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by: Sincere Marks


Sincere Marks
Texas State
GPA 3.51

D. Falleur

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About this Document

D. Falleur
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sincere Marks on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CLS 3412 at Texas State University taught by D. Falleur in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 44 views. For similar materials see /class/212852/cls-3412-texas-state-university in Clinical Laboratory Sciences at Texas State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
CIS 3380 White Assi nment 4 Fall 2011 Submitted by Dustl Stiernagle Intro date11411 Due date 111811 Instructions Modify the page header to contain your name Read analyze and re ect each of the 3 articlesreadingsissues stated below Use this document as a worksheet to record your answers It is OK to use bullet items to showcase your thoughts and ideas For this assignment you are to PRINT it staple it and turn it in Email submissions will be refused Article 1 What cloud computing really means InfoWorld April 7 2008 httpwwwinfoworld c m dcloud ino what 1 ud quot r allvmeans031 Q1 What is the cloud Be specific and give an example 24 pt Virtual servers available over the internet helps extent ITs existing capabilities One example of this is being able to save data on in a unknown location via the internet in which you can access anywhere The cloud enables the creation of virtual datacenters from commodity servers Q2 What are three advantages of cloud computing 24 pt 0 On the customer side there is no upfront investement in servers or software licensing o On the provider side only one app to maintain costs are low compared to conventional hosting 0 Data can be retrieved anywhere Internet is accessible CIS 3380 White Assi nment 4 Fall 2011 Submitted by Dustl Stiernagle Article 2 Gartner Seven cloud computing security risks InfoWorld July 2 2008 h tt wwwinfow0rldcomdsecurit central artnerseven cloudcom ut1n securit risks 853page0 0 Q3 Explain in your own words what the 7 security risks are for cloudcomputing DO NOT JUST WRITE THE KEY WORDS that label each risk 28 pt Privileged user access 7 Physical logical and personnel controls are bypasses when outsourced so it is important to know the level of security a provider has established Regulatory Compliance 7 Customers are responsible for the data they submit to the cloud even though it is stored by a service provider Not subject to external audits and security certi cations Data location 7 No way of knowing where your data is physically stored important to ask providers if they will obey local privacy requirements Data segregation 7 Data in the cloud is shared alongside data from other customers Encryption schemes need to be designed and tested to insure data is usable Recovery 7 data should be replicated across infrastructures and across multiple sites so in case of a disaster the data is recoverable Investigative support 7 logging and data for multiple customers may be colocated and be spread across multiple set of hosts and data centers Need to ask provider for a contractual commitment to support investigation and already has supported such activities Longterm viability 7 Being able to retrieve data if a provider was acquired by a larger company need to make sure data is still retrievable and in a format you could import CIS 3380 White Assi nment 4 Fall 2011 Submitted by Dustin Stiernagle Article 3 Cloud security Try these techniques now ComputerWOrld June 7 2010 httpww world comsarticle349363Cloud Security Oxvmnmn 3 11 17amppageNumber2 Q4 From this article write three questions that you would ask a cloud provider of services outsourcing 24 pt Can you provide any resolution examples of security risk that have occurred and how they are now solved N Would you be able to provide security to t the speci c risks size and regulatory climate of my operation E How often do you get audits by a quali ed third party 4 How do you insure your systems administrators don t abuse their access privileges


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