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Math 1320 Week 4 Notes

by: Carolina Rodriguez

Math 1320 Week 4 Notes Math 1320

Carolina Rodriguez
GPA 4.0
Math for Social Sciences 2
Professor Jeremy Ramirez

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About this Document

Here is Week 4 notes of Math 1320.
Math for Social Sciences 2
Professor Jeremy Ramirez
Class Notes
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This 7 page Class Notes was uploaded by Carolina Rodriguez on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to Math 1320 at University of Texas at El Paso taught by Professor Jeremy Ramirez in Fall 2015. Since its upload, it has received 39 views.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Math 1320 Week 1 Notes FX is the same as y Equation 3 ways to represent a graph 1 Table 2 Graph 3 Equation Independent Variables FX and X are independent variables If a function has letters as variables EX fab3X4 Replace X with ab 3ab 4 Distribute 3 to ab 3a3b4 Domain Is a set of all values of X for which the function is defined EX fXlX Domain all real numbers eXcept 0 because X cannot equal to zero Vertical Line Test to check if the equation is a function an vertical line passing through the graph must intersect the graph in at least one point maXimum u a EX This is a un ti n This is a function This is NET a function Type of functions 1 Linear y X 2 Quadratic yXA2 3 Cubic yXA3 y J5 it 1 1 239 J q l 4 Polynomial 5 Square Root 6 Absolute Value 9 n JMWIl h 4 y LII 12 f 3 C I l I I I m I I I I L 394 393 2 391 39r39 r quotI 441 1 ll 2 3 4 5 6 7 a 9 32 1 m3 2 1 F 1 r A M 7 Exponential 8 Rational Math 1320 Week 2 Notes Section 12 Functions and Models Identifying Dependent and Independent variables and Domain EX TtlO20t a Independentt b Dependent Tt C Domain all real numbers Cost Functions CXmb b fixed cost mmarginal cost xnumber of items mxvariable cost Ex cX8XlOO BlOO M8 MX8X Domain 8 is greater or equal to 0 Revenue Function RXmX Mmarginal revenue Xnumber of items Profit Functions PXR C RRevenue Function CCost Function How to find the break even point in a profit function EX PX2X 100 Set pX equal to 0 So O2X 100 X50 Supply and Demand FXmpb Demand Q number of items demanded Pprice P is the independent variable Supply Q number of items supplied Pprice How to find the equilibrim point Set the demand function equal to the supply function EX Demand ylOp lOO Supply y 20p800 lOp lOO 20p800 Solve for p Compound Interest AtPlrm Ppresent value or money invested R annual rate M number of compounding per year Math 1320 Week 3 Notes Section 13 Linear Functions and Models YmXb Mslope By intercept Slope Formula y 2 E 31 m Linear Cost Function CmXb Mslope or marginal cost or cost per item Xnumber of items Bfixed cost Linear supply and demand Function QmXb Mdemand or supply per item X price per item B number of items demanded or supplied when it is free XO Math 1320 Week 3 Notes Section 14 Linear Regression Equation that best fits on a scattered plot graph used to predict data Accuracy is measured with an r value R correlation coefficient Accuracy tips If r is closer to l the better the line If it is closer to O the less better the line If r1 or 1 all data point are on the same line Using Excel for Linear Regression Step Make two columns for X and y with their perspective values Select table Go to Insert Click on scatter plot under Charts Click on one of the points in the graph Right click Select add trendline Select linear display rA2 or r value and equation Po g Sh eP N Quadratic Formula bb2 4ac 2a Ll Discriminant bA2 4ac If discriminant is positive or greater than 0 than you would have 2 X intercepts If it is equal to 0 you only have one X intercept If discriminant is negative you have no X intercepts Quadratic function y aXA2bXc Revenue Rpq Q demand or supply function Pprice EX Q 5plOO Rp 5plOO R 5p2100p Max Revenue Substitute p for the price of the item as shown in your problem Vertex X b2a Yf b2a


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