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by: Nella Quitzon


Nella Quitzon
Texas State
GPA 3.56

P. Wilson

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About this Document

P. Wilson
Class Notes
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This 38 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nella Quitzon on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHIL 1305 at Texas State University taught by P. Wilson in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/212879/phil-1305-texas-state-university in PHIL-Philosophy at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review Logic 0 the stiLda of the raies of vaiid im ererice awd quotratiowai arg amewt m gewerai a sewse of order 0 Argumewt the prOcess of reasow mg from owe cLaim to awother Aw drgmmewt mag bat weed wot be directed agaiaist aw expLicit aLterriatixe A phiLcscphicaL arg ameait does riot require aw oppowewt or a disagreemewt Attempt to persuade rationally Two types otstatements l Premises statements which lend support to conclusion 2 Conclusion the statement being argued For Deductive Logic 0 Deducticai Deduct we Arg ameait a pr0cess of reasoaiiaig from we priaicipie to awcther b8 meaws of accepted YiLL S of im erewce m a deductive argumewt a cowcLiLsiow oiiows wecessariia from the premises arid so if 80 are certaiai of the premises 80a caai be certa39m of the cowcidsiori too 0 Strives For certainty 0 Two criteria For evaluating deductive arguments 1 Validity o M aw argumeait that correctia ciicws agreed iLpow YiLL S of im erewce ALwaas appLies to drgmmewts riot statemerits o Is the argument valid 2 Sou ndness o Somwd aw argumewt whose premises are trae awd that is vaLid o Is the argument sou nd o In a valid argument the structure is such that iFthe premises are true the conclusion must be true 0 A sound argument is valid and has true premises Sym DOIS PQ declarative statements negation gt conditional if then P gtQ P is the antecedent sutticient condition Q is the consequent necessary condition FP is true then Q is true P is true only Q is true V P v Q either P is true or Q is true Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review Valid Argument forms Modus Ponens Modus Tollens P gtQ P gtO P Q Q is False Q P P is False Disiu nc cive Syl logism Hypo che cical Syllogism PVQ PVQ P gtQ P Q Q gtR Q P P gtR Invalid forms Formal Fallacies mm Lid wot coneatia oiiowiwg dgteedupow iruLes of im eteme iv mi mguvuehit ALwd as dppiied to mg uvuewts wot to stdtemewts opposite of Vdiid AFFirming the consequent P gtQ O p Denying che a n ceceden c P gtQ P Q Inductive Logic mductixe Airguvuewt a PYOMSS of tedsowiwg iv which the sham ateiristics of mi ewtiire cidss 01 set of thiwgs is im ewed Oh the basis of mi dedudiwtd W06 with some of its vuevubeirs m aw iwductive mg uvuehit aithough the cowciusiow is supported b8 the pirevuises it does wot oiiow hecessd Yiia tom the pirevuises WDl its tiruth is wot gudldwteed b8 thevu S crives For proba bili cy StrongWeak Principle oilngluc cion the more times something has happened in the past the more likely it will happen in the Future The beiief that the des of Mtute wiLL cowtihiue to hoid id the utuie ds theg have id the past Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review Informal fallacies Ad Hominem Attacking the person This fallacy occurs when instead of addressing someone39s argument or position you irrelevantly attack the person or some aspect of the person who is making the argument The faIIacious attack can also be direct to membership in a group or institution abusing the personquot Attack the person instead of the person39s position stance or argument Appeal to Ignorance This fallacy occurs when you argue that your conclusion must be true because there is no evidence against it This fallacy wrongly shifts the burden of proof away from the one making the claim Knowledge claim is made based on no information shifts the burden of proof Job Scenario no news no news Begging the Question The fallacy of begging the question occurs when an argument39s premises assume the truth of the conclusion instead of supporting it In other words you assume without proofthe standposition or a significant part of the stand that is in question Begging the question is also called arguing in a circle Raises the question To assume the truth of the very issue at dispute Confusion of Necessary with a Sufficient Condition A causal fallacy you commit this fallacy when you assume that a necessary condition ofan event is sufficient for the event to occur A necessary condition is a condition that must be present for an event to occur A sufficient condition is a condition or set of conditions that will produce the event A necessary condition must be there but it alone does not provide sufficient cause for the occurrence of the event Only the suf cient grounds can do this In other words all ofthe necessary elements must be there I don39t know why the car won39t run I Just filled the gas tankquot Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review Equivocation o The fallacy of equivocation occurs when a key term or phrase in an argument is used in an ambiguous way with one meaning in one portion ofthe argument and then another meaning in another portion ofthe argument 0 A word or phrase is used in two different senses False Dilemma c When you reason from an eitheror position and you haven39t considered all relevant possibilities you commit the fallacy of false dilemma 0 Assume fewer alternatives than there may be Faulty Analogy o This fallacy consists in assuming that because two things are alike in one or more respects they are necessarily alike in some other respect 0 A comparison Inconsistency o This fallacy consists in assuming that because two things are alike in one or more respects they are necessarily alike in some other respect Irrelevant Authority 0 The fallacy of irrelevant authority is committed when you accept without proper support for his or her alleged authority a person39s claim or proposition as true Alleged authorities should only be used when the authority is reporting on his or her field of expertise the authority is reporting on facts about which there is some agreement in his or her field and you have reason to believe he or she can be trusted Alleged authorities can be individuals or groups The attempt to appeal to the majority or the masses is a form of irrelevant authority The attempt to appeal to an elite or select group is a form of irrelevant authority Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review Is Ought 0 The isought fallacy occurs when the assumption is made that because things are a certain way they should be that way It can also consist of the assumption that because something is not now occurring this means it should not occur In effect this fallacy asserts that the status quo should be maintained simply for its own sake It seeks to make a value ofa fact or to derive a moral imperative from the description ofa state of affairs 0 Naturalistic Fallacyquot 0 Because something is it should be that way Ought Is 0 The oughtis fallacy occurs when you assume that the way you want things to be is the way they are This is also called wishful thinking Wishful thinking is believing what you want to be true no matter the evidence or without evidence at all or assuming something is not true because you do not want it to be so 0 Wishful thinking fallacyquot 0 Because it should be because of fairness Justice personal desire it is that way Questionable Cause 0 This fallacy occurs when a causal connection is assumed without proof All too often claims to a causal connection are based on a mere correlation The occurrence ofone event after the other or the occurrence of events simultaneously is not proof of a causal connection 0 Post Hoc after this therefore because of this 0 Casual Oversimplification o Confusion of cause and effect Red Herring o This fallacy consists in diverting attention from the real issue by focusing instead on an issue having only a surface relevance to the rst 0 Diverting attention to a side issue Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review Slippery Slope In a slippery slope argument a course of action is rejected because with little or no evidence one insists that it will lead to a chain reaction resulting in an undesirable end or ends The slippery slope involves an acceptance of a succession of events without direct evidence that this course of events will happen Assuming one event will necessarily lead to others gateway drugquot Straw Person Two Wrongs This fallacy occurs when in attempting to refute another person39s argument you address only a weak or distorted version of it Straw person is the misrepresentation of an opponent39s position or a competitor39s product to tout one39s own argument or product as superior This fallacy occurs when the weakest version of an argument is attacked while stronger ones are ignored Distorting an argument viewing to make it seem indefensibleridiculous lfyou try to justify an actbelief by pointing out in others a similar actbelief you are committing the fallacy of quottwo wrongs make a rightquot This fallacy can occur by suggesting quotif others are doing it I can tooquot common practice Another form of the fallacy occurs when you dismiss a criticism ofyour actionbelief because your critic is actingbelieving in a similar way you do it too You do it too hypocrisy charge Other people do it common practice So why can39t I Unwarranted Generalization This fallacy occurs when we make a generalization on the basis of insuf cient evidence This may occur when we rely on too small ofa sample or an unrepresentative sample to support the generalization Sample size is too small and unrepresentative Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review Informal fallacies Quiz I Keeler still insists that he never saw the bloodstained glove But there is good reason to deny his word on the matter a recent Gallup poll show that almost 70 per cent of the American public does not believe him gt Irrelevant authority People who believe in an afterlife feel their present life to be enriched The belief gives them a sense of meaning they would not otherwise have Moreover they have reason to hope for some ultimate justice in the hereafter It should be clear from these grounds that there is indeed life after death gt Ought is I don39t see that there is anything wrong with an occasional extramarital fling Everybody needs some variety inn his or her life It39s like food I mean if we had to eat the same thing for dinner every night we39d soon come to hate it gt Default analogy Adapted from an advertisement for Flonase an antihistamine Flonase gives you more days of nasal allergy relief than Claritin so when choosing an antihistamine why not choose the best gt False dilemma It infuriates me how people can talk about homosexuality as just another lifestyle just a little insignificant difference in sexual tastes What it is is a moral sickness And that s exactly how it s regarded by the vast majority of people in every culture of the world who find the very idea repulsive gt Irrelevant authority Toto Dorothy why won t you let me go to the volleyball game Dorothy Because the last time you went with me to the game the Wicked Witch s team beat us three games to none I m taking no chances you re staying home and we re going to win gt Questionable cause Molly I m wondering if John would make a good president he doesn t seem committed Lulu Sure he would We should elect John to be president of ASG because he s a lot of fun to party with gt Red herring I tried Joes s restaurant yesterday ugh The food was awful My tofu burger was cold and my fries were soggy I m telling you stay away from that place all of their food is awful gt Unwanted generalization Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review Clarice Did you hear that Fred won the lottery the day after he painted his truck baby blue Waldo Gosh I wonder if he has any more of that paint I d love to win the lottery even if it means I have to paint my car blue gt Questionable cause Ever since I stopped going to church I ve had a spell of really rotten luckmy apartment flooded I did poorly on my philosophy exam and I came down with the flu That settles itI m going back to church this Sunday gt Questionable cause Fred I ve asked all my friends what they think about the concealed weapons law and just about all of them are in favor of it so it s obvious that this is a law that has strong support throughout the nation gt Unwanted generalization Richard Jewel s attorney responding to a request from a reporter to allow Jewel to give an interview Are you kidding If he gives an interview to you then he ll have to give an interview to the reporters from the Times and the Statesman and the Wall Street Journalpretty soon the only thing he d be doing all day is giving interviews gt Slippery slope I ve been smoking since I was I6I smoke Marlboro Reds because the majority of people I knew smoked them Before I could buy my own I was bumming them from people Everyone had reds grew up in the real hardcore metal scene and everyone smoked Marlboro Reds From the Austin American Statesman 24 August 1996 gt Irrelevant authority From Austin American Statesman Rant n Rave column Well yeah it wasn t nice for me to break your car antenna but you were wrong in the first place to park your car so that it took up two spaces gt Two wrongs Adapted from the Austin American Statesman Question How can you be sure that there hasn t been a cover up by the Air Force to conceal the fact that it was one of their missiles that downed Flight 800 Answer An Air Force spokesman categorically denied that there was a cover up gt Begging the question Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review Biff bef a dollar fhafl can prove money flies Waldo fake fhaf bef How can I loose Biff Time flies righf Waldo Yup Biff And fime is money righf Waldo Yeah Biff Thus money flies resf my case pay up Waldo gt Equivocalion Hey Timofhy Leary gave some inferesfing argumenfs on fhe infernef legalizing marijuana he argued fhaf people should have fhe freedom fo choose fo use marijuana or nof and fhaf if s an imporfanf parf of being responsible adulfs fhaf we have as few governmenf resfricfions on our choices as possible Clarice can f believe fhaf you would lisfen fo whaf Timofhy Leary said Thaf guy fried his brains wifh LSD in fhe sixfies Of course he would supporf fhe legalizafion of marijuana gt Ad Hominem Adapfed from an adverfisemenf for Forfune Magazine You can spend your career kissing up fo fhe bossor you can opf for Plan B and read Forfune Magazine Which pafh fo business success will you adopf gt False dilemma We re fhe mosf wafched news sfafion in Cenfral Texas shouldn f you wafch us foo KXANTV Ausfin gt Irrelevanl aulhorily Biff lam defermined fo gef an A in my philosophy course and so I m going fo sfudy hard and really masfer fhese concepfs Clarice Uh Biff isn f fhe exam fomorrow I heard fhaf you re going fo fhaf allnighf parfy af Fred s fonighf Biff You befl am I m going fo parfy fill I drop lljusf have fo blow off fhe lasf few chapfers of fhe fexfbook Buf I really mean if when I say fhaf m commiffed fo doing well on fhe exam gt Inconsislency Clarice Now look Biff you should really sfudy if you wanf fo do well on fhe examinafion Affer all you ve never done well on an exam fhaf you haven f sfudied for Biff Clarice you are sooo unreasonable You fhink if s wrong for a person fo have any fun you wanf people fo be fofal grinds and never ever go ouf and parfy gt Slraw person From an adverfisemenf for fhe AB Roller Plus I m convinced fhaf using AB Roller Plus will help relieve and prevenf lower back pain says Dr Fred Hal39field Former World Power Liffing Champion gt Irrelevanl aulhorily Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review Muffy Professor Mugwump I really must object to the proposal to allow faculty to park in studentonly parking lots After all there are already more spaces reserved for the faculty then there are faculty members as things stand already students have a lot of difficulty finding parking spaces Professor Mugwump Ah well I would expect you to take such a positionafter all you do own a car don t you gt Ad Hominem Incest must be wrong because virtually every society has forbidden it in one form or another gt Irrelevant authority Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review Informal fallacies Quiz 2 quotThe very lifeblood of philosophy is argumenT BUT argumenT can be a dangerous Thing This is whaT makes philosophy so harmful in The modern world where a few harsh angry words can lead so easily To violencequot gt EquivocaTion quotAn imparfial arbiTraTion commiTTee should noT Take sides when seTTling a dispuTe BUT The socalled imparfial commiTTee ThaT was supposed To arbiTraTe The issue beTween The sTudenTs and The adminisTraTion decided in favor of The adminisTraTion and suspended The sTudenTs So how can They claim To have been imparfialquot gt EquivocaTion There musT be life afTer deaTh for if There were noT human life would surely be meaningless gt Is ougnT We Turn now To The nexT iTem on The agenda Bud HarringTon39s bizarre proposal for a minimal gradepoinT requiremenf for membership in The fraT gt Begging The quesTion IT is a grave moral error for a socieTy To condone euThanasia since allowing This kind of acTion can only undermine The moral fiber of The socieTy gt Begging The quesTion EiTher we commiT ourselves To becoming The mosT successful corporafion in The counTry or we openly accepT The humiliafion of mediocriTy The choice ladies and genTlemen is yours gt False dilemma Since deaTh is eiTher a dreamless sleep or a wonderful advenTure if is irraTional To fear if gt False dilemma A few True friends are more conducTive To happiness Than a greaT number because if is simply impossible To derive The same saTisfacTions from a large number of friends as one can from a small number gt Begging The quesTion Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review John Man is a creature of despair In order to be genuinely authentic human beings must experience some despair Joan Butl don39t ever have such experiences I really don39t I think you are wrong John Well you are obviously deceiving yourself if you don39t face up to these feelings Being a creature of despair is what distinguishes humans from nonhumans gt Begging the question In the ideal state the right to private property would be absolute and inviolable One of the strongestjustifications for the right to property is provided by the research of Konrad Lorenz For he has shown that man is by instinct territorial gt Is ought fallacy Muffy quotProfessor Mugwump says that we should read our assignments at least twice and take careful notes during his lectures He says that there are studies that show most students who follow this advice can improve their test scoresquot Biff quotGeesh that old fuddyduddy I bet all he ever does is have his nose in a book I39m sure he39s just saying that because that39s the way he LIKES to spend his timequot gt Ad Hominem Senator Hornswoggle quotThe best government is the least government I think government should quit trying to run people39s lives 39Big Brother39 should just 39butt39 outquot Reporter quotOkay senator can we now hear your view on prayer in the schoolsquot Senator quotI think there ought to be a mandatory prayer in all public schools in fact at all public events Just like we sing quotThe Star Spangled Bannerquot at a baseball game we should have a moment of prayer I39m going to introduce legislation that would require prayer at public eventsquot gt Inconsistency There is no proof that the secretary quotleakedquot the news to the papers so it couldn39t have been the secretary who did it gt Appeal to ignorance Senator Hornswoggle quotI have decided that I will vote against the legalization of gay and lesbian marriages To allow gay and lesbian marriages would inevitably destroy the institution of marriage and to support this I need only note that marriage must be restricted to heterosexual couples if it is to survive as a social institutionquot gt Begging the question Rowlf quotWe definitely should legalize hemp growing in the United States after all no other country outlaws growing hemp commercially so why should wequot gt Irrelevant authority Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review Ferd quotToday in class I learned thatquot Muffy quotDid you hear what Claricequot Ferd quotAs I was sayingquot Muffy quotFerd How can you be so rude You just interrupted mequot Ferd quotWell you interrupted me didn39t youquot gt Two wrongs Adapted from a scene in the movie Trainspotting A man standing in a bar and holding a shot of whiskey in one hand and a smoking cigarette in the other faces the camera and says quotHeroin Hah Nooo way I39d ever do heroin That stuff is toxic a poison tell you Nope I39ll not be putting any toxins or poisons into my bodyquot gt Inconsistency quotIn test after test Duracell outlasts the Energizer Therefore if you want to buy the best of all batteries you39ll buy Duracellquot gt False dilemma Reporter quotSenator Hornswoggle how do you respond to charges that you spent campaign money on an addition to your home and on gifts for your mistress There are receipts that document your misuse of fundsquot Senator quotHarumph I hope you will note that those folks bringing these charges against me are members of the opposing political party It39s obvious that their charges are politically motivated and therefore are groundlessquot gt Ad Hominem Toto quotHey Dorothy how about going down to the Dollar Cinema to see quot101 Dalmatiansquotquot Dorothy quotI don39t think so Totoquot Toto quotAh come on Dorothy you haven39t given me one good reason you shouldn39t go to the movie so obviously you should goquot gt Appeal to ignorance Isn39t it true that students who get all A39s study hard So if you want me to study hard Professor the best way to do it is to give me A39s in all my courses gt Questionable cause Good steaks are rare these days so don39t order yours well done gt Equivocation The Book of Mormon is true because it was written by Joseph Smith Joseph Smith wrote the truth because he was divinely inspired We know that Joseph Smith was divinely inspired because the Book of Mormon says that he was and the Book of Mormon is true gt Begging the question Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review The superb quality of her character can be demonstrated by the fact thatl have never heard a word spoken against her gt Appeal to ignorance Professor Mugwump cancelled our appointment Boy she really doesn39t care about her students gt Unwarranted generalization Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review Informal fallacies Quiz 3 Landford to renter I can39t help but think you39re responsible for the fire I39ve owned this complex for fifteen years and there39s never been a fire until you moved in two weeks ago gt Questionable cause You told me at the beginning of the semester that I39d have to be in class every day if I wanted to pass this course Now you tell me I39m failing the course But how can that be I haven39t missed a day gt Confusion of a necessary with a sufficient condition You say abortion is immoral but it seems quite clear that you39re wrong After all it has been legal in the United States since 1973 gt Is ought You said if I were going to meet more professional women I would have to move to Austin Well I39ve been living in Austin forfour months butl have made no new female friends I guess you were just wrong gt Confusion of a necessary with a sufficient condition If we allow abortion on demand it won39t be long before we39ll be considering the virtues of infanticide for the handicapped and once that39s approved we39ll begin looking kindly on infanticide at the parents39 request whatever their reasons then we39ll begin wondering which of our fullgrown citizens really have the right to life Let39s stop this madness now Abortion must not be legalized gt Slippery Slope Since humans are by nature an aggressive animal it follows that society should be organized in such a way as to allow aggression its fullest expression gt Is ought Do human beings have free will There is good reason to think that we do For in the two thousand years in which this issue has been debated no one has yet been able to prove that we do not gt Appeal to ignorance It should be clear that most American blacks are satisfied with the rate of progress in the civil rights movement After all there haven39t been race riots in American cities since Los Angeles gt Appeal to ignorance Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review As I was walking to school on the day I took my last exam in biology I picked up a penny off the street that had tails up and put it in my pocket I made a low quotCquot on that exam Today I39m going to have another test in biology and I promise you I39ll ignore any pennies see gt Questionable cause Socrates argues that death should not be feared But he is quite wrong in this conclusion for the fear of death is universal gt Is ought Having been abandoned by her father and now disappointed by her brother she concluded that it was the nature of males to be untrustworthy gt Unwarranted generalization In dealing with the abortion question we need to keep in mind that the rights of the mother outweigh any rights we might grant the fetus since the fetus39 rights are of much less importance that those of the mother gt Begging the question Reporter quotSenator Hornswoggle how do you respond to charges that you spent campaign money on an addition to your home and on gifts for your mistress There are receipts that document your misuse of fundsquot Senator quotHarumph I hope you will note that those folks bringing these charges against me are members of the opposing political party It39s obvious that their charges are politically motivated and therefore are groundlessquot gt Ad hominem Sue quotJane has telepathyquot Jill quotHow do you knowquot Sue quotBecause she can read my mindquot gt Begging the question Dorothy quotToto we39ve already gone to see 101 Dalmatians ten times and the last time we went you promised me you wouldn39t ask to go to the move againquot Toto quotOh Dorothy don39t be so unreasonable You seem to be saying that unless we do exactly what you want I should just forget about putting my two cents in I think I should have some say in what we do from time to timequot gt Straw person Either science can explain how she was cured or it was a miracle The doctors can39t explain how my aunt was cured So it must be a miracle gt Inconsistency Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review You can39t believe Professor Wallace39s claim that there is no evidence for life after death Everyone knows he39s an atheist gt Ad Hominem Senator Hornswoggle quotI have decided that I will vote against legalization of gay and lesbian marriages To allow gay and lesbian marriages would inevitably destroy the institution of marriage and to support this I need only note that marriage must be restricted to heterosexual couples if it is to survive as a social institutionquot gt Begging the question Clarice quotWow I didn39t realize that the United States was the only country among industrialized nations that doesn39t have governmentsupported day care for children I guess the federal government here in the United States ought to start subsidizing day carequot gt Irrelevant authority Adapted from a letter to the editor written when the cleaning of Barton Springs was suspended after the death of several salamanders quotIt39s obvious that the city of Austin must make a choice between protecting the salamander and protecting the health of the swimmers at Barton Springs for one think that human life is far more valuable then the lives of salamanders so let39s end the ban on cleaning the poolquot gt False dilemma quotRobitussinrecommended by Dr Momquot gt Irrelevant authority quotAcross America more people use Cellular 1 then any other cellular sourcequot from an advertisement for cellular 1 phone service gt Irrelevant authority quotIf you wear Nike crosstrainers you39ll be able to run faster then Olympic sprinter Michael Johnson play better basketball then Cheryl Swoops and hit more home runs then Ken Gritfey Jr So buy Nike shoes todayquot gt Unwarranted generalization Toto quotHey Dorothy how about taking me out for a walk I need regular exercise and I39ve been cooped up in this apartment for a week Remember it39s your responsibility as a pet owner to see that I get regular exercisequot Dorothy quotToto what is it that you expect from meconstant attention How unreasonablequot gt Straw Person Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review Reporter quotDo you think you should be punished for kicking the cameramanquot Dennis Rodman quotOf course not it was basically the cameraman39s fault for being so close to the court in the first place I kicked at his camera because it was wrong for him to be in my wayquot gt Two wrongs Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review Informal fallacies Quiz 4 Mother I got the letterfrom the Dean explaining the real reason you failed your English course He said you plagiarized your term paper Is this what you39re learning at college to cheat and then lie to your parents Daughter Oh Mom please don39t What about all those socalled quotmedical expensesquot you wrote off last year on your income taxes gt Two wrongs Jason It sounds really good Mick But one thing watch the sexist language Did you notice that all your examples involve men and you never say quothis or herquot just quothisquot This is 2001 dude The women in the class are going to think you39re a caveman Mick Yeah right And all this from the world39s authority on gender sensitivity What was it I heard you say to Lisa yesterday quotHey baby get me and Mick some beersquot Was that it gt Two wrongs Senator Kingsfield It39s been clearfor the last three decades that the American system of public education has fallen far behind the Japanese system What the Japanese have learned is what we have forgotten that children will rise orfall to your educational demands Senator Claxton Have you thought this through Senator Do you really want America to be a carbon copy of Japan With all due respect Senator I39m afraid that39s where you and part company In my opinion this is still the greatest society in the world gt Straw person Mr Parnell Edrick instead of asking for external rewards like a raise you need to focus on the internal rewards of yourjob Edrick I39m sorry Mr Parnell butl find it difficult to learn from you about the importance of internal rewards How internal are your Rolex your BMW and your membership at Bentree Country Club gt Two wrongs Francisco If we can get as much nourishment without eating animals then the only reason to continue eating meat is for the pleasure of it In that case we39re saying our right to pleasure is greater than an animal39s right to life But can you really defend that Jennifer If you had so much respect for the rights of animals you wouldn39t keep fish in a small tank just for your pleasure You give up your pets and I39ll turn vegetarian gt Two wrongs Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review Senator Jensen We39re hearing a lot about the quotpeace dividendquot Butl have yet to see it The Cold War is over my friends Why don39t we act like it Why continue to pour the better portion of our budget down the rat hole of nuclear defense Senator Kiljarden From the way the gentleman talks you39d think he was convinced that the end of the Cold War was the beginning of fairyland Has my distinguished colleague forgotten that this is a dangerous and unpredictable world Drain the defense budget he cries Oh yes yes and leave us utterly defenseless against our inevitable future foes No ladies and gentlemen his is the counsel of wishful and lethal folly gt Straw person Mothers have always used chicken soup to fight colds so it must be good for you gt Is ought Concerned customer quotAre your products goodquot Salesperson quotWell of course they are we39re the quotGood Tile Companyquot therefore how can out products e anything but good productsquot gt Equivocation Ferd OH don39t worry Classes are canceled tomorrow due to bad weather Waldo Are you sure about that Ferd Of course I am just heard Muffy say so gt Appeal to irrelevant authority Polls show that most Americans believe that without the possibility of capital punishment many more violent crimes and murders would be committed This shows that capital punishment does indeed deter people from committing violent crimes and murder gt Irrelevant authority Waldo Wow The automatic teller machine just gave me an extra 5 dollars Biff Are you going to return it to the bank Waldo Are you crazy I can39t think of anyone who would return quotfreequot money gt Two wrongs Clarice Did you hear that the federal government is proposing new regulations on cigarette advertising f cigarette companies advertise in magazine that have a large audience of teenagers then advertisements must be in blackand white not color The idea is to not encourage teen smoking Druscilla Wow there goes the government again imposing regulation tell you it39sjust theirfirst step to a total ban on cigarette smoking I39m going to go write my congressperson to protest gt Slippery slope Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review Ferd overhearing the discussion in 12 quotSpeaking of government intervention I39m tired of all those laws outlawing the use of marijuana Even if there are some hazards associated with marijuana use each adult individual should be able to decide whether or not to use marijuana much in the way that we can now choose to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettesquot Muffy quotHey if I remember correctly you were arrested last year growing marijuana in your backyard I would expect someone like you to defend legalizing marijuana Find me someone who isn39t a pothead who defends your view and maybe I39ll listen to it gt Ad Hominem Ferd lam strongly opposed to any further development in the Barton Creek areawe need to protect the fragile ecosystem there and make sure that the yellowcheeked warbler and the Barton Springs salamander are not endangered We must protect these species at all costs if we are to ensure biodiversity Clarice Butl thought you were one of the people arguing that the city workers should continue to clean Barton Springs pool even if more salamanders are killed Ferd Well who wants to swim in dirty water Not me that39s for sure gt Inconsistency Clarice Darn wish I could remember what I wanted to say Biff It must not be very important if you can39t remember it Clarice What makes you so sure of that Biff Biff Well you would have remembered it if it was important wouldn39t you gt Begging the question There is no proof that the parapsychology experiments were fraudulent so I39m sure they weren39t gt Appeal to ignorance quotFor your IRA money choose the smart manager selected by major corporations Boatmen39s Trust Entrust IRA money to the people who have won the business of clients in all 50 statesquot gt Irrelevant authority quotOh folly I don39t know the answer to this question Butl can39t think of any reason why the answer wouldn39t be the straw person fallacy so I guess that clinches it the answer must be straw person fallacyquot gt Appeal to ignorance Now you look here son I39m not interested in entertaining arguments about whether or not homosexuality is a perversion Just bear in mind that in this family that39s exactly what it is and what it39s always been gt Irrelevant authority Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review Who are you to tell us about Clean Air Regulations when I saw you outside smoking before this Forum gt Ad Hominem Sure it39s wrong to cheat But it wasn39t really anything bad when I had sex with Dean the other night because Sean is just my boyfriend We39re not married gt Inconsistency I39m entitled to make his life miserable because he cheated on me with my best friend gt Two wrongs Rush Limbaugh on his radio show quotDon39t let them pass a law restricting cell phone use while driving your car If that happens you know what comes next They won39t let you drink your coffee on your morning commute to work Then you won39t be allowed to talk to even the people that you are riding with in your car This is what will happen if we let the government pass this law gt Slippery slope Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review Informal fallacies Quiz 5 You told me that if I was going to have a chance to make the track team I39d have to start working out every day Well I haven39t missed a day39s workout since last September but I39m no closer to making the track team today than I was a year ago I guess you know what this makes me think of the quality of your advice gt Confusion of a necessary with a sufficient condition Since there are decisive flaws in every argument that has ever been put forward for freedom of the will we can safely conclude that human beings are not free gt Appeal to ignorance I certainly do deny the charge of female chauvinism I am simply stating my opinion that the vast majority of men are inferior to women in any category worth considering whether it be basic intelligence sensitivity or the raw capacity to survive gt Inconsistency The best case for the existence of God is to be found in the Bible for that Book clearly asserts that God exists and the Bible is after all the word of God gt Begging the question I am saying that human being by nature desire to know When you cite cases of people you know who have no curiosity whatsoever I would ask you to look at them more deeply When you do I39m sure you will discover that they are curious about some things even if not the same things that interest you If they were not they simply could not be human gt Begging the question You have been arguing for immortality for the last half hour but so far as I can tell you have no convinced anyone in this large audience that something in us does survive the death of the body What more do you need to demonstrate the invalidity of your arguments gt Irrelevant authority In many states there are laws against homosexual activity Surely this makes it abundantly clear that homosexuality should be prohibited gt Is ought Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review You have been arguing that when a person joins a fraternity his actions affect not only his own reputation but the reputation of the entire fraternity and you have been using this as a basis for a plea against what you39re calling quotconspicuous inebriationquot by members of our frat But your own inebriation couldn39t have been more conspicuous than it was last Saturday night You should have sold tickets gt Two wrongs Biff quotDo you think that physicianassisted suicide should be legal Muffy Muffy quotNo way Biff Today it will be the legalization of physicianassisted suicide and tomorrow it will be the mass extermination of all those people society deems unfitquot gt Slippery slope Ferd joining the discussion in question 9 quotBut what about Doctor Kevorkian39s argument that persons should have the right to end their own lives if they are suffering and that since physicians are supposed to help relieve suffering physicians should be entitled assist their patients in ending their sufferingquot Biff quotHey they don39t call that guy Dr Death for nothing Some pretty serious questions have been raised about the assisted suicides he39s been involved in tell you this guy is way over the top and should be written off as a crackpotquot gt Ad Hominem Clarice quotMy cat is VERY intelligent and I can prove it by showing that she asks for her cat food by namequot Druscilla quotYou39re kiddingquot Clarice quotNot at all When my cat says quotmeowquot I know she wants her quotMeow Mixquot cat crunchies gt Equivocation Rookie cop quotHey you really roughed up the suspect when you were questioning himquot Veteran cop quotYeah but I39m sure that this guy is connected with that recent murder so he deserves anything we dish out to himquot gt Two wrongs Biff quotOh look Waldo dropped this letter out of his backpack hmmm it39s from Druscilla I think I39ll take a look at itquot Ferd quotHey that39s Waldo39s property it would be an invasion of privacy to read his letter without his permissionquot Biff quotOh piffle Ferd I don39t know of anyone besides you who wouldn39t do the same thing as I39m doing in this situation How can it be wrongquot gt Two wrongs Philosophy 1305 Wilson Critical Thinking Quiz Review quotWhat You don39t have access to the World Wide Web yet Surely you realize that anybody who is anybody quotsurfsquot the Internet so you39d better get an account soonquot gt Irrelevant authority From two signs next to the copying machine quotIf you have any problems with this machine come to the Philosophy Department The Philosophy Department is not responsible for change lost in the machine don39t come to us if you lose money in the copierquot gt Inconsistency Biff quotThe OJ Simpson case was all about racequot Druscilla quotI say it39s all about classquot Fred quotThe OJ case was all about domestic violencequot Muffy quotWell which is it was it a case about race about class or about domestic violencequot gt False dilemma I39d never go to one of their parties My last roommate was in that fraternity and he was a jerk I sure don39twant to go hang outwith a bunch ofjerks gt Unwarranted generalization It is the duty of the press to report news that is in the public interest Most people are interested in celebrity marriages Therefore celebrity marriages should be front page news gt Equivocation I know I used to be in the church choir and all Mom but that was before I went to college before I met Dr Bentham He39s a zoologist Mom He39s like the guy everyone in the world consults when they want to know about whales or dolphins or something The man39s a genius Mom He has a 200 IQ or something at least And he told me flat out I remember his words quotNo Charles I39ve never had the slightest inclination to believequot So I thought here39s this genius dude who has no religion whatsoever So who am I to be maintaining my pious childish beliefs Hail Marys and all Who do I think I am gt Irrelevant authority Philosophy 1305 Wilson MidTerm Essay Prompts EpistemologyDiscuss in full detail Cartesian Skepticism Hume s Skepticism and Kant s epistemology Then discuss how the themes of skepticism and knowledge are portrayed in the films The Matrix Total Recall and Inception referencing specific scenes Epistemology I Introduction A Definitions Epistemology Knowledge Etc 0 Epistemology the study of human knowledge its nature its sources its justification How we get it what it is whetherwe have it or why we don t a Encompasses the nature of concepts the constructing of concepts the validity of the senses logical reasoning as well as thoughts ideas emotions memories and all things mental It is concerned with how our minds are related to reality and whether these relationships are valid or invalid It is the explanation of how we think It is needed in order to obtain and use knowledge of the world around us 0 Knowledge Information and skills acquired through experience or education the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject What is known in a particular field or in total facts and information a What can we know a The mental grasp of the facts of reality a Gained through successful evaluation of one s perceptions l B Schools of Thought Skepticism Rationalism Empiricism o Skepticism a philosophical belief that knowledge is not possible that doubt will not be overcome by any valid arguments A philosopher who holds this belief is called skeptic Again skepticism is not mere personal doubt it requires a systematic doubt with reasons for that doubt a Questions the possibility of obtaining any sort of knowledge 0 Rationalism the philosophy that is characterized by its confidence in reason and intuition in particular to know reality independently of experience Continental rationalism is usually reserved for Descartes Spinoza and Leibniz a Insistence upon the data of experience as the source of all knowledge a Any view emphasizing the role or importance of human reason Philosophy 1305 Wilson MidTerm Essay Prompts 39239 THESIS Empiricism fhe philosophy fhof demonds fhof all knowledge excepf for cerfoin logicol frufhs and principles of mofhemofics comes from experience Brifish empiricism is offen used fo refer specificolly fo fhe fhree philosophers Locke Berkeley and Hume If is sfill very much olive however and includes Berfrond Russell in fhe fwenfiefh cenfury and o greof mony philosophers of fhe posf fiffy or so yeors who hove colled fhemselves logicol empiricisfs beffer known as logicol posifivisfs Confrosf rofionolism a Downploys or dismisses fhe obilify of reoson olone fo yield knowledge of fhe world Preferring fo bose any knowledge we hove off our senses STATEMENT Ivlony greof philosophers such as Rene Descorfes Dovid ll Desca es A Hyperboli O Hume ond lmmonuel Konf hod o lorge impocf on episfemology c Doubl Hyperbolic Doubf ls fhe refusol fo occepf eifher fhe oufhorify of previous philosophers or informofion gleoned from one39s own senses He decided fhof in developing o foundofion for philosophy onyfhing fhof mighf be doubfed musf be rejecfed Only whof is beyond doubf is occepfoble and may leod fo frufh He finds fhof oll fhof remoins is fhe focf of doubfing ifself ond fhof somefhing musf eXisf fo doubf nomer fhe philosopher himself 1 Senses a Con be doubfed how con you know when your senses ore giving you fhe correcf informofion a Senses hove deceived before 2 Dreoms Dreoms offen seem reol How do you know when you re dreoming and when you ore owoke 3 Evil Genius There could be on omnipofenf deceiver who fricks you info believing in o folse reolify a Powerful enough fo confrol onybody Philosophy 1305 Wilson MidTerm Essay Prompts B CarTesian Skeplicism o DoubTing The eXTernoI world 0 Problems of oTher minds a Solipism all you know is yourself 0 The ideo ThoT The world is o producT of your consciousness 0 Only ones own mind is sure To eXisT C CarTesian Circle 0 Self God World 0 The ideo of perfecT being D DescarTes Ralionalism 0 Knowledge is ocquired primorin or perhops exclusively Through reoson Philosophy 1305 Wilson MidTerm Essay Prompts Hume AHume s Fork 0 There are 2 calegories of knowledge Relations of Ideas Matters of Fact A bachelor is an unmarried man 224 There are bachelors in This room There are al leasl four bachelors in This room B Analysis of Causalion o The slapler is causing The noise 0 Every evenl has a cause 0 Looks 11 cause and effecl vs Correlalion o Hume sees a sequence of evenls C Humean Skeplicism Designed To undermine ordinary claims of knowledge Philosophy 1305 Wilson MidTerm Essay Prompts IV Kanl A Revision of Hume s Fork How do we know 15 revision of HUMES FORK Relation of Ideas Matters of FacT AnalyTic medning of The subjecT can be dndlyzed from The p redicoTe Synlhelic any knowledge cldim where There is no subjecTpredicoTe reldTionship NOT True by definiTion A Priori Tth which comes before can be known To be True prior To independenle of sense experience excepT in so for as sense experience is necessdry To undersTdnd key Terms A PosTeriori Tth which comes dfTer can only be confirmed Through The senses Necessary If iT is True in all possible worlds If To deny iT would evoke conTrddicTions Conlingenl if iT s True in virTue of how The world is B Synlhelic O A Priori Knowledge Infordeive sTdTemenT dbouT redIiTy The TruTh of which is known independenle of sense experience C Kanl s Facullies a Allows us To conceive The world in Terms of spdce and ReldTion how evenTs reldTe To edch oTher Every nTuiTion a SpdceTime Time UndersTdnding a i2coTegories evenT has 0 cause Redson a Purpose orgdnize redIiTy for us The dbiIiTy of The mind To orgdnize dde so we undersTdnd iT Philosophy 1305 Wilson MidTerm Essay Prompts D Noumena and Phenomena o The Real World Noumena Things as They are ReaIiTy o Phenomena The world as we know iT Things as They appear appearance V EpisTemological Themes in Films 0 IvlaTriX o ToTaI recall 0 IncepTiOh Philosophy 1305 Wilson MidTerm Essay Prompts Self What are the philosophic problems that occur when discussing the traditional concepts of the quotselfquot In answering this question discuss the following philosophers and their theories on the self in detail Descartes Locke Hume and Kant Also mention criticisms of the theories of self when appropriate What philosopher or philosophers theories of self are portrayed in the film Total Recall and the TV show Stargate SG1 Explain specific scenes from these works of science fiction and how the two address the problem of the self Self Intro AEssence 0 what makes me me B Identify Over Time How can I be the same me as I was 39239 TH ESIS STATEMENT Descartes 7 Ego theory of self 7 Self is consciousness 0 Self is not physical soul 7 Self identity depends on consciousness Our identity does not depend in any way on our body remaining the same and so human identity is different from identity of anything else in the world Philosophy 1305 Wilson MidTerm Essay Prompts Locke IV Hume V Kanl Memory Theory of self Self is reducible To ones memories Unlike DescdrTes Locke drgues Tth This idenTiTy does noT depend on our remdining sdme Thinking subsTdnce Tth if on our thing The sdme soul Locke differs from DescdrTes in disTinguishing beTween The soul and consciousness Bundle Theory of self The self is noThing more Thdn sense impressions bundled TogeTher by memory Hume compIeTer undercuTs DescdrTes dnd Locke s view of idenTiTy Relying on his belief Tth dny ided musT be derived from an impression Hume drgues Tth when we are self conscious we are only aware of feeTing ThoughTs feelings and percepTions ided of The self is simply ficTion Since we are never aware of any enduring self we are neverjusTified in cldiming we are The some person we were 0 yedr or d minuTe dgo Self ds 0 TrdnscendeanI uniTy of dppercepTion Self is noT 0 Thing buT dn dcTiviTy process The self is The dcTiviTy of consciousness in pdrTicuIdr The dcTiviTy of orgdnizing our ydrious experiences KdnT dgrees wiTh Hume Tth The enduring self is noT To be found in self consciousness The enduring self is noT dn objecT of eXperience Hume wos righT in This poinT dnd boTh DescdrTes dnd Locke were misTdken Philosophy 1305 Wilson MidTerm Essay Prompts VII Epislemological Themes in Films 0 Tolol Recall o Slor Gale Philosophy 1305 Wilson MidTerm Essay Prompts Mind and BodyWhat is the MindBody Problem Be sure in answering this question you discuss ontology Cartesian Dualism and his arguments for Dualism and other dualist attempts to solve the mind body problem Then discuss the major contemporary materialist theories of consciousness in detail explaining how they attempt to solve or dissolve the problem How do The Matrix and Stargate SG1 address the mindbody problem Explain specific scenes from these works of science fiction in answering this question Dualismin general the distinction between mind and body as separate substances or very different kinds of states and events with radically different properties Materialismthe metaphysical view that only physical matter and its properties exist Such intangible entities as numbers minds and ideas are really properties of physical bodies To talk about energy for example is in a way to talk about physical potential to talk about minds is as a kind of shorthand to talk about behavior to talk about ideas is in a misleading way to talk about the various structures and interrelationships between objects Numbers have no existence of their own but only represent sets of sets of objects the set of all sets of eight things is the number eight for example Materialism has always been a powerful worldview in modern scientific culture It is also the most common view amonf the preSocratic philosophers Casual Interactionism the theory that mind and body casually interact that mental events for example an quotact of will can cause the bodily consequence for example raising one s arm and that a bodily change for example a puncture of the skin can cause a mental consequence for example a pain Parallelismthe thesis that mental events and bodily events parallel each other and occur in perfect coordination but do not interact Occasionalism Dual aspect Theorythe theory for example in Spinoza that mind and body are simply different aspects or attributesquot of one and the same substance thus avoiding the problem of interaction between substances Identity theory aka reductive realism the thesis that the mind and brain are ontologically one and the same or more accurately that mental states and events are in fact certain brain and nervous system processes The theory is usually presented as a form of materialism but it is important to emphasize that unlike many materialistic theories it does not deny the existence of mental events It denies only that they have independent existence Mental events are nothing other than certain bodily events Eliminative Materialismthe thesis that increasing knowledge of neurology eventually will allow us to give up our quotfolk psychological terminology of mental states Functionalismthe view that the mind is the product ofa pattern in the brain as in a computer rather than a product of the matter of the brain as such Any other relevant theories of mind Philosophy 1305 Wilson MidTerm Essay Prompts MindBody Problemat least 3 dualist theories and 3 materialist theories I Iner A Ontology and how it relates to the mindbody problem 0 Onotology study of being 0 Substance mode of reality 0 Dualism mindbody Consists of 2 substances a Mental thought emotions feelings consciousness a Physical weight mass extended in space 0 Cartesian Dualism argument for privacy a If something is physical It can be accessed pubicay a But thought are private I cannot access yours nor you mine Thoughts are not physical o Materialism i substance matter physical thought consciousness weight mass B What is The Mind Body Problem 0 Dualist Concern what is the relation between mind and body 0 Materialist concern what is the nature of consciousness o The problem arises because otthe tactthat mental phenomena appear to be qualitatively and substantially dihferent From the physical bodies on which they appearto depend There are a Few major theories on the resolution otthe problem Dualism is the theory that mind and body are two distinct substances and monism is the theory that mind and body are in reality ust one su bstance Monist materialists also called physiglists take the view that they are both matter and monist idealists take the view that they are both in the mind Neutral monists take the view that both are reducible to a third neutral su bstance 39239 TH ESIS STATEMENT Philosophy 1305 Wilson MidTerm Essay Prompts ll Dualisl Solulions A Causal Inleraclionism o Ivlenlol sloles couse physicol sloles ond vice verso B Parallelism 0 Mind ond body moved in o long in porollel lo eoch olher God synched up menlol sloles ond physicol sloles C Occasionalism 0 God on on occosionol bosis ollows your mind ond body lo correspond wilh eoch olher Malerialisl Solulions A Idenlily Theory 0 reduclive moleriolism menlol evenls ore idenlicol lo physicol evenls 0 There ore menlol evenls bul lhey ore idenlicol lo lhe some lhing os cerloin physicol evenls lhol is processes in lhe broin o Denies duolism by insisling lhol whol menlolislic lerms such os wonls believes ond loves refer lo is nol only some furlher unspecifioble menlol slole ii is olso o neurologicol process 0 Duolism is eliminoled becouse lhere ore no longer lwo lhings lo inlerocl lhere is jusl o single evenl o menlol neurologicol evenl Philosophy 1305 Wilson MidTerm Essay Prompts B Eliminaiive Maierialism 0 There will be no such izi correspondence of meniol evenis ond oui folk psychology descripiions of Them 0 Proposes io defend moieriolism wiihoui cloiming on ideniiiy beiween whoi we coll meniol sioies and The workings of ihe broin wi moke ouimoded our folk psychology iolk oboui The mind and we will all Ieorn io iolk ihe Ionguoge of neurology insieod C Funciionalism 0 Think of mind noi in Terms of whoi ii does how if funciions o Bosic insighi is ihoi minds ore produced noi so much by poriiculor kinds of moieriols for exomple broins bui roiher by The reloiions beiween poris IV Episiemological Themes in Films 0 MoiriX o Sior Goie


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