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by: Karen Padberg


Karen Padberg
Texas State
GPA 3.92

A. Konopaske

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About this Document

A. Konopaske
Class Notes
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This 23 page Class Notes was uploaded by Karen Padberg on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to MGT 3303 at Texas State University taught by A. Konopaske in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 23 views. For similar materials see /class/212890/mgt-3303-texas-state-university in Business, management at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
Chapter 1 Introduction ta Management ut me mature a do 39mg mmpanies thrive It What is managem m I Fm mtztiuns 3f managers I Lewis 3L dutiesnf managers 18 Minuhmg s males 82 subroles 1 39 Managerial B m wumess factors i Welmme m realityi a The maple di em I Change is u only i 3 In Same mmpmiies thrive 39 39 9 Gmgle 39 ia b W11 in jury 08 t W Imimte Elm place In wnk year amaze xgg I Masai 391 aky 3tummr I a Sinr ncks 39 W Ufempmes are wnmen I Wiew Sham an welbpaid up39m Wmmjwa Public Emplayeas gmentth 39 I billicm fund Hm underperfom ng 3 The Cheesecake Factmv a LagBay 39 Ma mt mamgers 8 leaders make the rixj ereme 0 Jim Camus bank 13mm 600d m Swat 1quot n Mud 1435 mummies Euhmn al impmvemmrs in their w n identi ed Wrens Farm 8 W1quot 133m quot s At heart sf um rare and trulygmat mmpanies way a Mike rigumsly am pramoted maple act in a mum What is management Efficiency Getting work 1 effort expense or wast done through 39 I others E 39ecttveness WT tasks that accomplish orga objectives The 4 functions of managers Functions 0 Planning 0 Organizing Elaborate 0 Setting organizational goals 8 a means for achieving them 0 Grow our sales by 10 0year for 5 years 39 Decision makin ampwho does whatfor w 0111 O Eg Decentralized team based 8 functional departmentalization The 4 functions of managers Functions Elaborate 0 Leading o Controlling InsPiringmotivatin employees to achieve goals E g Sales Dept nd 10 new customers 81 generate 100000 in news es Monitor progress toward goal achievement 81 assist When necessary Eg HR Deptnew structured interview included n0nw0rk related questions Levels and duties of managers see Exhibit 12 Level Duties responsibilities 0 Team leaders Self managed work teams are common I Multiple teams I Facilitate team performance 81 support members 0 Liaison bt team 81 other teams depts etc I Internal team relationships I39L wls arid duti i nif mag m V 1W1 Dn esfmspan h i w 391 K Entry quot 1W level empluywm Train Sahadt e t Help o Discipl m II Fm mammagers 1 a mum 39 rt Emil stem dept Mimberg smanage al tales chm zmmg mqaend 1 39 a 1m nftime rules 39 1 ta gaggle o insng outside the mum Infarnm am 0 CHEW amp givmg mmg gimme 1 in rmational u Dmismnal DfW hawk 0 97mm L u U J JYLEZquotquot39WVltml nl lt4 mm r warc l39 vz 39 7lavI ith n U yuDPAt 50E BH 4 amp nlavnext amp la next h39mnPLampmdexr Low Importance a o c m 1 o o E Technical Skills Top Managers Hum an Skills Conceptual Skills Motivation l I FirstiLine Managers Middle Managers 1 Team Leaders v 1 Insensitive to othersdon t listen welldon t get to know them Cold Betrayal oftrustgossiploose lips sink ships Overly ambit 39 39 1 I Halide 39w D 1 1 Specific performance problemsdon t help Unable Unable to staff effectivelydo 5 jobsno time Unable to adapt to boss with different styleknow more O Be the boss 3 Formal author G Manage tasks 0 Job is not managing peop I 0 Initial expecta tions were wron G Fast pace G Heavyworkload G Job is to be problem solver and troubleshoow G No longer doer G Communicatio listening positi reinforcement 0 Learning to ada and control stre 39 O Job is people development r 1 Selective Hi1ingget the right peopleg00d things follow Self Managed Teams 82 Decentralizationfaster decisions 7 High Wages Linked to Organ Performancetop talent r Training and Skill Development139etention 81 performance quot Reduction of Status 1quot r I Shalinglnforrnatquot r w w o Shift happens Change is the only So managers have to constant adapt TEChnorlogY Betterfaster decisions Social responsibility I Competition Globalization I Outsourcing I Aging workforce 39 Emerging nations amp power shifts China Russia India Brazil 0 Triple bottom line 0 Smaller amp atter units 0 Teams virtual etc 0 Cost effectiveness 0 Maximize human capital Global differentiation 8 diversity global mgmt The Art of Management De ned Management if llthe art of getting things done through peoplequot Managers are Task Oriented achievement oriented People oriented Good Managers are concerned with Trying to achieve both Efficiency and effectiveness Why Organizations Value Managers Multiplier Effect Good managers create value by the MULTIPLIER EFFECT your influence on the organization is multiplied far beyond the results that can be achieved by just one person Exceptional managers and talented managers are in high demand Rewards of studying amp practicing Management You will understand how to deal with organizations from the outside You will understand how to relate to your supervisors You will understand the pressures managers deal with and how to respond to them You will understand how to interact with coworkers Teamwork cultural differences conflict stress negotiations and communication skills You will understand how to manage yourself in the work place Personality emotion goals needs Rewards ofpracticing management You and your employees can experience a sense of accomplishment You can stretch your abilities and magnify your range Stretches ability Challenges your talents and skills and magnifies scope of accomplishment You can build a catalog of successful products or services will help you run your business Competitive advantage Being responsive to customers Taking care of customer Innovation Beating competitors new ideas Quality Best quality over the competition EX Staples center seat service to Court side seats Efficiency Produce goods amp services quickly as possible using as few raw materials as possible This is why companies rely on temporary workers 4 Principal Functions POLC Planning Settings goals and deciding on how to achieve them Organizing Arranging tasks people resources to accomplish work Leading Motivating directing people to work hard to achieve goals EX Derek Fisher Controlling Monitoring performance Levels of Management Top Managers Offices with Nice leather chairs Views CEO CFO COO 290000 a year or more to 10000000 for larger companies Make Long term decisions about the overall direction ofthe organization Pay attention to environment outside organization Future oriented Middle Managers Implement policies of top managers and coordinate activities of first in Line managers below them I u u u lldean of student services clinic director plant manager Division head First in Line Managers Bottom of managerial pyramid u u lldepartment head llteam leader supervisor 52500050000 yr Make Short term operating decisions directing the daily tasks of nonmanagerial personnel Don t overlook any employees Where you start your managerial career Areas of Management Functional Manager Vice president s responsible for just one organizational activity Ex overseeing just the development of web research at x company General Manager Small organization 100 people executive vice president Responsible for several organizational activates Subject of news stories in magazines such as business week 3 Types of Organizations ForProfit Nonprofit Mutual Bene t For Profit Organizations For Making money Out to make money Allstate Zagat Nonprofit Organizations For offering services Knows as administrators Red cross FOCUS Mutual Bene t For aiding members Voluntary collections of workers Labor unions Clubs Managers Roles Mintzberg39s Useful Findings Manager relies more on verbal than on written communication Managers tend to transfer information through Phone and meetings A manger works long hours at intense pace Long informal meetings Long work hours standard 50 hours being typical up to 90 Some under 60hrs Manager39s work characterized Fragmentation Brevity Variety Managerial work classified as llthe interrupt driven dayquot Time and task management are major challenges 3 Types of Managerial roles Interpersonal gurehead Leader Liaison Managers interact with people inside and outside their work units Informational Roles Monitor Disseminator Spokesperson The most important Vital for making intelligent decisions Managers receive and communicate info with other people inside and outside the organization Decisional Roles Entrepreneur Disturbance Handler Resource alloca tor Managers use info to make decisions to solve problems or take advantage or opportunities Entrepreneur Good manager expected to be an entrepreneur to initiate and encourage change innovation Disturbance Fixing problems Resource allocator Settingpriorites about use of resources The entrepreneurial spirit What entrepreneurship is Is the process of taking risks to create a new enterprise


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