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The Experience of Literature

by: Perry McClure

The Experience of Literature ENGL 2030

Perry McClure
GPA 3.86

Larry Mapp

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About this Document

Larry Mapp
Class Notes
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This 11 page Class Notes was uploaded by Perry McClure on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 2030 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Larry Mapp in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 47 views. For similar materials see /class/213064/engl-2030-middle-tennessee-state-university in Education and Teacher Studies at Middle Tennessee State University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
Essay Question How fully does Trond escape his Father s influence and become the leading character in his own life Trond does NOT fully escape his father s influence He begins to but then falls back into how his father would act Chapter 2 quotThe water would be cold now and the current strong I was freezing in my wet clothes it would be better without themquot 33 the river was narrow just there and foaming as it dropped down the rapids and the low sun sparkled in the sprayquot 36 quotWe stood on the bridge my father and l and we looked at each other and smiled and l for one felt the sense of expectation spreading through my stomachquot 37 Chapter 3 quotMy father could not have told me all this not with all the details but that is the way it is printed in my memory and I do not know whether I begin filling out this painting at once or if it is something I have done over the yearsquot 44 Chapter 4 quotThe sun was shining sat on the stern thwart with my eyes closed against the light and my father s familiar face as he rowed with easy strokes and I thought about how it must feel to lose your life so early 54 quotI felt it somewhere inside me a small remnant a bright yellow speck that would perhaps never leave mequot 55 Chapter 5 quotI can t recall when last felt so alive as when I got the car onto the road again and drove on 65 His wife died in a car accident He has 2 children and they have children 67 quotAnd the person observing is me and the man lam watching his movements and skills is a man of barely forty as myfather was when saw him for the last time when I was fifteen and he vanishedfrom my life foreverquot 70 This is the last memory Trond has of his father His father stays this age in his memory Chapter 6 quotCarrying my hatchet waded knee deep in spruce sprigs and cut the branches off in the way my father had shown mequot 74 quotI saw my father lying with half closed eyes glancing at her Jon s mother as she walked toward usquot 76 quotAnd for the first time felt a flash of bitterness towards my father because he had ruined the most complete moment of my life up to thenquot 82 Chapter 8 even if my father had been away for long spells that was something I had accepted with confidence that had been blown away in the course of a single day in Julyquot 100 quotI was perfectly calm I was the anchor of the world It was the river that did that to me I could immerse myself in water up to my chin and sit not moving with the current pounding away and pulling at my body and remain the person I was still be the anchorquot 101 quotSo I was not mistaken They kissed each other as if it was the last thing they would do in his life and I could not watch them and yet I did and tried to think of my mother as a son certainly ought to do when suddenly he came upon something like this but I could not think about my motherquot 109 Chapter 9 quotNow you re going to get on this bus and then change to the train at Elverum and it will take you home to Oslo and then wil finish up here and when that s done I ll be right behind you OKquot 117 The last time Trond saw his father Chapter 10 quotI shut my eyes into a squint and looked across the water flowing past below the window shining and glittering like a thousand stars like the Milky Way could sometimes doquot 125 quotfeeling the weight of the universe in all its immensity press down on your chest until you could scarcely breathequot 125 quotIt was 1942 My father came from the north through the forest searching for a place where he could take cover close to the border when he had to go to Sweden with papers and letters and sometimes films for the Resistance and later return to when his mission was completed and his tracks obliterated a place where he could use numerous times He was in no hurry He was not on the run then or he did not behave as if he wasquot 126 quotDuring the past years he had often been away and with the Germans in our country months could pass when I did not see him and when finally he came home and walked the streets like any other man he was different in a way it was hard for me to pinpoint But each time he came home he had changed a little and I had to concentrate hard to hold on to himquot 127 quotHe went away and then he came home again One week later or one month later and we became use to living without him from one day to another from one week to another But thought about him constantlyquot 130 Chapter 11 o quotI put the saw down on the grass on its side and squat down to unscrew the petrol tank and pour and it fills right up and then the can is empty I do not spill any of it my hand is steady and that is a good thing when someone is watchingquot 140 o quotI like watching Lars work I would not call him brisk but he is systematic and moves more elegantly up to the birch trunk with the heavy saw in his grasp than he does out on the road with Pokerquot 141 0 Jon who one day disappeared out of my life because one of his brothers had shot the other out of his life with a gun that he Jon had forgotten to unload It was high summer then he was his brothers keeper and in one instant everything was changed and destroyedquot 147 Chapter 12 quotSomething inside me is changing I am changing from someone I knew well and blindly relied onquot 152 quotThat is what I want and I know I can do it that I have it in me the ability to be alone and there is nothing to be afraid ofquot 159 Chapter 13 quotI could see they like doing this for Franz suddenly smiled and laughed and my father smiled and I wished I were like them that I had a friend like Franz I could swing my axe with and make plansquot 173 Chapter 15 quotI have not seen Ellen for six monthsto be honest I have not given her much thought nor her sister for that matterquot 190 quotThere was a time when I was away traveling most of the yearand both of the girls had grown each time I came homequot 191 Ellen says quotI had to call all the town councils for eighty miles around and more to find out where you lived I ve been doing it for weeks You don t even have a telephonequot 192 quotShe has come out here early in the morningto find out where I live because I probably have not told her that and have not even given it a thought that I should have done That may seem strange I see that now and her eyes turn moist again and that irritates me a littlequot 194 quotI am actually a meticulous person I want everything in its place and ready for use Dust and mess make me nervousquot 194 Trond says he and Lars has a lot in common quotWhether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life or whether that station will be held by anybody else these pages must show She smiles and says I always thought those opening lines were a bit scary because they indicated we would not necessarily be the leading characters of our own livesquot 196 quotI felt safe In the book Real life was something different In real life I have not had the courage to ask Lars the obvious question Did you take the place that was rightfully mine Did you have years out of my life that I should have lived 198 quotMy father was no sailor He stayed by the river of that I am certain 198 Like father like son Chapter 17 quotBut of course he did not comequot 223 I went on cycling into Oslo almost every other day to see if he was on the train from Elverum that particular dayquot 223 quotThe colors were different the smells different the feeling things gave you right down inside yourself was different 224 A letter arrived addressed to Trond s mom from his father Trond opened due to curiosity quotHe thanked us for the time we had spent together he looked back on it with HAZEL TELLS LAVERNE 1976 by Katharyn Howd Machan Machan creates a spoken voice for Hazel that features colloquial word choice and spelling musta sohelpmegod sida ta flushm and that neither requires nor uses punctuation The rhythm of Hazel s speech is easy to hear and the contractions and omitted sounds or syllables do not affect our understanding and manage to add to Hazel39s credibility Of course the poet assumes you know the story of a poor downtrodden girl kissing a frog who then returns to his rightful princely form thereby transforming her into a princess Hazel makes it clearthat she has no time to believe in such foolishness She recognizes the frog for what he is a purveyor of empty dreams that can only bring heartache She calls him a quotlittle green pervertquot and flushes him He resists being flushed so she quothas ta flush the toilet down three timesquot 2223 The last two lines of the poem perfectly express Hazel39s disgust with empty dreams and hope that ignores or denies the world as it is quotme a princessquot 2425 Do you recognize Hazel39s voice and can you hear it as you read the poem aloud What current actresses would make a good Hazel character and deliver these lines believably Can you think of movies that employ explicitly or implicitly this fairy tale I remember quotPretty Womanquot 1990 that starred Richard Gere and Julia Roberts Hazel would not be a fan of that movie Surely there are more recent examples What kind of commentary is Hazel making on contemporary life CONTE 1981 by Marilyn Hacker In this extension ofthe Cinderella fairy tale Cinderella writes a letter to someone You can figure out the intended recipients can39t you But the fairy tale aspect of her life clearly has ended The Cinderella fairy tale revolves around the goodness of Cinderella as contrasted with the selfish cruelty of her stepmother and stepsisters While she lived a quiet life and did the menial work and quotmade enduring tedium her virtuequot 25 she unintentionally was preparing forthis new life postfairy tale ending quotI39ll have to keep my virtuequot 26 she says The details of her letter allude to the prince39s dissatisfactions with his life the disappointment endured by his mistress and the reality of a world that revolves around for princes and does not sustain the fairy tale lives of women She is discovering that she has sisters everywhere The editors explain that the term quotcontequot refers to a quotshort tale of adventurequot 174 Explain how that term ts Cinderella39s story ls Cinderella happy Why or why not Can you see any connection between Cinderella39s point ofview and Hazel39s Explain the connection THE TRUE STORY OF SNOW WHITE 1989 by Bruce Bennett Sonnets are traditionally associated with expressions of love or of similarly deep feelings They are poems of fourteen lines typically written in iambic pentameter and typically employing a rhyme scheme The Bedford Glossary 1439 provides a fuller explanation of the conventions of sonnets and you should read that explanation and remember it The rhyme scheme of the poem would be marked this way abba cddc ef gg ef or efg gef Bennett has taken liberties with the rhyme scheme as poets are free to do and one of the rhymes is not perfect The end words quotgrovequot and quotlovequot rhyme approximately and can be called quoteye rhymesquot since they look alike while not sounding the same I mention all of this to encourage you to think about the craft of this and all poems Poems are not easily made Writers need months and even years of fiddling with words to get to the point of letting go ofa poem and sending it out to find its place in the world lfyou try to read poems well you will become a better reader and writer as you inevitably will begin appreciating the possibilities of your own language to communicate the truths and mysteries at the heart of human existence Can you tell that I love poetry Having thought about the traditional function of a sonnet you have to decide why Bennett uses the form for a poem that narrates the defeat of love The Queen has triumphed and so effective is her control that her quotmirror learned to liequot 5 the dwarfs were killed and quotnot a prince on earth has powerto breakquot 14 the spell under which Snow White sleeps The wicked queen targeted Snow White for this awful fate quotbecause her heart was full of lovequot 12 So would you describe the use of sonnet form as ironic Are there other examples of irony in the poem Why is the Queen so able to triumph What does this quottrue storyquot say about the fairy tale to which it alludes and about the contemporary world on which it comments CINDERELLA 1971 by Anne Sexton The narrator begins with summaries of four stories that we quotalways read aboutquot 1 stories about the plumber the nursemaid the milkman and the chanNoman In their stories they suddenly experience good fortune and are delivered from lives of poverty quotThat storyquot 21 the narrator says With the next line she begins the story of Cinderella whose life is familiar to us but who in this telling walks quotaround looking like Al Jolsonquot 32 is protected by her dead mother embodied by a white dove cries quotforth like a gospel singerquot 57 when she needs intervention from her Mother and triumphs over the stepsisters whose eyes are pecked out by the dove The Prince and Cinderella live on their lives unchanging and perfect never changed by time quotRegular Bobbsey Twinsquot 108 she says quotThat storyquot 109 20 Study Questions Per Petterson Out Stealing Horses Answerthese twenty questions fully and not with initial impressions I expect well thought out responsesthat require time to develop write edit and rewrite Use the text in every answer by quoting or paraphrasing in support Enclose quoted material in quotation marks and after the quotation marks but before nal punctuation insert the page number in side parentheses For example Trond argues quotthat birch trees are sentient beingsquot 83 Notice the placement of the quotation marks the page citation and the final period Notice the use of present tense It is easy to quote and cite correctly The writing itself should be grammatical correct and worthy of a university English class Use complete sentences spell and punctuate correctly proofread for careless errors and use present tense And ask me ifyou run into a writing problem you do not know how to solve Copy and Paste or Type each question and answer directly under it in a contrasting font 1 quotI needed to concentratequot Trond says at the start ofthe book 7 explaining his decision to move to the country What does he say that indicates how contented he is when after he retires he returnsto the riverto live in isolation 2 What details indicate he has made a brave choice in withdrawing to the country as he has always dreamt of doing or do the details suggest he is fleeing the responsibilities of his life 3 Trends memories of his life seem reliable so we trust him as a narrative voice He remembers his reaction soon after Odd is killed quotI felt it somewhere inside me a small remnant a bright yellow speck that perhaps would never leave mequot What is this feeling he describes How does that day of stealing horses with Jon and of learning what has happened to Odd change Trond 4 How does Trond still show the effects of that loss as an older man 5 Petterson has been widely praised for his descriptions of nature and of small quiet moments in everyday life These descriptive passages become thematically important to the novel Explain your understanding ofthe river setting to Trond39s early life and again to his later life 6 Identify and discuss three descriptive passages involving the river setting andor domestic scenes along the riverthat seem important and that remain most vivid in your memory after nishing the book 7 After his dream at the start of Chapter 14 which leaves him weeping Trond says quotBut then it is not death I fearquot Do you believe him If so what is he afraid of 8 How would Trond39s life have changed if he had hit the man in Karlstad 231 233 Why does he attach so much signi cance to that decision 9 Look at the scene in which Trond39s car goes off the road and he sees the lynx in the woods 65 At the end ofthe scene Trond says quotI can39t recall when last felt so alive as when I got the car onto the road again and drove onquot Why does a near accident and the sight of the lynx thrill him 10 What is surprising about Ellen39s reaction to her father when she nds him at the end of the book Does she think he has been unfair to her 11 Discuss two significant ways that Trond has become like his father and how has he managed to take a different path 12 Discuss two significant ways that Trond is unlike his father 13 Discuss two significant ways that Ellen is different from her father 14 Look at the book39s final section after Trond discovers that his father is not coming back How does this realization change Trond39s behavior How is his reaction to the news surprising 15 How will Trond39s life change afterthe end of the novel Will he see more ofhis daughter Will he and Lars become friends or will he return to the isolation he had sought out when he moved to the country 16 Look at Ellen39s monologue about the opening lines of David Copper eld 197 How do you understand the phenomenon she is describing of not being quotthe leading characters of our own livesquot 17 Has this happened to anyone you know What details help you discern that it has happened to Trond 18 Is it a good or a bad thing Explain 19 Why does Trond39s father not tell him the story ofthe Resistance Why does he leave it to Franz 20 Would Trond39s perception of his father have changed if his father had told the story himself Why Answer each question fully and not with initial impressions I expect well thought out responses that require time to develop write edit and rewrite The writing itself should be grammatically correct and worthy of a university English class Use complete sentences spell and punctuate correctly proofread for careless errors and ask me if you run into a writing problem that you do not know how to solve


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