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by: Joey Gleichner


Joey Gleichner
Texas State
GPA 3.88

J. Von Bank

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About this Document

J. Von Bank
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Joey Gleichner on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to NUTR 2360 at Texas State University taught by J. Von Bank in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/212803/nutr-2360-texas-state-university in Nutrition and Food Sciences at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
NUTR 2360 Study guide for exam 1 This is not an all inclusive study guide You will be tested on all material covered in class lectures and in the textbook Chapter 1 Poor diet and sedentary lifestyle can lead to which chronic diseases What are the 2 most common causes of death in adults in the US Name the 6 classes of nutrients Which are macronutrients and which are micronutrients Which are organic and which are in organic What do nutrients do in our body What are their 3 main functions Most of our body weight is composed of what 3 main nutrients Carbohydrates o Are comprised of which 3 elements 0 What is their main function 0 What is the basic unit of CHOs 0 How much energy do they yield Lipids o Are comprised of which 3 elements 0 What is the basic unit of lipids 0 How much energy do they yield Proteins o Are comprised of which 4 elements 0 What is the basic unit of amino acids 0 How much energy do they yield 0 What are the main functions of proteins Vitamins o Are comprised of what 0 Do we need them in large amounts 0 Which are the fat and water soluble vitamins o What are some differences between water and fat soluble vitamins 0 Do they yield energy Minerals 0 Do we need them in large amounts 0 Do they yield energy Water o Are comprised of which 2 elements 0 What are water s functions 0 Does it yield energy What are phytochemicals and functional foods Give some examples Be able to recognize these in general Alcohol yields how many kcalsgram Define Metabolism Define Homeostasis What distinguishes between desirable nutrition undernutrition and overnutrition What are the different factors that need to be considered when doing a nutrition assessment Why are each of these important According to the survey NHANES what were the conclusions about the American diet List some reasons why we choose the foods we do What are some Healthy People 2010 goals What are some signs of fad dietsproducts What did the DSHEA conclude Where can reliable information about nutrition be found Name the types of studies concerning nutrition Why are the following important in research studies Controls Sample 0 Size 0 Placebos 0 Doublebind 0 Peer reviewed What is the difference between correlation and causation What are the steps in developing theories Chapter 2 What are 0 DRls 0 EARs o RDAs o As o ULs 0 Daily Values hint related to food labels for which age group What are they based on 0 Be able to show these terms in a graph 0 We have RDAs for how many nutrients o RDA EAR x o What population are DRls based on What are AMDRs What are the AMDRs for the energyproviding macronutrients What is EER What is nutrient density What is energy density What are some low energy dense foods High energy dense food What are some new characteristics of MyPlate What are some key factors in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans What are some required items on food labels Which nutrients are required to be on the label Concerning labeling what is a lrich source and what is a lgood source What does lowfat mean Fatfree 25 less fat Know the serving sizes listed on the last slide of the chapter 2 lecture Chapter 4 USE YOUR TAKEHOME QUIZ 2 AS A STUDY GUIDE When going through the different processes of digestion understand which are digestion processes and which are absorption processes Know the structure of life atoms molecules etc List and define the 4 layers of the GI tract What are the different muscle movements in the GI tract Know where nutrients are absorbed What prevents us from choking What protects our stomach from HCI What do chief cells and parietal cells in the stomach do Emptying time of the stomach What is chyme What protects our intestines from acidic chyme What happens to neutralize it How do enzymes work What are villi and microvilli What are the accessory organs and their functions Where is bile made stored released to Know what the hormones do in digestion CKK gastrin secretin GIP Where are they released from What do they do Where do they act What causes ulcers Treatment What causes GERD Treatment Understand constipation diarrhea gallstones hemorrhoids other bowel diseases discussed in class What are probiotics Prebiotics What do beneficial bacteria flora do for digestion


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