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by: Nella Quitzon


Nella Quitzon
Texas State
GPA 3.56

C. Hanks

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About this Document

C. Hanks
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Nella Quitzon on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PHIL 1320 at Texas State University taught by C. Hanks in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 45 views. For similar materials see /class/212880/phil-1320-texas-state-university in PHIL-Philosophy at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
Discussion Panel Iranian Nuclear Aspirations Dr Thomas Doyle 0 Imagine you are the leader of Iran facing this environment you lead a shia Islamic republic surrounded by hostile sunni Islamic monarchies and dictatorships US is your sworn enemy o Irans Nuclear Aspirations security used as a deterrence status gives them an image of being part of elite group internationa consolidation 0 Irans Security dilemma Diemma of interpretation What do our enemy warnings mean Are they bluffing about the use of military action The deterrent threats may leave something to chance 0 Dilemma and response By not having the weapons may remain vulnerable and susceptible to unwanted pressure and threats failure to achieve desired image failure to achieve internal consolidation By having weapons may provoke an isaraeliAmerican attack 0 The security dilemma as an ethical dilemma What are the neighboring countries of Iran s duties in this matter thensrael Saudi ArabiaThe USothers Hashad 2quotd speaker 0 Iran has nuclear plant built by rusians o Uranium has been found and been hidden in hospitals with radiation therapy How much uranium present in country unknown and what is being used for 0 Based on that can we conclude that Iran is working on nuclear weapons WMDs unethical SadamnHuesein after died almost convinced these weapons could be used 0 Iran can obtain uranium 0 Have gained access to central fusion technology new techuranium o In 2 years Iran was able to enrich uranium by up to 20 for quotmedical purposes ran has capability to develop nuclear weapons Blue Print Technology Studies Does not do it because of a binding agreement US supplied blueprints to build weapons but left out key elements to make them backfire on them but the Russians figured this out and fixed the bugs in the blue prints Does not construct because of binding agreements 0 Saudi Arabia sits on some of the largest oil reserves Refuses to jeopardize oil by engaging in nuclear war War would leave economy in shambles 40 illiterate ran would not launch attack for fear of killing millions of own brotherin o No two nuclear nations would attack each other 3rd speaker John Payne o If we wish to understand prospects of peace We must then first define peace The positive and negative aspectsalways conflicts 0 Why Islamism Faiure of previous and other models Successes of Islamic models A critical year 1979 Revolution creates the Islamic republic of iran Sadam makes peace with isareal The grand mosque hostage crisis Soviet union invades Afghanistan 0 Islamism is one ofthe most vital forces in the middle east and the arab world today taking many different forms 0 Most terrorists are not muslim Not islamists 0 Most communiststerrorist don t unitethey feud the future is yet to be writtenbah blahblah quotl S P Equot 9 N 9 5 H O H H H N H W H 0 9 H RD N 0 True or False According to Epicurus one should seek pleasure that is as intense as possible True or False Epicurus claims that the end or goal of all our actions is to treat each other fairly and decently E or False Milgram39s Authority experiments show that most people tend to respect someone they think of as a legitimate authority John Stuart Mill thought that the only intrinsically valuable thing is a Happiness What is our one moral duty according to utilitarians a Maximize wellbeing According to Epicurus one should seek pleasure a Only when it will not result in greater amounts of pain later Getting a vaccine in order to prevent illness is an example of something that is a instrumentallyvaluable What sort of diet does Epicurus recommend in order to attain happiness a A gourmet luxury diet a simple and inexpensive diet a diet consisting only of foods one had grown oneself Epicurus claims that the end or goal of all our actions is a to be free from pain and fear n philosophy an argument is a a chain of reasoning consisting of a set of reasons that supports some conclusion Which of the following does Epicurus think is NOT conducive to a pleasant life a Enjoying lots of fine food and drink According to virtue ethics the fundamental moral question is a What kind of person should I be According to Nozick plugging in to the experience machine would be a kind of a Suicide Mill defines happiness as a Pleasure and the absence of pain How can we determine whether one pleasure A is more valuable than another pleasure B according to Mill a Pleasure A is preferred to pleasure B by most people who are acquainted with both Aristotle calls virtue a quotmeanquot because a Virtue is a matter of avoiding excess and deficiency Kazez argues that happiness is a One of the things important for a good life Kazezbelives that autonomy is a Not valued by everyone but always a good thing True or False Norcross uses the story of Fred to argue that is morally distinguishable from the behavior of people who consume factoryfarmed meat True or False f cows have moral standing then it is always impermissible to put a human interest ahead of the life and interest of the cow N N N NN boa N U39I N 0 N l NN U300 04 O W 0 w 4 U3 U1 W 00 Norcross uses the argument from marginal cases This argument claims that a Some animals have rational capacities to the degree that some humans do True or False Someone who takes a sentientist view argues that all living things capable of feeling pain deserve moral consideration True or False A moral agent can be held morally responsible for both good and bad actions True or False Anthropocentrism is defined as the view that all forms of life are equally valuable and that humanity is not special in any way What is a normative claim a A claim about how things ought to be Kant claims that the only thing that can be said to be good quotwithout limitationquot is a the good will Kant39s categorical imperative requires that we a Treat human beings as ends in themselves True or False A moral agent is capable of moral reflection True or False Someone who takes a sentientist view argues that all living things capable of feeling pain deserve moral reflection True or False Wendell Berry argues that being passive consumers of food is incompatible with being free and living in a democracy n Norcross39s opening story Fred tortures puppies a Because this gives him a compound that enhances his gustatory pleasure Kant claimed that a acting immorally is always irrational According to Kant actions have moral worth only if a they are done from duty According to Hill quotproper humilityquot consists of a A sense of relative importance with respect to other humans b Selfacceptance According to virtue ethics emotions a Play a crucial role in moral understanding Rachels concludes that euthanasia is a Sometimes morally acceptable because it promotes the best interest of all involved and violates no one39s rights Norcross uses the argument from marginal cases This argument claims that a some animals have rational capacities to the degree that some humans do True or False Someone who takes a sentientist view argues that all living things deserve moral consideration


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