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History of the Recording Industry

by: Ms. Karli Schneider

History of the Recording Industry RIM 3000

Marketplace > Middle Tennessee State University > Music Industry > RIM 3000 > History of the Recording Industry
Ms. Karli Schneider
GPA 3.74

Paul Fischer

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About this Document

Paul Fischer
Class Notes
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This 10 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ms. Karli Schneider on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to RIM 3000 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Paul Fischer in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/212979/rim-3000-middle-tennessee-state-university in Music Industry at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Exam Review History of Recording 9282011 72900 AM PEOPLE Stephen Foster 0 First person to make a living off songwriting o O Susanna My Old Kentucky Homequot 0 His biggest hit Old Folks at Home sold 100000 copies Thomas Dartmouth Daddy Rice 0 1829 copied the Jim Crow song and dance from a slave Bert Williams 0 In Dahomey in 1903 first black musical ever on Broadway James Bland 0 First black songwriter Leon Scott Demartinville o 1855 Phoneautograph No playback Recorded sound Eldridge Johnson Born on February 6th 1867 The Victor Talking Machine Company was founded in 1901 in Camden NJ after the lawsuit between Berliner and Seaman came to a close Propelled Johnson to heights he never dreamed of Used His Masters Voice painting by Frances Scott Burrough Victor set up its first recording studio in New York in Carnegie Hall 0 1906 Victrola housed horn inside Daniel Decatur Emmet o learned banjo in 1840 and authored song Dixie Emille Berliner o Inventor of gramophone first record player 0 Invented gramophone disk in 1887 Frank Siemen 0 Sales and publicity agent for Berliner Gramophone company Antonio Tony Pastor O O O O 0 opened up a honkytonk on Broadway in New York City also opened an Opera House 0 first variety show that was acceptable for women to view Vernon and Irene Castle 0 Took black dances and simplified them to teach them to the white community Benjamin Franklin Keith 0 Opened a place for people to see oddities 0 Had rooms in the back for performances Scott Joplin 0 American composer and pianist 0 King of Ragtime Al Jolson o The Jazz Singer 0 Blackface star 0 First hit film with sound Sir Humphrey Davy o Arc Lighting Michael Faraday o Principle of induced electricity Grosvenor Lowrey 0 Put together a syndicate of investors in order to provide inventors with money to make inventions a reality Thomas Edison 0 Applied for phonograph patent in 1877 Formed Edison Electric Light Company Edison got 2500 stocks of 3000 created Edison Electric Illuminating Company created Compagnie Continentale de Edison dealt with foreign customers 1882 Vanderbils wanted electricity in their home so Edison formed the Edison Company for Isolated Lighting for personal lighting Alexander Graham Bell 0 1886 invents graphophone as a dictation device Henry Villard O O O O O O o Contracted to electrify a navy ship 0 Generated power on board Nikola Tesla 0 Worked with AC power 0 polyphase generator George Westinghouse o Invented airbrakes for locomotives o Invested money in field of Electricity 0 Formed Westinghouse Electrical amp Manufacturing Company Guglielmo Marconi Introduced first wireless telegraph Successfully reached 18 miles 1898 US Navy supports work to further distance 1899 First ship distress signal helped 1901 First transatlantic signal Reginal Fessenden 0 Made first broadcast of sound David Sarnoff o Started as jr telegraph writer 1909 Sarnoff broadcast performance by David Caruso Sarnoff received SOS of sinking Titanic Had view of radios as household objects used for broadcasting Ralph Peer OK Records Recorded minority artist 1927 in Bristol TN Recorded the Carter family Alfred Goldsmith 0 Radio broadcastor Frank Conrad o Broadcast from top of Westinghouse building Pace an Handy 0 Black Swann records Owen D Young 0 Patent attorney at General Electric George White 0 O O O O O O O O O O O o Fisk U treasurer who organized and taught choir o Took them on tour and managed them o Enrico Caruso o 1904 an opera singer who had first million copy record o Fred Gaisberg 0 Most important talent scout and producer of the early recording era o Irving Berlin 0 Father of Ragtime o Tin Pan Alley writer o Paul Whiteman 0 Jazz bandleader in 20 s and 30 s 0 Falser known as Jazz King o Buddy Bolden 0 One of the original creators ofjazz Trumpeter big noise that started it all o Jelly Roll Morton o Claimed to invented jazz falsely 0 1st Jazz composer to put notes on paper o James Reese o 1913 first black orchestra group to sign to record company o Mamie Smith 0 1920 Crazy Blues recorded for Oken records 0 First hit blues song 0 FACTS o Vauxhall 0 London England pleasure garden that employed Thomas Arne famous as the birthplace of English language popular song o Broadsides 0 Working class alternitave to music o Troubadors o Improvised songs moved from town to town playing o Music Hall 0 Form of variety entertainment o Forerunner to American Vaudeville live music entertainment 0 Led to ballad opera Vaudeville 0 Key popularizer of songs before radio and movies Sheet music 0 For people with formal musical training 0 Parlor Song Tradition Beggars Opera 0 first ballad opera Music Publishers in drivers seat until recording comes along Minstrelsy o Mocked African American music dance and dialect o Showed negative stereotypes First form of musical theatrical entertainment that s distinctly American Virginia Minstrels 1843 Christy Minstrels 1844 Georgia Minstrels 1865 first black group O O O O 1896 Plessy v Ferguson federally condoned segregation reversed in Brown v Board of Education 0 0 Early in American history white minstrels dressed and imitated African Americans on stage in Darkie songs or Coon songs Frank Brower Daniel Emmet and Dick Pelham performed under name Virginia minstrels First tour in 1843 very first stand alone minstrel show Christy s Minstrels popularized songs by Stephen foster La Place Publique 0 Field where blacks set up markets and practiced music Congo Square 0 Birthplace of American Music 0 New Orleans LA 1890 s people making room for black acts In 1890 s the first black performers came to Vaudeville 0 Ernest Hogan one of the first o 1891 Chace Act 0 protected copyright privileges of foreigners added words and musical to the types of protection against public performance 0 1908 revision added another 26 years of protection made it 56 years c White Smith v Apollo o Courtcase where publishers of sheet music are saying people selling cylinders are making unauthorized copies of their music 0 Publishers lost 0 1908 revision also creates copyright protection against mechanical reproduction of songs 0 1976 revision of copyright allowed fair use Allows certain use of copyrighted material without having to pay a royalty o Kinetoscopes 0 Paid a penny per view showed a series of pictures to simulate them being in motion ASCAP o 1914 Tin Pan Allery publishers and songwriters were influential in formation o First Jazz Recording 0 1917 The original Dixieland by Livery Stable Blues 1925 Burstyn v Wilson 0 states must give free speech protection to movies Paramount Pictures 0 Vertical integration Owning all tiers of product movie production theaters marketing Race Records 0 Term used in 1920 s to describe mostly African American recordings Vitaphone 0 Used to make sound for movies 1922 The Motion Picture Producers amp Distributors of America 0 formed by motion picture society themselves 0 Will H Hays judged if movies were appropriate Edison improved light bulb by improving glass strength removing oxygen and tweaking the filament Investors gave Edison 50000 upfront 0 Edison got 2500 stocks of 3000 o Formed Edison Electric Light Company Menlow park 0 Tourist attraction to see first street lamps Summer of 1852 0 Lower Manhattan was light by street lamps The Edison General Electric Corporation 0 Issued stock that Drexel an Morgan bought most of Changed name to General Electric 1890 s H L Mencken s Electric Decade American Deforest Company 0 Formed in 1902 o Equipped 200 ships with wireless technology American Marconi 0 Biggest supplier of radio equipment in world 0 Is sold to General Electric by British Marconi and converted into RCA February of 1920 0 Government seized radio equipment 1929 radio sales would gross 175 million dollars Tin Pan Alley 0 Music publishers office 0 Irving Berlin Wrote White Christmas Parts of Record Player 0 Trumpet diaphragm moving surface wheel stylus 9282011 72900 AM 9282011 72900 AM


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