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Adv Study Sen Aid

by: Sim Schmitt MD

Adv Study Sen Aid SPA 6349

Sim Schmitt MD
GPA 3.55


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sim Schmitt MD on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SPA 6349 at University of South Florida taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/212701/spa-6349-university-of-south-florida in Speech & Communication at University of South Florida.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
nmngtltgtw2gtmmu Ounquot wgtmgt ltm CZgtmgt wgtIgt CMm PICO Question III In adults with bilateral conductive hearing loss is there a difference between unilateral and bilateral BAHA use as measured by sound localization and speech recognition scores in quiet I Population Adults with bilateral conductive HL II Intervention Bilateral BAHA fitting I Comparison Unilateral BAHA fitting II Outcomes Sound localization amp speech recognition scores in quiet Search Strategies III Databases searched all accessed September 15 2008 I PubMed II Health reference centeracademic II MEDLINE CSA I CINAHL II Inclusion criteria I Conductive hearing loss unilateral BAHA use bilateral BAHA use adults I Exclusion criteria I Children published in a foreign language Search Strategies cont III Search terms I bilateral BAHA I i 11 hits I 5 relevant articles I bilateral BAHA adults I 40 hits I Many of the same from bilateral BAHA I 1 additional useful article I binaural BAHA I 14 hits I Many of the same from bilateral BAHA l 3 pertinent articles all found in previous searches I binaural BAHA adults I 3 hits I None relevant Search Results II Studies included I 2 controlled Trials both level 2 l Bosman A Snik A van der Pouw C Mylanus E and Cremers C 2001 Audiometric evaluation of bilaterally fitted bone anchored hearing aids Audiology 403 158 167 l Priwin C Stenfelt 5 Granstrom G Tiellstrom A and Hakansson B 2004 Bilateral boneanchored hearing aids BAHAs An audiometric evaluation The Laryngoscope 7 74 77 84 El Excluded studies reasons I Children l I NonEnglish l Findings First Author Comparison Control Number of and Year of Patients Participants Publication Bosman 2001 The Unilateral Concurrent 25 Netherlands BAHA fitting first implanted ear Priwin 2004 Sweden Unilateral Concurrent i 2 BAHA fitting best usually first implanted ear Localization speech in quiet speech in noise binaural masking level difference Soundfield thresholds localization speech in quiet speech in noise binaural masking level difference Findings cont III Methodologies II Neither study randomized II Both studies used the some subjects as controls for a unilateral BAHA fit condition I Priwin et ol 2004 included patients with SNHL while Bosmon et ol 2001 did not included patients with conductive HL only I Both studies show advantages to biloterol vs uniloterol BAHA fitting Findings cont First Author and Year of Publication Soundfield Thresholds Localization Speech in Quiet Binaural Masking Level Difference Bosman 2001 Priwin 2004 N A Avg improvement of 2 7 dB for bilateral fitting when sound presented at 0 1 80 and best side Significant improvement for bilateral vs unilateral BAHA fit Significantly better with bilateral vs unilateral BAHA fit unilateral close to chance level Avg 4 dB improvement for bilateral vs unilateral BAHA fit Avg 54dB improvement for bilateral vs unilateral BAHA fit Marked improvement for bilateral vs unilateral BAHA fit no significant difference between sides 3 dB SNR improvement for bilateral vs unilateral BAHA fit with noise at best side or diffuse noise 1 dB worsening at shadow side 66dB release from masking at 500 Hz attributed to true binaural hearing Release from masking with bilateral BAHA fitting though less than through AC because of crossover stimulation Conclusion I Results from both studies indicate that patients fit with bilateral BAHAs have better localization and speech recognition scores in quiet as compared to unilaterallyfit BAHAs III Improvement was also seen in speech in noise and binaural masking level difference performance III More research needs to be conducted in this area as both studies include a small sample References III Bosman A Snik A van der Pouw C Mylanus E and Cremers C 2001 Audiome rric evaluation of bilaterally fi r red boneanchored hearing aids Audiology 403 158 l 67 III Priwin C S renfel r 5 Grans rrb m 3 Tiells rrb m A and Hakansson B 2004 Bilateral boneanchored hearing aids BAHAs An audiome rric evaluation The Laryngoscope l 74 77 84


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