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by: Toby Hodkiewicz


Toby Hodkiewicz
Texas State
GPA 3.85

C. Townsend

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About this Document

C. Townsend
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Toby Hodkiewicz on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to GEO 1310 at Texas State University taught by C. Townsend in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/212782/geo-1310-texas-state-university in Geography at Texas State University.




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Date Created: 09/23/15
Geography Geographic realm change over time basic spatial unit Transition zone 7 gradual change in characteristics between peripheries Absolute location 7 position based on latitude and longitude Relative location 7 position in relation to something Spatial systems 7 components and interactions of functional region de ned by areal interaction Hinterland 7 country behind Functional region 7 dynamic internal structure Physical geography 7 subf1elds climatology geomorphology biogeography soil marine Continental drift 7 moving of tectonic plates Subduction tectonic plates collide and continental push oceanic down Glaciations 7 Pleistocene epoch 2mya advancing ice sheets Interglaciations ic cheet contractions Koppen climate regions 7 pg 14 Megalopolis 7 conurbation Cartogram 7 speci cally transformed map not based on real scales Physiography 7 landscape description Regional charter 7 distinct feel of a region Cultural landscape 7 effect of humans on a landscape Language families 7 similar distant origins Core area peripheries regional disparity Neocolonialism 7 undeveloped countries criticism of international trade Globalization 7 reduction of regional differences bc international trade Regional geography 7 all encompassing approach using all topical fields for studying Systematic geography 7 specific topical maps culture political economic Europe Land hemisphere 7 half the globe with the greatest land centered western Europe Local functional specialization 7 hallmark European geo Divided specialized economy Agglomerative 7 concentrating peopleactivities Deglomeration 7 the opposite Nation state 7 highly homogeneous population Centrifugal centripetal 7 out in Indo European language family 7 lingua franca Complementarities 7 nations in satisfying trade relationships Transferability 7 moving goods at bearable costs Primate city 7 main city shows most culture Pop Implosion 7 death gt immigration Supranationalism 7 3 or more states sacrificing sovereignty for benefit Four motors of Europe 7 France rhone Italy Lombardy Spain catalonia Belgium Benelux 7 Belgium Netherlands Luxemburg Conurbation 7 cities merging spatially United Kingdom 7 southemnorthern England Wales Scotland N Ireland Break of bulk 7 transfer goods to different carriers for different means of transportation Shatter belt 7 strong colliding external culturalpolitical forces e Europeasia Balkanization 7 fragmentation into smaller regions often hostile political units Irredentism 7 support ethnic groups in neighboring countries Russia Near abroad 7 republics formerly under communist rule Continentality 7 inland climatic environment remote from marine in uence Steppe 7 short grass prairie Ostrogs 7 strategic forti ed waystations Forward capital 7 St Petersberg encroaching on another country Imperialism 7 expansionperpetuation colonial empire Russification 7 Russian minorities in non 7 Russian politics CollectiVize 7 communist organization of agriculture by incorporating private holdings Command economy 7 assigned production of goods not in line with economic geography Distance decay 7 distance decreases interaction Heartland theory 7 Halford Mackinder empire based in Eurasia could easily rule Transcaucasia


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