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Prevention and Control of Crime

by: Candida Hayes

Prevention and Control of Crime CJA 2200

Candida Hayes
GPA 3.61

Thomas Jurkanin

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About this Document

Thomas Jurkanin
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Candida Hayes on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to CJA 2200 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Thomas Jurkanin in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 150 views. For similar materials see /class/212952/cja-2200-middle-tennessee-state-university in Criminal Justice at Middle Tennessee State University.


Reviews for Prevention and Control of Crime


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Date Created: 09/23/15
UI DJODgtUDgtUIJUJODgt STUDY GUIDE FINAL EXAM CJA 2200 PREVENTION AND CONTROL OF CRIME SPRING 2011 Walker Chapters 14 10 and 14 and Corresponding Class Notes Rule of the Law Zero Tolerance Policing Song and Lyrics 41 Shots Song and Lyrics For What it s Worth Both community policing and zero tolerance utilize Compstat holding District Commander s accountable for controlling crime A True B False An example of Noble Cause Corruption is A Taking drugs from a drug dealer and selling them B Taking bribe money from a citizen C Planting evidence to get a suspected criminal off the street D Stealing jewelry from a crime scene E A the above Jerome Skolnick developed the term quotworking personalityquot of police officers He states that two aspects of the policing job contribute to the development of the quotworking personalityquot They are A Honor and pride B Danger and authority C Anger and greed D None ofthe above Broken Windows policing stresses high enforcement activity with high arrests A True B False A process of professional self regulation that is used in virtually in all professions is called A Accreditation B Approval C Endorsement D Professionalization E Authorization The term means that when a police officer decides that the use of force against a citizen is necessary then within the boundaries of the situation the officer is not accountable to anyone Attendant force Less than lethal force Lethal force Non negotiable coercive force 0093 The news media plays an insignificant role when it comes to police accountability A True B False Why has the consolidation of local law enforcement agencies made little progress over the years A Jurisdiction boundaries have been realigned B Management of agencies have been highly supportive C The politician and bureaucracies have not wanted to give up their local autonomy D They have tried but have not been able to structurally merge organizational systems One of the central tasks of police management with regard to ensuring accountability is a I I quot quotquot which falls primarily on the sergeants A Planning B Routine supervision C Strategic planning D Budgeting E Expanding span of control In an Early Intervention El System what happens to the officers who are identified by the computerized data base as having performance problems A They are subject to an intervention B They are demoted C They are fired D They receive heavy supervision for one year Three years previous to implementing zero tolerance policing in New York there had been a massive layoff of officers reducing the size of the force by 20 percent overall A True B False Which ofthe following historical events led to the consideration of Community Policing as an alternative strategy of policing in the 1980s The race riots of the 1960s Research showing the fact that preventive patrol was not effective The rapid advancement of technology Aand B All of the above mUOPU An example of physical disorder in a neighborhood is A Street corner gangs B Street corner drug sales C Vandalism D Public drinking E Allthe above Wesley Skogan has distinguished between two major subcategories of disorder Which category includes such issues as public drinking noisy neighbors street corner gangs and commercial sex A Social B Vice C Physical D Criminal A general service law enforcement agency is one that is regularly engaged in A Preventing crime and maintaining order B Investigating crime and apprehending criminals C Providing other miscellaneous services D All ofthe above What federal act is responsible for launching the largest government reorganization of federal law enforcement in recent decades Hint Instituted by President Bush A The Violent Crime Control Act B The Homeland Security Act C The Social Security Act D The Civil Liberties Act Egon Bittner said that the defining feature of police work is A The number of police officers who are killed each year B Their ability to obtain a search warrant C Their ability to enter your home and search it D Their capacity to use coercive force In what way do the police resemble the military A Police also serve a citizen population B The organizational style of the police is authoritarian C Police provide services designed to help people D Officers also exercise individual discretion E All the above The heart of the CAPS program is A Citizen interaction with the police B A neighborhood watch program C Police officers living within the neighborhoods they serve D Significantly increasing neighborhood patrol E All ofthe above One enduring myth concerning policing is A They are primarily peacekeepers B They are primarily crime fighters C They are primarily community service officers D They are social workers with a badge Only about of police officers activities are devoted to criminal enforcement A One fourth B One half C One third D Two thirds In an evaluation of the CAPS program citizens reported that there were no significant changes in the quotQuality of Lifequot in the city after the program was implemented A True B False fa local police department were involved in public corruption or was suspected of systematically violating the civil rights of citizens which agency would most likely investigate the matter A Sheriff B Secret Service C FBI D ATF E State Police The London police introduced three new elements that became the basis for modern policing A Presence maintenance and order B Mission strategy and organizational structure C Appointments organization and efficiency D Tactics character community Which ofthe following is a criticism ofthe bureaucratic form of police organization A They are unable to adapt to meet internal needs of the department B Ineffective systems of communication C Police agencies are inflexible too rigid and promote traditionalism D Police are overly aggressive toward the people they serve E None ofthe above Despite efforts to recruit minorities into the policing profession there has been almost no progress in the past 30 years A True B False The Police Services Study examined the activities of many local law enforcement agencies in several metropolitan areas in an attempt to research the fragmentation issue What was their finding A Duplication of police services is very common B Informal interagency assistance is rare C Fragmentation is a huge problem with law enforcement agencies D Informal interagency cooperation between law enforcement agencies is common In examining the civil protest s and unrest ofthe 1960s we learned A That the police were solely responsible for the riots B That most of the riots were sparked by minor incidents involving police and citizen interactions C That decades of discrimination against minorities in the US created simmering tensions D A and B above E B and C above The willingness of local residents to intervene for the common good depends in large part on conditions of mutual trust and solidarity among neighbors This is referred to as Community subculture Mobilization Collective efficacy Police demand model Social disorganization mUOPU Although police service delivery in the US is often criticized for being fragmented there is research evidence to suggest that police agencies work well together through the use of A Mutual aid agreements B The establishment of specialized task forces C The use of contractual policing agreements D All the above E None ofthe above American policing has evolved as a result of our A German heritage B English heritage C French heritage D Roman heritage E Dutch heritage Although the US Constitution provides a provision for the imposition of Martial Law whereby the military takes control of state and local jurisdictions in incidents of civil unrest and disasters Martial Law has never been imposed in the United States A True B False This agency is responsible for protecting the president ofthe United States and hisher family ex Presidents and their families A US Secret Service B Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA C FBI D US Marshal Service E Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE In evaluating the history of policing the era which caused police to reconsider how they interact with the public was called the era of A Professionalization B Politics C Conflicting pressures D Administrative review Which isLot a strategy of problem solving in community policing A Involving neighborhood residents via neighborhood associations B Responding to calls for service and making arrests C Identifying the root causes of problems D Mobilizing other governmental services to jointly address the problem The quotKent State Massacre resulted in the shooting death of students and was centered on a student rally to protest Twelve the assassination of Martin Luther King Fifteen civil rights violations Ten increases in tuition costs Four the US invasion of Cambodia None of the above mUOPU The man known as quotthe father of American police professionalism is A August Vollmer B Darrel Gates C William Parker D Robert Peel The Soviet were camps that housed a wide range of convicts from petty criminals to political dissidents with large numbers convicted by simplified procedures without regard to individual rights Rehabilitation Colonies Protective Colonies Gulag s Retribution Colonies 000 What is generally considered the largest in terms of sworn personnel and expenditures and most important component of American law enforcement A Federal law enforcement B State courts and the judiciary C Local police agencies municipal police and sheriff departments D None of the above The control of police discretion and the reduction of misconduct have been achieved through bureaucratic principles using the technique called A Media review B Citizen review C Training enhancement D Policy development and administrative rulemaking Under quotRule of the Lawquot the police have a dual responsibility to keep the public safe and make arrests but to do so while ensuring A That criminals are punished B That due process and individual rights are protected C That supervisors are informed before any arrest is executed D That no one gets hurt in the process E All the above Movies and television shows strengthen the impression that all police are highly successful in solving crimes when in fact only percent of all reported index crimes are solved A 15 B 20 C 25 D 30 In what way do sheriffs have a unique role A They are involved mostly in community policing programs B They serve all three components of the criminal justice system C They do not participate in index crimes reporting D They are not accountable to the public The 1972 police research experiment that tested the effect of different levels of patrols and challenged the basic assumptions about the effect of routine patrol on crime was known as the A Michigan Foot Patrol Study B Wickersham Commission Experiment C Community Policing Experiment D Kansas City Preventive Patrol Experiment The right of quotDue Process and the prohibition of unusual punishment contained in the Amendment of the Constitution are based upon the principle that human beings deserve to be treated as ends and never as means never as objects no matter how heinous the crime A Fourth B Fourteenth C Eighth D None ofthe above Modern police forces were not established in the United States until the A 1830s 1850s B 1880s 1900s C 1900s 1920s D 1950s 1970s While New York City attributed rapid crime reduction to the zero tolerance policing strategy what other factors could have contributed to the reduction in crime A Economic revival B The changing proportion of young people in the population C A decline in crack cocaine usage D All of the above E None of the above The CS effect creates the myth that A Most crime is never reported B Most crime is deterred by patrol C Most crime is solved by scientific examination of evidence D Most crime is solved by detectives E Allthe above The final report ofthe quotPresident s Commission on Campus Unrestquot concluded the following A That campus police used inappropriate lethal force against students B That campus police used appropriate force against students C That National Guardsmen used inappropriate lethal force against students D That National Guardsmen use appropriate force against students On June 13 1970 as a consequence of the Kent State Massacre President Nixon created quotThe President s Commission on Campus Unrestquot otherwise known as the Commission A Christopher B Scranton C KentState D Wickersham The purpose ofthe Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies CALEA is to A Improve the nature ofthe medical insurance ratings for law enforcement agencies B Offers a voluntary structured review process to improve the quality of policing C Improve the salaries of police officers D Improve citizen involvement with the police The musical group wrote and sang a popular song about A Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band Rodney King B Buffalo Springfield Civil Unrest C Crosby Stills Nash and Young Police Corruption D The Beatles Police Brutality Zero tolerance policing is a prime example ofthe application of quotBroken Windows policing A True B False Professor Herman Goldstein developed which of the following policing strategy A Community policing B Problem oriented policing C Hot spot policing D Zero tolerance policing The quotDue Process Clause of the US Constitution prohibits state and local governments from depriving citizens of life liberty or property without certain protective steps being taken This is known as the Amendment A Fourth B Fourteenth C First D Eight The police are part ofthe system of A Social values B Social control C Social norms D Social mores What is the major problem concerning the law enforcement fragmentation issue as cited in the Presidents Commission Report in 1973 A Budgeting shortfalls B A decline in citizen satisfaction with law enforcements performance C A rise in the overall crime rate and low crime prevention capabilities D A lack of communication between agencies in the same geographical area What is a police union A An organization designed to inhibit the abilities of civil service agencies B An industry geared toward profiting from the low job satisfaction experienced by a majority of police officers C An organization legally authorized to represent police administrators in providing police officers with needed equipment D An organization legally authorized to represent police officers in collective bargaining including salary negotiations How are officers who are assigned to the internal affairs unit of the police agencies typically perceived by other police officers A They are perceived as quotsnitchesquot B They are perceived as elitists who often have desirable duties C They are perceived favorably because their job allows the shift to run smoothly D They are seen as fair and many officers strive to join their unit Zero tolerance policing focuses primarily on street crimes A True B False


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