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Topics in Gender and FilmGender, Race, Sexuality, and the History of Hollywood Cinema

by: Perry McClure

Topics in Gender and FilmGender, Race, Sexuality, and the History of Hollywood Cinema ENGL 3885

Marketplace > Middle Tennessee State University > Education and Teacher Studies > ENGL 3885 > Topics in Gender and FilmGender Race Sexuality and the History of Hollywood Cinema
Perry McClure
GPA 3.86

Elyce Helford

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About this Document

Elyce Helford
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Perry McClure on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ENGL 3885 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Elyce Helford in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 43 views. For similar materials see /class/213071/engl-3885-middle-tennessee-state-university in Education and Teacher Studies at Middle Tennessee State University.

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Reviews for Topics in Gender and FilmGender, Race, Sexuality, and the History of Hollywood Cinema


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Date Created: 09/23/15
ENGL 3885 Takehome Portion of Examination 1 Case Study Examination 1 has two elements an inclass portion 80 points and a takehome essay 45 points The takehome portion requires you to create your own quotcase studyquot of a single classic Hollywood film in 5001000 words using the case studies in the textbook as models Focus on key gender aspects of the lm related as we have studied it to date and use your own ideas and interpretations No need to quote or paraphrase from the textbook or other sources this is your own analysis You may choose any lm discussed in chapter 10 11 or 12 or a lm by a director or star discussed that you can obtainrent and screen on your own A few possibilities available online or free download via archiveorg o A F 00l There Was Frank Powell 1915 Silent lm starring Theda Bara as a vamp httn39 archix 6 detailsA Fool There Was The H itchiker Ida Lupino 1953 First lm noir directed by a woman 39 quot 39 Y 39 quot YIitchhiker1953 httn39 arrhix e In Old Oklahoma aka War 0fthe Wildcats Albert S Rogell 1943 John Wayne Western http archive org details WarOfT heWildcatsJ ohnWayne 1943 You may address several topics or select one area of particular interest but work closely with lm details and a nuanced understanding of gender and lm as we have been studying it You do not need to work directly with quote or paraphrase from readings from the textbook but if you do or bring in any other secondary sources be sure to use proper lVILA parenthetical citation methods And do not count quotations in your word count Note I would like everyone to screen a new lm but if you choose to quotshortcu quot by writing on a lm that you have already seen screen it anew for this assignment rather than trying to call it up from distant memory The take home study is due typed double spaced name and course top left by D2L Dropbox on Sunday October 28 by 9 am You may submit the work earlier of course ENGL 3885 Fall 2012 Inclass Portion of Examination 1 Study Guide 80 points total Closed book and notes Bring your own paper and pencil You will have the entire class period in which to write I p 1 p 1 p 1 p 1 p 1 Character Study 8 points each 24 For M character in each of the pairs listed a identify the lm from which the character comes b describe the character in a welldeveloped paragraph consider appearance and behavior hisher relationship to other characters and other detailsiproving you know exactly who the character is and c discuss the signi cance of gender to the character39s rolepurpose in the lm based on our readings including issues of class andor race as you deem them relevant Examples these will not be on the exam 1 Radio Raheem g yor 2 Frank Miller g Amy Fowler Kane In the Details 15 points each 30 For two of the following three speci c moments within the lms we ve screened in class a identify the lm from which the moment comes b describe its content form visual design cinematography editing sound designiwhichever seem most relevant to you and c explore its significance to gender issues in Hollywood film as we have studied them be speci c and offer a welldeveloped interpretation You may answer a b and c separately or combine them to offer a short essay that answers all questions Examples these will not be on the exam 1 Multiple characters look into the camera and spew stereotyped racialethnic slurs 2 A group of women watch a fashion show Genre Blending 26 points Compose a short essay based on M of the following thesis statements De ne the genre well and then apply its primary relevant elements to the content andor form of the lm listed The following are the actual thesis statements you will nd on the exam Though you may not bring a written essay or notes to the exam do prepare ideas ahead of time 1 High Noon can be productively studied through elements of the quotwoman39s f39 quot 2 Despite its power complexity and African American director Do the Right Thing falls prey to some of the elements of the quotblaxploitationquot genre 3 Though made long before the coining of the term quotchick ickquot The Women exempli es this contemporary genre even better than the melodrama or quotwoman39s lmquot


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