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Research Methods in Psych

by: Ms. Beverly Doyle

Research Methods in Psych PSY 3213

Marketplace > University of South Florida > Psychlogy > PSY 3213 > Research Methods in Psych
Ms. Beverly Doyle
GPA 3.58


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 8 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Beverly Doyle on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 3213 at University of South Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 7 views. For similar materials see /class/212677/psy-3213-university-of-south-florida in Psychlogy at University of South Florida.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Slide 1 Slide 2 Slide 3 Estimating Parameters Parameter Estimation We use mums m estimate parameters 2 g effectavzness afpilattxmnmg psyshmmmspy Y 11 SD gt a We Want m knuw huw guud Bur esumazes are Most summsmwsys in mm swam an Wswmasrmmmmrm Sampling Distribution smasuc Wermany ssmpiss Ta gets sampling nbuhmq v s martinimm dism bncm of sumac m waned amass Slide 4 Slide 5 Slide 6 Sampling Distribulion class exemse qu sume peeple39s herght graphrt nd the mean Take suhsahples efdrfferent sizes N and eerhpute mean herght Graph the results what happens as N getslarger Bias equals the parameter the stausuers 521d U be unbiased lthemean quhe samphhg usmhutmh dues hut equal the parameter the stansncls biased The mean is anunblased esurhatur The avarage value awash Bias vananee areblased esumaturs quhelr p am e the esumaters ear he marle unbiased wnh 51 he came Useerl e d fN m the aehermhater All statpaekages sPss an thrs Nil N7 in mare samua emu arraarhsarl Slide 9 Slide 8 Slide 7 Standard Error we kmw that an average the statestae equals the mean the parameter the claser the etter Thunk enh standard devuhan af the the statistic xtteus the average dstahse nf the statistic Flam the parameter rrrmhased statesaes the mums is er merge ta the parameter ease um tee meetted 51mth demth arse teed meettie endmen Thashndad dammnm39k smylmg detrth dancing n armholehear v muse 5 7 where e esMae standard ermr than the sw fthe samphhg dismbutm e m eah is the SD quhepupulanun andNestKe sample Size Standard Error the t standard en39ur quhemean th pdptdadeh SD and the sample e Size Slide 10 Standard Error This means that the standard enur gets and when Bur sample size is small as we mm small standard em by increasing the size quhe sample that is research Slide 1 1 Review Whatdutheseter msmeam Sampling msmbutmn Bias vi Standard enur Slide 12 139 mha hhmit Theorem eneas st1ne Sampling means bemmes Ndnnal Sn mm avslgav Slide 13 Slide 14 Slide 15 Descriptive Vs Inferential Statislics m2 ways on wayis m describe me dismbuum afdauwurmeanisxbar pepmmengsm paymeuenmemzsm meanisnmma y ambuuei we emusem nmmal m shww haw eiese me pumetens decmansabaunxutmems Statislical Tables e 4 tables that are used fur eenaueung statistical tests A One qubese isz Lheumtnurmal This table shuws areas urpercentzges that the mean when measured m SD units We usezfurlzrge sample tests Statislical Tables AnuLha39cummunlyusedtableis The valuesuflzrebasicallythesame z mum and mum as the E E and t zrevirtuallyidenucal ifNgt1EE Slide 16 Example Values from t and z Slide 17 Con dence Intervals Esumete aparameter h murruse eeh dehee upmmh pulls 4n t 2 Becauseufthesamplmg dismbuh n f Emezn we eah cunstxuct a P eeh aehee interval areuhd the estimate ufthe parameter Slide 18 Estimated Mean wi mttaesumate h pepmmehme Ecume isanmhasedeshmatz emits The when em ufthe hem shnws haw u Eecmse thz mphhg ambuhaharthe meanisnmnsl we amuse themrmalta cantm thz paydaan mean Slide 19 Estimated Mean With Con dence Interval 2 cun dmce mterval su BSIEIEI umes cl Wm mm the pepulanen mean 9501 27 S as x ample mean plusmmus the value uf an Thea patent value ls called a enueel value Slide 20 Estimated Mean With Con dence Interval 3 Emmemm Y A l 39 m7 mime m lemma 3 2 l l 2 1 mm mm Slide 21 SampledNlEE Salem39s Faundmean68 m andSD 5 m pm ax rungs same zMSx lamSewn kk 68tl 8668t119 mm a exv mm 21 may 19 Suchmmtexval w cmmnthemeangSVaafmzume Slide 22 mm J l m A reign u T y x i 39 y m 5 chase a 13 Amman Cox demexmmhicm y kd ahmndr i V m mcmmmmmwmhmmm L311 Slide 23 Revlew What is the central hme Lheurem 7 Wh atxsthe differmcebetween Whatxsacun dencemtervaw


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