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Measurement & Instrumentation

by: Jairo Dooley

Measurement & Instrumentation PHY 6753

Marketplace > University of South Florida > Physics 2 > PHY 6753 > Measurement Instrumentation
Jairo Dooley
GPA 3.9

Myung Kim

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About this Document

Myung Kim
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jairo Dooley on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHY 6753 at University of South Florida taught by Myung Kim in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 34 views. For similar materials see /class/212682/phy-6753-university-of-south-florida in Physics 2 at University of South Florida.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
LABVIEW INTRODUCTION LabVlEW basics LabVlEW components functions amp subVls building amp running a VI LABVIEW BASICS LabVlEW o LabVlEW Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench o Gprogramming language 0 Vl s virtual intruments 0 data flow programming Useful Resources 0 LabVlEW Bookshelf 0 Getting Started with LabVlEW o LabVlEW Tutorial 0 LabVlEW User Manual 0 LabVlEW Example Vls o LabVlEW Basics Interactive Basic LabVlEW Procedures 0 start LabVlEW 0 new VI 0 open VI 0 save VI amp save VI as vi 0 run VI 0 continuous run VI 0 abort VI Components of Virtual Instruments 0 front panel controls indicators 0 block diagram nodes terminals wires structures LabVlEW Environment 0 tools palette quick selection with tab and space automatic tool selection control palette functions palette menus toolbar LabVlEW lntro LABVIEW COMPONENTS Front Panel Objects o showhide label 0 showhide caption 0 find terminal 0 find controlindicator 0 change to controlindicator o reinitialize to default value 0 make current value default 0 text font 0 color Numeric Controls amp Indicators digital controlsindicators slide amp rotary controlsindicators unit label representation data range format amp precision O O O O O O Boolean Controls amp Indicators String Contorls amp Indicators Path Controls amp Indicators Array Controls amp Indicators Cluster Controls amp Indicators Ring Controls Waveform Control Data Types 0 floating point single double amp extended precision 0 complex floating point single double amp extended precision o signed integer 8bit 16bit amp 32bit o unsigned integer 8bit 16 bit 32bit o boolean 1bit 0 string bytes of ASCII characters 0 array 0 cluster 0 path 0 waveform to dt Y Constants o userdefined constants LabVlEW lntro numeric string path 0 universal constants numeric n e inf c NaN string nul LF CR EOL tab file current Vl path Nodes 0 functions 0 subVl s 0 structures 0 formula nodes 0 property nodes FUNCTIONS amp SUBVIS Numeric Functions 0 arithmetic o modulo division compound arithmetic resizing increment amp decrement round sum amp product of array random number square root negation sign reciprocal trigonometric functions exponential amp logarithmic functions complex functions type conversion Boolean Functions 0 not and or xor String Functions Array Functions Cluster Functions Comparison Functions Time Functions File IIO Functions Waveform Functions SubVls 0 controls input LabVlEW lntro indicators output show connector patterns required recommended amp optional terminals edit icon create subVl from a section of a VI show Vl hierarchy BUILDING amp RUNNING A VI Wiring manual amp automatic wiring broken wires coercion dots create constant create control create indicator Block Diagram Data Flow 0 data flow model vs control flow model 0 a node executes when all its inputs are available 0 artificial data dependency sequence structure flowthrough parameters wiring a node for artificial data dependency Block Diagram Design 0 lefttoright toptobottom layout 0 limit to one or two screens 0 subVls 0 error handling 0 flowthrough parameters 0 clean amp effecient wiring Debugging a VI 0 broken wire 0 broken run button 0 error cluster status code source explain error 0 execution highlighting o singlestep 0 probe LabVlEW Intro EXERCISES EX 101 LabVlEW Tutorial on LabVlEW opening screen EX 102 LabVlEW Basics Interactive in PHY102gtPHY6938 folder EX 103 Getting Started with LabVlEW go to HepgtLabVEW bookshelf EX 104 LabVlEW User Manual go to HepgtLabVEW bookshelf Or a hardcopy binder is placed in lab EX 105 temperature system demo LabVlEW opeing screengtFind Examplesgtsearchgttemperatures EX 106 add two numbers EX 107 calculate sine Take input in degrees Convert to radian Calculate sine Light up LED if answer is positive EX 108 magnitude amp phase of complex number Take two numbers as real and imaginary parts of a comples number Form a complex number Calculte the magnitude and phase both in radians and in degrees Also get the same info using Complex to Polar EX 109 quadratic equation solver subVl Create a subVl that solves a quadratic equation Use the subVl in another Vl


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