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Teachng Elem Sch (K

by: Ramona Gulgowski

Teachng Elem Sch (K MAE 4310

Ramona Gulgowski
GPA 3.75

Eugenia Vomvoridi

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About this Document

Eugenia Vomvoridi
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ramona Gulgowski on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MAE 4310 at University of South Florida taught by Eugenia Vomvoridi in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/212650/mae-4310-university-of-south-florida in Mathematics Education at University of South Florida.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
MAE 4310 Lesson Plan 2 Fall 2010 Barbara Delestre October 17 2010 MAE 4310 002 Lesson Plan 2 1 What mathematical concepts does your lesson teach Your answer should be in a complete sentence Be speci c For example if your plan focuses on addition does it include singledigit doubledigit or the addition of larger numbers Does it focus on the traditional algorithm or invented strategies There will be a mock store set up in the classroom with obiects that have price tags on them for the students to practice their addition and subtraction in working with money This lesson allows the students to apply their knowledge of addition and subtraction of money into real life situations 2 What made you decide which concept to teach I picked this concept because it will ensure that the students will be able to line numbers up correctly according to decimal point to add up merchandise to nd total cost They will use addition and subtraction of money appropriately while solving word problems and creating word problems 3 At what grade level will you use this lesson How do you know your lesson is appropriate for this grade level I will use this lesson on 3E graders This lesson is appropriate for 3E graders because it focuses on place value Thev will be working with dollar signs and decimal points Prior to this lesson we review the place value chalt We will specifically review tenths hundredths thousandths ten quot and hundred quot prior to L 39 39 this lesson 4 Which Common Core State Standards does your lesson address Which NCTM Content Standards does your lesson address Explain My lesson addresses MA3A11 which states model multiplication and division including problems presented in context repeated addition multiplication comparison array how many combinations measurement and palticipating My lesson also addresses Common Core State Standard of using place value understanding and properties of operations to perform multi digit arithmetic Mv lesson also focuses on the NCTM Content Standard of understanding operations and how they relate to one another We will inc0139porate addition subtraction multiplication and division throughout the semester 5 What mathematical knowledge would be required or be helpful before the student begins this unit Be Specific What would you do if a few students don t have the prerequisite knowledge The teacher should review with student s decimal points and the placement of numbers with decimals when adding them together If a few students do not posses the prior knowledge necessapy to actively follow along I would rst do a mini lesson demonstrating how to add and subtract using numbers with MAE 4310 Lesson Plan 2 Fall 2010 decimals I will review double digit addition and subtraction Then I will pair the students up so they can practice a few problems together 6 Describe the activity the procedure Make sure that you start the lesson in a way that would catch the student s attention If you mention a worksheet you must attach a copy of the worksheet to the lesson plan Make sure the procedure is written in active voice For example do not write Shapes will be placed in the Venn diagram The problem with this is that I can t tell whether the students or the teacher will place the shapes in the Venn diagram The procedure should take up at least one page First start brie ng the students on activity I will tell the students that we are going shopping today I will take them to the mock store which is Wal Mart I will explain that that the goal is to purchase as many items you want with the amount of money they have Also to practice adding money together so we will know how to gure out total cost We will have three rounds of shopping In between each round I will ling a bell which implies that we must meet at the bank This will serve as time for students to take a shot at winning more money At the bank there will be a spinner which has three choices The first option is to take twenty dollars from the bank The second option is to give twenty dollars to the bank And the last option is the safe option because you will not gain or lose an hing The students have the choice of spinning Each student will be given one hundred fourteen dollars and sixty eight cents at the beg nning of the activity They will go around the room looking at the different priced items attempting to purchase them with their amount of money They will get a worksheet to record their purchases The worksheet will have the beg39pping balance at the top Below the balance will be three columns The rst item will be for items purchased The second column is for the amount of money the item cost And the last item will be the remaining balance column I will explain that you always take away from the prior balance when you purchase an item I will allow the students to go shopping and purchase their items At the end of the shopping spree they are to total up their expenditure and subtract it from the beginning balance to determine if the ending balance is correct For exampleI durin round one student A urchased a notebook 14 lus markers 325 He began with 11468 but his purchase totaled 470 Therefore his remaining balance should have been 10998 They will continue throughout the rounds with the same procedure 7 Write at least three openended questions that would help students learn the concepts that the lesson teaches For each of the questions give at least two answers that a child might suggest Question 1 how do you add an item that has cents with one that doesn t have cents Question 2 what do you do if the item you want costs more than you have uestion 3 what was hard about this activit Students ma answer guestion one by responding1 they lined the numbers up but rst they put zero cents behind the number that didn t have cents Then it made it easier for them to add For question 2 a student mav respond I would go nd another item because I realized I didn t have enough to purchase that one Or another student may say I MAE 4310 Lesson Plan 2 Fall 2010 will take away an item I really don t want to get the money needed to buy the one I do want For question 3 a student might say adding the numbers together throughout the rounds because in the end the numbers didn t match up Another student may say the inability to purchase eve thing in the store 8 Why did you decide to teach the lesson this way What makes you think this is a good plan How are you drawing on what you have learned about these particular children and their experiences as you planned the lesson Please refer to information gained from the course readings our classroom discussions and the information you gained from the children their parents andor community members I decided to do this lesson because it is fun and interactive They students participate in a hands on activity to add numbers with decimals I get the ability to walk around the room to observe the students as they purchase they items I can see who needs assistance and who s moving right along I will make extensions for the advanced students by creating word problems that reguire a little more thought In our text I read about extending the place value system One thing critical learning I got from the book was the role of the decimal point which is to designate the units position I will explain this concept to the children Students need an adeguate knowledge of the place value system because it is the way we communicate and represent numbers both whole numbers and numbers with decimals 9 How does this lesson re ect the Five Process NCTM Standards Go to page 4 of your textbook and to the outline description of the Standards for your grade level Write one or two paragraphs explaining this This lesson focuses on communication standard point because I encourage the students to talk about write about describe and explain their mathematical ideas in regards to this lesson This lesson incopporated oral language with equivalent representation to ideas The riddles were presented orally and written The communication with this lesson fostered interaction and exploration of place value ideas The lesson also focused on problem solving because the students were presented with problemriddles to solve Most reguired higher order thinking They were learning and doing mathematics as they solved the riddles The students made connections of taking singles and grouping them in groups of two s ves and tens They also made connections to the way we compute in the real word Because knowledge of the place value system is the only way to know how to handle money in the world This lesson focused on the representation aspect because the use of manipulatives was utilized as powerful methods of expressing mathematical ideas In this lesson we will create and use those quot to organi7e record and 39 quot quot 39 ideas 10 How do you plan on drawing on what you have learned about how children think about this particular mathematical concept as you implement the lesson eg how would you use what you know about how children think about additionsubtraction to plan and implement this lesson I will ensure that the students can add single and multidigit numbers I want the students to demonstrate how to estimate and record their findings Then I want to emphasize on the importance of sharing results to see MAE 4310 Lesson Plan 2 Fall 2010 H H H N H H each other s ability to add By recording the predictions and then returning to them at the end the students will have the opportunity to re ect on the ability to line numbers up and add double digits with decimals How does your lesson draw on the children s everyday experiences in their school and community What are you doing to make this lesson culturally relevant To make my lesson culturally relevant I am utilizing the backgrounds knowledge and experiences of the students By teaching them methods that apply to ever39yday life I am creating a bridge between student s homes and school lives I encouraged them students to use their own methods for solving problems because they all think different I mentioned in my rst lesson plan that I once read that Teachers who focus on developing cultural competence encourage students to learn to maintain their cultural integrity I plan to encourage my students to maintain their cultural integritv while still activelv mu quot 39 quot in the activities What about this activity could be difficult for ELL students How would you help ELL students If you write you will provide translations let me know which languages you speak or where the translations will come from Pick one or two strategies and fully explain how you will use them For an ELL student I would ensure thev have a partner with them to assist them in adding The ELL can watch hisher partner to gain a greater understanding of the activity Having the items physically available is like having pictures which help ELLs make connections to the words I will also focus on the ELL student a little more as I observe the class when their in their cooperative groups How would you modify the activity for students who already know the concept that your unit teaches How can we encourage advanced students to develop a more advanced understanding of the concept List one strategy and fully explain it For students who already know the concept of lining numbers up to add I will encourage them to solve word problems which have numbers with decimals For example Josh has 1325 but he purchased a toy dog for 1872 How much money did Josh start with Instead of simple addition and subtraction word problems I will create division based problems For example one question may be Rebecca and two her friends mowed the lawn for 2175 The owner gave Rebecca the money but she had to split it evenlv amongst herself and two friends How much does each person get The students will have more thought provoked questions as an extension if thev are more advanced for this lesson How could you make the concept slightly less advanced for students who are below grade level or do not understand the lesson when you present it How could you move the lesson down a little in difficulty What parts of the lesson would be most difficult for belowgrade level students and how would I help them Remember that if students didn t understand the concept the first time they might need to have the concept explaining in a different way Describe an activity that does this I will spend more MAE 4310 Lesson Plan 2 Fall 2010 time demonstrating examples of different problems and we will solve them together as a whole Then whenwe break into groups I can partner up With the ones who need more assistance I will just walk them through their first couple of purchases This will ensure that they have grasped the concept to complete it on their own


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