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Survey of United States History II

by: Roxanne Reinger

Survey of United States History II HIST 2020

Marketplace > Middle Tennessee State University > History > HIST 2020 > Survey of United States History II
Roxanne Reinger
GPA 3.53

Susan Myers-Shirk

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About this Document

Susan Myers-Shirk
Class Notes
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This 9 page Class Notes was uploaded by Roxanne Reinger on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 2020 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Susan Myers-Shirk in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 11 views. For similar materials see /class/213086/hist-2020-middle-tennessee-state-university in History at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Spring 2011 History 2020 American People since 1865 Section 10 Class meets in PH 227 1130 to 1225 MWF Professor Susan E MyersShirk My office Peck Hall 282 office hours MW 1000 1100 Thursday 1000 1200 by appt office telephone number 898 2386 Leave a voicemail if I don t answer Better yet email me or call me on my cell phone See DZL for my cell phone or email me and request a phone consult email address sshirkmtsuedu cell phone Check for my cell phone I also accept text messages FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY for online information about this course Log in to MTSU Pipeline click on My Coursesquot then click DZL Coursesquot then click on Survey United States History Hquot To access DZL log in directly click w the main things I want you to learn in this class History is the art of telling true stories that teach us about ourselves and our world This fsemester we ll explore the meaning and ilnportance of storytelling We ll read stories from the past stories written by people about the tilnes they lived in and stories written by historians about what happened in the past I ll tell stories as part of the lectures I give We ll watch movies too that tell stories about the past We ll discuss what we ve read and seen and then you ll write your own stories about the past interpreting events and explaining why it s ilnportant to know about those events and remember them You ll find out that historians tell stories about the past using a variety of methods and media and you ll get a chance to use some of those methods when you tell your story of the past How to think historically Historians think about the world in a particular way building a story of the past using evidence that they ve culled from a variety of sources Your research project will help you learn step by step the process for telling the story of the past You ll learn this process through a combination of personal interaction and on line tutorials The basic story of American history to tell your story you ll need to know what historians call the historical contextquot You ll need to know what happened when and why You ll learn the historical context through a combination of readings lectures discussions and films Completing the assigned reading before coming to class will help you master the narrative and do well in this class Time management skills Lots of times Ihear students tell me they don t like structure or rules or deadlines they are grownups now But even grownups need help sometiInes with managing their tilne meeting deadlines and following through on commitments To that end I ve included two tools meant to help you manage your time and your commitments The first is required attendance Being in class is valuable sometirnes you learn stuff and your presence and contribution is valued Having an attendance requirement helps you to make the right choice when you are trying to prioritize and deciding whether to come to class it s sunny outside it s rainy outside I m tired my dog ate my homework The second tool I m going to give you is the reverse calendar The first step in any big project is to break it down into small doable parts In a reverse calendar you begin with your due date and work backward through your calendar figuring out when each piece must be completed in order to complete the entire assignment on time I ve helped you with your semester project see below by breaking it down into 5 pieces and giving each piece a due date Each of those 5 pieces should then be broken down into even smaller pieces You ll learn more about how to do this in the 5 project skills sessions scheduled throughout the semester T0 focus our discussion this semester we ll use the textbook American Promise Compact 4th ed Vol 2 and John Hollitz Thinking Through the Past 4th ed vol 2 Both books are available for purchase in hard copy through the MTSU bookstore or electronically at Coursesmart http wwwcoursesmartcom If you purchase an electronic version it will be a 180 day subscription in essence you are renting the electronic version Course focus questions based on the American Promise What does it mean when someone makes a promise Is there more than one meaning to the word promise How well has America lived up to its promise and how well has it kept its promises Where have Americans succeeded historically Where have they failed And why does it matter How does telling stories about the past help us to understand promises kept and promises broken Course focus questions based on Thinking Through the Past What does it mean to think historically What kinds of sources do historians use How do historians use and evaluate evidence Why does historical interpretation matter Why study history other stuff I hope you ll learn You ll learn the fundamental issues in US history so that you can be a smarter and more informed citizen As we study the past you ll learn skills that will improve your performance in other classes in the workplace and in the democratic process such as 3 systematic disciplined thinking about a series of topics through careful thorough note taking during class lectures and discussions 3 critical thinking through writing and reading assignments that require you to collect data organize evidence and present a coherent argument and to critically evaluate sources as part of that process 3 selfawareness through assignments that require you to ask yourself What do I learn about myself from reading this material 3 worldawareness through assignments that require you to ask yourself How does the world around me make more sense as a result of knowing historyquot stuff you have to do to pass this class 1 Take notes on film handouts 25 points each for a total of 100 points I ll grade five film handouts You may drop the lowest grade We will see more than five films this semester I will distribute a handout for each of those films but you will not know until the end of class whether I am collecting the handout for grading This will keep you honest and help you to focus on taking notes each time Take notes on discussion handouts 25 points each for a total of 100 points I ll grade five of the discussion handouts You may drop the lowest grade We will have more than five discussion sessions this semester I will distribute a handout for each of those sessions but you will not know until the end of class whether I am collecting the handout for grading As with the film handouts this will keep you honest and help you to focus on taking notes each time Attend class regularly Each class is worth 2 points with some days worth more at my discretion for a total of 100 points Anything above 100 points will be added as bonus points A semester project 4 of the 5 parts are worth 100 points each for a total of 400 points Part 4 a rough draft is a not for credit assignment that will be completed in class and is meant to prepare you for your final submission The semester project is a creative project based on historical research in which you tell a story about the past based on your reading of primary amp secondary materials You will be allowed to express that story in one of 7 formats music poetry fiction a virtual exhibit a poster artwork or a traditional history paper I ll give you lots of instruction about how to do the research help with choosing the best format for telling the story and a checklist for each piece of the project you must submit There are 4 sessions scheduled for instructions about how to do each piece of the project and tutorials for each part are posted on DZL If you complete each tutorial quiz you earn bonus points You ll also have lots of freedom though to take the project in whatever direction you want to go The project will be divided into 5 pieces 4 of the parts are graded Due dates for each part of the project are noted below on the lecture schedule a Part 1 100 pts Choose a topic and develop a bibliography b Part 2 100 pts Develop a formal proposal for your project c Part 3 100 pts Take notes on your sources for your project d Part 4 no credit During an in class workshop work on a rough draft of your project No credit is awarded for this portion of the assignment except for attendance and participation points Part 5 100 pts Revise your rough draft and develop a final draft for your project IMPORTANT NOTE YOU MUST SUBMIT A FINAL DRAFT OF N OJ 4 D YOUR PROECT TO RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT FAILURE TO SUBMIT A FINAL DRAFT CONSTITUTES FAILURE OF THE CLASS stuff you ll need to know about communicating 1 All course related materials are on D2L includes electronic copies of all course assignments and a discussion board 2 My email sshirkmtsuedu39 semyersshirkgmailcom 3 My cell phone number is posted on D2L under course content 4 I rely heavily on electronic resources scholarly websites Regular access to the Internet is crucial for this class Please use the clickable lecture schedule to access the websites assigned for each day 5 Laptops are permitted and encouraged in class If at any time during the semester you appear to be distracting other students in any way you will be asked to turn it off and put it away for the duration of the class Cell phones are permitted for emergencies only If you are awaiting a call that you cannot miss sick child etc please speak to me prior to class silence the ringer and then sit by the door so that if the call comes you can step outside to take it All other cell phones should be turned off and stowed I will have a cell phone turned on to receive text messages in the event of a university wide emergency other stuff you need to know ie important fine print attendance policy Attendance is required by me and by the university especially if you are receiving nancial aid Federal regulations require that I report anyone who stops coming to class See above for description of the attendance policy makeup amp late policy for assignments In order to be extended the privilege of making up a late assignment you must contact me prior to the scheduled assignment and offer a compel lin g excuse for your absence or failure to submit If you are sick on the day of the assignment you must telephone text or email me prior to class grading scale The course is worth 700 points and I use the grading scale in this course To earn an A you must accumulate at least 651 points 93 to earn a B at least 609 points 87 929 to earn a B at least 588 points84869 to earn a B at least 560 points80839 to earn a C at least 539 points77 799 to earn a C at least 518 points 74769 to earn a C at least 490 points 70739 to earn a D at least 469 points 67 699 to earn a D at least 448 points 64669 to earn a D and a passing grade in this class you must earn at least 420 points 60639 plagiarism and cheating If you are caught in any sort of academic dishonesty you will suffer all due penalties Possible penalties include failing the assignment failing the course and expulsion from the university Reminder Academic dishonesty must be reported to the university and the incident will become part of your permanent record If you are online and want to learn more about the MTSU39s policy regarding academic dishonesty go to http wwwmtsuedu handbook page 18 Cheating really aggravates me and crying when you get caught will not get you off the hook accommodation for students with disabilities If you have a disability that may require assistance or accommodation or you have questions related to any accommodations for testing note takers readers etc please speak with me as soon as possible Students may also contact the Office of Disabled Students Services 8982783 with questions about such services dropadd dates Last day to drop without a grade anuary 26 2010 Last day to drop with a W March 25 2010 Reminder If youjust stop coming to class you have not of cially dropped the course To do so you must logon to Pipdjne and go to Raidernet to officially drop the class Also if for any reason you decide to withdraw from the university after the university deadline for late withdrawals please schedule an appointment with me before doing so Even if you withdraw from all of your classes Iwill NOT automatically award you a W Please note I reserve the right to cut readings and rearrange the lecture schedule as necessary so pay attention in class and check the D2L announcement board your university email and the clickable syllabus frequently for updates Lecture Schedule Week 1 Reconstruction Read American Promise hereafter AP Chapter 16 Reconstruction Read Thinking Through the Past hereafter TTP Chapter 1 Historians and Textbooks Tour Library of Congress Virtual Exhibit African American Odyssey Reconstruction Part 1 amp 2 http memorylocgow ammem aaohtml exhibit aopart5html F January 14 Course introduction M 17 No class MLK Day W 19 Lecture Freedom F 21 Discussion Historians and Textbooksquot Due Practice uploading to D2L and earn bonus points Submit at least 30 minutes prior to start of class Week 3 Business and Politics in the Gilded Age Read AP Chapter 18 Business and Politics in the Gilded Agequot Read TTP Chapter 2 Using PriInary Sourcesquot Tour Mark Twain s Scrapbook htt www bsor marktwain scra book indexhtml M January 24 Lecture The Gilded Age W 26 Film Mr Sears39 America Last day to drop the class without a grade F 28 Discussion Using Primary Sourcesquot Week 3 The Contested West Read AP Chapter 17 The Contested West 1870 to 1900quot Read TTP Chapter 3 Evaluating Primary Sourcesquot Tour Thomas Moran American Visionaries Series htt wwwn s ov histor museum exhibits moran indexhtm Explore amp Read LOC American Memory Collection The Chinese in California 1850 1825quot htt memor loc ov ammem award99 cubhtml themeindexhtml M January 31 Project Skills Part 1 Finding a topic and developing a bibliography Class meets in Walker Library Rm 264A W February 02 Lecture The West F February 04 Discussion Evaluating Primary Sourcesquot Week 4 The City amp Its Workers Read AP The City amp Its Workers 18701900quot Review TTP Documents in Chapter 2 Using Primary Sourcesquot Tour The Lower Eastside Tenement Museum http www orcr Virtual Tour index virtual html M February 07 Lecture The Rise of the City W 09 Film Coney Island or In uenza 1918 or The San Francisco Earthquake 0f1906 F 11 Project Skills Part 2 How to Write a Formal Proposal Due Topic amp working bibliography submit via DZL at least 30 minutes prior to start of class Week 5 Dissent Depression amp War Read AP Chapter 20 Dissent Depression amp Warquot Read TTP Chapter 4 Evaluating a Historical Argumentquot Tour The Columbian Exposition from the Chicago Historical Society htt wwwchica ohsor histor ex ohtml M 14 Lecture Dissent Depression amp War W 16 Discussion Evaluating a Historical Argument F 18 NO CLASS Week 6 Progressivism Read AP Chapter 21 Progressivism from the Grass Roots to the White House Read TTP Chapter 5 The Problem of Historical Motivationquot Tour Triangle Shirtwaist Fire http wwwilrcornelledu trianglefire Tour The Great Migration htt 39 www inmotionaameor mi rations landin cfmmi ration8 htt wwwwhitne or 39acoblawrence art mi ration serieshtml M February 21 Lecture Progressivism W 23 Discussion The Problem of Historical Motivationquot F 25 Walkabout Please let me know if you have physical limitations that will prevent you from doing a walking tour of downtown Murfreesboro Week 7 World War I Read AP Chapter 22 The Progressive Crusade at Home amp Abroad Read amp Explore Veterans History Project http wwwlocgov vets M February 28 Project Skills Part 3 How to take notes W March 02 Lecture The Great War F 04 Lecture Introduction to the Post World War I Era Week 8 March 512 NO CLASS SPRING BREAK REVISED SCHEDULE BEGINS IIERE Week 9 The New Era Read AP Chapter 23 From New Era to Great Depression Read TTP Chapter 6 Ideology and Historyquot Read amp Explore Clash of Cultures Website http ehistoryosuedu osu mmh clash defaulthtm M March 14 Lecture From Progressivism to War to a New Era Due Formal Project Proposal submit via D2L at least 30 minutes prior to start of class W 16 Project Skills Part 3 How to take notes Read Hollitz Chapter 6 Ideology and History Advertising in the 1920squot F 18 Film Demon Rum or Fatal Flood Week 10 Great Depression amp A New Deal Read AP Chapter 24 The New Deal Experiment Read TTP Chapter 7 History from the Top Downquot Read amp Explore Documenting America Photographic Series htt memor loc ov ammem fsahtml fadocamerhtml M March 21 Lecture The Great Depression amp a New Deal W March 23 Discussion Hollitz Chapter 7 History From the Top Down quot F 25 FILM The CCC or The Hurricane 0f 38 or Seabiscait Last day to drop the class with a W Week 11 The United States and the Second World War Read AP Chapter 25 The United States and the Second World War 19391945quot Read TTP Chapter 8 History From the Bottom Up quot Read amp Explore Veterans History Project httpzl wwwlocgovl vetsl M March 28 Lecture World War H W March 30 Discussion Hollitz Chapter 8 History From the Bottom Up quot F April 01 Film A Family Gathering or The Polio Crusade or Fly Girls Week 12 Cold War Politics amp Culture of Abundance Read AP Chapter 26 Cold War Politics in the Truman Years 1945 1953 Read AP Chapter 27 The Politics amp Culture of Abundance 1952 1960 Read TTP Chapter 9 Popular Culture as Historyquot Tour Jackson Pollock Exhibit http wwwngagov feature pollock Listen Dizzy Gillespie and Salt Peanuts htt www outubecom watchvkOmA8LOw258ampfeaturerelated Listen Charlie Parker Koko Go to D2L Content for this class to listen to this song M April 04 Lecture Postwar America W April 06 Discussion Hollitz Chapter 9 Popular Culture as Historyquot F 08 Lecture Counterculture Week 13 Reform Reaction amp Rebellion Read AP Chapter 28 Reform Reaction and Rebellionquot Read TTP Chapter 10 History amp Popular Memoryquot


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