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Learning Theories

by: Glen Hackett

Learning Theories PSY 4480

Glen Hackett
GPA 3.8

Donald Kendrick

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About this Document

Donald Kendrick
Class Notes
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This 23 page Class Notes was uploaded by Glen Hackett on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PSY 4480 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Donald Kendrick in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/213057/psy-4480-middle-tennessee-state-university in Psychology (PSYC) at Middle Tennessee State University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
Race Class and Gender Inequalities in Secondary Education Case study Outline Summarize Key points of the following articles The Hispanic Dropout Mystery by Susan Headden pg465469 Answer How can we slow down and stop the Hispanic dropout rate Several issued are raised and we need to work on solutions Angela How American Schools Cheat Girls by Myra Sadker and David Sadker pg470492 Answer Let us stop treating our young girls and future women as second class to males Angela Racial inequality in education exists and is primarily affecting the nation s Hispanic population which doesn t receive the full attention that has proven to lower dropout rates in students Teachers inadvertently and unknowingly propagate gender inequality by paying more attention positive and negative to the more outspoken males in their class while they seem to reinforce passivity in their female students Less prosperous communities are left to scavenge for educational funds from their dwindling government coffers while those filled with the more successful can throw their pocket change into creating an exponentially more effective education system summary of article by Freddie Savage Inequalities In American Schools by Jonathan kozol pg 493511 Answer Lets be fair to all public schools and spread our knowledge money and resources to help low performing schoolsAngela Article summary St Louis is one of the poorest cities around The people in this area have basically been forgotten and left to fend for themselves The public trash system went out of affect in 1987 causing city officials to worry about wild animals flys and disease People don t have cars to transport the trash which has caused people to use their back yards as dumps Many residents have been treated at the local hospital due to chemical spills caused by Monsanto and backed up raw sewer A group called The Daughters of Charity have done a lot to help the city but even with all the help the people and especially the children are suffering tremendously Children and their educations are suffering the most in these inner city schools Everything you could possibly think of from bathrooms to textbooks are not up to par with the other public schools in the United states At the second wealthier school the author visits the scene is very opposite The students in the poor area ask why they are not given the same educational opportunities as the wealthy kids Some of the students in the well maintained school agree that it is not fair but also feel that the responsibility is not on their shoulders Most options are shot down with an attitude of entitlement Instructions Everyone is responsible for reading and writing their own summary s on all three articles This is to take up one page of our case study project Evaluate author s claims 2 pages by answering the following questions about all three articles How do the writers define the class race and gender inequalities in secondary education What data information do they provide in the analyzation of class race and gender identities in secondary education Are the author s arguments logical Do you agree with the author s consclusion Explain Instructions Everyone is responsible for critically evaluating the author s claims These questions should be answered but the response is not limited to only these questions Things you could also include would be Are his sources bias Are the sources primary or secondary III Instructions Based on problems in section five please list an additional problem that will affect society as a whole Show the connection between the social problem you came up with and its relationship to Race Class and Gender Inequalities in Secondary education Write a discussion question based on your quotnewquot social problem Include how the media andor society effect s the connection between your social problem and the group project title Be creative Answer In some states the Hispanic population out weights the white population Knowing this one of the biggest possible problems could be that we end up being a country with the largest population of under educated and low income families This could hurt us in international growth and may cause some countries to want and try to take us over Angela Question Hispanics dropping out of school affects society because any dropout is going to have less of a chance at getting a goodpaying job Therefore more money will be spent by society on welfare programs to care for the families of the undereducated Discussion Question Should there be educationbased welfare reform There are more females than males in United States colleges Girls should not be overlooked in classrooms It affects their selfesteem and leadership abilities Men are statistically proven to be more accidentprone and are worse at decisionmaking than women Discussion question What can females do in the classroom to be taken more seriously 3 The quality of education at a school in a city has a direct correlation with its surroundings A school in an inner city for example cannot be expected to offer some kind of unrealistically ideal educational experience For the schools to improve the surroundings must be improved Discussion question How can the inner city improve conditions for residents Rachel Three Social Problems Gender Inequality If our rising generations are continually socialized into gender roles that have men in a dominant role and women in a passive role progress made for equality will eventually start going backwards The media seems to support this step backwards as it produces material that seems to regard women as secondclass citizens who are for conquest and don t deserve to be respected as equals Discussion question What rights could women lose if they re socialized enough to be passive submissive members of society Greater UpperLower Class Divide 20 of the population already controls 80 of the nation s wealth leaving us in the 80 to scrounge for our share of the 20 of wealth that s left With less Hispanic lower class and female members of society capable of finding a higher place in society how much more difficult will it be to hang on to our 20 much less take some of that 80 back Discussion question Given that more and more production jobs are being outsourced what will likely happen to those who can t meet the standards of the jobs that stay here Gangs When people can t succeed by conforming to society they ll do it by deviating and they ll deviate together in gangs Such people take what they want from those who worked for it but their victims are often those in similar environments who chose to walk the straight and narrow When the less fortunate lose what little they have to those who took it by force at the very least they re discouraged at worst they re motivated to join in and prey on more members of society Discussion question If gangs target those who are already competing for 20 of the nation s wealth what will happen to those people s perception of society Carlys additional social problem The lack of education equality in innercity schools is effecting the generations that will be running our country in a few years It seems to be an endless vicious cycle with the different classes responding in the same way The media is a very powerful source and could be used in a positive way to shed light on this unfair educational inequality Instead they focus on the violence that occurs in these poverty level schools giving students who maybe acting out for attention This could be encouraging the wrong kind of attention Discussion question What is it going to take for society to realize that even if they do not stand and take action for these educational inequalities the consequences of action or no action will still have its affects on them IV The Hispanic Dropout these are your assigned discussion questions Isaiah How American Schools Cheat Girls Angela Freddie Discussion Question llHow American Schools Cheat Girlsquot 2 Reinforcement of quotgenderedquot traits occurs all throughout society not just in the classroom One primary influence of this is the family especially a home that hasn t been quotbrokenquot by divorce Men in such families are raised as the breadwinners who are to find and hold a job to provide for the family while women are to take the role of housewife maintaining the home as a comforting escape from the husband s job and a nurturing environment for the children Religion also plays a large role in this socialization of gendered traits In Islam while the husband and wife are regarded as equal each has a specific role the husband is the protectorprovider the wife is the caretaker Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christians maintain the male dominance in not only the household but the entire religion preventing women from being ordained or otherwise placed in any kind of leadership position within the church Given that religion is the opiate of the masses society can keep the gender status quo intact by simply maintaining it in religion often than she rescues him Media influences gendered traits more than people realize Women are mostly portrayed as weak submissive caretakers dependents or victims if they re not they re generally singled out as some kind of anomaly that needs to be corrected Popular songs depict domestic violence and both extremes of its outcome from the woman pretty much accepting that it s normal to the woman killing her abuser Few TV shows portray a woman as the hero of the story and if one is then she generally has a male partner to rescue her from danger more Movies follow suit using women as a plot device to motivate the male hero to take action for her sake Savage Inequalities Carly Brandie Aeriane V Recommendations and policy solutions Hispanic drop out Language Answer Have forigenlauguage class for all starting in Kindgerden English speaking kids take Spanish and Spanish speaking class take English make immigrants learn more of the English language than just the pledge Diversity of Hispanic teachers Answer Full ride to college for all Hispanic students who agree to teach in public schools for 510years find out more about each teacher to see if the their environment they grew up in would be beneficial to relating to their students Family obligations support families Answer Offer insintives for students to stay in school and financial support if that family is proving to be in need as long as the student stays in school offer daycare services or family oriented class rooms for families who can not afford day care More general acceptance of Hispanics in language classes have English speaking students learn about the culture and heritage of Spanish speaking students so they can better understand their circumstances Freddie What I d recommend for fixing the severe inequalities in the public education system are to move the oversight higher up the government food chain Currently Boards of Education are at the county level but this leaves little room for equality due to the sometimes drastic financial differences of the residents Even moving the educational decisions to the state level would be an improvement but federal jurisdiction couldn t hurt either No increase in taxes would be required it would just go to a different authority Funding wouldn t be allocated based on location anymore but instead it could be distributed to schools based on student population Schools of all size would have the necessary funding to support their student body without having to constantly make budget cuts because of the community s economic situation Richer areas would undoubtedly receive private funding from parents but that would be spent on extracurricular activities since the statefederal government would ensure equal education for all students in its jurisdiction give information about early and teen pregnancy Also offer education about protection and resource for free protect products Also talk about how they can benefit in the long run by not getting pregnant How American Schools Cheat Girls Sportsboys getting more funding for their sports teams because they make more money for the school Answer split money across the board equally between both sports Also require all boys teams to attend all girl games and sports and vice versa do not ask for gender on applications for such positions Grades affect player s eligibility teachers passing athletes so they can participate in a given sport Answers Have outside firms handle the grading process of all sports players Just like the TSSAA does in setting the rules for students who play sports give more incentives for acadmic achievements Girls and boys difference in learning styles Answer Make classes one gender and teach to the tested and proven study still for that gender implement a way of teaching in all schools that includes all learning stylesmaybe have alternative lesson plans for certain styles of learning test children for learning styles and put them in same class as other students with same learning style Both genders should be treated equally All students should be called upon in class raised hand or not Males having more school public leadership roles then females Answer for every boy leadership role there needs to be a girl leadership role that has the same power The two will stand as a united front like a married couple Males are pushed to be interested in math and sciencepushing females farther from these subjects Answer Once again go to single gender classes and see what strengths each gender has and move accordingly Salvage Inequalities in American Schools Rural to urban funding Answer All money should be equally divided a per S for each student Funding acts as a reward instead of an equalizer Answer if a school is doing well and testing well pour extra money to get some of the best teachers and staff into the lower performing schools Find out what is working at the other schools and repeat the process less pressure on testing to receive government funding Parent participation helps schools get fundedlower poverty level parents are working and can not be as involved Answer Using the money that the lower performing schools get pay parents extra income to help the schools or discount their rent or other bills for documented help through the schools Like a second job tax write off Inner city schools do not use resources in the communities to help with funding Why Answer Repeat what is working in the higher performing schools and teach staff Parents and community leaders to help give back and support their local schools Maybe something like a competition make information on community help more accessiblehave one person who looks into funding for poverty level schoolmaybe appointed by the statewrite for grants and extra stuff Education for adults to improve conditions in the inner city Instructions give one solutions to each problem outlined VI Solutions Over all Solutions Funding on a state level Ex county revenue should be sent to state level and funding should be given out equally to each public school Uniform teaching regulations applying to educationex text books Please send me or type in yourselfthe stuff for section 1 3 and 5 listed under instructions by Wednesday March 2 2011 9pm


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