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Theatre Appreciation

by: Zora Langworth

Theatre Appreciation THEA 1030

Zora Langworth
GPA 3.51

Richard Hansen

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About this Document

Richard Hansen
Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Zora Langworth on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to THEA 1030 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Richard Hansen in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 24 views. For similar materials see /class/212983/thea-1030-middle-tennessee-state-university in Theatre at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Theatre notes 090110 Playwright Producer Director Actor Designer Audience Critic Scenic Costume Lighting Periods of theatre history Greek Elizabethan quotThe Theatre first of it s age Restoration Modern Deus eX machina greek God from the machine Kind ofa way to skate out ofa creative original ending Lowered an actor costumed as a god for a quick ending Artists are driven have a willingness to fail willing to put themselves on the line good at making choices must use their imagination Art is mimetic a copy of something has a selection process is manipulative imaginative Samuel Taylor Coleridge the willing suspension of disbelief The Coleridge Headliner an actor that is more important than the play they are performing in 090810 London Theatre capital of the world OffBroadway created to help the theatre industry and make it more affordable Distinguished by seating amount 199seats Broadway must have 499seats Tony award Broadway play award OBIE awards off Broadway awards OffoffBroadway Can t have more than 99 seats Don t need a traditional theatre venue Broadway organizations Shubert controls 165 Broadway theaters Nederlander control 10 theaters Iujamcyn an anagram of the names of the grandchildren of the founder Controls 5 Broadway theatres London equivalent to Broadway West End shows Fringe theaters equivalent to off Broadway Pub theatres Theatres in the back ofpubs Long Run an openended engagement Will continue to run as long as it s successful Nut The total operating expenses on a weekly basis Phantom of the Opera longest running musical on Broadway Les Miserable longest running in London The Mousetrap longest running play in the entire world Christie Short Run Announce the opening date and closing date at the same time Repertory plays National Theater A theater that is subsidized by its country s government 091010 festival seats general admission reserved seats are required by law ways to get discount ticketsrush tickets Only sold by the theatre the night of the show TKTS SRO standing room only 091310 091510 Prosceniun1arch Thrust Arena Fly the space that is directly above the stage Mask to hide from view something in the theater Whatever is hiding whatever needs to be hid is masking Grid ceiling of the y space Catwalk Provides access to inaccessible areas Wing side spaces of the stage Trap like a trap door Can provide access to storage space that is under the stage for special effects Apron Part of the stage that is in front of the proscenium arch Thrust stage can also be called 3 stage Groundlings Pennystinkers Those back in the medieval ages that were too poor to afford seats so they stood around the thrust of the stage Spike mark Used to indicate placement on stage Like a piece of tape on the ground Vom short for vomitoria a ramp or an aisle that cuts through the audience to get to the stage Arena stage Theatre in the round Black box refers to a studio space Chp 15 boldfaced terms 2quot Deus eX machina god from a machine any device brought in arbitrarily to solve problems in a play Ritual the acting out of an established prescribed precedure and can range from a family event like Thanksgiving to the elaborate religious ceremonies ofa Roman Catholic high mass Aesthetic distance The distance needed to perceive and appreciate a work of art Flashbacks abrupt movements from the present to the past and back again Symbol A sign token or emblem that signifies something else Realistic element one that resembles observable reality Nonrealistic elements include everything that does not conform to our observations of surface reality poetry instead of prose ghosts rather than esh and blood people Soliloquy When a solitary character speaks to the audience expressing in words a hidden though Pantomime When performers pretend to be using objects that are not actually present Theatre of fact A movement that involved reenactments of material gathered from actual events Repertory companies Those that perform several plays on alternate nights rather than presenting a single play night after night for the length of its run Performance art Often means a single artist who presents material that is autobiographical sometimes in an environment that is innovative or unusual But what is considered performance art has undergone several transformations in recent decades 13 Avantgarde Theatre that breaks away from the mainstream tradition experimental theatre 14 Dramaturg quotdramatic adviser A literary manager A person who often serves a theatre company as a resident or inhouse critic 15 Proscenium picture frame stage 16 Arena circle stage 17 Thrust stage with 3 seating 539quot Equot gt195 H H O X H O 39 39 H N 18 Created and found stage spaces 19 Black box all purpose theatres out ofwhich a version of any one of the other four can be created 20 Fourth wall From the idea of the proscenium opening as a transparent glass wall through which the audience looks at the other three walls ofa room 21 House the auditorium itself 22 Rake the slant of an auditorium or stage oor 23 Orchestra the main oor 24 Boxes Ring the auditorium for several oors above the orchestra horseshoe shaped tiers 25 Fly loft the area above the stage that holds scenery 26 Counterweight a system in which weights hung on a series of ropes and pulleys balanced the scenery allowing heavy scenery to be moved easily by a few stagehands 27 Wings the sides of the stage 28 Stage house provides for the entrances and eXits of the performers as well as for scene changes 29 Skene used as the stage house in old performances done on hillsides 30 Platform stage a simple platform that was set on trestles 31 Wagon stage a platform set on wheels 32 Corrales The inns in Spain A name also given to the theatres that developed there


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