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by: Sunny Gusikowski PhD


Sunny Gusikowski PhD
Texas State
GPA 3.59


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 14 page Class Notes was uploaded by Sunny Gusikowski PhD on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHYS 1310 at Texas State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 9 views. For similar materials see /class/212866/phys-1310-texas-state-university in Physics 2 at Texas State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Chapter 3 Linear Motion i Objective Develop the language ofrnotion i VECI OR Requires both a size magnitude and a direction to be completely specified Written as a bold symbol or with an arrow i 39 gt 1 camiypm mu chm Displacement vs Distance i i DISPLACEMENT Represents the distance covered and direction from some starting point It is a vector DISTANCE Represents the distance covered without regard to direction GdlawzyPHYS mu chm 39 3 Displacement vs Distance i i Walk from point A to point B and back again What is the displacement What is the 39 distance GdlawzyPHYS mu chm SPEED VS VELOCITY Speed is NOT a vector velocity is a vector If you drive from your house in Austin to 3 San Marcos to go to class and then you go back home again what is your average speed and what is your average velocity 1 camiypm mu chm Velocity Velocity is the change in displacement divided by the time v Ad At Units are m sec or mph etc i Example If after riding my bike for 10 minutes I am 5 km away from where I started as the crow ies what is my Velocity omwm mu chm ACCELERATION i Acceleration is the change in velocity divided by the time required for the change a AV At msec2 omwm mu chm UNITS FOR LANGUAGE OF MOTION l 0 Displacement meters 1 0 Velocity meterssecond ms o Acceleration meterssecond2 ms2 omwm mu chm ACCELERATION DUE TO GRAVITY 1 o Speeding up going down of98 ms2 1 0 Round to 10 ms2 actually its negative if we call up positive 0 Gravity is always down omwm mu chm Graphing Review 1 0 We plot y vs X vertical vs horizontal j 0 Need to know how to find the slope of a omwm mu chm Graphing Review AbeKc LLA D E F i omwm mu chm Graphing Review under Plot area ph to nd ph vvs gm xvs gm 41m ofxvst graph to nd v vs 1 i omwm mu chm Graphing Motion i i o DISPLACEMENT VS TIME GRAPH Slope gives the velocity speed Discuss idea of average and instantaneous speed 1 o VELOCITY VS TIME GRAPH Slope gives the acceleration Area under the i curve gives the distance iIaveled in corresponding time omwm mu chm Seeing Velocity 0 Demo with Sonic Ranger and COW 0 Journal 4 linear motion exercises omwm mu chm DISPLACEMENT vs TIME 0 An object travels at 1 msec for 3 sec and then at 2 msec for 2 sec How much time will be required to get back to where it started if it has a speed of 1 m sec What single speed would have accomplished the same displacement omwm mu chm 39 i VELOCITY VS TIME GRAPH 0 An object starts from rest and accelerates at 1 ms2 for 2 sec It then continues at a constant speed for 3 sec It than comes to rest in 1 sec What was its speed at 3 sec How far did it travel in the first 2 sec How far did it travel all together omwm mu chm Free Fall l l o What does a velocity vs time graph for I something in free fall look like o What does the displacement vs time I graph look like 1 o What about the graphs for an object thrown straight up omwm mu chm Free Fall l 1 QUESTION When released from rest how far will a rock fall in the rst second How far will the rock fall in the first two secon s l 1 How far will the rock fall in the rst five secon s l l omwm mu chm 1 Free Fall l l QUESTION A rock is thrown up with an initial speed of 40 39 msec How high will it rise How long will it be in the air l What is the acceleration at the top of the path l omwm mu chm Chapter 12 Solids qltt at if It Gall awayPHYS 1 3 1 0 Chapter 1 2 1 1 Densty Density massvolume independent of size or shape of object 3 o How to measure your density I Mass I Volume I Gall awayPHYS 1 3 1 0 Chapter 1 2 1 Specific Gravity 1 Density of object divided by density of l l I water Since density of water is 1 g cc then this is the same number as giving density in 1 g cc units Gall awayPHYS 1 3 1 0 Chapter 1 2 Floating and Sinking Four cubes are put into a glass full of l l 1 water They have densities of 08 g cc 09 g cc and 17 gcc and 20 gcc Draw a picture of a beaker showing how the four cubes look when they are dropped into the water Gall awayPHYS 1 3 1 0 Chapter 1 2 SCALING i L 0 DIMENSIONS 39 AREA d2 0 VOLUME d3 20m lcm 20m jlcm 20m lllcm 20m lcm f n m J 10m Gall awayPHYS 1 3 1 0 Chapter 1 2 Properties of Scaling Dimension Height Length Width 1 Depth Area Strength Heat transfer K Volume Weight mass 1 I l Gall awayPHYS 1 3 1 0 Chapter 1 2 Scaling Activity l l Consider a cube of 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm I If it is scaled up by a factor of 100 on each side to 1 m x 1 rn x 1 rn and still made of the same material j o By how much does the cubes volume surface area cross sectional area mass f and density change by l l Gall awayPHYS 1 3 1 0 Chapter 1 2 Heat Production Living organism I VE1416Scaling Cube 15Dust Explosion K VE8721 Scaling 8Bologna Bottle 1 I l Gall awayPHYS 1 3 1 0 Chapter 1 2 CHAPTER 8 4 W l i There is a one to one correspondence l between linear motion and rotational motion language We developed language to describe linear j motion so now we need to describe rotation GdlowaerHYS 1310 Chapter 8 Rotational Motion l 2 There is a one to one correspondence 1 between 11near motlon and rotatlonal motlon language g Rotational angular displacement 6 Rotational angular velocity 00 Rotationalangular acceleration 0L GdlowaerHYS 1310 Chapter 8 Linear v Rotational Consider a merrygoround All parts have I the same rotational speed For example if it goes around once in 10 s then the angular speed is 1 rev10 s or 1 reVs HOW fast is the speed of a kid on a horse that i is 1 m from the center What about 2 m from the center Who has the fastest linear or tangential speed Who has the fastest angular speed GdlowaerHYS 1310 Chapter 8 Rotational inertia I i 3 Sometimes called MOMENT OF 1 INERTLA not just mass but how hard mass is to rotate Depends on distance from the axis j Example disk and ring Example meter stick about different axes i GdlowaerHYS 1310 Chapter 8 Torque Torque tends to produce a rotation Torque FORCE X LEVER ARM Use the symbol l Discuss in terms of a wrench on a nut gure 820 Discuss seesaw balance GdlowaerHYS 1310 Chapter 8 l Seesaw Problem Edi Suppose the twins Austin and Haley are sitting on the left side of the seesaw Austin has a mass of 30 kg and is sitting in the front seat 30 cm from the pivot point and Haley has a mass of 27 kg and is seated 60 cm from the pivot point How far away from the pivot point should their 50 kg parent sit to balance the seesaw Solution The weight force times distance on the left is g X 30 kg X 30 cm 27 kg X 60 cm g X 2520 kgcm On the right there is a mass of 50 kg g X 50 kg X distance g X 2520 kgcm to balance So the distance is 2520 kgcm50 kg 504 cm from the pivot point GdlowaerHYS 1310 Chapter 8


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