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by: Lolita Howe

CompositionandRhetoricIIIThematicAnalysisAcrossGenres ENGL103

Marketplace > Drexel University > Foreign Language > ENGL103 > CompositionandRhetoricIIIThematicAnalysisAcrossGenres
Lolita Howe
GPA 3.92


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lolita Howe on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL103 at Drexel University taught by JanArmon in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 27 views. For similar materials see /class/212590/engl103-drexel-university in Foreign Language at Drexel University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Type your name here or lose a point 1 English 103001 Dr Armon Assignment 1 0 6611 The title ifyou want to create a title is centered It is not part of the header and it appears on the first page only Use plain type Plain type Download this document Read it Don t expect me to explain it all in class Read it Use this as your template for all papers lfyou do not use this template you will lose points Every time you draft a paper over this template enter a Save lAs command and write a new name for that document Use this font It is 13 point Times New Roman Put your cursor anywhere in this paragraph enter the command for Format Font and set this as the This paragraph is doublespaced with the first line indented 12 inch 1n Assignments 1 and 11 most of your paragraphs will look like this Put your cursor in this paragraph enter the command for Format Paragraph and set this as the Default Align every paragraph except for the title on the Left lwill not read a paper or draft with Justified paragraphs ever Do not put extra space between doublespaced paragraphs Do not let your computer leave extra space between doublespaced paragraphs Reformat your Default setting to eliminate space before or after paragraphs The header inserts the proper page number and date automatically To enter other information doubleclick on the header You will have to type your Type your name here or lose a point 2 English 103001 Dr Armon Assignment 1 0 6611 name and substitute the assignment number for the row or asterisks The time your section meets will appear in a large fat number in the center Keep it Everything in this template is required by MLA style 7 except for the header the 13point font and my prohibition againstjustified paragraphs The header is only for my classes The 13point font makes your papers easier to read on Turnitin Justified paragraphs can impede a teacher s comprehension of your paper during grading as I shall explain in class Quotations These are surrounded by quotation marks followed by an in text parenthetical reference For example To Sherlock Holmes she is always the woman CDoyle 32 Notice several things gt In the parenthetical reference only the author s last name is cited along with the page number of the book in which the story appears In contrast the Works Cited at the end of the paper would include the title of the story A Scandal in Bohemia from which the line is taken preceded by the full name of the author last name first and followed by other publishing information gt The period at the end of the sentence in the original is relocated39 it comes after the parenthetical citation gt A quotation from within the story the woman is bracketed only by single quotation marks within the quotation of the story itself Type your name here or lose a point 3 English 103001 Dr Armon Assignment 1 0 6611 gt By the way you are reading bulleted paragraphs which are handy for a list in which each item is more than a few words You can format the type of bullet Some are elegant Next if a quotation is long use a block quotation This is a block quotation Use it if a quotation is long ie more than three lines Do not surround the block quotation with quotation marks Do not The only quotation marks should be those from the source you are quoting At the end of the quotation put a parenthetical citation Armon 3 If you want to continue writing the same paragraph of text you were writing when the block quotation intervened then follow the quotation by what is sometimes called a half paragraph in which the first line is not indented Make sure that the next paragraph is properly indented Your citations must comply with MLA style which is the style used in a literature course There is a link on the web site to Purdue University s Online Writing Lab which provides a brief guide to MLA style Ifyour textbook from English 101 provides a fuller guide refer to that Keep reading39 there is another page 1 created the new page by inserting a page break39 ie Menu Insert 9 Break 9 Page Break Do not hit the Enter or Return key multiple times Type your name here or lose a point 4 English 103001 Dr Armon Assignment 1 0 6611 Works Cited This is a hanging paragraph Use it for each entry in your list of Works Cited Notice there is a page break above the title of the Works Cited page Use a page break whenever you know you want a new page Don t keep hitting the Return key Make sure that your hanging paragraphs are aligned to the Left not Centered Ifyou copy a citation from any web site that provides them make sure you check the citation against the requirement of 1ampLA style Use short URLs Either limit a URL to the name of the web site plus the first slash or convert the URL using a short bit program There is a link to such a program on the main page of the web site Do not copy URLs directly onto your Works Cited page They will look terrible Instead copy the URL onto a Notepad or Textedit file edit it and then copy it onto your paper 1 do not want to see any underlined or blue links on your papers ltURLs are put inside triangular bracketsgt Remove the link itself


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