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by: Emmalee Bruen

HIST US TO 1877 HIST 1310

Emmalee Bruen
Texas State
GPA 3.94

J. Mauck

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About this Document

J. Mauck
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Emmalee Bruen on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1310 at Texas State University taught by J. Mauck in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/212723/hist-1310-texas-state-university in History at Texas State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Review 1 Hist 1310 Fall 2013 Remember to rely on lectures Do not go to outside sources like Wikipedia or reference books 1 N U A How did the Spanish discovery of silver in Peru and Mexico in uence the English plans for the settlement of North America Spanish went over to the Americasonly for quick wealth and only went in as far as they needed too It affected the English plans because the English went to Northern Americas for colonization and to make money off colonial goods While the Spanish stayed South near Florida South West areas and wet as far as the kanas area39 it gave English a right to settle along the east coast were the Spanish did not want to go bc there was no money there What was the Northwest Passage Where did it go or was intended to go How useful was it The Northwest Passage was said to be an altemate route that connected the Atlantic and Pacific it was intended for a faster northem route to Asia from Europe for seamen to travel though Though it was very harsh due to climate changes with its regions I AMNOT asking any questions over the Tudors Henry VIII Mary and Elizabeth except Elizabeth s support for eXpansion Elizabeth supported expansion for money They were also starting to have some problems with religious decedents but she mostly needed money to support her wars with Spain and France You should be able to discuss the English economy in the 1500s How did it affect the poor What things affected the poor How did the rich look upon these problems This includes such issues as wages and population growth How were these problems linked to colonizationDuringtheEnclosure 1530 1630 half the peasants loose their land then land owners used the land to grace the soil and raise sheep to produce wool for the market in Europe This made it more profitable for land owners who took overwhile a mass of peasants became a homeless in Londonitbrought unemployment and crime rates started risingWith that been said London s growth doubledin ten U 0 00 years poor harvests resulted in local starvationsdisasters came every decade During Queen Mary s rule the population dropped around 200000 misery of such kind wouldcontinue on for centuries What sparked Elizabeth s war with Spain Who won and why What did the war mean for the Roanoke colony a Mary Queen of Scots was put up by Elizabeth in England found out she was plotting to take over Spanish demanded Elizabeth not hurt Mary b Spanish put together an Armada giant eet to sail to Low Countries to defeat English crossing did not end up taking place c Privateer privately owned ship that serves Queen and attacks enemy I AMNOT GOING TO ASK ABOUT FROBISHER Who was Richard Hakluytand what did he call for inA Discourse on Western Planting He was a close friend of Elizabeth and wrote on colonization mostly on reasons needed to establish colonies he conveyed about converting the pagans bases to attack Spain through England investment in privateers exotic good such as gold route the east and dumping the poor which they wealthy also invested in What was the English view of kind of relationship they would have with the Indians near Jamestown What was the Native American particularly Powhatan s vision Why did the relationship turn violent Both before and during 1622 Native Americans and Powha tans vision was of peace he wanted a working relationship with white settlers but they also did not want to get kicked off their lands 9 What happened in the first ten years of settlement at Jamestown How successful were the English in establishing a colony What problems did they face How could these problems have been avoided How can we account for the high death rate The first ten years of Jamestown they came in expecting to find some kind of wealth on the land more like gold lying around They consisted mostly of either rich men or convicts that did not want to work so the settlement failed and many people died They also had a bad location for a source of water it was mostly salt water that washed in from the ocean or it was sewage water People also died because of being poisoned from the water and food also the climate changes affected them it was mostly cold winters that also gave them diseases The problems could have been avoided if they brought tools people willing to work or had worked with the Indians instead of thinking they were superior and high death rate was mainly because of water sources They did not really plan for anything or have a plan and in the end it resulted in cannibalism 10How much pro t did the London company make on its Jamestown investment this company is sometimes called the Virginia company Nothing None of these places made money The London Company went broke after investing in Jamestown because it failed 11Who was Jane the girl who lived near Jamestown What happened to her Jane was a young girl a settler who lived near Jamestown or was possibly was apart of the Jamestown colony39 she was buried and found in Virgina Researchers found signs of cannibalism possibly before she was buried her headskull was smashed and there was zero evidence of sugar from England 12 You need to know pretty much all I said about tobaccoIn 1616 John Rolfe introduced tobacco that he bought from the Caribbean Tobacco brought good revenues and brought about Headrights 200000 pounds of tobacco was produced in 1624 and 3 million pounds in 1639 It sold in England at 5 times the production cost Caused a population boom in Chesapeake l 3Understand Headrights Headrights was the time that the land of Americas was sold People were paid to come over to the Americas to work they were paid 50 acres person and in theory after 7 years of working on the land it would belong to them However if they owed money they might have never been able to take ownership of land Though after so many years the labor was intense and climate was harsh many would die and would not even make before their term was over 14 Have a good understanding of Indentured Servants Why did the English choose lndentured Servants as a source of labor How successful was the system What was it like to be an Indentured Servant Why did the system decline near the end of the century and what followed lndentured servants were people who got to come across to the new world in exchange for 7 years of labor and after their time they would obtain 50 acres of land The English chose lndentured Servants because they were able to pay them by paying their way over to the new world in exchange for work Indentured Servants made up 75 of the population The system was very successful until it slowed down in the 1670s indentured servants were raped and abused and most did not live to see their own 50 acres The system slowed down at the end of the century because the economy in England had gotten better Virginia had a bad reputation of Indentured servant abuse and death and there were better places a poor English person could go This lead to slavery 15Who are the Melungeons What have we recently leamed about their past What might this say about race relations in early Virginia Why did they probably cross the mountains The Melungeons where a group of people who lived in the mountain of what is now Tennessee they thought they were decedents from Spanish and other areas but they were biracial people from the early Virginian frontier We recently learned from their past and race relations that they were 40 families of mixed people mostly white men that married black women They most likely traveled cross the mountains bc of their bi racial groups were outlawed from others and became outcastes in the world of slavery They were isolated bc in early Virgina people weren t allowed to marry someone of another color 161 AMNOT ASKING ABOUT BACON s Rebellion 17 Who performed the labor in the tobacco fields both of large planters and smaller farmers between 1620 and the last quarter of the century How did the nature of labor change after that point and why Indentured servants criminals and vagrants people preferred indentured servants because they spoke English and knew why they were there and the consequences if they did not finish their work In the last part of the century they switched to slavery because of the big drop in numbers of indentured servants 18 In class I said there was probably a connection between the rise of slavery in Virginia and the rise of political rights for property owning but not wealthy whites What happened and why Do not just rely on the power point slide Describe politics in that timeparticularly the relationship between the great planters and middling farmers Primary crop was tobacco in Virgina which was labor intensive needed bodies in working fields they need indentured servantsMany people did not want to go work elds in America s bc the climate conditionspeople died There were middle class farmers that moved in that wanted there own land and own property but larger farms owned all the other property as more middle class families came over less Indentured Servants came over Paying was not cost effective so slavery intervened and slaves were cheap thus people invested in young men that lasted 2030 yrs or longer As more middle class moved in they moved them more to the frontier and pushed out Indians out Political rights were if you owned land you could vote Power shift from white planters who owned all property it then started to equalize 19 Who were the Puritans know the main points including their view of the Church of England the concept of Predestination and the role of the Saints in society The puritans were a people who developed their ideology in the 15005 after they were in uenced by the protestant reformation They believed that the Church of England was too Catholic and they wanted to get rid of the traditions and just base their church on God and the Bible They didn t need hierarchy or someone between man and God They believed that the Anglican Church went with what the Monarchs wanted and not God s wishes They believed in predestination that whether someone went to heaven or hell was determined at the beginning of time yet all people were expected to be good The people that were predestined to go to heaven were called Saints Male saints were the only ones in the society that could vote 20 Who were the Pilgrims and how were they different from most Puritans they were Puritans of a sort Were they the founders of America meaning American culture that developed into the US Why or why not Pilgrims were a separatist group they believed in doing their own thing After refusing to live under James I they moved to Holland they didn t like it and then moved to the Americas via the Mayflower They established Plymouth Colony in abandoned fields in order to celebrate their own religion They were not the founders of America What was the Massachusetts Bay colony How was it governed understand the nature of the charter and the way the Puritans governed themselvesMassachusetts bay colony was a colony created by people who wanted to get away from Charles I after he became a dictator It was mainly made up of wealthy and middle class people Charles I allowed them to allowed them to completely self govem Townships were set up where the people govenied themselves and each town had its own rules The town was centered around the church in which only saints could attend and vote on how to run govemment 22 What did John Winthrop mean by a City on a Hill He was asking the Puritans to do one thing You should be able to answer in one sentence JW was a puritan who came to the Americas to build a city on the hill but was not an actual city it was a representation of what he thought a city should be like based on church values purity of church where puritans get there name did not want all uffing stuff of the church from England all ceremony and bells icon etc but puritans said NO they believed in the bible and god that s it So city on the hill was only a representation of what England should be to prove to England that they could live that way and it doesn t need to be the church of England but it failed 23How did the English Civil War impact the Puritan experience in England and America What did the Restoration of the monarchy mean for the Puritan cause The civil war was between the royalists the supporters of Charles I and parliament the people fed up with the king The puritans failed in England because after the king was beheaded the puritan extremists such as Oliver Cromwell took over and created a dictatorship After 2 decades of anarchy the English want peace and the parliament restores the monarchy and Charles II became king and agreed to work with parliament The restoration of the monarchy meant that the puritan cause was dead 24What was the Dominion of New England know pretty much all I covered In 16861688 James II combined Connecticut Plymouth Massachusetts Bay Rhode Island New Hampshire New York and New Jersey into the Dominion of New England It was known as a super colony James II did it for administrative purposes and to punish the Puritans When Massachusetts Bay lost its charter it had governed itself since colonization colonial assemblies were abolished town meetings were outlawed people had to pay taxes on an Anglican churches infuriated settlers because they had to pay for a church they didn t necessarily want and trade laws were enforced This made New Englanders mad and horrified there were too man laws 25What was the Glorious Revolution know pretty much all I covered Total est of who was going to be in charging where it was going to be parliament the king or a combination Read more 26How did William and Mary change the Massachusetts Bay charter What did this mean for the Puritans William and Mary were Protestants of the Church of England they opened up the Mass Bay Charter to everyone not only to puritans to make it part of the Royal Colonies This cancelled the puritans and they were no longer in charge they could still tax people but could no longer make laws for example people werenow no longer required to be apart of the church so more people who were not puritans came over just for the land 27Why did the English seize New Netherlands The English seize New Netherlands because the harbor was perfect for shipping and trading while the English was back at war 28Who owned a farm where the Empire State Building now stands last name will doRoosevelt 29Why was Pennsylvania such a successful colony Who was in charge of governing it and why They welcomed any and all faiths from different lands got along with the Indians and had good land William Penn was in charge of goveming it because he was given the land to pay off a debt that Charles H and James H owed his father 30Why was Parliament happy that George I had little interest in spending much time in England or involving himself in English politics Because George I was Hanover from Gemiany and he was not raised in England He did not care too much of England and was more concemed on what was going on in the Germany areas of the world Parliament was happy because they could do anything they wanted too if the king was not present or not paying attention then they could manage without the king and take control 3 1 What did I mean when I said the 18th Century was dominated by Parliamentary dominance and salutary neglect Colonies were allowed to govern themselves when the parliament took over in place of a king They neglected the people and laws and had no representation This allowed the assemblies more and more power 32Who governed most of the colonies in the 18th Century 1700s What role did Royal Govemors play How involved was the government in London Parliament How many people could vote How did this compare to how many people could vote in England Why was it important that representatives lived in their district How was this similar or different from England England governed most the colonies during the 18th century and l700sRoyalgovernors issues laws and taxes but they were mainlyfigured heads The Gov in London was not involved too much they started to show interest but with much turmoil they weren t too much apart of it It was 50 of white men that could vote and in England 5 of people could vote which were made of white men In England representatives did not live in the district and could still be appointed because the king and queens has favorites It was important for reps to live in the district so they could get to know there people and enforce laws and write the laws for their districts and bc the people wanted representation 33I AM NOT ASKING ABOUT THE NAVIGATION ACTS or NIERCANTILI SM 34All I want you to know about France in the New World is how they created a Middle Ground But you must be able to answer in detail a question on this topic Native Americans and the French traders lived together the French came in and learned the language they also converted people they brought in Jesuits they created a trading society were they lived in peace it was a lot of Native Americans and just a few French they did not come in to take over harvest or come into populate the area with settlers they came in strictly for trade The French were very successful 35WE ARE NOT ASKING ANY QUESTIONS ON THE SLIDE TITLED IMPERIAL WARS 36Where did the French and Indian also called Seven Years War begin Why Who started the fighting and why The French and Indian war started in America and spread to England because the French and Indians were fighting the English for the piece of land at the point of the Ohio River It spread to England when London sent troops to seize the frontier from the French Then many other people began fighting over things other than North America 37Why was Braddock defeatedHe had no idea how to ght in America he was from England Braddock thought that when he showed up with his troops that they would run when his troops showed up so he wasn t prepared for a fight The French and Indians ambushed Braddock and his men causing half of the troop to be killed because the French killed the of cers first so there was no control He had no Indian scouts to alert when an attack was coming and he tried to use European tactics in the woods which lead to loss of forts and defeats 38How did William Pitt change the course of the war What American city is named for him and whyHe sent over 20000 British troops overseas to face the French s 6000 He sent the Royal Navy to seize the Atlantic and blockade New France so that the French cannot get supplies This is how the British won Pittsburg is named for him 39How and why did the British win the warThey won by numbers and by having control of the Atlantic 40What was Pontiac s Revolt and how did it in uence English Policy toward the colonies Why did they set up the Proclamation line Why was it so important to avoid war with the Indians What did the government in London hope to do with the land west of the mountainsPontiac s revolt happened after the French traders packed up and left the English tried to go in and force trade with the Indians which offended and threatened them This caused an uprising of western tribes so the British had to rethink their plan They tried to recreate the French s middle ground but they failed They set up the proclamation line so that they could set up a trading area as to not upset the Indians It was important to avoid war to prevent going further into debt London hoped to create a trading area to the west


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