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by: Sunny Gusikowski PhD


Sunny Gusikowski PhD
Texas State
GPA 3.59

J. Mount

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About this Document

J. Mount
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sunny Gusikowski PhD on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 1310 at Texas State University taught by J. Mount in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 21 views. For similar materials see /class/212863/phys-1310-texas-state-university in Physics 2 at Texas State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
PHYS 1310 Homework Solutions 2 l Distinguish between true and apparentweightlessness True weight is the force of gravity acting on your F g mg Apparent weight is what the scale reads it is the normal force pushing upward Your apparent weight can change depending if you are accelerating upward or downward 2 Describe the apparent weight of a person in an elevator while upward accelerating downward and not accelerating If the elevator is not accelerating and moving at a constant velocity the apparent weight is equal to the true weight If the elevator is accelerating downward the apparent weight is less than true weight If the elevator is accelerating upward the apparent weight is greater than true weight 3 Two objects attract each other with a force of gravity F grav the disj separating the objects is doubled then what is the new force of gravitational attraction F MZ C 7 l 1 m1 item J urnE 4 Two objects attract each other with a force of gravity Fgrav of 18 N If the distance separating the objects is doub ed and the massescone 9f the ogfgtimigged then what is the new force of gravitational attraction PEG 3MW7 ELGm mL Lady 441 IL 3 P mandala 5 Two objects attract each other with a force of gravity F grav of 18N If the stance separating the objects is incriased by a factor of 4 and the masses of both objects are tripled then what is the new force of gravitational attraction F C m 3 2 F G 393M 3mz OIGVHJY Z l L 2 4 Mod ltIagtgt 6 A student has a mass of 100 kg on the earth What is the student39s mass on the moon where the force of gravity is approximately l6th that of Earth s Explain your answer m M 7 L L 6quotquot 1307 3 l a o I F gt m 39 F 49915324546 W fjil 5 k l 7 A projectile is launched at an angle of 50 degrees above the horizontal and lands down range For the same speed what other projection angle would produce the same downrange distance A projectile launched at 40 degrees 8 A bullet is red horizontally and hits the ground in 05 seconds If it had been red with twice the speed in the same direction it would have hit the ground in Assume no air resistance N A less than 05 s in B more than 05 s 39 C 05 s Only force acting on both is gravity they fall at the same rate 9 Roll a bowling ball off the edge of a table As it falls its horizontal component of velocity 9 A decreases l39 B remains constant t C increases Only force acting on the ball is gravity so there is no acceleration in the horizontal direction 10 At what point in its path is the vertical component of the velocity of a projectile the smallest at the top At what point in its path is the horizontal component of the velocity of a projectile the smallest All points are the same ll Is the acceleration due to gravity more or less atop Mt Everest than at sea level Defend your answer Acceleration clue to gravity is less on Mt Everest than sea level but the acceleration decreases the further one is from the center of the Earth 12 What is the relationship between force and distance in an inverse square relationship Since gravitational force is inversely proportional to the separation distance between the two interacting objects more separation distance will result in weaker gravitational forces So as two objects are separated from each other the force of gravitational attraction between them also decreases If the separation distance between two objects is doubled increased by a factor of 2 then the force of gravitational attraction is decreased by a factor of 4 2 raised to the second power If the separation distance between any two objects is tripled increased by a factor of 3 then the force of gravitational attraction is decreased by a factor of 9 3 raised to the second power 13 What is a black hole A black hole is formed when a star of su icient mass undergoes gravitational collapse with most or all of its mass compressed into a sujj iciently small area of space causing in nite spacetime curvature at that point 14 Two golfers each hit a ball at the same speed but one at sixty degrees with the horizontal and the other at thirty degrees Which ball goes farther Which hits the round first Explain your answers The balls will land at the same place but the ball hit at 30 degrees will hit the ground first The 30 degree ball spends less time in the air as compared to the 60 degree The 60 degree goes further in y component so it will travel in the air for a longer amount of time See it to believe it 391 1 L httpwli m 39 39 thsicsyirginia edu moreistuffAppletsP 39 um inmnnlethtml 15 A friend claims that bullets red by some high powered ri e travel for many meters in a straight line path before they start to fall Another friend disputes this claim and states that all bullets from any ri e drop beneath a straight line path a vertical distance given by 12gtt and apparent for high velocities Now it s your turn Which friend is right Defend your answer States that all bullets from any ri e drop beneath a straight line path a vertical distance given by I2gtt is correct all objects feel the force of gravity and will fall below the straight line path Object not moving Velocity 0 ms l Acceleration 0 ms2 In red font Newton s First Law In blue font Newton s Second Law Object moving Velocity qt 0 ms Constant Velocity same direction and speed Velocity 0 ms Changing Velocity Changing direction Changing speed UH 2 Acceleratlon 0 ms Changi Net Force 0 N Forces are balanced Acceleration 75 0 ms2 Net Force 7E 0 N Forces are unbalanced F ma


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