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by: Elena Okuneva PhD


Elena Okuneva PhD
Texas State
GPA 3.54

M. Nelms

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About this Document

M. Nelms
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Elena Okuneva PhD on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MU 2313 at Texas State University taught by M. Nelms in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/212727/mu-2313-texas-state-university in Music at Texas State University.




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Date Created: 09/23/15
Test 1 Intro to Fine Arts Study Guide Listen and identi Bach B Minor Mass complex like a scale dense lots of voices Latin language Handel Messiah English clingy sounds lighter crisp and cleaner Christmas sounding single voice Palestrina Pope Marcellus Mass just voices light and airy very Catholic Stravinsky Rite of Spring in your face strange beats primal Hawkins Body and Soul piano jazz groove Canon Canonical o the body of rules principal or standard accepted principles 0 nothing to do with religion or your personal opinion o Is it the gold standard for a particular genre 0 High quality and influence 0 Would you include this work if you were going to write a textbook about it Review the introduction in the textbook and the power point introduction 0 Art a process a product and the experience 0 Allows us to enter the mind of another human being 3 innovations from the Renaissance and Barogue eras that changed how we seeI thinkl and hear 0 Printing Press changed the way we think Gutenberg o Perspective changed our sight Alberti 0 Equal temperament changed our hearing Pythagorus Bach39s B Minor Mass 0 Kyrie 1st part 0 quotGod the Fatherquot Sounds deathly serious followed by peaceful music Uses multiple voices Bm key of passive suffering Not simple 2nd part quotGod the Sonquot D major worldly glory Cheerier faster tempo 2 voices Communicates that Jesus was accessible look into His eyes 3rd part quotLord Have Mercyquot Holy Spirit part Scary serious sounds like the 1st part but not as dark Gets sweeter as it goes along Demonstrates a fugue 4 voices fit together with repeated subject ex row your boat Bounces back between DmD majorFm o Kyri o Kyri 00000000000000000 0 Gloria o Audiences response to being forgiven o Joyful energetic rhythmic waltz o Brings brass in for the first time o 84 measures numerology JS Bach Credeo I believequot Credo 0 III believe in one Godquot Usually said by one voice in masses but he uses all of them Still a fugue All choir simultaneously 0 O O o Communicated protestant belief that ALL could say they believed The Rite of Spring Picasso quotBarbarismquot style Influences musical scores Driven by rhythm Not a typical ballet Randomly arranged Uses the diabolical chord perfect chord with farthest interval away Premiere caused a riot and fighting in the streets Split Traditionalists and Modernists on view of ballet 18811973 Used cubism Believed that the artist should not just paint objects but also the space they engender Gives the impression of reaching forward out of the frontal plane toward the viewer Influenced the art of the 20 h century more than any other painter Identified with social outcasts and misfits showed in Blue Period paintings Rose Period makebelieve fantasy Les Demoiselles d Avignon o Broke traditional western impressionistic art 0 Painting of prostitutes o Bodies were simplified and angular Just as important as Stravinsky was for music Nontraditionalists Jazz and improvisation Began toward the end of the nineteenth century Includes blues music Often included great improvisation Ex Ella Fitzgerald used voice as instrument Vincent Van Gogh Placed large color areas side by side Inspired by Japanese prints Brushwork in the foreground stays active while the background appears smooth Used subtle diagonals break predominantly horizontal lines Tranquil scenes 0 Harvest at La Crau Paul Gauguin o Brought a highly imaginative approach to postimpressionist goals 0 lines and colors arranged on a flat surface 0 Believed that European society and all its works were sick 0 La Orana Maria 0 Painting of the Garden of Paradise Mary as Polynesian woman and Jesus as a young boy Rich colors and warm patterns suggest that life in this quotuncivilizedquot world is sweet Saying that the viewer should leave the industrialized world for a more peaceful one 000 Paul Cezanne o Considered the father of modern art 0 Mont Sainte Victoire seen from Les Lauves 0 Shows nearly geometric configuration and balance 0 Foreground and background tie together in a systematic manner 0 Believed all forms in nature are based on geometric shapes Rh hmic Innovations in Jazzl BluesI Rock Music in the 20 l Centu o SwingShuffleLouis Armstrong 0 Splitting 8 h notes into triplets 0 Makes blues different than jazz 0 RockLittle Richie o llRock even 0 FunkJames Brown 0 Off of rockeven beat Oratoriolopera 0 Opera oratorio with props and costumes creation of the Baroque era 0 Oratorio like table reading ofa play just stand and sing cheaper Text painting 0 Handel s Messiah quotshakequot o Jimi Hendrix quotStar Spangled Bannerquot 0 Palestrina quotomni patemtum Important Figures ofthe Renaissance lTMNTl o Donatello 0 St George sculpture o Lifelike human quality not idealism 0 David sculpture first freestanding nude since classical times 0 Equestrian Monument to Gattamelata sculpture general on horse 0 Concentrated on human and animal anatomy o No interest in perspective 0 Leonardo DeVinci 0 Drawings of human anatomy Dissected 30 bodies Vitruvian Man 1492 Used innovative technique like wateroil Last Supper Madonna of the Rocks Virgin and the Child with St Anne Mona Lisa 0 Used technique of blending light and shadow called sfumatoquot Michelangelo o The dominant figure of the High Renaissance Man of faith Interested in the male body Dissected bodies too Only studied art for 13 years David sculpture 1501 Aimed to praise God with his art 0 Sistine Chapel trick the eye giving 3D likeness Raphael 0 Drawings were the academic model for 300 years 0 More normal compared to others 0 Best portraitist 0 Well known for his madonnas O O O O O 0 000000 Creates paintings with strong central triangles The Deliverance ofSt Peter challenge of constrained space 3 sections Isadora Duncan American dancer that gained notoriety for her barefoot deeply emotional dancing 18781927 modern dance P hagoras Mathematical relationships are universal Believed all living things are related Deduced mathematical relationships among musical harmonies Research formed the basis for forming the basis of contemporary musical practice that divides a musical scale into an octave 8 notes Determined musical intervals by vibrating strings Scale and equal temperament pythagorian comma Aesthetics Guido Developed by Baumgarten s book Aestheticaquot l780 l785 llTHE STUDY OF BEAUTY AND THEORY OF ART Classicism era relating to the appreciation of beauty or good taste or having a heightened sensitivity to beauty a philosophy of what is artistically valid or beautiful Invented notation art of writing down music Invented solfege Islam and music 0 Music was lla forbidden pleasure under the four caliphs who ruled from 632 to 661 0 Following dynasty music regained a favorable role 0 Part of court entertainment or Islamic religious ritual o Chanting Classicism o Tendency to look to ancient Greek and Rome for inspiration 0 The principles historical traditions aesthetic attitudes or style of the arts ofancient Greece and Rome including works created in those times or later inspired by those times Barogue era sculptors Giovanni Bernini Treated sculpture pictorially like a painting David sculpture powerful and action forcefully extrudes into the space of the viewer The Ecstasy ofSt Theresa painting in sculpture form Bach39s Well Tempered Clavier keyboard 0 Collection of solos he wrote for the keyboard 0 One in every key 0 Most influential to western classical music Cervantes This book a product of the Baroque era is thought by many to be the first novel and the greatest novel as well Don Quixote Aristotle and Theatre 0 6 Elements 0 Plot the skeleton of the play 0 Character motivating psychology of the people 0 ThoughtIdeas What the play means as opposed to what happens the plot Sometimes the theme is clearly stated in the title It may be stated through dialogue by a character acting as the playwright s voice Or it may be the theme is less obvious and emerges only after some study or thought The abstract issues and feelings that grow out of the dramatic action 0 Diction 0 Music sound Spectacle The spectacle in the theatre can involve all of the aspects of scenery costumes and special effects in a production The visual elements of the play created for theatrical event The qualities determined by the playwright that create the world and atmosphere of the play for the audience s eye 0 Rules established by royal academy of dance 1661 0 Women began dancing in 1681 o Started in the Renaissance Ballet Comique de la Reine 1581 Louis XIV was great patron titled llthe Sun King Pierre Beauchamps dancing master Firmly established by end of Baroque era Dominant thinkers of the various eras o Realism Monet and Renoir o Baroque Locke Newton Galileo Bacon Decartes o Renaissance Machiavelli Alberti Alhazen o Impressionism Nietzche Freud Caravaggio 0 Incredible command of light perspective theatrical staging o The Calling ofSt Matthew 0 Apostle receiving divine grace 0 Appears in contemporary form 0 Bright light on Matthew highlights strikingly Man is the measure ofaII things 0 Protagoras Reduced the mental life to the individual to perceptions Knowledge truth and reality are subjective Truth was relative on the observation that human knowledge The world is imperfect because human sense are imperfect Humans can obtain only partial knowledge based on partial experience Treatise called llOn the Godsquot Diaghliev 0 Had career in artistic management that shaped the ballet world in the 20 h century 0 Brought the art of Paris and Munich to Russia 0 Created many ballet russes o Believed dancing should blend harmoniously with the theme and subject of production Niiins 0 Was Diagheliev s premier dancer 0 Also choreographed several ballets o Choreographed the Rite of Spring 0 Baroque era 1600s 0 quotworkquot in Italian 0 Combines music drama dance and visual art 0 Often used castrated males pretending to be women 0 Began in Italywith group called camerata 0 Based on literary accounts greek dramas o Developed quotrecitativequot 0 Henry Purcell England s greatest composer Handel known for famous operas o Staged costumes The most common song form in popular music in the US o Rhythmic blues 0 quotJohnny B Goodequot Study Guide Test 2 Spring 2011 Nelms Identify the piece or the composer Coleman Hawkins Body and Soul Stravinsky The Rite ofSpring Rossini The Barber of Seville Wagner Die Walklire Palestrina Pope Marcellus Mass Bach B Minor Mass Handel Messiah Beethoven Ninth Symphony Mozart Piano Concerto in C Minor No 24 Canon or canonical in the arts as used in this class Humanism practice that emphasizes reason scientific inquiry and human ful llment in the natural world and often rejects the importance of belief in god Feminism The advocating for women s rights to be equal to that of men Deism Belief in a god who created the universe but has since been indifferent Mary Wollstonecraft Wrote the vindication for the rights of womenquot mother of mary shelly Philosophes Prominent thinkers ofthe enlightenment Rousseau Kant and Voltaire Rationalism Any view appealing to reason as a justification as a source of knowledge Idealism the cherishing or pursuit of high or noble principles purposes goals etc Karl Marx Wrote the communist manifesto Wagner Nietzsche and Hitler Wagner was a composer who idealized german culture Nietzsche was influenced by wagner thought that there was a supreme race of man emerging Hitler took this too far with the Aryan and the Jews Delacroix French romantic painter painted pictures about the French revolution Ingres Delacroix s rival painted in the style ofthe renaissance painters because he believed to be a protector of it Romantic Female body is everywhere nature is glorified Neoclassical The bringing back of past art bringing back of greek art Classical vs classical Romantic vs romantic Capital R is the era and the lower case is when romantic traits are in the arts ie glorifying woman Mozart Child prodigy wrote the marriage of garo oldest opera still played popularized the piano Rossini Popular for his upbeat operas the barber of seville The piano Sustain notes longerthan the harpsichord and different volumes Most influential instruments ever since Beethoven Romantic artist operas bombed but his 9th symphony was a success He was key for the transition between classical romantic eras Melodrama Dramatic work that exaggerates plot and characters to appeal emotions Tchaikovsky Most influential composer for ballet of the romantic era nutcracker and swan lake The dominant pattern for sonatas and symphonies during the Enlightenment Fast slow fast Dance Tights Progress Thomas Jefferson class discussion and textbook Enlightenment thinker prominent American architect declaration ofindependence Latcho Drom Gypsy movie Houdon Sculptor neoclassical he did busts did famous people Romantic age architecture


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