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Introduction to Aerospace

by: Madyson Kuhn

Introduction to Aerospace AERO 1010

Madyson Kuhn
GPA 3.81

Andrea Georgiou

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About this Document

Andrea Georgiou
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Madyson Kuhn on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to AERO 1010 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Andrea Georgiou in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 136 views. For similar materials see /class/212970/aero-1010-middle-tennessee-state-university in Aerospace Engineering at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
AERO 1010 Introduction to Aerospace Study guide for Final Exam Scheduled 0n Tuesdax1 December 13th 2011 from 330 530 pm This is intended to be a guide to prepare you for the cumulative nal exam The format of the exam will consist of 5060 short answer multiple choice and label format Reminder to review your notes from the group presentations and guest speakers No scantron necessary Best of luck Ch 1 Introduction to Air Power Sir George Cayley Also know the four forces of ight Samuel Pierpont Langley Wright Brothers are accredited with know exact date Wright Brothers mechanic Otto Lilienthal VVVVV Ch 2Adolescence of Air Power gt Glenn H Curtiss contributions to aviation in the US gt CurtissWright patent feud gt Calbraith Perry Rodgers was the first person to y across the in an airplane gt Harriet Quimby gt Billy Mitchell Ch 3 The Golden Age gt Bessie Coleman 7 Queen Bess gt Contributions from Jimmy Doolittle gt Air Commerce Act of 1926 and Civil Aeronautics Act of 1938 gt Charles Lindbergh gt Amelia Earhart gt McNary Watres Act Postmaster Brown Spoils Conferenceiknow the 3 major transcontinental carriers gt Significance of B247 and DC3 gt Tuskegee Airmen Ch 4 Air Power Goes to War gt Blitzkrieg gt British development that prevented German invasion what was there war tactic gt Pacific Campaign Location and number of Abombs dropped by B29 Ch 5 Aviation From the Cold War to Desert Storm Ch 6 Advances in Aeronautics and other topics Wernher von Braun gt Cause for the DeHavilland Comet I crash gt Chuck Yeager Ch 6 Advances in Aeronautics Ch 7 Aeronautics Aerodynamics Four forces of ight gt Theory of lift upper camber Bemoulli s principle Newton s 3rd law lowhigh pressureetc Be able to explain how they all relate together to create lift V Flow around the wing familiarize yourself with the following terms laminar ow transition point turbulent boundary layer VV rate Definition of Mach number Standard pressure and temperature along with the standard pressure lapse rate and standard temp lapse gt Angle of attack Ch 8 Aircraft in Motion gt Thoroughly review the handout titled Airplanes How They Fly know what was covered in class 0 Be able to label all the parts of an airplane 0 Know the axes of rotation type of movement about each one surface control For example movement about the lateral axis is known as pitch and is controlled by the elevator 0 Know the primarysecondary ight controls along with when they are used in ight gt Basic 6 ight instruments how they are powered and what type of information they offer the pilot For example Airspeed indicator operates from the pitotstatic system which measures the dynamic pressure that is the difference between the pitot ram air pressure and the static still air pressure Gives the pilot the indicated airspeed gt Be able to explain how a reciprocating engine works the strokes events valve position on each stroke gt Basic sections and operation of a turbine engine also the diff bt stator and rotor vanes in the compression section Ch 9 Navigation gt VVVVVVVV 0 Longitude and 0 Latitude What are isogonic lines and how do we correct for them Calculate compass heading Types of Controlled Airspace Class G is uncontrolled airspace Describe different types of special use airspace What is the difference between AGL and MSL Describe VOR and DME Precision vs nonprecision approach 0 precision incorporates an electronic glide slope which provides vertical guidance and localizer provides horizontal guidance such as ILS o nonprecision does not incorporate electronic glide slope Ch 10 Airports gt Primary function of the control tower gt What type of information can be found in an AFD gt How are runways marked versus taxiways gt A headwind is desirable for both takeoff and landing Why


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