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Adv Fincl Mgmt

by: Jamie Frami

Adv Fincl Mgmt FIN 6416

Jamie Frami
GPA 3.72

Lei Xuan

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About this Document

Lei Xuan
Class Notes
25 ?




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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jamie Frami on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to FIN 6416 at University of South Florida taught by Lei Xuan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 94 views. For similar materials see /class/212613/fin-6416-university-of-south-florida in Finance at University of South Florida.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Syllabus 5415 Advanced Fmanmal Management Semester smngznnz Ins Classume Tuesday 5 my 40 pm om as 3125 m Phnne mm LexWedge Classmam PAE 97475351 Cause webpage my usf edu Com binl39vl and apnndn39m analyucal sinus and Judgnenl mm m salvmg nmcxal pmblems upm successt mp eudn at the cause the student shde have A gddd undexsundmg d A brand range df majm39 5mm cmcep39s mamdng 5 we 51 mm agency mmy market ef cxency and pm mam Lhwzy The CDmpleX and mum prablemsuang annual Lhmkxng and data analysts and answersta asaguzdpncuce questh are amiable anLhz amused25d d mangy encmagld Pnnquiiux FIN 5405 mecm ManagzmenL d as equivalenL is d purequme Easxc ecmm mc accumung and mum kmwledge mu be helpfu Same spreadsheet skx s are needed Commrial Wm q d M Pk d n d mum A en Mchaerx Irvm Addmaml Recammended Textbaak Corporate nance 2 Eniuan Stephen A Russ Randalph w Wesm dd mdle xeylaffe Mchaerx Irvm Lam Aw813988759m Course Webpage The class website my usf edu contains the syllabus course outlines class notes exam grades announcements and other classrelated information You are responsible for checking the course webpage for announcements and other information Course Grading Cases 40 Class Presentation 10 Exam 1 25 Exam 2 25 100 Details about case work will be given out later during the course I will expect you to work in a group and turn in a writeup of your analysis All cases are due by 800 am the day PRIOR to the class Exam policy The two exams are closedbook and closednotes tests You may bring to each test a scientificfinancial calculator and one 8 2 by 11 help sheet It is your responsibility to know how to use the calculator Makeup exams will be scheduled only for students with valid reasons and then only if I have consented in advance Grading system V SA 87SBlt9077SClt80167SDlt70 Flt60 93A lt97 3 7173sc lt7763SD lt67 quot2001339397 80 s B lt83 70 s c lt73 60 s D lt 63 v Regrading policy If you think that there are grading errors on your tests or your grade on an exam does not re ect the quality of your performance submit the entire exam together with a written explanation of your reasoning within one week of the return of the exam An exam submitted for regrading will be subject to a complete regrade Students are responsible for all materials in the assigned readings and class lectures Academic Honesty Honesty is a fundamental principle of academic business and community life Students are expected to demonstrate the highest degree of honesty in performing their assigned work Matters that are unclear should be discussed with me All students must comply with USF policies for conduct and academic honesty See httpwww 1m 1 f 0607 adadah htm for the ramifications of academic dishonesty The course syllabus is a general plan for the course deviations announced to the class by the instructor may be necessary Course Outline tentative FIN 6416 Advanced Financia Date Topics Chapters Practice Questions from Corporate Finance 8 edition 25 Syllabus amp Introduction 1 4 46 48 410 411 416 436 437 440 212 Bond and stock valuation 5 10 52 56 515 520 527 52910310131033 219 Case 1 Valuing CocaCola Stock 226 Financial statement analysis 2 24 26 28 34 Case 2 Ocean Carriers DCF 31 1 Spring break 318 Exam 1 325 Capital budgeting 6 7 62 68 615 619 72 73 41 Case 3 Whirlpool Europe 4 8 Market efficiency and Raising Capital 13 415 Capital structure theory 151617 151215131521 1751791713 422 Case 4 Marriott Corporation 429 Exam 2


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