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Intro to Communication

by: Nelson Schulist

Intro to Communication COM 2000

Nelson Schulist
GPA 3.87


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 1 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nelson Schulist on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COM 2000 at University of South Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/212680/com-2000-university-of-south-florida in Communication at University of South Florida.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
COM 2000 Fall 2006 Study guide for week 6 t 4 Topic Communication models Readings Communication as Dialogue Communication as Dissemination review Communication as Ritual l 48 What are models 1 Transmissionrr odel rests in 9Q swims P A l x lquot k mk cx s Shannon and Weaver in O L qh 3 M39 L 8quot A 5 Linear model 9mm zdlzltlrMathematical theory of communication Components source sen der9transriiitter9chgnne19noise retieiverdestgnation mm tm nm q y n adds 5911A Snot213 mausmmm RECLIWR minimum NGLA h N i kayak drugquot a i L a vu vos d kg 1le lt O C akubn r m A mth atcmv m 4 5 o Pads 0 MN L 1 sums 4 Bstass es Vmssme Mavis EAL mastic mares S 5 0 U 6 1 f ii E VL G3 MAS PNAi x39qlciuL x Weaknesses Seamed A L led AREA mm m MM fat l4 momiu can exPa ena in d a lquot K Three levels of communication problems technical emantic effectiveness is 1 NQSUK Noise mtn fOLle skkglsmmkt f A Nquot 0C indie or Information w PMJaWRL 0C Si3q Unc x L kJA in Entropy ink J of muzakum S Vkin 39 Redundancy usull o k Enigma Convention quot lotsquot expcdakce s Auhag am ex ou tutu 39l Au luk ea 4 l39 7 2 Ritual Model MLPGX 9 GPFcak L la wM s c W44 03 James Carey 39 His View of transmission ht MGLX C impuAlv A NC NiNs 39 QVMVA Q m Ritual model and the creation of realities 44 hold eL mavhgwaj suldus MA gunnkx 1M lonxxth Space and time e5 rivblt sLLS ommu mm are Wk Community is 1 Soa aC he xam had L hopes Lor p YMGHL YrVi LhGL Rothenbuhler and phatic communication 39 WL mud makes 6 on led u elm 1 re t NLH3 Carey s de nition Symbolic process w d aqua 55 sahl 5 LG Prob Mu Kenneth Burke and terminist screens u CW tux 3 A is up Collective meaning representations 9 reality representations for reality 31 U 51 Production maintenance repair transformatiOn a M to Ldk at t twlk i4 Lani u V512 0 SJKJT Sb 3 Con nut 4 43 ltLuquot5r s i on kalt lxck a S a reugs L s 1 AURA hawk Paiufx tlom WQCNAH 39 L13 0 I


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