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by: Theodore Labadie III

AM LIT SINCE 1865 ENG 2360

Theodore Labadie III
Texas State
GPA 3.84

P. Evans

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About this Document

P. Evans
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Theodore Labadie III on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENG 2360 at Texas State University taught by P. Evans in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 16 views. For similar materials see /class/212913/eng-2360-texas-state-university in Foreign Language at Texas State University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
Final Exam Review Connections Time Period EVERYONE BEFORE WILLA CATHER IS 19th Centery Everyone else is 20th Ethnicity AA Charles Chestnut Willa Cather Alice Walker Tony Morrison NA Leslie marmon silco lousise Erdrich and Sherman Alexie Styes Realist Charles chestnut John Steinbeck Naturalists Jack London to build a fire Sarah Jewett a white herron Minimalists Hemingway and Raymond carver Subjects Women War Suicide Women Mary Wilkins freeman quotthe revolt of motherquot Susan Glaspell quottrlfflesquot quotThe yellow wallpaperquot Gillman Dorthy parker quotgeneral review of the sex situation quot 2 plays this semester are susan glaspells trifers and Crucible by aurthur miller War The things they carried by Tim oBrian The death of the ball turret gunner by Randall Jerrall the red convertible louise Erdrich Denise levertov what were they like Suicide The sharriffs children charles chestnut Paul case Willa Cather The red convertible quot louise Erdrich American Literature since 1945 we read 2 papers Changes in Society The rise of big business causes a change in writing and society industrialization Lines of transportation changes natural landscape as does building cities Mass immigration supplied workers for railroad tracks Author of our anthology quotall American literature is written my immigrants Cannery Row byy Steinbeck wrote about margins of society Makes him a realist Characters are part of the margins of society after people have come out of cannery row to work Mac and the boys True philosophers and friends of doc bums of the town live in the palace flop house Lee chong ran the grocery store prices never changed Not normal people margins of society Dora ran the whore house Theme community Doc is the pilar of the community and marine biologist Another is that reality is shaped by your experience Mac and boys don t mind living in a sewage pipe then a fish house because that s their experience The Crucible written by author miller 2 plavrights Sidenote susan Glaspell wrote triffles Characters All of them John and Elizabeth Proctor accused of being a witch Rev halebrought in from out oftown specialist in witchcraft sides with proctor in the end and abigale accuses people of witchcraft About salam witch trials Paralels ties together with macarthiesm Public and priVate life A Small Good Thing Gets hit by a car son goes into a coma though the doctor doesn t want to sa it Relationshi between the husband and the wife B Ra mon carver Title When the husband sits down to eat with the baker he calls eating a quotsmall good thing Characters Scotty son Baker is never dentified he calls and harrases parents over cake Howerd is the dad arm is the mom Stye minimalist Death ofa Ball Turret Gunner by randall ierrall Movement Born quotwake from my mothers sleep into the belly of the state Wakes up again in the ball turret He dies and they wash him out with a hose Mom State belly of airplane death Sounds I wake to black flac is paralleled with gunfire machine gun To the Lady nternment Camps jap Americans during WWII Bad thing it s a critique of how immigrants are treated in the country Protest poem Sarcastic protest poem Everyday Use alice walker Characters Dee Maggee moms name is mrs Johnson Symbols Quilts represent inherited creative legacy inherited Made from things her family actually wore Magee keeps quilts in the end and shes going to put them to every day use Magee is less afraid by the end In the end she comes out con dent The Things They Carried by tim obrian Story is about Vietnam war Theme Weight and Weightlessness guns pictures condoms PEBBLE is a good luck charm Jimmy he carries pebble in his mouth Tim Obrian author tells us exactly how much stuff weights and its over and over through Repetition Repetition Characters Ted lavender dies through sniper fire A the rest live and continue fighting What Were They Like By Dinese levertov Structure not only about soldiers It s a series of number and answers 16 First question is did the people of Vietnam use lanterns of stone Obviously about people of Vietnam Waste of human life Vietnam before and after the war Lullaby Leslie marmon silco who is NA ayah gets her children taken away by the war and Characters Jimmy never comes back he didn t die But he really did And the government took the rest ofthe kids Chato Husband who speaks English and Spanish Contrasts Moms childhood was traditional native American she doesn t get to give that to her children because they were taken away and when they show up and see her again she can tell they have lost parts oftheir heritage Childhood of Ayah and her childrens childhood 2 were taken away by the government 1 was taken away by the war Both are the government Tite She tells a lullaby to Chato in the end He is sleeping in the fetal position Funeral Dirge for a dying culture sad mournful song Two Kinds by amy tan A girl and her mom and the 2 girls she can be one her mom wants and one she wants Mom tries to make her into a prodigy child through piano Characters Reationships daughter hurts mom by talking about dead children left behind in china Mom says childs phase is Shirley temple phase Testing phase 2 partsof the same song at the end perfectly contented and pleading child I realized they were 2 halves ofthe same song She was both So Mexicans are Taking Our Jobs By Jimmy Santiago Baca mmigrants Immigration of Mexicans into United States In terms of the poem it39s a myth Mexicans arnt actually taking our jobs Author is saying its absurd Violence in poem is absurd Last 2 stanzas describe the poverty ofthe Mexicans poverty is violence To the lady is also a critique of immigration In the 39 39 Alice Elliott dart About death of an adult child moms 39 39 with them We don t know what he is dying of Characters Mom Jannett Son layrd Nurse father Martin Relationships Getting closer as the story goes on Significance of Death just before he dies she cradles him and helps him through his death After his death the dad asks questions about son Reconciliation bw jannett and martin Love of moms life is her son Structure Aseries of conversations in which Mom and Son get closer They talk about everything They share a lot of memories Tite Twilight hour Gloaming sounds like gloomy The Red Convertible By Lousise Erdrich about 2 brothers Characters henry and lymon are brothers Henery has post tramatic stress disorder Eventually comiits suicide They are close represented by the red convertible Tone Starts happy joyful By the end its dark and cynical Gets thrown into the river after beind destroyed by lymon scratches it takes a sledgehammer to it he did it because he wanted his brother to have something to do Symbols Henry biting lip blood covered in blood a dark communion On the Amtrak from Boston to NYC Sherman alexv The Enemy The enemy is the white woman He brings her orange juice from the fruit cart because he respects elders of all colors Vaue of Elders K51642


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