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by: Lolita Howe

CompositionandRhetoricIITheCraftofPersuasion ENGL102

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Lolita Howe
GPA 3.92


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Class Notes
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This 6 page Class Notes was uploaded by Lolita Howe on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL102 at Drexel University taught by JanArmon in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 37 views. For similar materials see /class/212591/engl102-drexel-university in Foreign Language at Drexel University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Drexel University Department of English amp Philosophy Winter term 2011 English 102 sections 003 008 015 031 Persuasive Writing and Reading SYLLABUS Dr Jan Armon Of ce MacAlister room 5038 Hours Mon Wed Fri 1210130 pm Phone 2158951961 If there is no answer do not leave a message Instead email me by using the Mail menu on the web site for your section of English 102 You may use ltjanarmondrexeledugt only if Bb Vista is down Email me on the web site and check the web site for email from me Required Books Links to readings will be posted on the web site This is an experiment designed to save you money while giving you access to good readings I reserve the authority to assign a book part way through the term Course Requirements 100 points Assignment I Argumentative essay 45 points Assignment II Persuasive essay with oral presentation 43 points Assignment III Cover letter 12 points Course Policies Grading There are 100 points for the course totaling the points allocated to each assignment In order to pass the course 1 you must complete Assignments I II and III and 2 you must receive passing scores in both Assignment I 27 points and Assignment II 25 points Once you meet those requirements your letter grade for the course is based on the total points you earn A 100 13 87 0 77 A 93 B 83 C 73 D 60 A 90 B 80 C 70 Assignment Template Download the Assignment Template posted on the web site Read it Edit the header Use the template for Assignments I and II including the drafts If you do not your work will lose points Get help from a classmate who took a course with me in the fall Syllabus English 102 Winter 2011 Dr Ian Armon 12 11 printing Page 1 of six Late assignments For each class day that a draft or final essay is late I deduct one point from the score of that essay 7 which is the same as 1 point out of the 100 points for the course Worse if a draft comes in too late I will not read it Submitting assignments including drafts Use the Tumitin icons on the web page to upload the draft thatI will read and then the final version of each assignment Bring in a printout of the final paper for Assignments I and II as well Use discussion threads to upload drafts for other students to read 7 unless I direct you otherwise Attendance policy effect on grade You may miss 4 classes without penalty Try to save those for illnesses In my discretion I may excuse a student for one more absence due to a circumstance beyond the student s control such as an extraordinary illness or family crisis If you arrive after I close the roll book it is an absence For each class you miss after the first four I will deduct one point from your score for the course Ifyou are absent for 8 or more classes no matter the reason I have the option of failing you for the course Drop or withdraw Students have until the end of the second week of the term to drop a course without financial responsibility Undergraduates have until the end of the sixth week of the term to withdraw with financial responsibility according to the University s sliding scale See lthttpwwwdrexeledubursargt for details Academic Integrity Plagiarism consists of more than copying a passage from a source word for word If you acquire specific information from a source you must acknowledge that source even if you have used your own words and paraphrased that information All students must abide by Drexel s academic integrity policy If an act of academic dishonesty is determined to have occurred then for a rst offense one of the following sanctions will be imposed depending on the severity of the offense 1 zero points for the assignment or 2 F for the course without the possibility to withdraw This information based on the decision of the faculty member and the department head shall be reported to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards The incident will result in an olTicial disciplinary record Any infraction of academic integrity beyond a first offense is subject not only to the sanctions described above but to disciplinary sanctions that may be imposed through the University judicial process under the Division for Student Life and Administrative Services Office of Judicial Affairs These sanctions may include suspension or expulsion from the University See the 201011 Drexel University Student Handbook lthttpwww drexel J 39 quot 39f 39 quot quot 39 Handbookhtmlgt Syllabus English 102 Winter 2011 Dr Ian Armon 1211 printing Page 2 of six Disability Students with disabilities who request accommodations must present a current accommodation veri cation letter AVL to the instructor before any such accommodations can be made AVLs are issued by the Of ce of Disability Services Contact the Of ce of Disability Services at lthttpwwwdrexeleduodsgt 3201 Arch St suite 210 Philadelphia PA 19104 voice 215895 1401 or TTY 2158952299 Library skills Learn how to use the library resources Librarian Larry Milliken works with English classes His office is on the rst oor of Hagerty Library and he may be contacted on the Hagerty web site Drexel University Writing Center The Writing Center is MacAlister room 32 Tutors will help you work through any writing assignment you are having trouble starting or completing For a conference visit the Writing Center or call ext 1799 for an appointment For more details see lthttpwwwdrexeleduwritingcentergt Technology You must have an active Drexel email account with access to Blackboard Vista Through Bb Vista you will access the web site for this course Without access to Bb Vista you will fail the course Purposes amp activities for Dr Armon s sections of English 102 1 Formulating issues Issue is a technical term It means a question arising out of a real situation asked by persons who are involved or interested in the situation 2 Supporting a position This includes determining an audience whose interests are affected by the writer39s arguments 3 Discovering an audience 4 Discovering reasons to write 5 Using the rhetorical elements of ethos pathos and logos 6 Writing to resolve a controversy 7 Responding in writing to other students arguments 8 Finding evaluating and using sources fairly and effectively 9 Learning to present orally without using notes 10 Learning some principles of writing a cover letter for a job application Syllabus English 102 Winter 2011 Dr Ian Armon 1211 printing Page 3 of six Course Goals amp Learning Outcomes for the Freshman Writing Sequence by the Director of the Freshman Writing Program English 102 is the second of the Freshman Writing Program s threeterm sequence During the year you will learn to l 2 Focus on purpose Appreciate and respond to diverse audiences Respond to different kinds of rhetorical situations Use format and structure conventions appropriate to the rhetorical situation Adopt appropriate voice tone and level of formality Understand how genres shape writing and write in different genres Use writing and reading for inquiry thinking and communicating Integrate your ideas with the ideas of others Use research to develop support and enhance your ideas Understand writing as a process Critique your own and others works Use writing technologies to address a range of audiences Use conventions including citation methods such as MLA Control surface features syntax grammar punctuation and spelling Pages 56 Schedule Syllabus English 102 Winter 2011 Dr Ian Armon 1211 printing Page 4 of six Schedule Week 1 3 7 January 2011 Download the Assignment Template from the web site read it and use it Read both the Syllabus and the instructions for Assignment I Read Meiland College Thinking chapters 3 and 4 on the web site Together Meiland and the instructions form the textbook for Assignment I Post an early draft on a discussion thread This draft will consist of an issue your position and one supporting argument Read classmates drafts and write objections to their arguments Week 2 10 14 January Reread Meiland chapter 4 Continue writing objections to the arguments in classmates drafts Read the sample essay in the Assignment Ifolder On Friday upload a draft on Turnitin Use the Assignment Template which you must download from the web site Week 3 18 21 January Conferences begin this week they are required Continue drafting Assignment I Week 4 24 28 January Conferences on Assignment I continue Week 5 31 January 4 February On Monday upload the final version of Assignment I on Turnitin Assignment II which I have nicknamed Preaching to the Choir is introduced Read the instructions and the sample student essays on the web site READ Syllabus English 102 Winter 2011 Dr Ian Armon 1211 printing Page 5 of six Week 6 7 11 February Oral presentations begin Post an early draft on the discussion thread and comment on your classmates drafts this will help them to prepare for the presentations Conferences begin READ Week 7 14 18 February Oral presentations continue Conferences continue READ Week 8 21 25 February Oral presentations conclude Assignment HI is introduced Research the jobs internships and coops that may interest you READ Week 9 28 February 4 March Draft Assignment III Conferences on Assignment II conclude Upload nal version of Assignment II on Friday using Tumitin Read sample letters to which the web site connects you if you have not done so yet and read sample letters in books in the library Week 10 7 11 March Draft Assignment III Week 11 14 March Class meets Bring your cover letters for a final writing workshop Upload tonight Syllabus English 102 Winter 2011 Dr Ian Armon 1211 printing Page 6 of six


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