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by: Keely Moen


Keely Moen
Texas State
GPA 3.93

G. Farr

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About this Document

G. Farr
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Keely Moen on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to BIO 1421 at Texas State University taught by G. Farr in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 67 views. For similar materials see /class/212806/bio-1421-texas-state-university in Biology at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
Chapter 29 Review WPquot l 9 l l l l l Lo 00 l 4gt m N l o 39 39 39 U39l l Which of the following statements about tropical atmospheric circulation is true As warm air rises air at the top of the atmosphere is pushed pole ward and cools Which location on Earth receives the most solar radiation per unit area Equator Rain shadows are wet regions of the windward sided of mountain ranges False Climate refers to patterns ofweather that prevail over vears or centuries in a particular region What factors isare responsible for uneven heating of the Earth s surface and its seasonal changes The Earth39s curvature and i1 tilted axis Why are deserts found around 30 degrees N and 30 degrees S latitude Cool dry air moves both north and south from the equator to the point where it sinks toward Earth at about 30 degrees N and 30 degrees 5 latitude As it sinks it warms and by the time it reaches the surface it is warm and very dry and produces very little rain What biome would you expect to find at 60 N latitude and elevations of 2 000 meters Coniferous forest What biome would you expect to find at 20 N latitude and elevations of 2500 meters Deciduous forest What biome would you expect to find at 15 N latitude and elevations of 1500 meters Tropical scrub forest The temperatures at the equator remain warm yearround because sunlight strikes the equator relativelv directlv with little seasonal variation An rain shadow is an area that is very dry because the air in that region has passed over a mountain and lost most of its moisture A rain shadow is caused by coolI d air that warms as it moves down over a mountain picking up moisture What are the fundamental resources required to support life Water nutrients energy appropriate temperatures Which of these is characteristic of the photic zone of a freshwater biome The presence of algae The benthic zone of aquatic environments is defined as the substrate at the bottom of the body of water The marine biome is the largest of Earth s biomes An estuam is a region where fresh water and salt water mix What are the two major factors determining the distribution of terrestrial biomes Temperature and rainfall Which of these biomes is characterized by little rainfall Desert Which of these is the largest terrestrial biome on Earth Coniferous forest Which biome is characterized by an extensive canopy that allows little light to penetrate to ground and by the presence of epiphytes Tropical rain forest Which biome is characterized by the presence of permafrost Tundra N W N P N U39l N 0 N N NN U300 04 53 WW Nl 040 bus U3 U1 WWW cages bbbbbw bWNl OED 4 U1 Biomes are large areas that have similar What are the determining factors in the distribution of terrestrial organisms Temperature and water Large land areas with similar and 39 plant communities are called biomes What is the name ofa biome that has a temperature between 77 F and 86 F and rainfall ranging from 100 to 160 inches per year Tropical rain forest What problem is created when trees in a tropical rain forest are cut down to make space for farming and the trees are carried away for lumber Nutrients in the lumber are carried away and will no longer be available for recycling What is the name of the biome with the following characteristics 1 dry climate about 12 inches of rain a year 2 rainy season with no rain for months 3 grass as the dominant vegetation 4 scattered trees Savanna What activities contribute to desertification Human overuse of the land coupled with drought Which of the following is located in the centers of continents is continuously covered by grass and has virtually no trees except along rivers Prairie How do trees in temperate deciduous forests survive long periods of belowfreezing weather when liquid water is not available The trees drop their leaves amp remain dormant during the winter What are the predominant trees in temperate rain forests Conifers As cities along the western coast of North America grew people began building houses in the chaparral regions Many of the homeowners have chosen to landscape with plants native to the chaparral However nearly every year fires sweep through the area destroying homes displacing people and costing millions of dollars What is the best solution to this problem Stop building homes in areas where the vegetation has evolved to burn The highest biodiversity is found in temperate deciduous forests False Savannas are tropical regions characterized by scant seasonal rainfall that supporst grasses and a few droughtresistant trees True and plant communities The greatest diversity of plants and animals is found in tropical rain forest In a tropical rain forest the majority of animals are found in the towering treetops Which of the following North American biomes has been almost completely destroyed by agricultural use Grassland An taiga is a cold region with evergreen coniferous trees as the dominant vegetation Taiga What is the dominant vegetation of the savanna Grasses The vast treeless region near the Artic Ocean is the tundra Permafrost is associated with which of these biomes Tundra The taig is characterized by long cold winters short growing seasons and conifers Which biome probably contains the largest number and most diverse group of large mammals Savanna Pronounced wet and dry seasons and warm temperatures are characteristic of Tropical deciduous forests bb 4 4 Which biome is characterized by widely spaced trees surrounded by grasses Savanna Multiple layers of vegetation ranging from shadetolerant undergrowth up to towering sun Ioving canopy trees are characteristic of tropical rain forest A rain shadow is caused by cool dry air that warms as it moves down over a mountain picking up moisture The major driving force behind winds ocean currents and the global water cycle is Heating by the sun Notes to help prepare for the special questions on Bio 1421 Final What is the common expression that is used when someone is talking about natural selection Survival of the fittest What must organisms be able to do with each other ifthey are of the same species In other words what defines a species The ability to reproduce What is a science definition of evolution In other words Evolution means change A shift or drift in the frequency of genes in a population leads to genetic drift Fitness in evolutionary discussions related to being able to have more offspring Individuals cannot evolve Natural selection acts on phenotypes to affect the evolution of adaptation A mistake in DNA is called an mutation Allele frequency is measure of the relative frequency of an allele on a genetic locus in a population Why is evolution not quotjust a theoryquot as many people think In science THEORY is at what level or status Don t forget to use your MB Assignments and TRACS Assessments to study for the final In MB you can go to the STUDY area and select your own study content for the chapters on the Final We marked your text for a few concepts on evolution species natural selection species fitness quotsurvival of the fittest genotypes phenotypes genetic drift populations mutations the ability to interbreed and gene frequency or ratios Most of this was marked in Ch 15 and 16 Do not print the Lec Notes in TRACS RESOURCES on these chapters BUT do look at the pdf files on your computer screen I failed to make them 3 per page and in blackamp white The files would use tooooo much ink as I have them now I will try to redo them to save ink for those who want to print them I have not done this yet


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