuity RT Crossover Finisher see Inker First Appearance SN The fist comic book in which a character appears BT Comic Book Terms RT Continuity RT Origin Funny Animal SN Genre of comic books and strips featuring animals in humorous situations often acting as people BT Comic Book Genres BT Humor Golden Age SN Period of comic book publication from 1938 1945 T Comic Book Eras T Atomic Age T Silver Age T Bronze Age T Copper Age T Modern Age WWWWWUJ Graphic Novel SN a selfcontained comic book story often consisting of original material BT Formats RT Comic Books Horror SN Comic book genre featuring element associated with horror One of the dominant genres of the Atomic Age horro comics were among the genres widely protested leading to the Senate hearings on comic books and the eventual adoption of the Comics Code BT Comic Book Genres Humor SN Comics containing elements of comedy BT Genres NT Funny Animal Image Age see Speculation Boom Inker SN Creator that applies ink to penciled pages BT Creative Team RT Penciller UF Finisher Japanese see Manga Layout Artist see Penciller Letterer I N Creator that adds words and sound effects from the script to the nished page T Creative Team T Colorist T Editor WWUZJ Man ga I N Comics of a particular style originating in Japan BT Genres UF Japanese Modern Age SN Period of comic book publication loosely de ned from 1992 to the present BT Comic Book Eras RT Golden Age RT Atomic Age RT Silver Age RT Bronze Age RT Copper Age NT Speculation Boom Newsstand sales SN Catchall term for comic books sold outside of the direct market also includes sales at book stores drug stores candy stores ect BT Comic Book Terms RT Direct Market Non ction SN Genre of Graphic Novels that detail real world events BT Graphic Novels Out of Continuity RT Comic book term referring to a story that has been removed from the character or universe s accepted canon BT Comic Book Terms RT Continuity RT Comic Book Universe RT Retconn RT Reboot Origin SN The background story behind a character s incontinuity creation BT Comic Book Terms RT Continuity RT First Appearance Page Layout SN The composition of the panels on the comics page BT Technical terms RT Panel RT Splash Page Panel SN The basic component of a comic Words and pictures combined into one unit then arranged sequentially to tell a story BT Technical Terms Panel Strip SN Comic strip consisting of one panel BT Formats RN Daily Strip RN Sunday Strip Penciller SN Artist that composes comic book pages in pencil based upon the plot or script BT Creative Team RT Inker UF Layout Artist Plotter SN Writer that develops the initial idea for a comic often the same person as the scripter BT Creative Team RT Scripter Reboot SN Comic book term referring to a relaunching of a character or property often featuring a new character in the title role BT Comic Book Terms RT Continuity RT Retcon UF Relaunch Relaunch see Reboot Retcon SN Comic book term referring to a later change made to established events within continuity often used to return a character from the dead BT Comic Book Terms RT Continuity RT Out of Continuity RT Reboot UF Retroactive Continuity Retroactive Continuity see Retcon Romance SN Comic book genre that came into prominence in the 1950 s after the collapse of the superhero genre BT Comic Book Genres Science Fiction SN Genre containing ctive elements of a fantastic pseudoscienti c nature BT Comic Book Genres Scripter SN writer of dialog in a comic BT Creative Team RT Plotter RT Letterer UF Dialoger Seduction 0f the Innocent SN Book published in 1954 by Dr Fredrick Wertham that labeled comic books a primary cause for juvenile delinquency the public uproar against comic books led to the CMAA and the adoption of the Comics Code BT Comic Book Eras BT Atomic Age RT Comics Code Authority Silver Age SN Period of comic book publication from 19561969 Comic Book Eras Golden Age Atomic Age Bronze Age Copper Age T T T T T T Modern Age B R R R R R Small Press SN Term referring to comic books published with low print runs and distributed entirely through the direct market BT Comic Book Terms BT Direct Market Sound Effect SN Word in a comic representing unspoken noise BT Technical Terms RT Panel RT Word Balloon RT Caption RT Thought Balloon Speculator Boom SN Period coinciding with the end of the Copper Age in which comics sales rose dramatically due to an in ux of collectors looking for pro t or speculators followed by a market crash when those buyers moved on BT Comic Book Terms BT Copper Age UF Image Age Splash Page SN Usually the opening page of a comic book a large panel consisting of the entire page BT Technical Terms RT Page Layout RT Panel Sunday Strips SN Comic strips published in the Sunday newspaper usually larger then the daily strip and in color BT Comic Strips BT Formats RT Daily Strips RT Panel Strips Superhero SN Comics featuring costumed adventurers as protagonists BT Genres Sword and Sorcery SN Genre featuring Barbarians and Sorcerers as protagonists BT Genres UF Barbarians Thought Balloon SN Element of a comic containing internal dialog BT Technical terms RT Panels RT Word Balloons RT Captions RT Sound Effects Trade Paperback SN Collection of material previously published as a comic book BT Comic Books BT Formats RT Anthologies Underground SN Comics created as part of the 60 s counterculture movement and sold outside of traditional distribution systems BT Genres NT Autobiographical NT Nonfiction War SN Comics featuring soldiers and the military as protagonists BT Genres Western SN Comics featuring Coyboys and the trappings of the Old West BT Genres Women in Refrigerators Syndrome SN Comic book term referring to the apparent frequency with which female characters are killed depowered injured or otherwise af icted in relation to their male counterparts The term comes from a particularly grisly scene in Green Lantern where the title character discovers his dead girlfriend left for him in a refrigerator by an enemy BT Comic Book Terms RT Comic Book Death Word Balloon SN Element of a comic containing spoken dialog BT Panels BT Technical terms RT Thought Balloons RT Captions RT Sound Effects Appendix As the subject of this thesaurus is printed material indexing actual comic books graphic novels and comic strip collections seems appropriate The following items were chosen for both historical importance and to illustrate as broadly as possible the usefulness of the thesaurus l N E 4 V39 Title Maus A Survivor s Tale Author Alt Spiegelman Publisher Pantheon Date of Publication 1986 Notes Much of the material herein was originally published in the comic book anthology Raw from 19731985 Descriptors Ca1toonists Underground Autobiographical Non ction Anthologies Graphic Novel Title It s aMagical World A Calvin anal Hobbes Collection Author Bill Watterson Publisher Andrews and McMeel Date of Publication 1996 Notes Collects material published in the daily Calvin anal Hobbes comic strip Descriptors Ca1toonists Comic Strips Daily Strips Sunday Strips Humor Title Crisis on In nite Earths 12 Authors Marv Wolfman and George Perez Publisher DC Comics Publisher DC Comics Date of Publication 1985 Notes Part 12 ofa 12pa1t limited series Descriptors Copper Age Super Heroes Continuity Reboot Event Comic Title The Essential Spider Man vol 1 Authors Stan Lee and Steve Ditko Publisher Marvel Comics Date of Publication 1996 Notes Reprints material originally published in the comic books Amazing Fantasy and The Amazing Spider Man between 196266 Descriptors Silver Age Super Heroes Trade Paperbacks Title Blankets Author Craig Thompson Publisher Top Shelf Productions Date of Publication 2005 Descriptors Ca1toonists Graphic Novels Autobiographical Sources Hadju D 2008 The Ten CentPlague The Great Comic Book Score and How it Changed America New York Farrar Straus and GirouX Jones G 2004 Men of Tomorrow Geeks Gangsters and the Birth of the Comic Book New York Basic Books Comics Vocabulary nd Retrived March 19 2009 from Wikipedia httpenwikipediaorgwikiComicsivocabulary


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