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Prevention and Control of Crime

by: Candida Hayes

Prevention and Control of Crime CJA 2200

Candida Hayes
GPA 3.61

Dennis Powell

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About this Document

Dennis Powell
Class Notes
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This 3 page Class Notes was uploaded by Candida Hayes on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CJA 2200 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Dennis Powell in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/212949/cja-2200-middle-tennessee-state-university in Criminal Justice at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Powell Study Guide Short Answer Fill in Blank l 4 O 11 3 Attitudes toward Authorities 1 ReverencelAwe 2 Challenge of Authority 3 Defiance of authority De ne Values a and ethical principles regarded as sacred List 3 major Problems in Policing 1 The selectiviy process 2 Administrations 3 Lack of articulated policies and guidelines De ne PCRWORTH 5 POINTS Police Community Relation THE DEGREE to which a police agency is responsive to the 39 of the 39 s social and has priorities for police actions the reflect neighborhood concerns Merton s three Role concepts 1 Prescribed Role 2 Subiective Role 3 Enacted Role 3 major functions of the Police r 1 Law the law 2 Crime Preventiondriving around 3 Community service80 of the time What are Wilson s Three Styles of Policing 1 Watchmen Style 2 Legalistic Style 3 Service Style De ne Norms Collective sets of values if you function inside norms conformist If you function outside norms non conformist Police work is always done under H and involves some form of aggressive behavior The Fundamental mental Core of law enforcement and police community relations is Discretion The three major predictions of police performance 1 Recruit 2 Probationary Evaluation N VI 3 Education Deep seated mistrust of basic human goodness Cynicism What are the value orientation for the each of the following classes Lower Present Values Middle Future Values Upper Past Values What 2 aspects of the media effect the police function News Entertainment Selective enforcement What laws to enforce when and against whom police decretions Full Enforcement The law requires police to enforce a law and the pretend to do so The alienation of police from society causes them to form a closed fraternity The fact that police handle incidence concerning their behavior internally is Police Silence What are the 5 police personalities discussed 1 Suspiciousness 2 Cynicism 3 Bigotry 4 Violence 5 Cynicism True False Questions 1 There is a model police personality E The greatest reason for police brutality is said to be disrespect I Racial Prejudice can be aform of directed cynicism 1 Sometimes the public sees help from the police as unwanted unasked for and interfering l Perceived Aggression is where society sees the good that police do E 6 As long as public trust and confidence is low will not become involved or interfere with criminal conduct 1 The unequal opportunity reduces anti social behavior I 59 90gt Most crime prevention programs are broad efforts dealing with the root causals of crime E 9 There is a direct connection between the social economic level of people and their cooperation with the police I In order to prevent and reduce the high levels of crime we should decriminalize certain acts that are now classified as crime I O Police selection procedures are geared to weed out potential applicants False Police maintain a ridged adherence to upper class values E Public apathy is seen as a causal factor to police brutality I American society has a high crime rate due to free enterprise E The police does not have the sole proprietary interest in the control of crime E There are too many policies and guidelines of the police departments which only create enforcement chaos E The unambiguous consequence of danger in police work is A suspicious m Corruption and inefficacy of the judicial system effects cynicism I Working ghettos reinforces bigotry through association I America is one of the many country that keeps vast amounts of crime statistics False America is one of the Few Most police are recruited from the upper class and it reinforces convention False


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