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by: Theodore Labadie III


Theodore Labadie III
Texas State
GPA 3.84

J. Labay

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About this Document

J. Labay
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Theodore Labadie III on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 2330 at Texas State University taught by J. Labay in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/212910/eng-2330-texas-state-university in Foreign Language at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
English 2330 Exam 3 Review Texts covered The Tamil Anthologies dated from the 2nd to the 3rd century Written in Vernacular the common spoken language included akam vs puram rasa and dhvani 0 Characters 0 Author 0 Time period 0 Place 0 Setting time amp place of story The 700 songs of Hala 2nd 3rd century written in prakrit 0 Characters 0 Author 0 Time period 0 Place 0 Setting time amp place of story The 100 poems of Amaru 7th century written in Sanskrit by Shankaracharya These were canon poems 0 Characters 0 Author 0 Time period 0 Place 0 Setting time amp place of story Chevrefoil Tristan story with carved hazel wood to signal the Queen 0 Characters I Tristan King Mark s nephew Commits adultery with Yseult Main character I King Mark The King of Cornwall I Yseult King Mark s wife Commits adultery with Tristan Author Marie de France Time period mid 12th to early 13th centuries Place France Setting time amp place of story in Corn wall where King Mark reigns Also in Ireland where Tristan is sent when King Mark banishes him from Cornwall Bisclavret werewolf story 0 Characters Bisclavret main character turns into a werewolf Wife Bisclavret s wife Runs off with the knight Knight hides Bisclavret s clothes so he cannot turn back into human form Runs off with Bisclavret s wife King the King of Brittany helps free Bisclavret turn him into human form and punish the knight and his wife 0 Author Marie de France 0 Time period mid 12th to early 13th centuries OOOO 0 Place France 0 Setting time amp place of story Took place in Brittany o 1001 nights 9th to 14th century 0 Charac I 000 O 0000 Films ters Shahrayar the king who began marrying and killing his wives each night The older brother Shahzaman The younger brother He was first cheated on by his wife and didn t tell Shahrayar until he saw Shahrayar s wife cheating on him Shahrazad The vizier s oldest daughter who eventually marries Shahrayar and is able to keep him from killing her for 1001 nights until Shahrayar realizes that not all women as unfaithful Dunyazad Shahrazad s younger sister who stays by her side each night to listed to her stories to the king She eventually marries Shahzaman Author various authors Time period 9th 14th centuries Place Egypt Syria and Iraq Setting time amp place of story a collective story time and place ranges all over 0 Sir Gawain and the Green Knight 14th century 0 Characters Sir Gawain the youngest of Aurthur s knights King Arthur King of Camelot The Green knight proposes a challenge which Sir Gawain accepts Bertilak de Hautdesert The lord ofa castle happens to be the quotgreen knight and he was only testing Sir Gawain and his honesty Lady Bertilak Bertilak s wife tries to seduce Sir Gawain Author the Gawain poet Time period late 14th century Place Europe Setting time amp place of story 0 The Arabian Nights 0 Tristan and Isolde 0 Sir Gawain Storytellers O The End ofJafar and the Barmakids O The Tale of Sympathy the Learned O The Poet Abu Nuwas O The Story of Ying Yang Authors to recognize 0 Marie de France wrote quotLais included Bisclavaret and Chevrefoil o bn Dawud wrote quotThe Book of the Flower O Gottfriend von Strassburg wrote quotTristain the story of Tristan and Isolde Nernart de Ventadorn wrote quotWhen I see the skylark moving Beatriz Comtessa de Dia wrote quotto sing of what I would not want I must and I have been in great distress Titles to recognize Terms to know Chanson de geste Songs of heroic deeds These are epics which are stories of deeds and battles involving great courage They descended from earlier roots For example Beowulfwhich was an epic of England s past The Song ofRoland which was an epic of France s past El Cid which was an epic of Spain s Iberia past Early middle Ages 500 to 1066 CE This time period hosts the setting of Beowulf Tristan and Isolde The Song of Roland El Cid and Sir Gawain t dates from the end of the Roman Empire and is characterized by the many smaller kingdoms in the absence of Roman power High middle Ages 1066 1300 AD During this time there were fewer barbarian invasions because Europe was more politically organized This was the period of the troubadour poets of courtly love chivalry and the genre of Romance Tristan and Isolde stories abound as well as stories of Arthur and his knights Late middle Ages 1300 1500 AD This was a period of great change in Europe and increased exposure to Classical texts Sir Gawain and the Green Knight was written The period of Chaucer Aristocratic Literature Literature centered on court life and based on the French Feudal system of politics Old Heroic values Developed in the early Middle Ages after the withdrawal of Rome from its provinces to the Battle of Hastings in 1066 Consisted of protection of one s family and clan loyalty to one s leader skill with weapons strength courage in battle skill in horsemanship quotchevalquotry as a bond between the horse and the hero enthusiasm for hunting raiding feasting drinking and quotfreemenquot in loosely knit political alliances For example Beowulf Courtly Values Came from both the High middle ages such as Tristan and Isolde and the late middle ages such as Sir Gawain and the Green Knight These new values were Aristocratic in focus meaning they centered on court life and were based on the French Feudal system of politics They were also CatholicChristian in theology Gallant courteous refined educated and chivalric Anglo Saxons TeutonicGermanic people who conquered England after the Romans withdrew in the 5th century AD and they ruled the land until the Norman Conquest in 1066 AD During their migrations they were referred to as barbarians Romanized Celts Celtic peoples living in Britain who were influenced culturally by the Romans and influenced by the legendary Arthur They were conquered after the Roman withdrawal from Britain by the Angles Saxons Jutes and Frisians Norman England England was under Norman rule after the Battle of Hastings in 1066 French became the official language of the government which allowed for more culture to be transmitted from France The Normans were inhabitants of Normandy northern France who conquered England in 1066 AD They were originally a Viking people who conquered Normandy in earlier centuries William the Conqueror Lived from 1027 1087 He led the Normans in the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and afterwards became the King of England TroubadoursTrobairitz poets from southern France during the 11th and 12th century They produced love songs of courtly love and adultery Trouver Poets from northern France They produced love songs of courtly love and adultery Romance Genre included The Matter of Britain Ancient Troy stories of Tristan and Isolde Courtly love and adultery and stories of Gawain and Arthur There were almost 500 long poems of courtly love The quotmatter of Britain Name given to a collection of kingly literature from Britain It was a part of the Romance Genre Chivalric Code of knightly conduct Chivalry as Court liness is a part of the Romance Genre ofthe high and late middle ages Courtly love Noble and chivalrous depiction of love in high society Didactic Literature Literature meant to instruct inform or teach a lesson Didacticism is an artistic philosophy that emphasizes instructional and informative qualities in literature and other types of art writing that is quotpreachyquot or seeks overtly to convince a reader of a particular point of lesson writing that aims to teach Misogynistic themes characterized by an extremely negative portrayal of women The archaic lyric poet Alkois was known to be heavily misogynistic He was from the island of Lesbos Bahabhrata was heavily misogynistic Satire A form of social and political commentary that mocks in order to change some reality It also uses sarcasm and irony A literary work in verse or prose in which human vice or folly is attacked through irony derision wit scorn or ridicule Aristophanes is one of the best known Greek examples of this genre Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a medieval example Allegory A form of literature in which many aspects ofthe story have multiple layers of meaning It uses symbolism as a primary tools However a quotChristian allegory contains multiple symbols that have religious significance related to the Christian faith traditions Akam vs puram Akam captures emotion that happened during a private work such as love or eroticism Puram tries to capture the emotional state catalyzed by something that happened in the public world such as an event or a battle Rasa Rasa is way different than Greek poetry Sappho Alkhios etc It is a poem stripped left out of details which personalize and individualizing characters we only know the poet s name with the hope of capturing distilled emotion thani Implied symbolism A powerful suggestion to get you to begin thinking about what is actually going on Prakrit Naturalbasic language with grammatical simplicity but a literary language rather than a common spoken form It s less formal than Sanskrit but is still appropriate for literature Sanskrit Bhratri from samskrita meaning llmade fit kept purequot formal therefore the appropriate language for holy texts such as the Vedas It is also the language in which the Mahabharata is written Used for holy writing Tamil Tamil Anthology is in the vernacular language ofthe region The Tamil Anthologies were written during the 2nd 3rd century in Tamil by various poets Frame tale a story or several stories cushioned in a frame within another story a Early example the Mahabharata 1001 Nights b Modern example Forrest Gump Quest Archetype story about a likeable flawed hero seeking a worthy goal and struggling against obstacles in his way He the hero must go on a journey before he can return to normalcy Bildungsroman archetype a story in which the young hero grows and develops through facing challenges that test him Vernacular literature Tamil Anthologies Vernacular language is what people speak to each other in everyday life Attaf the laughing man reading the book in his vizier s adventure Zubaidah The eldest sister Two black dogs beaten every night Zubaidah s full blood sisters Second Kalandar baboon transformation and Jenni fight Porter stopped in the market by a veiled woman Invited to the house of three sisters Merchant can speak the language of the animals Merchant s wife makes merchant share his secret and gets beaten Ox doesn t want to work so much asks the donkey for advice Donkey brings misfortune on himself by miscalculation Beatriz Comtessa de Dia wrote quotto sing of what I would not want I must and I have been in great distress Shahrazad Shahrayar s brother whose wife betrays him first Shahrayar the king who killed each new wife daily after the betrayal of his wife He eventually marries Shahzaman Shahzaman tells shahrayar stories to prevent her death He has three sons Dunyazad Shahzaman s isster who marries Shahrazad Aminah and Fahimah the half sisters of Zubaidad They are the three young girls in the mansion Gringolet Gawain s horse Bertilak de Hautdesert Lord ofthe house Gawain stays in He is also the Green Knight Morgan le Fay Merlin s mistress Arther s sister and the mother of his child The old lady in black ENG 2330 Exam review test 4 Dante and the Divine Comedy Inferno Summary 0 Written during the middle ages 0 Takes place in the 1300 s 0 First line mentions it is an Italian political journey 0 During the story he is 35 years old mid life point died in 1321 0 Medieval world is thoroughly Catholic 0 There is a literal and figurative meaning due to religion 0 Symbolism hell 9 purgatory 9 heaven There is three books the holy trinity o The character has to go through all three to understand God s logic 0 In 1302 Dante vanished from the city was tried and found guilty and sentenced to exile and death upon return 0 Dante longs to return home but can t go home due to exile o Beatrice Dante s love She is described as llbeautiful and saintly Dante may have only seen her once 0 Level 8 and 10 different types of sinners Characters 0 Virgil a poet wrote the Aeneid greatly admired by Dante He represents reason and wisdom Virgil is very strong but needs divine intervention to complete the journey safely personification of reason and wisdom o Dante 35 years old spiritually lost and wandering away from righteousness and God Virgil is sent to give him guidance 0 Anataeua giant slain by Hercules o Argenti Florentine a bitter enemy of Dante o Attila chief of the Huns Called llthe scourge of Godquot 0 Beatrice inspiration for Dante s work She sends Virgil to save Dante Acquaintance of Dante in Florence She is his Salvation Beatrice is the personification of love and faith and love of poetry 0 Bocca Traitor of Florence On one occasion he betrayed the Guelphs and caused their defeats o Boniface VIII pope Dante e bitter enemy o Brunetto Latini Distinguished scholar beloved friend and an advisor to dante o Brutus one of the conspirators in the murder of Caesar o Caiaphas the high priest who influenced the Hebrew council to crucify Jesus 0 Capaneus One of the seven against Thebes Defied Zeus and was killed by him 0 Cassius one of the conspirators who killed Julius Caesar o Calvacanti father of the poet Guido who is Dante s friend 0 Guido his son The father inquires about him in hell Celestine V pope resigned the papal throne thus making way for Pope Boniface VIII Cerberus the three headed hound guards one of the gates of hell Charon the Ferryman of the river Acheron in Hell Ciacco A notorious glutton His name means llthe hogquot Cleopatra queen of Egypt mistress of Caesar and Mark Antony Dido Queen of Carthage She was Aeneas lover Diomede companion of Ulysses in his last voyage Donati family A politically powerful family who caused the split in the political parties Erichtho sorceress who conjured Virgil s spirit to help Dante Farinata a prominent leader of the Ghibelline party who defeated Dante s party Francesca da Rimini lover of paolo whose brother slew them in the act of adultery Frederick II Emperor attempted to unite Italy and Sicily Geri del Bello cousin to Dante whose murder was not avenged Geryon a monster who represents fraud Gianni Schicchi aided a member of the Danati family in falsifying a will Harpies in mythology birds with the faces of women Jason leader of the Argonauts in their quest for the Golden Fleece Judas Iscariot one of the 12 disciples he betrayed Jesus Mahomet founder of the Islamic religion Malabranche demons who punish the barraters The name means quotevilclawsquot Malacoda one of the Malebranche His name means llevil tailquot Medusa one of the Gorgons The sight of her hair as snakes turned men to stone Minotaur a monster with a bulls body and a man s head Nessus one of the centaurs killed by Hercules Nicholas III pope successor to Pope John XXI accused of Simony Paolo da Rimini committed adultery with Francesca hjis brother s wife Phlegyas ferryman of the river Styx in Hell Plutus god of riches Potiphar s wife falsely accused Joseph of trying to seduce her Ruggieri Archbishop traitor who starved Ugolino and his sons Satan also called Lucifer Dis and Beelzebub he is the llemperor of Hellquot Scala Can grande ella Dante s friend and protector in exile Sinon the Greek accused of treachery during the Trojan War Thais a courtesan who flattered her lover excessively Ugolino count imprisoned with his sons and starved to death Ulysses legendary hero of Homer s Odyssey Vanni Fucci a thief who shocks Dante with his obscenity Vigne Pier delle he was unjustly imprisoned for graft and committed suicide Paolo and Francesca friends who read romances of Lancelot together and came to be romantically interested in each other They are condemned to hell for a kiss o Brutus and Cassius Betrayed Rome 0 Judas Betrayed Christ 0 Satan Betrayed God 0 Erasmus Praise of Folly o Lucian true history 0 Geulfs support the pope o Ghibellines support the emperor o The Italian Triumvirate Dante Petrarch and Boccaccio Events 0 Goes to hell but still a human being Themes 0 Perfection of God s justice 0 Evil as the contradiction of God s will 0 Storytelling as a way to achieve immortality Terms 0 The divine comedy an epic poem written in the early 1300 s in Italian Vernacular exploring the Christian afterlife and using some of the conventions of the Romance genre The divine comedy was different from other epics we have read because Dante is writing about himself instead of someone else 0 Language of Entruscan a vernacular language 0 Stilnovisti poets of the llsweet new stylequot who were strongly influenced by Troubador poets of France The center of their poems is courtly love AKA La dolce Stil Nuovo o Terza Rima means llthird rhymequot and was invented by Dante Fits in with Dante s division of the text into three s and ones Each terzina ababcb gives a sense of simultaneous closure and continuity order and disorder stability and change interlocking threeline rhyme scheme Invented by Dante o Terzina three lines of poetry 0 Canto a division or chapter in long poems From latin for llI sing o Canticle a hymn or song usually nonmetrical from the Bible or other holy text 0 Vernacular everyday language 0 La vita Nuova llthe new lifequot a revisioning of love s purpose written by Dante after Beatrice s death 0 La commedia inferno purgatory paradise The comedy hell purgatory and paradise heaven 0 Poetic justice the punishment refers to the nature of the crime Influences Quotes 0 llhistorians lie but poets never do Aristotle o llpoets use allegories to tell beautiful liesquot Dante o llDante and Shakespeare divide the world between them there is no third TS Elliot Boccaccio and The Decameron Summary Characters Events Themes Terms Influences Cervantes and Don Quixote Summary Characters Events Themes Terms Influences


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