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Survey of United States History II

by: Roxanne Reinger

Survey of United States History II HIST 2020

Marketplace > Middle Tennessee State University > History > HIST 2020 > Survey of United States History II
Roxanne Reinger
GPA 3.53

Brian Ingrassia

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About this Document

Brian Ingrassia
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Roxanne Reinger on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 2020 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Brian Ingrassia in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 15 views. For similar materials see /class/213092/hist-2020-middle-tennessee-state-university in History at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
HIST 2020 Study Guide for First Exam February 21 Spring 2012 MTSU Dr Ingrassia l Iquot S P Uquot 9 WadeDavis Bill Part ofthe Radical Republican s Plan 1864 Would abolish slavery no confederates in politics 50 of voters take the quotIronclad Oath Lincoln vetoed it saying it was quottoo harsh Presidential Reconstruction 1865 1866 Andrew Johnson was in charge of it His plan 1 rescind secession 2 repudiate confederate debts 3 Ratify 13th amendment outlaw slavery and 4 Pardons for confederate officers slap on the hand for the south no real punishment Gideon s Band Went to the SC Sea Islands 1862 1865 to teach blacks religion and education Freedmen39s Bureau 1865 Federal agency for assisting freedman gave them food health care employment education etc General Oliver 0 Howard head of Bureau and started Howard University Gen Clinton B Fisk was a partner too Sherman39s Field Order No 15 1865 This gave 40 acres and a mule to each slave asking for protection Johnson made the slaves give back the land and mules Mississippi Black Codes Codes that prevented black from having freedoms Some prevented black people from getting jobs by doing what they know cotton some prevented blacks from quitting jobs for their benefit giving up wages minors would be sent to previous slave owners Taking away rights Congressional Reconstruction 18661872 1 Radical Republicans Thaddeus Stevens and Charles Sumner 2 Johnson was impeached stayed in office lacking 1 vote 3 Reconstruction Legislation amendments Tenure of Office Act 1868 1 Congress approve replacement of Cabinet members 2 Johnson tried to replace secretary of war Edwin Stanton with Ulysses Grant 3 Johnson s impeachment Amendments 13th 1865 abolished slavery 14th 1868 citizenship equal protection under the law 15th 1870 granted quotmalesquot the right to vote upset women s right s activists like Elizabeth Stanton H O Albion W Tourgee famous quotcarpetbaggerquot Union Soldier Lawyer editor judge in NC opposed KKK A Fool s Errand by One of the Fools 1879 novel trying to make a difference in a South H H 18721876 elections Pres Ulysses Grant Republican won verses Horace Greeley Liberal Repub H N Redemption 1870s 1890s redeem government from carpetbaggers Scalawags freedmen Time of quothome Rule white southern Democrats H U Fulton Bag and Cotton Mill Jacob Elscus 1868 1889 quotcarpetbaggerquot German immigrant who served in Civil War 14 Tuskegee Institute 1881 Black School 15 Vanderbilt University 1873 White school 16 Tennessee Centennial Exposition World fair 1897 17 Henry Grady Atlanta Constitution 1880 1919 He said south was a quotslave to slavery Slavery dictated everything South needed to break old ways Homer Plessy challenged Louisiana separate car act in 1892 He told committee he would desegregate the train He sat in a white car and got arrested for it Tourgee was his attorney The 14 h amendment was said to only apply to politics The equal part of carry separate but equal was never enforced Ferguson won 19 Pacific Railway Act 1862 1 Federal Land Grants to Railroad companies 2 Transcontinental Railroad Omaha San Fran 3 Promontory Point Utah 1869 Federal funding of Railroad bring country back together uniting the seas ease of passing capital 21 quotGentlemen s Agreement 1907 stop Japanese immigration vs better trading 22 Chinese Exclusion Act 1882 excluded Chinese immigration to US E iwm39wiw Elmira written from a person 1St hand 24 Brigham Young Leader of the Mormons Lead them along the Mormon Trail 1846 1848 to Salt Lake City 25 Dawes Severalty Act 1887 Rules for Indians 1 No communal land ownership N 0391 N I N 00 N U U Q UJUJ NI UJUJ U39IIgt 37 DJ 00 2 160 acres per family 3 Boarding Schools Carlisle Haskell etc Assimilation 4 23 rds or 90 million acres have been taken from Indians Wounded Knee Massacre 1890 150 native Americans died Ghost Dance Pine Ridge Reservation Wounded Knee creek Carlisle School School for Indians where they were being taught to Assimilate Gilded Age citiesindustries 1 New York 18 mil 2 Philadelphia 850000 3 Chicago 500000 4 Boston 360000 St Louis 350000 Industries 1 Amour Co Swift meatpacking 2 Standard Oil Co John d Rockefeller 3 Carnegie Steel Co Frederick W Taylor came up with Principles ofScienti c Management 1911 Break up task into smaller steps that don t require knowledge of skill Knights of Labor 1869 Leader Terence Powderly Thought that workers should control production had classes and lectures to support a Utopian idea Competition from AFL American Federation of Labor Samuel Gompers Leader of the American Federation of Labor AFL 1886 Andrew Carnegie Owner of Carnegie Steel Believed in concentrated wealth and survival of the fittest 1800s immigration 1 Ireland post potato famine Boston NY Chicago 2 German post 1848 revolution Cincinnati St Louis Milwaukee3 Southern Italy Eastern Europe Russia 1880s 1910s NY Chicago St Louis Pittsburg 4 China 1849 1882Japan 1868 1908 San Fran Seattle Hawaii National League 1876 Baseball starts up as public entertainment Horizontalvertical integration 1 Horizontal the company buys out all competitors 2 vertical the company acquires all aspect of production and distribution Progressive Era progressive how people felt about society and themselves They were all about change Good intentions didn t always turn out as planned unintentional consequences Worker Compensation 1910 1917 if you lose a limb you can get prosthetic paid for U U Triangle Shirtwaist Company 1911 they had a huge fire and 146 people died because they locked them in the work room This resulted in tougher factory regulations 40 The Jungle 1905 exposed meatpacking company about all the dangers and how it was unsanitary He meant to get better working condition for workers but middle class got better meat sanitation instead Workers got nothing unintentiona consequences 42 da B Wells Barnett muckraker she exposed the truth of lynching and how people should not take the crime into their own hands quotreal men would let black men have a trialquot 4 cu City Beautiful movement Frederick Law Olmsted wanted a place in cities where people could go and be together Parks began being built in other cities Central Park was the 1 4 4 Jane Addams 1889 started the Hull House in Chicago It was a place where many cultures came together quotcultural pluralism They could live there and get help with assimilating into American cultural 4 U1 Forward Pass made a forward pass legal in Football to open up the game to prevent cheating 4 m Carrie Nation Started the Women s Christian Temperance Union women and Anti Saloon League men She was against alcohol because 1St husband beat her and second didn t drink and was amazing 47 Amendments 16th 1913 Income Tax 17th 1913 Popular Election of Senators 18th 1919 Prohibition of Alcohol 48 Woman Suffrage Alice Paul 1885 Formed National Women s Party in 1917 Bad publicity caused 19th amendment Women were having to be force fed in jail and other countries thought badly of US National Association of the Advancement of Colored People 50 WEB Du Bois Said that the top 10 of African Americans should be put first so they can succeed and help rise other African Americans up Better odds of working Well educated and of mixed parents U39IU39I Nl U1 U3 U1 4 U1 0391 0 4 quotAtlanta Compromise Alfred Thayer Mahan The influence ofSea Power 1890 Said that if you want a big empire you need a big navy To have a good navy you need islands for refueling Yellow journalism big headlines comics anything even if it wasn t true just to sell the paper Spanish American War 1898 quotSplendid Little Warquot short and goo for America Fought Spain for freedom of Cuba Puerto Rico and Philippines Platt Amendment 1898 US fights for Cuban freedom but doesn t claim it as their own they can just interfere in affairs when they see fit Emilio Aguinaldo American educated Declared independence wrote constitutional and formed a republic quotBig Stickquot diplomacy More about intimidation Only take action to prevent a crisis US can intervene in Latin American affairs Hay BunauVarilla Treaty Granted US the quotCanal Zonequot in perpetuity Panama Canal Connects Atlantic to Pacific as a trade route 1914 Great White Fleet 1907 1909 went around world as a symbol of peace but really meant to show off US s new navy power and their refueling bases Woodrow Wilson 1St Southern President since Civil War Went to Princeton University He segregated the federal government Fourteen Points 1 Public should know about things so they can punish the bad 2 Freedom to trade around world 3 Trade with whoever they want open up trade to everyone 4 weapons should only be made and had to protect country not to attack 5 13 each group of people should be able to decide ifthey want to be a nation anti impearlism mosty Europe but other people want more freedom like the Philippines 14 group of Nations are formed under promise of equal terms mutual understanding and agree that territory will be respected and independence will be respected WWI Technology 1 Machine gun 2 Trench Warfare 3 Howitzers gt cannons 4 Tanks 5 poison gas germans 6 Airplanes 7 quotDreadnought battleships huge


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