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Managing Information Tech

by: Dante Hartmann

Managing Information Tech PTMA 3020

Dante Hartmann
GPA 3.6


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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Dante Hartmann on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PTMA 3020 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 62 views. For similar materials see /class/212968/ptma-3020-middle-tennessee-state-university in Prof Studies (Rodp) at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Module 2 Assignments Module 2 Review Questions 1 In what respect does business strategy resemble military strategy In war and business strategy means obtaining an advantageous position on the opposition 2 Refer to Chapter l s discussion of different types of information systems Which types of ISs can gain strategic advantage and which cannot Why TPSs cannot gain strategic advantage because they are merely used for recording transactions CRMs can gain strategic advantage because they can be used to predict things like when customers are about to switch to a competitor 3 What should an information system achieve for an organization in order to be considered a strategic information system An IS should lead an organization to higher pro ts larger customer base and inside information 4 What strategic goal can an IS attain that does not involve wresting market share from competitors Create new products or new markets 5 What condition must exist in an organization planning an SIS Imagination creativity and vision 6 Sometimes it is difficult to convince top management to commit funds to develop and implement an SIS Why SISs involve creating and inventing new ideas products and or services to increase your customer base and nancial situation This can be risky as it may not always work 7 An SIS often offers a corporation shortlived advantages How so After a corporation implements a new idea or strategy via an SIS it is not long before the competitors do the same thereby creating competition again 8 What is reengineering Why is reengineering often mentioned along with IT Reengineering is the process of elimination of old ways and implementing new ideas and systems IT can play a role in this because sometimes implementing new ideas and machines can mean new computer systems 9 Why have most reengineering projects failed What has eventually affected reengineering in some companies New systems force employees and managers to change their way of work 10 Software developers have made great efforts to create a standard What does creating a standard mean in the software industry and why are companies doing it Creating a standard means providing something no one else does or has It is a great way to boost profits 11 What should an organization do to sustain the strategic bene ts of an IS Keep updating and maintaining the systems Keep up with the changing markets and competitors 12 Adobe encourages PC users to download its Acrobat Reader and Flash Player free of charge How does this eventually help Adobe strategically If they give the application away how does their generosity help them make money People will remember the ability to use the products for free and will turn to Adobe for other products Also Adobe places advertisements and such on their Flash Player games 13 Referring to the list of strategic moves classify the initiatives of JetBlue Reduction of costs differentiating products and services and enhancing products and services 14 What were the reasons for the failure of the original purpose of FordDirectcom Who eventually gained from the system and what were the gains The company didn t consider state laws and alliances with dealerships Ford dealerships the dealerships can use the site to allow customers to locate them easily 15 The executives of wellestablished airlines are not less smart than those at JetBlue and yet their larger airlines have not done what JetBlue has done Why JetBlue was willing to take a risk and lower their costs to reach out and help their customers This helped them build a loyal customer base 16 What does the term first mover mean It means your company is the first to do something or release a product 17 Can a late mover have any strategic advantage with IT What is the risk that a late mover takes Yes because a late mover might be able to use the IT associated with the new service for cheaper The late mover might be too far behind to really profit from the new idea or service 18 What does the term bleeding edge mean When a business implements and uses new technology they bleed cash on it leading to more costs than profits Case Numberl To avoid putting my company on the bleeding edge I would do some thorough research on the product I would research costs projected income and if the technology would really bene t my company in a way that would make the risks worthwhile Another thing I might consider is talking about doing a trial period with the technology Questions for online business investments 1 What can your product do for my company 2 How much does your product cost 3 Are you offering this product to any of my competitors 4 What type of pro ts can I expect to see from using your services


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