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by: Theodore Labadie III


Theodore Labadie III
Texas State
GPA 3.84

V. Smith

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About this Document

V. Smith
Class Notes
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This 20 page Class Notes was uploaded by Theodore Labadie III on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 3307 at Texas State University taught by V. Smith in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 32 views. For similar materials see /class/212909/eng-3307-texas-state-university in Foreign Language at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
Eng 3307 Victoria Smith Fall 2010 0 Film Te 0 O O OO O O 0000 OO 00 O O O rms Also for Eng 3316 Dissolve an optical effect that briefly superimposes one shot over the next One image fades out as another image fades in and takes its place Also lap dissolve Parallel editingCrosscutting alternates between 2 or more strands of action in separate locations often simultaneously Classical Hollywood editing Production code set of industry censorship guidelines on US films from 19301968 Diegesis refers to the world of the film39s story characters places events not only what is shown but what is implied I Nondiegetic sound not from the character not on scene Extradiegetic sound external to not part of any diegesis ex narrator music that is not being seen played Blocking arrangement and movement of actors in relationship to each other within the miseenscene Continuity sound range of scoring sound recording mixing and playback processes striving for unification of meaning experience by subordinating sound to narrative Subtle blends in with the film Does not interfere with dialogue Signifier of emotion and is a narrative cue Opposes montage sound Montage sound relationship of sound that is manipulated into meaning I Borders between nondiegetic and diegetic Effects tied to arbitrary sources POV the position from which a person event or object is seen told or filmed Mickeymousing overillustrating the action through the musical score Ideology systematic set of beliefs not necessarily conscious or acknowledged Miseenscene the relation of acting lighting set costumemakeup to the film I Naturalistic world of the film follows the laws of naturesociety Consistently logical Miseenscene and characters mutually define each other Theatrical elements of miseenscene violatebend the laws of natu resociety Dramatic inconsistencies within setting Miseenscene is independent of film 180 rule uses the axis of action to retain the continuity of the shot same side Threepoint lighting By using three separate positions the photographer can illuminate the shot39s subject such as a person however desired while also controlling or eliminating entirely the shading and shadows produced by direct lighting Two shot shot depicting two characters Highkey lighting reduces the lighting ratio present in the scene upbeat mood used in sitcoms and comedies Lowkey lighting used to create distinct areas of light and darkness in a film especially black and white higher lighting ratio gives a sense ofalienation used in film noir and horror Depth of Field range or distance before and behind the main focus of a shot within which objects remain relatively sharp and clear Shot Reverse shot character A looks at B often off screen then B looking A They are shown facing opposite directions so the viewer assumes they are speaking with each other Eng 3307 Victoria Smith Fall 2010 O O O O O 00 000000 000 O O O O O O 00 Production value term which evaluates the quality of film images and sounds this often shapes viewer expectations Irisin editing transition that gradually opens from a small circular portion of the frame to reveal the entire image modern Irisout begins by masking the corners of the frame in black then reduces to a small circle Aspect ratio the width to height ratio of the film frame as it appears on a movie screenTV monitor I 1331 standard TV set I 1371 standard film before 1950 Academy Aspect Ratio I 1781 European widescreen 169 I 1851 US widescreen I 2351 Cinemascope widescreen Long shot far away framing that places distance between the camera and the scene so that the objectperson is recognized but defined by the large space and background establishing shot Medium shot middle ground framing we see the body of a person from the waist up MediumLong shot framing that increases the distance between the camera and the subject compared with a medium shot shows most ofan individuals body Closeup CU framing that shows details of a person Eye level at the level of the head High angle HA shot from above the eye level but below aerial Low angle LA shot from below eye level DutchCanted askew and not straight on unbalanced AerialCrane view shot taken from a camera mounted on a crane that can vary in distance height and angle Pan shot horizontal leftright movement of camera Tilt shot verticalupdown movement of camera Tracking shot traveling shot changes the position of POV by moving forward backward or around the subject usually on tracks Eye line match principal in continuity editing that calls for following a shot of a character looking offscreen with a shot of a subject whose screen position matches the gaze of the first character Deep focus focus in which multiple planes in the shot are all in focus simultaneously usually achieved with a wideangle lens Match on Action cut between two shots featuring a similar visual action ex closing door entering on the other side Genre category of a group of movies in which the films share similar subject matter and ways of organizing the subject through narrative and stylistic patterns Melodrama focus on central emotional crisis places key social institutions love family work under scrutiny develop conflict between interior emotions and exterior restrictions Archetype an original model OpenClosed framing Film Noir I Set in criminal underworld I Darker in mood with nighttime urban settings I Hard boiled detective fiction Eng 3307 Victoria Smith Fall 2010 I Features morally ambiguous protagonists corrupt institutions dangerous women and convoluted plots Stylized lighting and cinematography German influence Visual elements 0 Black and white 0 Postwar realism the public39s desire for honest and harsh view of American life 0 Lowkey lighting 0 ParanoiaDepression 0 Sexual obsession o Asynchronous sound sound that doesn39t have a visible onscreen source 0 Synchronous sound sound recorded during a scene or one that is synchronized with the film images visual presence on screen 0 signi ersigni ed o Foley sounds synchronized sounds paired with the onscreen action 0 Montage used to signify any joining of images has come to indicate a style emphasized with the breaks and contrasts between images joined by a cut 0 German expressionism drawing from painting and theatrical developments in 1918 1929 Germany Depicts dark fringes of human experience though dramatic lighting set and costume design 0 Method acting naturalistic acting Konstanin Stanislavski o Chiaroscuro lighting dramatic highcontrast lighting that emphasizes shadows and the contrast between light and dark German expressionism and film noir o Kuleshov effect editing that influences audiences to form interpretations based on montage editing alone 0 Flashback O FlashForward o Ellipses break and space in time 0 Sound bridge a sound that carries over from one scene to the next musical segue O ParallelismCounterpoint sound supports or underminescontradicts the action on screen ActorsCharacters 0 Peter Lorre Hans Beckert 0 Ellen Widmann Frau Beckmann o nge Landgut Elsie Beckmann o Theodore Loos Inspector Groeber Film 0 Murderer Peter Lorry attacks young children 0 The townspeople all suspect each other Men start to accuse each other over petty instances Handwriting analysis of note sent quotI39m not done yetquot 0 Huge search through the whole city no results other than a candy wrapper 0 Lots of dialogue then nothing it was interesting brought back with a whistlescreaming at a bar checking papers 0 Pickpocket card shark safe cracker and two other guys talk about how they are annoyed with the police crawling everywhere 0 Business meeting of criminals do not feel safe from the police feel their reputation is being ruined by the murderer scene is paralleled to the officers39 meeting Eng 3307 Victoria Smith Fall 2010 000 O O O OO 0 Scene 0 O 0 They get the bums to be spies across the city Whistling signifies the murderous side of the suspect Almost kills a girl walking on the street but her mother comes sits at a caf and drinks cognac The 39blind39 man sees and calls out the murderer based on his whistle The guy puts an M on his hand in chalk then pats the murderer on his back the murderer is followed by various people but then is lost when he realizes what has happened and hides One of the criminals Franz is caught at the scene and confesses to the location of the murderer quotIf I were you I wouldn39t make big speechesquot quotyou can39t just murder me like thatquot Giant oversized winebeer glasses Maybe hints towards the incompetency of the police Opening scene of M Sound I Bell toll is the first sound I We can hear the children but cannot see them quotas long as we can hear them we know they39re still therequot I Cuckoo clock strikes hint to insanityBig clock on city building strikes sound match 0 Connects the individual child to the problem that is so vast across the city I Whistling I Lorry 0 Voice oddly childlike not masculine or feminine 0 Jewish 0 End of the film was used as evidence against Jews in a Nazi propaganda film Conflict I The quotdeathquot of each child as they play their game I PovertyTrashChildren I Fictionalized murder is becoming reality I The murderer is slowly unveiled throughout the film Shadow on the poster His head as he writes the letter Drinking cognac at the caf Hiding in the abandoned building The trial is the longest shot 15 min Camera I Swings upward jaggedly to a high angle of the mother everyone feels as if they39re being watched this shot personifies that feeling of fear and suspicion I Framing murderer leans over Elsie same as mother over pot on the stove I Not showing the murder 0 Empty open spaces where the girl should be instead 0 Would allow the viewer to imagine it themselves 0 Allows us to sympathize with the murderer at the end of the film I Balloon in wires o symbolizes the struggle and death of the girl Eng 3307 Victoria Smith Fall 2010 o The wires symbolize the destruction of society 0 Scene Graphologist39s handwriting analysis 0 Lorry39s reflection in the mirror I Humanizes Lorry as a person and as the murderer from the dialogue I Obsession and perversion with sight like when he sees the girl39s reflection 0 Characterization of the murderer I He is an actor playing a part in society to hide I HysteriaMadness o In a way that his insanity has infected all of Berlin with madness 0 Things seem backwards the criminals find the murderer the police are useless 0 Scene Reading the newspaper article on the murders O quotanybody sitting next to you could be the murdererquot I The men are disfigured in some way denotation ofcommentary on middle class I George SholzAdolf Uzarski paintings O Cuts from Elsie39s death to this scene shows the panic felt in Berlin 0 Crowd is unspecific a mass 0 Scene Meeting of criminals paralleled to meeting of police officers 0 Setting clocks Denotes importance of time 0 Thick smoke chain smoking Franz 0 Comments on the incompetency of the police I Similarities 0 Leader 0 Methodology 0 Speech quotexterminate himquot touches on the mind frame of the Nazi Party 0 Motive 0 Police look bad because they can39t catch him 0 Criminals look bad because the murderer is making them all look like murderers while they consider themselves merely crooks I Criminals o quotthey39ve been after him 6 years and nothing yetquot 0 quotthree men dead on the ground but he wasn39t one of themquot 0 quotwe must draw a line between ourselves and this man they39re looking forquot o Safecracker gloves no fingerprints I Police 0 quotWhat has public cooperation gotten us so farquot 0 Thematics 0 Fear unites city with a common emotion and fragments it o Gridded nature of the modern urban space 0 The rational order cannot fully encompass the perversity of Beckert O Blindness and anonymity of the city 0 Tartar article 0 Feels sympathy for Beckert at the beginning of the film 0 The mother39s are going to kill him Eng 3307 Victoria Smith Fall 2010 0 Death penalty dilemma ambiguous yea or nay 0 Why the trial Exterminate him Wait we should ask him why he did it I Upholding their own integrity by not killing him I Must hand him over to the police to get them off the backs of the criminals I Trial not for justice to calm the panic of the people 0 Emotion for Beckert I As he speaks they begin to understand him a bit I Commentary from his lawyer 0 Genre Ch 10 0 Info on the film I Lang39s most universally admired filmMixed reviews after release I Context of the collapse of Weimar I Serial killer scare I Rise of Nazis 88 I Artistic trends I Use of sound 4 years after the first talkie O Structuralism I Principle assumption that underlying structures form the basis of all human culture including film and lit I Underlying code systemssign systems exist everywhere denote class cultural values opinions stereotypes 0 Meaning is not natural not universal it is relational historically and culturally contextual 0 Ex woman smoking a cigar US negative Cuba normal 0 From Swiss linguist Ferdinand de Saussure 18571913 0 Relation between things are negative not positive a man is not a woman 0 Meaning is made through what a thing is not I Semiotics study of these codes based on culture I Central proposition that things cannot be understood in isolation but must be seen in context I Binary oppositions culturenature lightdark highlow rationalirrational 0 Places a negative and positive value system on the set 0 Genres I Traditional tragedy comedy epic lyric pastoral I Film western 346 melodrama 348 horror 353 crime 355 war comedy 343 romance musical I Viewer expectations cost effectiveness sets writers etc appeal to audience I Provides a model direct audience expectations create categories for judging I Genres speak to larger cultural audience and psychic concerns and anxieties that have not been fully resolved 0 Have a mythic ritual function I Ideology customs habits practices ofa social group I Archetypes I Genre cues What expectations does the film trigger What creates them How are I 39 met or quot 39 C 39 Iwith the genre conography Suggests certain myths or reflect social rituals O M does not fit in any specific genre easily Eng 3307 Victoria Smith Fall 2010 Contemporary because it expresses themes that still have not been resolved 0 The common man vs authority 0 Mentally ill criminals death or asylum 0 Social anxiety is my neighbor a murderer 0 Murder is taboo so it intrigues the audience and instills a realistic fear Detective but not a mystery Drama Chaos vs order criminals trying to catch a criminal Film noir bampw shadows dark thematics expressionistic shots 0 Double Indemnity was heavily influenced by M 0 Smoking and drinking as a sign of sophistication 0 History of film and serial killers Expressionistic theatre eccentric in thought Weimar cinema 0 No foreign competition in cinema 0 UFA 1918 Universum Film A G o T 39 39 U39 39 39 high 39 0 At the forefront of European avantgarde o Prevalent during the time of M Expressionist film Metropolis Popularization of murderers o Ernst Gemat coined term serial killer 0 Song the children sing is a real chant Haarmen value strong aesthetic sense 0 Rise of Nazis Hitler political murder 0 Murderer has an oral fixation 0 Based on series of murderers 0 First to create a storyline from the newspapers 0 New objectivity art form opposing to expressionism new naturalism stylized and aesthetic O O O O Rejection of sentimentality emotional agitation o ActorsCharacters o Humphrey Bogart Phillip Marlowe 0 Lauren Bacall Vivian Rutledge 0 John Ridgely Eddie Mars 0 Martha Vickers Carmen Sternwood 0 Film Noir 0 19411958 classic period 0 Emphasis on style tonemood Scenes lit for night Oblique vertical lines as opposed to horizontal Light enters dingy rooms in odd shapes Shadow effects create a fatalistic mood Equates the actors to objects showing the unimportance of human beings Tension is preferred to physical action Wet docks piers alleyways are central meeting places Eng 3307 Victoria Smith Fall 2010 O O O O I Complex chronological order I Time is disoriented I Voice over narrationFlashbacks I Low key lighting shadows distortion unclear faces self conflict fearanticipation of the unknown 0 Noir as Vernacular Modernism I Formalmoralcomplexity I Frankness about sexual relations I Critical stance about progress and modernity 0 Themes I Paranoia despair nihilism cynicism pessimism I Fronteirism turns to paranoia I Small time criminals make it big in gov39t etc I Passion for the pastpresent fear of the future I Unclear priorities 0 Maltese Falcon 0 Elements to form classic noir I warpost war disillusionment o Delayed reaction to the depression of the 3039s 0 Appeared after WWII propaganda films 0 The whole society is not worth fighting for in the same way sexual tension etc of returning soldiers 0 Home from the war movie Mise en scene loose women drinking in the middle of the day nonchalant feeling I postwar realism o Public39s desire for a more honest and harsh view of America compared to the previous happy golucky musicals that were popular I German influence 0 Billy Wilder Douglas Sirk Fred Zinneman Max Steiner 0 They brought a reliance on studio lighting 0 Made all the world a sound stage directing unnatural and expressionistic lighting onto realistic settings I hard boiled detective o Tough cynical way of actingtalking o Romanticism with a protective shell 0 Roots in pulp fictionjournalism o Dashiell Hammett Raymond Chandler James M Cain ActorsCharacters 0 John Getz Ray 0 Frances McDormand Abby 0 Dan Hedaya Julian Marty o M Emmet Walsh Private Detective Loren Visser Notes on film Ceiling fan 39Employees must wash hands before returning to work39 Blood soaked through the towel that was covering the back seat Dead end on the street Eng 3307 Victoria Smith Fall 2010 O Burial scene I Prolongs the murder to allow feelings for the viewer I Marty39s death isn39t fair even though he39s a bad guy I Setting plowed rows feel like a graveyard surrealistic lighting music car won39t start DI 0 Why it is neonoir I It is not clear who is good and who is bad I Francis McDormand isn39t a femme fatal I Rural versus a traditionally urban setting I Authentic noir Yes I Based a lot of things on James M Cain39s work I Voice over denotes isolation pessimism 0 Film Noir Told in flashback Voiceover GermanAustrian director often Paranoia Mirrors Angst No happy ending Ex Double Indemnity Periods I Wartime period 19411946 0 Private eyes detectives o Romanticactorsactresses I Postwar realist period 19451949 0 Crime in the street corruption police routine I Cold WarPsychotic period 19491955 c Suicidal despairing not romantic o ActorsCharacters 0 John Wayne Ethan Edwards 0 Jeffrey Hunter Martin Pawley o Vera Miles Laurie Jorgensen 0 Natalie Wood Debbie Edwards 15 0 Literary elements 0 Doors interior shots represent the movement forward for society 0 Outdoors large open spaces represent the 39old days39Wild West 0 Rocking chairs I Mose Harper I Represents civilization as opposed to savagery o Captivity Narratives I Native Americans take whites into captivity 0 Mutual hate for each other I quotLast of the Mohicansquot for example but also many placed in Texas I Cynthia Ann Parker 1845 0 Taken captive by Comanche Indians 0 Son became one of the last chiefs o FilmNovel and many others are loosely based off of this story I Civilization vs Savagery O O O O O O O O Eng 3307 Victoria Smith Fall 2010 0 Film 000 O O 0 Civilization 0 Gold locket 0 Warm fire 0 Dog to keep him company 0 Coffeelots of food to eat 0 Prayer before battling Comanche o Savagery 0 Ethan stole moneyKills the man with info about Debbie to take his money back cattle were killed by 39Comanch39 Indians house burned and family killed digging up the graves of Comanche Indians painted in yellow and red sun and blood life and death 0 Hunting buffalo like the Comanche so they don39t have any to eat 0 quotHard to believe they39re whitequot quotThey39re not anymore they39re Comanch nowquot 0000 Find humor quotShe39s got a fella kisses him tooquot quotPut an amen to itquot quotCome on blanket headquot Mose imitates Indian chanting Comical prayer quotThank you for that which we are about to receivequot about to battle the Comanche Blasted gun is out of ammo What are you getting so red about I got brothers ain39t I Laurie pours a bucket of water on Martin Martin quotI ain39t gonnaquot Laurie to Martin quotWe39ve been going steady since we was three years oldquot quotWell I didn39t know I39ve always been fond of you thoughquot Martin to Edward What if you missed I hadn39t thought of that Ethan calls the Indian woman Mrs Pawley her real name is Wild Goose Flying in the Night Sky but she goes by Look sounds like Luke quotYou speak good Comanche Someone teach youquot The love triangle fight between Laurie Martin and Charlie Mc Corry Wait somebody39s fiddle I39ll put you boys in the smokehouse to cool you down Based on story by Alan La May Directed by John Ford Similar to the story of Cynthia Ann Parker Filmed in Monument Valley set in Texas Characters Edwards Family Ethan Edwards John Wayne 0 Question Martin Pawley and Ethan39s relationship 0 Why is he trying to find Debbie Nothing to lose only gain if she dies Eng 3307 Victoria Smith Fall 2010 Called 39The Prodigal Brother39 by Rev Capt Was in love with Martha his brother39s wife Don39t call me sir or uncle Son says I wish Uncle Ethan were here when his own father is there to protect him Tears up at the sight of their burning home quotThat39ll be the dayquot repeated quote from Ethan o I hope you die Martin That39ll be the day Finally meets with Cicatrice in an Indian village Ethan and Martin looked for Debbie for 5 years quotBig Shouldersquot Gets shot in the chest after finding Debbie Abandons Debbie as his blood kin Relieved from duty from the Texas Rangers for the death of Mr Futterman I Aaron Edwards Walter Coy o Ethan39s brother I Martha Edwards Dorothy Jordan 0 Ethan calls for her first when he arrives at the burning house I Lucy Edwards Pippa Scott 0 Indians find her hiding at her grandmother39s grave 0 Everyone goes in search of her and Debbie after the raid 0 Edward finds her wraps her dead body in his coat and buried her in the canyon I Debbie Edwards Natalie Wood 0 Taken by the Comanche in the raid 0 Eventually found by Ethan and Martin 0 Doesn39t want to be saved then all of a sudden she does I Martin Pawley Jeffrey Hunter 0 Calls her Aunt MarthaUncle Ethan Parents killed by Indians haunted by fear Unofficially adopted son Can39t read very well Traded with other Indian people hats for blankets but really traded for a woman squall 0 quotHe Who Followsquot o Tells Debbie about her old life helping her remember 0 As hard as he tries to be the one to save Debbie Ethan ends up with the glory 0 Men in the search I Rev Capt Samuel Johnston Clayton Ward Bond 0 Eats a lot Loud 0 Ethan says to him quotOkay but if you39re wrong don39t ever give me another orderquot I Mose Harper Hank Worden o Wants a rocking chair and to be inside SYM BOLISM for civilization and opposing savagery o quotGrateful to the XXXX of your rocking chair ma39amquot Eng 3307 Victoria Smith Fall 2010 o Reunites with Ethan and Martin with information on Debbie o quot just want a roof over old Mose39s head and a rocking chair My very own rocking chairquot I Brad Jorgensen Harry Carey Jr 0 Matheson J in novel 0 Runs off to find Debbie in the middle of the night after he hears of Lucy39s death 0 He doesn39t make it Ethan writes his parents 0 Jorgensen Family I Lars Jorgensen John Qualen 0 Ethnic Some sort of European accent I Mrs Jorgensen Olive Carey I Laurie Jorgensen Vera Miles o Is in love with Martin Pawley 0 Gets a letter from Martin tells her about the 39late Mr Futterman39 amp Scar 0 And of his wife the squaw she is livid 0 Charlie McCorry Ken Curtis I Brought a letter for Ethan to the Jorgensen home contains a piece of calico cloth from a dress of Debbie39s I Tries to marry Martin39s girl 0 Emilio Figueroa Antonio Moren 0 Chief Cicatrice Scar Henry Brandon I Chief of the tribe that took Debbie o Lt Greenhill Patrick Wayne John Wayne39s son I Brings Mose back to the house with information on Scar o In the book 0 Laurie marries Charlie Arrested for a longer period of time Got in a fight with Charlie trying to leave jail to find Debbie Charlie is a Texas Ranger Martin39s character Amos is shot and does not appear in the last chapter 000 o ActorsCharacters 0 Claire Trevor Dallas 0 John Wayne Ringo Kid 0 John Caradine Hatfield 0 Louise Platt Lucy Malory 0 Thomas Mitchell Doc Boone o Stagecoach 1939 0 What kind of genre is it besides Western I Disaster film 0 group thrown together 0 suffers and survives I Road movie 0 Selfand world discovery 0 Road is a liminal space outside the norm 0 Doorways threshold space between civilization and naturesavagery 0 From society to wilderness back to society then a split I Romance Eng 3307 Victoria Smith Fall 2010 I Melodramatic 0 Music denotes specific feeling and event 0 How does it use the conventions of western I Antagonists are Indians I Good vs Evil 0 Even though Ringo and Dallas are guilty they go free 0 Drunken doctor not punished 0 Theme of second chances running from society 0 quotThey39re escaping the of societyquot I Violence I conography Guns Whiskey Cowboy hats I Revenge plot 0 Ringo wants revenge on the Plummer Bros for the death of his father and brother 0 Ineffectual law enforcement in Lordsburg denoting the frontierWest I Sacred quest 0 Binary Oppositions I TimidAbrasive I HomelySlutty I DisrespectRespect Doc inside respect outside notGatewood inside not outside is o How does it critique civilization I Civilization turns them into class systems and cannot be all together I Dallas quotThere are worse things than Apachesquot 0 Calling the 39classy39 women more uncivilized than the Indians I Hatfield 0 will kill Lucy before the Indians get to her uncivilized feelings inside all of us 0 From the south quotracial otherquot just like Ethan in The Searchers I Lordsburg is civilization on the edge of the frontier o Blocking Tableau shots separating opposing forces 0 Doc is brave enough to stand alone to the Plummer Bros 0 Townspeople all look miserable and saddepressed drinking 0 Uses lights and darks to show the negative of Lordsburg I Contextual frames Studlar 0 Product of the great depression 0 Social function of the west as necessary to US development 0 Land votes 0 Moving toward democracy 0 Class distinctions begin to break down with the removal of the necessity to inherit lands 0 39 U39 39 quot 39 of r 39 0 class on the frontier o Illegitimate democracy 0 Ringo good or bad Good bc of his treatment towards women 0 Dallas good or bad Naturally noble o Altruistic attitude with marriage and domesticity I CoyoteBa by scene 0 Eye line match Ringo and Dallas as she holds the baby Eng 3307 Victoria Smith Fall 2010 o Blocking 0 Camera movements stationary camera with natural acting o Achieving a sense of community I Yes 0 the birth symbolizing nationality 0 Doc Dallas show different roles I No 0 Everyone splits once they get to Lordsburg 0 Dallas and Ringo leave to Mexico together away from society 0 Characters I Doc Boone Drunk intelligent class status brave poetic speaker accepting I Lucy Mallory rep the strength of America 9 months pregnant and on a wagon I Ringo John Wayne isn39t an asshole yet more compelling I As types 0 Outlaw Ringo 0 Comic relief Buck 0 Woman Dallas Lucy 0 Drunk Doc Boone 0 Composition I Density of the shot how many things are in the shot I L to R is easiest R to L evokes tension this technique used with music to create emotion I Landscape of Monument Valley is endless feels vast possibilities juxtaposed to the closed tightness of the inside cabin o ActorsCharacters 0 Kris Kristofferson Charlie Wade Buddy Deeds Matthew McConaughey Stephen Mendillo Cliff Chris Cooper Sam Elizabeth Pena Pilar Joe Stevens Deputy Travis Clifton James Hollis Jeff Monahan Young Hollis o Miriam Colon Mercedes Cruz 0 Themes 0 Law enforcementJustice o Vengeance as a form of twisted justice 0 Film 0 ScreenwriterDirector John Sayles 0 Setting Rio County in Frontera Texas 0 Characters I Past Generation 0 Buddy Deeds 0 Calls Wade out on his bs O Forbade Sam and Pilar to be involved in high school 0 Sheriff Charlie Wade 0 Corrupt pockets city money 0 Everyone hates him and fears him OOOOOOO Eng 3307 Victoria Smith Fall 2010 O Allows crime that is profitable for him to continue 0 Bunny 0 Deeds39 exwife I Sheriff Sam Deeds 0 Son of Buddy Deeds o Finds the skeleton of Charlie Wade I Otis Payne 0 Owner of the bar 0 Father to Colonel Payne I Mayor Hollis Progue o Constantly put in his place by Wade back in the day 0 He is the shooter who killed Deeds to keep him from shooting Otis I Pilar Cruz 0 History teacher accused of teaching inaccurately 0 Half sister to Sam Deeds I Sgt Cliff I Colonel Delmore Payne 0 Otis39s son 0 Has trouble with his father and his son 0 Danny Payne39s son who doesn39t want to be in the military I Ray I Celie I Molly I Fenton I Mercedes Cruz 0 Racist against her own Mexican people she calls herself 39Spanish39 0 Calls them 39wetbacks39 and other derogatory terms 0 Had an affair with Buddy Deeds o Handout 0 How are there different meanings for La Frontera I Otis39s connection with the community through his bar and to the Seminole through his museum 0 What are traditional aspects of the western How is it a revisionist western I Good vs bad I Setting I Corrupt law enforcement I Conflict over social changes as a form of racism I Relationships between different races I Women are revolutionized as actually being people Pilar is a professional 0 Sam39s search into the past is called a quotdecolonizing stancequot do you agree or disagree 0 Character analysis contradictions I Mercedes 0 Complicated prejudice against Mexicans 0 Business is in Mexican food 0 Hires illegal Mexicans to work in her kitchen argues they all have green cards 0 Her relationship with Sam Eng 3307 Victoria Smith Fall 2010 0 She is in the middle of the race battle in school 0 Speaking roles why are they important I Bunny 0 Her history has affected her present 0 Borderline personality borders 0 Complicated relationships between families I Minnie Bledsoe I Chuco 0 He reveals the affair 0 Comments about the politics on the reservation 0 Highlights the importance of diversity 0 Linda Chavez I Incest is used as a way to dissolve the borders that have been put up I Continues with the theme of rules breaking the rulesexceptions I quotblood only means what you let itquot concurrent with thematics from The Searchers O quot Forget the Alamoquot 0 Italian NeoRealism 0 194039s 195039s aftermath of WWII 0 Product of filmmaker39s trained with Mussolini o Partially a reaction against Mussolini39s escapist entertainment 0 Influential everywhere precursor to Neorealism O Felt they had a moral obligation to use their films to encourage social change church police government agencies 0 Roberto Rossellini quota moral positionquot then moved into an quotaesthetic positionquot 0 First Viscotti39s Obsession in 1942 0 Not well received in Italy felt it made Italy look bad 0 Leftist social themes rejected traditionalcinematic conventions onlocation shooting documentary style nonprofessional actors present day setting focus on lives of the poor not the rich external conditions not internal psychological conditions post production sound 0 Film 0 Bike model is Fidel meaning faith in Italian 0 Narrative patterns quest coming of age tragedy modern tragic hero magic love darkness impurities I Buildungsroman German 39coming of age39 Bruno I Reversal of the fatherson relationship I Crisis of the father figure 0 Antonio as a modern tragic hero I Not focusing on his son I He falls down almost get run over makes him walk all over Rome I Represents modern man life is made of random choice not nobility I He is the rule not the exception 0 StatusRole of the crowd I Individuals struggle to exist church institutions of the state I quotIt s just a bicyclequot but it39s not it39s food shelter and clothing faith and masculinity 0 Role of women Eng 3307 Victoria Smith Fall 2010 I Maria seems to disappear from the film 0 Opinions I Andre Bazin quotpure cinemaquot has an accidental nature I Highly artificial highly structured family melodrama o Melodrama O Legibility Expressiveness Simplification of roles Strong audience identification Devaluation of language Miseenscene takes the place of speech quotif you don39t tell society to go fuck itself you39re stuck under it39s conventionsquot Smith 0 Characters at the mercy of societal conventions in melodrama 0 195039s Melodrama 0 Family as narrative focus 0 Representation of America39s patriarchal and bourgeois order I Central unit windividual roles that carry social significance father mother son daughter etc I Bound to its community by social class income homes etc 0 Function in 2 ways I For patriarchal ends by bringing about narrative resolution of it contradictions I For women by offering 39 f 39 of U 39 39 of these 39 39 which are usually suppressed 0 Directors Douglas Sirk Nicolas Ray Vincent Minelli I Genre assumes ironic ambiguous perspective I Both 39 39 39 gand 39 39 Ubasic 39 39 39 of mass audience I The ironic distance between interior and exterior motives and feelings I Sirk39s miseenscene o Canted angles 0 O O O O O o Nonnatural lighting 0 Everything is within the frame distortedcut off 0 Blocks characters visually represents blocked communication 0 Mirrors seem to represent reality but do not 0 False images Superficial O Desires o Miseenscene 0 Autumn I Change I Death 0 New England I Easy to see the change of summer to fall I Elitism I Puritans repressive I Transcendentalism ThoreauEmerson 0 Things to notice I Canted frames I Dissolves and fades Eng 3307 Victoria Smith Fall 2010 Ironic distancing Aristotelian irony Tensions on visual narratives Surface color is etched with noirish shadow Artifice of the production design backdrops and real locations Romantic score Interconnections with racism homophobia antiSemitism Eruption of forbidden desire within a domestic sphere Oppressive community No happy ending especially for women Questions about the film Final 0 O 0000 O O 0 What are the film noir elements I Thematics Isolation Loneliness Anxiety I Firstperson voice over narration I LightingColor around cars symbolic of the urbanity of cars I Urban setting pavement streetlights hookers and pimps I Femme fatale split between ris and Betsey VirginWhore I Postwar traumatic influences I Mirror film sequences usually women representing lies but here it is Travis I Unconventional minor characters Opening sequence I What kinds of shots are there and what do they tell us I How is Travis usually shot 0 Extreme close up of Travis appears to be coming out the smoke like something evil 0 High angle shot over the desk Uneducated exmilitary follows patch on jacket unbalanced no motivated reason to show us the desk 0 Screen direction L to R taxis R to L Travis subtly denotes there is something wrong with him 0 Walking down the sidewalk dissolve cut to add to his unbalanced persona o Unmotivated shots of objects mirror patch parts of the car why The cab is a metal coffin for Travis his shellbody armor I How does Scorsese frame the world 0 Transitions from romantic to threatening ominous music I What is the city like 0 slow distorted shots of the city How does a film like The Searchers help us to understand TD How are they alike How can we see a taxi and taxi driver as metaphors What are structuring oppositions What is Travis Bickel like I Scorsese quotHe39s going to help them so much he39s going to kill themquot Why does he want to rescue Iris What39s problematic about that Why does Scorsese use 3 min of film to show aftermath of killings What are the most important scenes Why Characters Eng 3307 Victoria Smith Fall 2010 0 Robert De Niro Travis Bickle o Cybill Shepard Betsey 0 Jodie Foster ris 0 Harvey Keitel Sport 0 Leonard Harris Charles Palantine 0 Peter Boyle Wizard 0 Modern horror I Travis is a monster I Scorsese uses short cuts distorted vision and off colors to represent Travis39s unstable condition 0 Film noir I Thematics Isolation Loneliness Anxiety I Firstperson voice over narration I LightingColor around cars symbolic of the urbanity of cars I Urban setting pavement streetlights hookers and pimps I Femme fatale split between Iris and Betsey VirginWhore I Postwar traumatic influences I Mirror film sequences usually women representing lies but here it is Travis I Unconventional minor characters 0 Antiwar I In the film39s time people hated soldiers because they didn39t agree with the war now we appreciate the soldier39s even though we don39t agree with the war 0 Americanidealism I Regeneration through violence Richard Slotkin39s I Rugged individualism leads to isolation and loneliness 0 Western I Travis Alamo Same frontiersman aggression 0 Background 0 Paul Schrader39s screenwriter low point in life quotI am Travis Bicklequot lots of coke o Inspired John Hinckley39s attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan and Arthur Bremer39s assassination attempt on Nixon then George Wallace 0 Shot in 40 days difficult circumstances difficulty getting a studio to take the film too dark I Tight budget time and money I Used storyboards to plan film I Story board meticulous sketch of each scene 0 Change in motion picture rating the film got an R instead ofX rating change in final scene and change in the production codes 0 Influences I Precursors that made this film possible Bonnie and Clyde Psycho I John Paul Sartre39s Nausea I Dostoyevsky39s Notes from the Underground I French New Wave 0 Breathless jump cuts I Film noir Eng 3307 Victoria Smith Fall 2010


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