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by: Scot Strosin


Scot Strosin
Texas State
GPA 3.69

M. Houser

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About this Document

M. Houser
Class Notes
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This 27 page Class Notes was uploaded by Scot Strosin on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 1310 at Texas State University taught by M. Houser in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 19 views. For similar materials see /class/212762/comm-1310-texas-state-university in Communication Studies at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
Chapter 6 PLEASE SILENCE CELL PHONES PUT AWAY LAPTOPS Preview of Chapter 6 o What are the 4 Forms of Diversiti r o What is Culture o What is Intercultural Communicatio o How Does Culture In uence Communication 0 What are Cultural Values 0 What are the Stages of Intercultural Competence Communication Principles Appropriately adapt your message to The 4 Forms of Human Diversity 0 Sexual Orientation 0 Ethnicity 0 Age a Gender Masculine Feminine Androgynous How Does Gender Influence Communication 0 Masculine Men tend to communicate from an instrumental orientation me against the world view of self and reality 0 Feminine Women tend to communicate from an expressive orientation connecting with others and constructing relationships and community 0 Androgynous individuals tend to communicate from high levels of both instrumental and expressive orientations How Does Gender Influence Communication 0 Women tend to engage in Rapport Talk Communicate to connect with others Focus more on the quality of relationships than on information exchange 0 Men tend to engage in Report Talk Communicate to create or establish status Focus more on information exchange than on quality of relationships Deborah Tannen 7 What is Culture Culture is a learned systemi knowledge behavior attitude beliefs values and norms that shared by a group of people and shaped from one generation to the 39 next p 150 What is Intercultural Communication 0 Intercultural communication occurs when individuals or groups from different cultures or coculture communicate How Does Culture Influence Communication 0 Our culture and life experiences determine our world View the lens through which people in a given culture perceive the world around them How Does Culture Influence Communication 0 HighContext Cultures p 152 Rely more explicitly on nonverbal messages Communicators rely on the context to interpret messages o LowContext Cultures p 152 C Rely more explicitly on verbal messages language Communicators use fewer contextual cues to interpret information 39 Michael Emphasizes Cultural Communication Stereotypes 1 1 The Of ce Do Cultural Stereotypes Influence Our Communication 1 l l w 39 What are Cultural Values How do they impact our Communication 1 2 3 Decentralized and Centralized Power p155 Individualism and CollectiVism p 153 Uncertainty and Certainty p 155 I Masculine and Feminine Perspectives p 155 LongTerm and ShortTerm Time Orientation p 156 1 Decentralized and Centralized Power 0 Decentralized Power Cultural Value Leadership is not vested in one person power is distributed among the people Decisions are likely to be made by consensus o Centralized Power Cultural Value Militaristic approach to power Prefer strongly organized centrally controlled form of government 2 Individualism and Collectivism o Individualistic Cultural Value Individual recognition Selfrealization Tend to be loosely knit socially o Collectivistic Cultural Value Group achievement is rewarded Strive to accomplish goals for the bene t of the group Individualism amp The Greatest American Dog CBS lt Sham lt 3quot Embed I II 001 124 3 Uncertainty and Certainty o Uncertainty Cultural Values Tolerance for ambiguity Relaxed and informal expectations for others 0 Certainty Cultural Values Develop amp enforce rigid rules for behavior Establish elaborate codes of conduct 4 Masculine and Feminine o Masculine Cultural Value I A culture that values achievement assertiveness heroism and traditional and female roles o Feminine Cultural Value Emphasize building relationships and seeking peace and harmony With others Communicating Intimacy Do Gender Values Differ 5 LongTerm vs ShortTerm Time Orientation o LongTerm Orientations Futureoriented Value Perseverance and Thriftiness o ShortTerm Orientations Past and PresentOriented Respect Tradition Preserving Face Barriers to Bridging Differences amp Adapting to Others 0 Assuming Superiority 0 Assuming Similarity 0 Assuming Differences o Stereotyping and Prejudice Can You Locate Any Barriers in The Namesake What Barrier Do You See Here The Stages of Intercultural Competence From Least to Most 0 Stage 1 Denial 0 Stage 2 Defense 0 Stage 3 Minimization 0 Stage 4 Acceptance 0 Stage 5 Adaptation 0 Stage 6 Integration Assessing Your Learning 0 Men place more emphasis on the dimension of communication because they view communication as functioning primarily for information exchange This dimension contains primarily messages A relational verbal B content verbal C relational nonverbal D content nonverbal Assessing Your Learning 0 A culture that places a high Value on k collaboration teamwork and achievement is known as a A LowContext Culture B Individualistic Culture C High Context Culture D CollectiVistic Culture Review of Chapter 6 o What are Four Forms of Human Diversity 0 What is Intercultural Communication o How Does Culture In uence Communication 0 What are Cultural Values 0 What are the Barriers to Bridging Cultural Difference o What are the 6 Stages of Competency 26 Enjoy the of Your Day


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