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General Genetics

by: Alisha Beer

General Genetics PCB 3063

Alisha Beer
GPA 3.77


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Alisha Beer on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PCB 3063 at University of South Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 114 views. For similar materials see /class/212600/pcb-3063-university-of-south-florida in Biology at University of South Florida.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
BSC 2011 Test 3 Homework Review Classical conditioning such as the salivating of Pavlov39s dog in response to a metronome is based on an nvountary response Researchers have found that an octopus given a clear plastic box with three different types of lids and a crab inside will eventually figure out how to get at least one of the lids open to get the crab They have also shown that after a new octopus observes a veteran octopus who already knows how to open the box the new octopus is able to open the box and always uses the same type of lid that the veteran used What term best describes these behaviors Cognitive learning What are possible benefits to an animal of defending a territory Access to mates Optimal nestingbreeding sites Increased food resources According to kin selection a man should die to save the life of nine cousins Ten songbirds are isolated at birth and not exposed to any adults songs as a juveniles After six months it is observed that they sing the normal adult songs oftheir species What can be concluded about the singing behavior in this particular species It is an innate behavior You discover a new bird species but so far have only observed ten nesting females The female birds are small and mostly brown with a bit of red around their tails and throats After the eggs hatch you perform genetic tests which reveal that all chicks within a nest share the same father but some chicks across nests also share a father Based on this what would you predict about the males ofthis species They will be larger than the females with more and brighter red coloration Hippopotamuses form groups called pods while in the water where they spend their daytime hours but forage solitarily on land at night Mothers isolate themselves from the pod to give birth and for an additional 1060 days After this isolation period they return to the pod but raise their calves alone with no help from the father or from other females Adult hippopotamuses have no known predators but young hippos are occasionally preyed upon by crocodiles lions and hyenas Based on these facts what is the most likely explanation for the diurnal group living of hippos access to mates The situation in which some offspring are haploid and others diploid is referred to as a haplodiploidy Many species of birds form large flocks What dispersion pattern describes this behavior rapid social uniform random 9 Clumped Lions leopards and other large terrestrial predators that maintain wellde ned territories What kind of dispersion pattern would this produce clustered logistic clumped random 0 Uniform A survivorship curve with uniform death rates over time is most likely to be a type curve III IV V l a ll Parasitism usually affects populations in a manner densityindependent random inverse densitydependent a densitydependent Cyclic What is an example ofa interaction commensalism a mutualism competition parasitism ammensalism Allelopathy is the movement of genes from one species to another the transmission of viruses from ticks to their primary hosts 0 an example of asymmetric competition between plant species an obligate mutualism between a plant and its pollinator ln Connell39s experiments with the barnacles Chthamalusstellatus and Semibalanusbalanoides the potential distribution of each species in the absence of the other is known as the tidal boundary realized niche idealized niche fundamental niche competition zone Chthamalusstellatus and Semibalanusbaanoides do not coexist in the same tidal zones because 8 balanoides preys on C stellatus The two species require different resources a S balanoidesoutcompetes C stellatus C stellatus outcompetes S balanoides The realized niche of Semibalanus is smaller than its fundamental niche a the same as its fundamental niche the same as that of Chthamalus bigger than its fundamental niche What form of coloration is shown by many seahorses aposematic Batesian catalepsis Mullerian a Crypsis Polyphagous parasites feed on any plant species a single host species 0 many different host species ectoparasites parasitoids You nd some rather strange plants in your backyard They consist only ofthin pale yellow stems that are wrapped around other species of plants growing nearby You experiment by unwrapping some of the strange yellow plants and planting half ofthem alone in pots of soil and half in pots with other plants from your yard You water and fertilize both sets of pots but after a few weeks you find that the yellow plants that were potted alone have died while those potted with other plants are thriving What term would you use to describe the strange yellow plants monophagous aposematic a holoparasitic asexual Hemiparasitic Some scientists have suggested that recent outbreaks of sudden oak disease could be fought through the creation oftransgenic plants with genetic resistance to sudden oak disease What would be the most likely source of this genetic resistance domesticated apple trees adapted to North America other tree species with unusually high levels of host plant resistance 9 the original host species in the native region ofthe disease entirely new genes created in a lab and inserted into the oak genome a species of aphid with resistance to sudden oak disease In a commensal relationship between a phoretic species and its quothostquot the phoretic species is not affected Tru e 0 Fal se The eastern indigo snake often makes its home in abandoned gopher tortoise burrows How would you characterize this relationship and its effect on each member a commensalism indigo snake gophertortoise O commensalism indigo snake 0 gophertortoise parasitism indigo snake gophertortoise ammensalism indigo snake 0 gophertortoise ammensalism indigo snake gophertortoise O The productivity and area hypotheses together suggest that a large tropical continent would likely have species richness cyclical a high low poor Mature Which of the following is true about temporal variation in community biomass lt cycles faster in communities with high species richness It increases with increases in species richness lt cycles faster in communities with low species richness It is usually low because community biomass is very stable over time a It decreases with increases in species richness intermediate disturbance hypothesis Which of the following scenarios would provide support for the intermediate disturbance hypothesis a High species diversity in a bay that is sheltered from the effects of most storms but is affected by hurricanes and extreme storm surges a Low species diversity on a savannah with very frequent fires and periods of high predation Which of these types of islands is predicted to have the lowest number of species large island near mainland the island closest to mainland regardless of size large island far from mainland small island near mainland 0 small island far from mainland Support forthe succession mechanism of tolerance is found in research on plant communities that shows that plants release toxins that prevent other species from establishing succession is random and cannot be predicted by existing species climax communities never form as predicted by Clements a succession is determined largely by species that exist in the ground as seeds or old roots competitiontolerant species colonize first Which of these is a heterotroph a corn plant a a fish an oak tree a moss plant aphytoplanktonic diatom How do primary producers provide energy for the food chain They receive energy from secondary consumers 0 They make their own organic molecules via photo or chemosynthesis They pass on organic substances from primary consumers They break down organic molecules into inorganic elements What is gross primary production The carbon xed during photosynthesis The carbon xed after cellular respiration is accounted for Energy released by primary consumers Photosynthetic production plus energy recycled by detritivores Ecosystem ecology is primarily concerned with the synthesis of nutrients 0 movement of energy and materials through organisms and their communities patterns of species diversity within ecosystems species interactions in various types of ecosystems ecosystem stability How does DDT in the environment affect many birds stunted growth of chicks chronic liver failure in adults advancing neurological degeneration 0 decreased reproductive rate In subarctic saltmarshes scientists have found that the addition of calcium has no effect on productivity but additional iron does increase productivity In this example iron stimulates evapotranspiration biomagnifies in the marsh plants blocks the effect of calcium is a precursor to calcium 0 is a limiting factor Which of these ecosystems has the lowest productivity tropical forest savanna lakes temperate forest 0 open ocean The process by which elevated nutrient levels lead to an overgrowth of algae and the subsequent depletion of water oxygen levels is known as succession decomposition eutrophication assimilation biogeochemical cycling What biogeochemical cycles have been heavily affected by human activities Check all that apply 0 the water cycle 0 the phosphorus cycle a the nitrogen cycle 9 the carbon cycle Biomagnification results in an increased concentration of bioaccumulated chemicals as one moves from upperto lower trophic levels Tru e a Fal se


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