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Sociology of Families

by: Amy Rogahn

Sociology of Families SYO 3120

Amy Rogahn
GPA 3.66

Elizabeth Aranda

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About this Document

Elizabeth Aranda
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Amy Rogahn on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SYO 3120 at University of South Florida taught by Elizabeth Aranda in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/212602/syo-3120-university-of-south-florida in Behavioral Sciences at University of South Florida.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
In the examination of the immediate generations of my family to uncover social transmissions I found that the crossgenerational transmission of alcohol dependence had high incidence While the transmission is much more prevalent in the paternal side of my family and has had a large impact on the socialization of family members the rare occurrences in my maternal side have also proven to have strong in uence in family members Much of this in uence burdened on those without any dependency with horizontal and vertical paths of transmission There are large differences in the social transmissions between my mother and my father s sides of the family The two sides of my immediate family have quite different social and ethnic backgrounds from one another My paternal side of my family are Irish my grandfather and grandmother being the first generation of IrishAmerican Maye relatives The maternal side of my family are GermanAmericans who have origins in the United States that date back to the founding days of the nation My father s side in the United States began with my grandfather working skilled labor jobs in the construction of highrise buildings in preWorld War II New York City My mother s side of the family had originally begun with my grandfather working in a longstanding family tradition of farming in Indiana These geographic and social differences will later prove to be integral in the formation and continuity of the social transmission The social transmission on my mother s side is most easily and quick to describe so I shall begin with it My grandfather s Richard Freiburger life began on a farm in rural Indiana which he worked into adulthood He left Indiana upon enlistment into the United States Navy during the Korean War Exposed to more of the world and having the benefit entitlements as a veteran service member he decided not to return to farm life and enrolled into Indiana University Upon receiving a business degree he moved to New York City to work in the insurance trade Exposed to a different sort of people my grandfather married a native of New York City My grandmother Helen Hock grew up in a completely different environment than my grandfather s conservative upbringing The harsh city life exposed her to the more unpleasant ways of life and also her father committed suicide before she had reached adulthood She drank substantially more than my grandfather did and it was later apparent that she was abusing and dependent on alcohol which exacerbated the stress of being a working mother With the added stress on home life due to her husband s highly tasking corporate executive position along with the arrival of my uncle Donald Freiburger and mother Barbara Freiburger shortly thereafter my grandmother proceeded to drink more and more Helen s abusive behavior caused Richard to begin to avoid her and his home life responsibilities despite having two children at home so Donald and Barbara often took the brunt of their mother s disposition Despite their upbringing my uncle and mother were not predisposed to alcohol abuse or dependency in their lifetime My uncle s wife and their children were also not predisposed to alcohol abuse because Donald and his wife both maintained the conservative values of their rural Indiana origins I do not know much about my father s parents my grandparents except for the fact that my grandfather went off on a drunken binge one day in the 1960 s Bronx and never came home His body would later be found in the East River My father along with his brother and sister had to endure the abuse of their father throughout their childhood which caused them to turn away from their parents upon reaching adulthood My aunt and uncle were both affect little by the behavior of their father because they were the youngest but my father was constantly at odds with my grandfather After starting their families my aunt and uncle no longer had contact with occurrences of substance abuse as their spouses and children have not had any problem with alcohol dependency Unfortunately my father had a lifelong battle with alcohol dependency and my siblings have followed in similar paths My parents had five children together and I am the fourth child My oldest brother Patrick joined the Army right out of high school He began drinking a lot which led to him getting in trouble with the Army They did not allow him to reenlist because of his problems with drinking My older sister Anne used to get high with her friends in high school but quit doing it when she was in college and got married My other brother Steve was always getting in trouble at school and with the law He started getting high and drinking at a young age He has been arrested a few times for possession of marijuana one time while he was on probation He had to go to rehab for a couple of months after one of the arrest He met someone who was practically a female version of himself and they got married and had two kids together His wife started stealing money and possessions from my mother to buy drugs and for a while my brother would defend her They eventually split up and are going through a divorce right now My younger sister Keren started drinking when she was in high school She continues to drink and even said once while she was drunk that it was not her fault she was an alcoholic that it was a disease I am third generation IrishAmerican on my father s side and GermanAmerican on my mother s side I was born in New York and raised in Southwest Florida My parents divorced when I was only eight years old and my mother had a string of men after that were continually trying to dominate the family There was always fear in the house and animosity towards my mother for allowing them to take such a role in our family When I was eleven years old my father was dying and when we would visit him my mother would bring along her new man He died in January of 1998 and I even more resented my mother for that I felt that if she would have allowed me and my siblings more time with my father he would have been happier and would have lived a longer life Today my mother is with no man and says that my father was the only man who ever loved her it makes me even more angry to hear her say this after everything she put me and my siblings through after she divorced my dad I began experimenting with alcohol at a young age and got drunk on most weekends In high school I had a job at KFC and would show up to work hungover or practically still drunk from the night before After high school I continued to drink but not to the same extent as I once had That first year out of high school I went to the college in town to save money on tuition and to live at home I was constantly being threatened to be kicked out by my mother s husband I had to stay with my oldest brother and his wife and three children which made concentrating on my school work very distracting When I had nowhere else to live and no way to pay for college I decided to join the Air Force and left in December of 2005 Just a few months before I left my mother finally left the last man she was with and after going into the Air Force I learned that I could have moved home I got married in April of 2006 and in July of 2006 we moved to our first base in South Carolina both me and my wife states apart from any family I did not drink nearly as much only occasionally on the weekends I never had the drive or the overwhelming need to drink to make myself feel happy or to take my frustration out over a bad week at work which most of my weeks were bad when I was in the Air Force After separating from the active duty Air Force and joining the Reserves I went back to school fulltime I very rarely drink anymore and I almost never get drunk anymore Overall my family has seemed to decline in their patterns of alcohol abuse and dependency This is undoubtedly due to the maturation of the views of the negative effects of habitual alcohol consumption and the decrease of the stigmatization of dependency New approaches to the treatment of dependency aids in the cessation of the substance abuse and provides medical treatment along with psychological counseling and behaVior modi cation


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