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by: Sierra Powlowski Jr.


Sierra Powlowski Jr.
Texas State
GPA 3.8

L. Dees

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About this Document

L. Dees
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sierra Powlowski Jr. on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to SOCI 1310 at Texas State University taught by L. Dees in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/212746/soci-1310-texas-state-university in Sociology at Texas State University.




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Date Created: 09/23/15
SYLLABUS FALL 2010 Texas State University San Marcos The College of Liberal Arts Department of Sociology SOCIOLOGY 1310 INTRODUCTORY SOCIOLOGY 370468 MONDAYWEDNESDAY 1230 150 PM Derrick 329 Instructor Lillian Dees E Mail ld01txstateedu Of ce Derrick 219 Of ce Telephone 5122452455 Of ce Hours 10 am 11 am MondayVVednesday or by appointment Sociology Department Telephone 5122452113 Sociology Department Fax 5122458362 GRADUATE ASSISTANT Adam Perkins E Mail apl378txstateedu Of ce Derrick 213 Telephone 5122454769 Of ce Hours STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO READ ALL MATERIAL DISTRIBUTED BY THE INSTRUCTOR A RESPONSE OF I DID NOT KNOW IS UNACCEPTABLE FOR ANY PRINTED MATERIAL DISTRIBUTED The instructor reserves the light to modify this syllabus at any time during the semester Course Description A survey of the basic concepts in sociology socialization society culture groups social institutions leading to the development of the sociological perspective of human behavior Course Objective This course is designed to help the student 1 Become acquainted with the scienti c methods and concepts of sociology To understand the basic sociological concepts and apply them to everyday life To develop a sociological imagination and To develop an understanding and appreciation for Viewpoints and cultures other than our own 59 Required Text Text or EText Anderson Margaret L and Taylor Hoard F Sociology The Essentials 63911 Edition Wadsworth Cengage Learning Semester Calendar The course calendar outlining weekly lecture topics test schedules and reading assignments will be distributed in class during the rst week of the semester Course Grade The course grade will be calculated as follows Exams 3 50 points each 150 points A 500 450 In class 50 pts 50 points B 449 400 Outofclass assignments 100 pts 150 points C 399 350 Re ection Paper 50 points D 349 300 Final Exam 100 points F 299 and below 500 points Syllabus 7 Sociology 1310 7 l There is no extra credit in this course Exams 250 points Exams 150 points There are four exams 50 points each The lowest exam grade of the four exams will be dropped and only the 3 highest exam grades will be used in the nal grade calculation and a nal exam Each exam covers material presented in class lectures and discussions guest speakers activities assignments and videos as well as text and other readings assigned Exams will be composed of 50 multiplechoice TrueFalse and shortanswer questions worth 1 point each Final Exam 100 points The final exam is comprehensive and will be composed of 100 multiplechoice truefalse and shortanswer questions worth 1 point each Missing the nal exam will result in and F for the course Students are expected to bring a 2 pencil and other appropriate writing materials to class on exam day The instructor will not provide pencils In Class Activities 50 points There will be in class activities occasionally There is no make up for these activities 7 if you are not in class your score for that class activity is 0 Out of Class Assignments 100 points Out of class assignments with due dates can be found on TRACS One point per each class day will be deducted for late assignments Assignments will NOT be accepted after two 2 weeks from the due date Re ection Paper 50 points All students will submit a re ection paper at the end of the semester on their progress and learning in this course An instruction sheet outlining the report requirements and due dates will be posted on TRACS Late papers will not be accepted after the last class day Two points per day will be deducted for late papers The re ection paper should consist of two parts 1 Re ection on your performance in this class Think about your own learning experience in this course 7 your response to the components of the course what this course meant to you how the course work relates to your development as and anything else you would like to write about This part of the paper should center on YOU 7 not the course itself This part should be 12 pages long 2 Application of Concepts This section of the paper should focus on how this course relates to other courses the concepts of the course and how you canwill apply those concepts to your personal interactions at work school social situations or at home with family members This part should be 23 pages long Sociology majors should submit two 2 copies 1 for grading and 2 for your portfolio COURSE POLICIES Attendance There are no excused absences Students are responsible for all materials presented and discussed in each class session whether present or absent Students are expected to be in class on time Entering the classroom after the class has begun should be the exception rather than the Syllabus 7 Sociology 1310 7 2 rule If you need to leave class before it is over the student should notify the instructor prior to class time These are common rules of courtesy and appropriate in a civilized setting Ifyou are unable to attend class I encourage you to get the notes from a classmate In addition you may make an appointment with me to discuss the notes after you have gotten them from someone else Communications The instructor will use Bobcat Mail and TRACS to communicate important information related to the class Students should make sure their Bobcat Mail and TRACS accounts are current and should check their mail boxes and TRACS regularly The following information will be posted on TRACS Gradebook Grades for exams inout of class assignments required papers and final class grade will be posted under Gradebook Assignments Out of class exercises instructions for required papers and other assignments will be posted under Assignments Resources The course lecture outlines as well as any other pertinent material related to the course will be posted under Resources Syllabus The course syllabus and course calendar will be posted under Resources General Course Information You should finish the readings for each week before the week s lectures begin Students are responsible for all the material in the required readings even if the material has not been discussed in class Some of the exam questions will come from the readings even though we have not explicitly covered it in class If you are unable to attend class I encourage you to get the notes from a classmate In addition you may make an appointment with me or the Graduate Assistant to discuss the notes after you have gotten them from someone else Classroom Manners A number of behaviors disrupt class Those behaviors include but are not limited to talking to others during the class leaving early coming in late letting cell phones or beepers ring and belittling others None of these behaviors is conducive to leaming and must be avoided by studentscholars Students should treat each other with respect allowing everyone to express their opinion and speak without interruption or ridicule Side conversations during the class lecture are not acceptable Exam Policies lVIissed Exams There will be no early or individual makeup lVIissing the final exam will result in an F for the course See Exams for explanation of dropping lowest grade for the four exams Punctuality 0n Exam Days You are expected to be on time for the exams Anyone that is 15 minutes or more late or comes in after someone else has left the exam whichever comes first will not be permitted to take the exam The result is a 0 for being late During Exams During exams I reserve the right to ask students to change seats if I see any suspicious behavior even if it is unintentional IfI ask you to move to another seat during an exam it does not mean that I am accusing you of academic dishonesty However if you appear to be looking at another Syllabus 7 Sociology 1310 7 3 student s exam if you are not covering your answers with a sheet of paper or if someone else can see your answers then I will ask you to move No cell phones pagers or other forms of technology may be on or visible during exams Grade Distribution Grades will not be given out over the telephone Grades will be posted on TRACS You may make an appointment with the Graduate Assistant to look at your exams Questions and clari cation are encouraged Students are responsible for checking their grades on TRACS on a regular basis and notifying the instructor in a timely manner if there appears to be a discrepancy in what the student believes hisher grades should be and what is posted Grade discrepancies must be resolved by the last class day Learning Disabled Students If you are a student with a disability who will require an accommodations to participate in this course please contact me as soon as possible You will be asked to provide documentation from the Of ce of Disability Services Failure to contact me in a timely manner may delay your accommodations Portable Electronic Devices The Department of Sociology reserves the right to limit or deny the use of any and all electronic devices in the classroom Upon entering the classroom please turn off or silence all pagers and cellular telephones prior to class time You are not allowed to audiotape or videotape lectures If you choose to leave class to answer a page or a phone call you must take all your belongings with you as you will not be allowed to reenter the classroom You should ask one of your classmates to ll you in on the material you missed for the remainder of the class Texting during class is not permissible Ifthe instructor observes a student texting during class the student s cell phone will be con scated for the duration of the class In addition you will be considered absent for the day without warning or noti cation and will receive a 0 for any inclass activity for that day Lap tops are not permitted in class No cell phones pagers or other forms of technology may be on or visible during exams Academic Honesty Academic dishonesty refers to a variety of transgressions such as cheating on a test to committing plagiarism when writing a paper The Sociology Department assumes that it is the responsibility of each student to know what constitutes academic dishonesty Ignorance of what academic dishonesty is does not excuse such acts Similarly a student may not be excused from a current transgression because heshe committed a similar act in the past and was not charged with a violation of university policy Any student found in violation of academic dishonesty will receive an F in the course Any student who is accused with academic dishonesty has the right to challenge the accusation but the challenge must be submitted in writing and in accordance with university policy University statements regarding academic dishonesty can be found at the following Websites httpwwwdostxstateeduTxStateHandbooldRulesandPoliciesHonorCodehtml Texas State Academic Honor Code Texas State Handbook Syllabus 7 Sociology 1310 7 4 httpwwwtxstateedueffectiveuppsuppsO71001html Academic Honesty UPPS No 07 1001 A complete statement of the policy of the Department of Sociology regarding academic dishonesty including plagiarism is available on the depa1tmental Website WWWsocitxstateedu Syllabus 7 Sociology 1310 7 5


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