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by: Jeromy Hilll


Jeromy Hilll
Texas State
GPA 3.98

N. Ceballos

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About this Document

N. Ceballos
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Jeromy Hilll on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 4322 at Texas State University taught by N. Ceballos in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/212849/psy-4322-texas-state-university in Psychlogy at Texas State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Brain amp Behavior Exam 1 Review Descartes pineal gland where mind body interacted produces melatonin o Pituitary gland controlled the hydraulic system 0 Posterior pituitary releases oxytocin and vasopressin Suprachiasmatic nucleus of hypothalamus sends info about lightdark to pineal gland to release melatonin Primary somatosensory cortex in parietal lobe Primary motorsensory cortex in temporal lobe Phineas Gage damage to prefrontal lobe by tamping rod changes in personality Prefrontal lobotomies performed with icepick by Dr Freeman Info flows from dendrites 9 axon in neuron Action Potential starts in axon hillock 9 sodium AP travels by salutatory conduction occurs in nodes of ranvier 0 Could not occur without myelin Terminal button release neurotransmitter 9 calcium Glial cells 110 the size of neurons 10 times as numerous Oligodendrocytes produce myelin in CNS Schwann cells produce myelin in PNS Glutamate main excitatory neurotransmitter in CNS GABA main inhibitory neurotransmitter in CNS Q Otto Loewi discovered acetylcholine with frog hearts experiment 0 Acetylcholine makes heart beat more slowly CNS Brain Spinal cord PNS Autonomic Nervous System Parasympathetic amp Sympathetic Q Autonomic nervous system responses to stress 0 A sympathetic Q 39 39 39 r39 r39 iueNE Q Parasympathetic transmitter Acetylcholine ACH 5 Q s about body parts involved in sympathetic amp parasympathetic arousal o Sympathetic ejaculation o Parasympathetic erection o Nitric oxide relaxes muscles erection Viagra Q Somebody got shot in the head with a nail gun o A Scalp 9 skull 9dura matter 9 arachnoid matter 9pia mater Sensory info 9 dorsal horn Motor info 9 ventral horn o nterneuron between these Q the m is a bridge between the brain Q Medulla oblongata controls vital functions such as breathing amp heart rate Superior colliculus vision Inferior coliiculus hearing Substantianigra integrates voluntary movement 0 Frozen addicts ingested MPTP 0 Trying to make synthetic heroin MPPP 0 Physician gave them LDopa narrow therapeutic window 9 hallucinations amp involuntary movements 0 Surgery fetal cell transplant Brainstem midbrain hindbrain minus the cerebellum Q Diencephalon 9Epithalamus9 Habenula9 olfactory function Thalamus o Medial geniculate auditory info 0 Lateral geniculate visual info Amygdala fear amp rage Cingulate gyrus related to OCD Hippocampus learning amp memory Corpus striatum caudate putamen 0 Corpus striatum outofwack Huntington s Disease Q which layer forms the CNS ectoderm Q failure to close neural tube spina bifida Q Alar plate 9 dorsal horn sensory info Q Basal plate 9 ventral horn motor info Daughter cells migrate up glial cells glycoproteins make glial cells sticky Q swollen end of the developing neuron from which an axon emerges is o A B Growth cone Diffusion amp electrostatic pressure passive Sodiumpotassium pump active 0 Maintains gradient 0 Brings in 2K o Expels SNA 80mv Hyperpolarization 0 Potassium channels are still partially open leaking K 70mv Resting cell membrane potential Q during absolute refractory period Q chemical known as second messenger involved in metabotropic receptor 0 Best example of metabotropic receptor nitric oxide Q best example of an ionotropic receptor GABA Q which of the following enzymes turns dopamine into norepinephrine o A dopaminebetahydroxylase Q this structure is part of the brain s reward system 0 A nucleus accumbens Irreversible acetlycholinesterase inhibitor would kill grandpa Reversible acetylcholinesterase inhibitor would make him smarter Drug abuse 9 negative consequences Drug dependence 9 negative consequences tolerance withdrawal Alcohol benzodiazepinesampbarbituates affect GABA Q caffeine blocks adenosine which inhibits glutamate9 excitatory effect 0 Inhibition of inhibition excitation Q this manufactured substance is extremely liquid soluble and is not derived from nature 0 A methamphetamine Q morphine was helped used to wean people off alcohol and then heroin was created by Bayer to help wean people off of morphine Q 160 lb man with social drinking history and had 10 shots 6 hours later gets pulled over and arrested because he is still drunk Pyloric valve becomes irritated and shuts off 9 stomach becomes inflamed and induces vomiting 0 Selfpreservation mechanism against alcohol overdose Four Year Itch adult pairbonds are formed for 4 years this is the period which offspring are most vulnerable Dopamine agonists make you lose ability to distinguish between suitable amp unsuitable partners Early stages of love similar to OCD anxiety stress obtrusive thoughts Need cortisol to overcome neophobia Nucleus accumbens is activated addicted to love Prefrontal cortex deactivated unable to make rational decision Difference btw maternal love and romantic love 0 Hypothalamus activated in romantic not maternal love 3 Q s about chocolate focus on biologically active components in chocolate 0 Phenylethylamine PEA stimulant effects Q what do cheese chocolate amp sausage have in common PEA Methylxenthines Q what do chocolate amp coffee have in common methylxenthines OOO Endogenous cannadbinoids anandamide 0 Q what do marijuana heroin amp chocolate have in common anandamide Fertile ratio waist 710 width of hips o the greater the difference the greater the preference Q N can bypass the cortex and directly influence the limbic system Q what two factors influence females preference for androstenone o Anear ovulation and when MHC is significantly different from their own 0 Close relatives have very similar MHC Apocrine sweat glands are found only in the armpits around nipples groin area and eyelids Women secrete copulins near ovulation 9 men lose ability to distinguish attractiveness Exposed flesh and large body movements from females 9 increased testosterone in males Q which of the following lead to increase testosterone levels in males 0 A B scantily dressed women with large movements Men produce 3 million sperm per day Women born with fixed number ofl eggs ampproduce only one egg per month Female chimps display llengorged rumpquot to attract mates Human penisbody ratio like a gorilla humans having a penis 23 of in long 0 Human w chimp sized testes 3 times as large promiscuous 0 Human w gorilla sized testes current size monogamous 0 Human fall in the middle because they use BOTH mating strategies Kinsey Institute says 1 out of 5 men and women become MORE sexually aroused when they are anxious depressed or angry Nitric Oxide llMolecule of the Yearquot in 1992 o Viagra uses this to stimulate blood flow and relax muscles in the penis 9 erection


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