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Community Relations and Minority Problems

by: Candida Hayes

Community Relations and Minority Problems CJA 4220

Marketplace > Middle Tennessee State University > Criminal Justice > CJA 4220 > Community Relations and Minority Problems
Candida Hayes
GPA 3.61

Dennis Powell

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About this Document

Dennis Powell
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Candida Hayes on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CJA 4220 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Dennis Powell in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 20 views. For similar materials see /class/212948/cja-4220-middle-tennessee-state-university in Criminal Justice at Middle Tennessee State University.


Reviews for Community Relations and Minority Problems


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Review for nal exam Community Relations and Minority Problems 1 Criteria physical characteristics Negroid Mongoloid Caucasoid 2 Discrimination action V Prejudice thought 3 Prejudice attitudes derived from group norms 4 Attribute of prejudice is to apply labels 5 Verbal symbols of tolerance and understanding are largely ineffective if daily life reinforces habits of discrimination 6 Culture and Character conditioned prejudice have their roots Culture sociological leamed acquired in normal process of social interaction Character psychological rmly imbedded in the personality makeup roots in childhood 7 Approx 3X more blacks than whites live in substandard housing 8 Economic discrimination involves unequal treatment in the economic sphere of members of certain minorities 4 types of discrimination NOT 5 economic educational political social 9 Great majority of the black community fully realize that the major bene ciary of the communitypolice dissension is the criminal element of the black community which is protected by the community and ignored by the police 10 Race v Ethnicity Race hereditary features Ethnic social and cultural ties not pure race 11 Race and race differences are valuable concepts for the analysis of similarities and differences in human group behavior 12 Race biological sociological For all practical social purposes race is not so much a biological phenomenon as a social myth 13 Races are inferior only in the sense that they are de ned as inferior by the ethnocentric values of people such as white supremacists 14Plessy v Furgeson separate but equal rights facilities may have been separate but were far from equal 15 Dred Scott slave 7 citizen therefore he couldn t sue in court 16Brown v Board of Education made segregation illegal unconstitutional Still have de facto segregation in schools Must go to school zoned for so poor go to poor schools and etc 17 Crime rates always higher in poor neighborhoods whatever their ethnic composition 18 Vast majority of inner city schools are involved in de facto segregation principally as the result of residential quot 39 39 A with 39J A J employment of the neighborhood school policy 19In re Gault delinquent youngster same rights apply to juvenile as adult in criminal delinquent cases 20Baake v State of California reverse discrimination indicated that race or ethnic background alone could not be used for setting a quota for admission to college met min standards wasn t just race 21 In most instances the decision to start prosecution is a matter of police judgment 22 The word government suggests the concept of enforcement The very nature of the process of governing implies a capability of enforcing rules for those who are governed 23Individuals relationship to society is one of dependence 24 Recent history indicated that not all differences can be settled by the courts and that such unsettled differences are usually classified as social problems 26Character conditioned prejudice can be unleamed False Character conditioned prejudice is imbedded in the personality whereas Culture conditioned prejudice can be unleamed 27 Historically the targets of prejudice have been determined by the particular configuration of con icting values and opposing groups largely because of the cultural and social situation of the time and place 28 Separate but equal schools have been separate but were far from equal De facto segregation school zones geographic location go to school you live closest to in that zone residential zoning 29 To lessen prejudice with any degree of effectiveness then either we must change the basic values or attitudes of the entire groups or we must somehow transfer the prejudiced person s allegiance to another group or reference group 30For all practical social purposes race is not so much a biological phenomenon as a social myth 31 Economic competition is social economics determined by if equal opportunities equal outcomes start at same level if given equal opportunities can reach same goals regardless of race Success is viewed as having power and materialism


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