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by: Verona Hegmann


Verona Hegmann
Texas State
GPA 3.7


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Verona Hegmann on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to REC 1330 at Texas State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 18 views. For similar materials see /class/212885/rec-1330-texas-state-university in Recreation and Leisure Studies at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
LNT Principles plan ahead amp prepare travel amp camp on durable surfaces dispose of waste properly leave what you find minimize campfire impacts respect wildlife and be considerate of other visitors SPEC Model Student centered problem based experimental collective Buffalo Soldiers AmericanIndian War 18661898 Who were they They were African American soldiers fighting in the American Indian war How did they get their name Because they were dark like a buffalo strong and their hair was the same First buffalo soldier unit in Texas 9 h Calvary unit Foundations of outdoor rec Outdoor Rec Definition voluntary freetime activity that occurs in the outdoors where people interact with the natural environment Societal factors that affect ORFamily Peers School Church and Camps Phases of an OR Trip Anticipation planning participation recollection TypesCategories Water Land Air Snow Risk HighMedium Low Power Nonmutu Ledquot 39 39 quot quot 39 39 F 39 Non Chapter 2 Views of Nature Spirituality the process of creating a relationship with what we hold to be sacred vs religion Sacred Something that has a special meaning or relationship with you Being inspiredfocusing on sensory experiences finding beauty Something held dear Special Places become special or sacred by creating relationships Sparks feeling of inner peace hope joy and empowerment Transcendentalism to go to nature to connect with God and preserve Land Henry Thoreau Ralph W Emerson Impressionism Painters glorify nature in touch with nature Chapter 3 Early views ofwilderness It was evil it needed to be conquered Historical gures Henry Thoreau and Ralph W Emerson venerated nature and called on citizens of this country and the world to respect and preserve it Both men were among the literary giants of the 19 h century Cole took a trip west and then back to the east to romanticize the land Natives were lnoble red man Frederick Olmsted Father of the American park Started CentralPark Landscape architecture Muir Sierra Club to preserve the sierras Nevada CA area saved the sequoia trees Convinced Teddy R to set aside 21 million acres during the tour of the American west Against the hetchhetchy Influenced the designated of over 50 NPs 200 NMs 140 million acres of NFs Preservationist Teddy Roosevelt Perservation leader 21milion acres setaside of land Mather preservation 1st director of the National Park Service Member of Sierra club Pinchot conservation 1816 appointed the national forests commission of the national academy of science Rachel Carson employed the US Fish and Wildlife service The silent spring most famous book Aldo Leopold father of wildlife management Promoted idea of wilderness system Land should be loved and respected Game refuges be established with in the district and prepared the forest service s first game and fish hand book Historical Happening Yellowstone1872 1st national park Yosemite 1864 151 land set aside NPS1916 Reclamation act1902 Pelican island1903 Bureau of biological surveryl905 Gila wilderness1924 1st forest put aside Funding for national wildlife1934 Civilian conservation corps19305 Mump z v52 mum mm m 1950 mg and witzv mnszwitmn muss Stzwim um 1953 wummmma WW muman amass Nitmni m AT a mm mm 1953 wua 5mm vwzvy 195 namnam mam Mis nw mummy mm mkxemmmaw rm If 39inrgaum quota Relaxatmn N r lg n 392 E a r Lt 2 L L A39 II I I Apatny l a w 1 quot W 5M Izel Psychological benefit Relationship with nature Escape from physical pressures Escape from social pressures Achievementchallenge Autonomyindependencefreedom Reflection personalvalues Recollectionnostalgia Risktakingactionexcitement Meeting observing other people Use and care of equipment Exercisephysical fitness Being with one s recreation group Learningexploration Family togetherness ligh Privacy Security Physical Socialization groups Family attachment bonding interaction social support identification and stress management Peersmost wilderness experiences are communal Schoolsoutdoorenvironment all education Religion Youth group camps Factors affecting socialization age life courses gender occupation residenceand ethnicity Lifestyles 1 needdriven groups survivor and sustainer 2 outerdirected belonger emulator and achiever 3 innerdirected iamme experiential and societally conscious 4 combined outerinner directed integrated Social benefits of OR Strengthens communities reduces crimes encourages volunteerism promotes stewardship promotes social bonds Chapter 6 0R impacts on economy Factors affecting participationbaby boomers increased free time productivity and increased income 0R spending by individuals and government agencies taxes fees amp charges government grants and foundation grants Supply and Demand Direct Supply which includes the manufacturing wholesaling and retailing of equipment and apparel as well as the provision of services They deals directly with consumer Indirectly supply deal indirectly with consumer Such as writers who write books we read during free time or the actor in the movies we watch Demandis based on the ability and willingness of consumers to buy specific quantities of goods and services at a given time Economic parallels Visitors and their characteristics gt demand Recreational resources gtsupply Plans and polices gt pricing Tools for implementation gt management Demand variables Nonpricevarables Socioeconomic characteristics of the consumer Quality of the recreation site Availability of substitutive service Time travel WPF N Congestion or crowding 9 Taste and preference consumer Recourse Oriented Areas The resource determines to a great extent the accessibility of the area to the consumer National parks forests and wildlife refuges would fall into this category Multiplier Effect The effect of one dollor spent of one point will be more than merely one dollor Communities are established around leisure areasdepends on leisure spending Will vary on size of area and type of activites service and industries provided in areas


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