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Survey World Civilization II

by: Roxanne Reinger

Survey World Civilization II HIST 1120

Marketplace > Middle Tennessee State University > History > HIST 1120 > Survey World Civilization II
Roxanne Reinger
GPA 3.53


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About this Document

Class Notes
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This 4 page Class Notes was uploaded by Roxanne Reinger on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to HIST 1120 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Staff in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 36 views. For similar materials see /class/213096/hist-1120-middle-tennessee-state-university in History at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
HIST 1120001 MW 220 pm345 pm COE 164 email dhintonmtsuedu Office hours MW 1230 pm 2 pm SURVEY OF WORLD CIVILIZATION Course description The Impact of western expansion upon the indigenous civilizations of Asia Africa and the Americas their mutual interchange in the creation of the modern world Course objectives 1 Acquire an understanding of the processes of history at work in various civilizations 2 Examine the causes and effects of history to better understand the how and why of human endeavor 3 Improve reading writing and analytical skills In addition HIST 1120 seeks to further the Tennessee Board of Regents and MTSU General Studies Student Learning Outcomes 1 Analyze significant primary texts and works of art ancient premodern and modern as forms of cultural and creative expression 2 Explain the ways in which humanistic andor artistic expression throughout throughout the ages expresses the culture and values of its time and place 3 Explore globalcultural diversity 4 Frame a comparative context through which they can critically assess the ideas forces and values that have created the modern world 5 Recognize the ways in which both change and continuity have affected human history 6 Practice the critical and analytical methodologies of the Humanities andor Fine Arts Textbook Bentley J and Ziegler H 2011 Traditions and Encounters Vol 2 5th Ed NY McGraw Hill Please note that the textbook is required for this course it is an integral part of the course and is not optional Examinations and Grading Criteria Students will be evaluated based on their performance on three examinations and one writing assignment Exam 1 250 points Exam 2 250 points Paper 200 points Participation 50 points Final exam noncumulative 250 points Total 1000 points Participation students who do not miss more than the allowed classes and participate fully in class will receive the full 50 points Students exceeding the limit will receive 0 points Examinations include multiple choice identification and sometimes essay questions designed to test mastery of key concepts It is absolutely important that you 1 purchase the textbook since you will be tested over text material and 2 attend class regularly because material will be presented in class that expands on what is in the textbook or isn t in the textbook All makeup exams are given at the discretion of the instructor late work if accepted and late exams will be heavily penalized A 931 00 C 7376 A 9092 C 7072 8 8789 D 6669 B 8386 D 6065 B 8082 F Below 60 C 7779 Academic Dishonesty and Special Accommodations Use of the intellectual properties of others without attributing it to them is considered a serious academic offense Cheating r plagiarism will result in receiving a failing grade for the course Repeat offenses result in dismissal form the university Be advised that the Instructor has access to software that easily detects even the most subtle forms of plagiarism In other words don t do it not only because it is wrong but because you Will be caught In accordance with University policy if you have a documented disability and require accommodations to obtain equal access in this course pleas contact the Instructor at the beginning of the semester or when given an assignment for which an accommodation is required The Office of Disabled Student Services can be reached at 6158982783 Other policies Students are advised that using a cell phone for any purpose in class is not accepted Open laptops are likewise not allowed unless express permission of the Instructor is given Students who violate this policy will be immediately asked to leave the class and one point for each infraction will be deducted from the final grade Le a grade of 90 A becomes 89 8 Key Dates August 27 classes begin September 1 last day to add a class September 5 Labor Day holiday no classes September 9 last day to drop a class without a grade October 1518 Fall break Last day to drop a class with a W November 2426 Thanksgiving holiday The last day of classes is December 7 Final exam Wednesday December 14 1230 pm 230 pm TENTATIVE CLASS SCHEDULE AND ASSIGNED READINGS The Origins of Global Interdependence 15001800 Week 1 Global exploration Europe transformed The Americas Chapters 22 23 24 Week 2 Africa East Asia Chapters 25 26 Week 3 The Islamic Empires Chapter 27 Film in class Muhammad Legacy ofa Prophet An Age of Revolution Industry and Empire 17501914 Week 4 Revolutions and Nation States Chapter 28 Week 5 Exam 1Monday Industrial Society Chapter 29 Week 6 The Americas in the Age of Independence Societies at crossroads Chapters 30 Week 7 The Building of Global Empires South Africa Chapter 32 Film in class Shaka Zulu Contemporary Global Realignments 1914present Week 8 Descent into the Abyss World War I and the Crisis of the European Global Order Chapter 33 Film clips from Gallipoli Paths of Glory Week 9 Week 10 Week 11 Week 12 Week 13 Week 14 Week 15 The World between the Wars An Age of anxiety Chapter 34 Film in class Triumph of the Will Exam 2 WedNationalism and political identities in Asia Africa and Latin America Chapter 35 World War II Chapter 36 The Cold War Chapter 36 The end of Empire Chapter 37 AWorld Without Borders Chapter 38 The current global situation final exam review Papers due Wednesday November 23 Final exam Wednesday December 14 1230 pm 230 pm The Instructormay change the syllabus at his J t39 quot will be 39 39of any changes


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