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by: Scot Strosin


Scot Strosin
Texas State
GPA 3.69

M. Houser

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About this Document

M. Houser
Class Notes
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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Scot Strosin on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 1310 at Texas State University taught by M. Houser in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/212762/comm-1310-texas-state-university in Communication Studies at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
Chapter 11 amp 14 Developing Your Presentation PLEASE SILENCE CELL PHONES PUT AWAY ALL LAPTOPS Preview of Chapter 11 amp 14 III What is AudienceCentered Presentational Speaking III What is the Presentational Speaking Process III How do I Narrow a Topic and Develop an Initial Preview III How do Support my Initial Preview What is AudienceCentered Presentational Speaking p 296 III Audiencecentered presentational speaking is when a speaker adapts to the audience at evem stage of the presentational speaking process What is the Presentational Speaking Process Guidebook p 157 Text p 295 mm III Identify your purpose III Develop central idea amp initial preview III Generate main ideas III Gather supporting material III Organize presentation III Rehearse presentation III Deliver presentation Let s Go Down The List Identify YOUIquot Purpose Text p 304305 III General Purpose l Inform Persuade andlor Entertain III Specific Purpose l A concise statement of what listeners should understand believe feel or be able to do by the time the speaker finishes the presentation What Does a Purpose Statement Do Text p 304305 III Informative Purpose Statement l I want my audience to UNDERSTAND l Your purpose is to teach analyze describe com parecontrast andor illustrate a topic III Persuasive Purpose Statement l I want my audience to BELIEVE l Your purpose is to create modify or change an attitude belief or behavior Central Idea How Does It Differ from the Purpose Statement p 305 Informative Presentation The central idea is what you want your audience to understand and remember Its the overarching idea that drives your presentation pefinitjve Point about Your Topic And you tell them Persuasive Presentation The central idea is what you want your audience to believe andor do Its the overarching persuasive idea that drives your presentation Your Definitive Point on Your Topic And you tell them 8 The Initial Preview How Does it Reflect the Central Idea III An Initial Preview builds off of the central idea and is phrased in the form of an assertion III An Initial Preview indicates your topic is True Interesting or Valuable III An Initial Preview identifies the main points of your speech In 1310 3 main points Ch12 p 333 Sample Initial Previews and Corresponding Central Ideas III Central Idea Discipline is invaluable in child rearing III IP As a child is growing up they can experience and learn from three forms of discipline III Central Idea Foreign language education is successful in elementary school III IP As children move through elementary school they can be introduced to a foreign 1O How Do Narrow a Topic and Develop an Initial Preview p 378381 III Identify a topic that interests you III Informative presentations focus on I Objects Types of Wine l People Maya Angelou l Events The Attack on Pearl Harbor l Ideas Job Search Tools Object Types of Wine III Broad Topic I Types of Wine III Possible Subtopics I Red Wine I White Wine I Port Wine i 3 E Free F070 ic a m Keep Narrowing Further III New Topic Red Wine l Pinot Noir I Merlot l Cabernet Sauvignon My New Topic Narrowed III New Topic Pinot Noir I How it s made I Where it s grown I What food it pairs wellwith T 39 So Here s My Initial Preview With 3 Main Points III Pinot Noir is a tasty red wine In order to better understand Pinot Noir as a type of red wine I d like to go over how its made where its grown and what kinds of food it pairs well with How Do Support My Initial Preview Ch 11 pp 315321 III III Define w and concepts l fermenting dry Describe or illustrate ideas I stomping grapes Provide explanations I how is it made Offer statistics and expert opinion I How many types What do the experts say Assessing Your Learning III After listening to my presentation my audience will understand the life of Walt Disney This statement represents alan l A general purpose statement I B propositional statement I C specific purpose statement I D initial preview Review of Chapter 11 amp 14 III What is AudienceCentered Presentational Speaking III What is the Presentational Speaking Process III How do Narrow a Topic and Develop a Initial Preview III How do Support my Initial Preview NOW YOU DO IT W III How is the speaker audience centered III What is the speaker s GENERAL PURPOSE III What is the speaker s SPECIFIC PURPOSE III What is the speaker s CENTRAL IDEA III What is the speaker s Initial Preview III What are the speaker s 3 MAIN POINTS


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