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Orientation to Art

by: Ruth West

Orientation to Art ART 1030

Ruth West
GPA 3.58

Kathrine Flanagan

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About this Document

Kathrine Flanagan
Class Notes
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This 23 page Class Notes was uploaded by Ruth West on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to ART 1030 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Kathrine Flanagan in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 33 views. For similar materials see /class/213100/art-1030-middle-tennessee-state-university in Art at Middle Tennessee State University.


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Date Created: 09/23/15
Orientation to Art Final Picture Guide Egyptian Culture Palette of Narmer Slate Preclynastic Egyptian Culture Akhenaten and Family Paintecl limestone Amarna Period Lysippos Scraper Marble Classical Greek Culture Laocoon Group Marble Hellenistic Female Figure Limestone Paleolithic Polynesian Culture Stone figures on Ahu Tufa with coral Rapanui Olowe of se Olumeye Bowl Wood amp Pigment I Mans amp Juhzn Mzmnezr er B zcszre ChnguThe Dmneer y waed Meme FErmmmy Vurubz Cums Head uf 2 Mg Brass Donatello David Bronze Early Renaissance African Culture Nkondi figure Wooden core with fibers plant and animal material Duchamp The Fountain Ceramic with black paint Dada Hirst Mother and Child Divided Beysteel glass silicone sealants cow calf formaldehyde solution Bernini The Ecstasy of St Theresa Colored Marbles amp Gilded Bronze Cornaro Chapel Rome Italian Baroque Mueck Boy Fiberglass resin silicone Serra Titled Arc CorTen Steel New York City Christo The Gates New York City Christo Valley Curtain Colorado Native Americans Serpent Mond Ohio Heizer Double Negative Nevada Ems Goldsworthy Reconstructed Icicles Around a Tree Icicles and Tree Roman Culture Colosseum Stone amp Concrete Rome Early Empire Wright Faiiing Water Reinforced concrete Pennsyivania Prairie 7 77 39 i Daguerre Le Bouievard du Tempie Daguerrotype Su39egh39tz The Steerage 5ampw photograph Gursky shahghar Co or photograph v 39 742 M ow Muyb 39dge Horse eaHoprhg 5ampw photography 1r Cthhn Mademnmes aw Wm Bunel and Dali Un CheinAndalou BampW Film Surrealism Nam June Paik TV Buddha Closedcircuit video installation with bronze sculpture Art Notes for Exam 1 gt Hulu video Outside In The Story of Art in the Streets gt Bansky o Started out doing street art in England 0 Now sells art for lots of S gt Shepard Fairy 0 Red white and blue photo of Obama quotHope poster 0 Trained in an academic situation 0 Selling workcommercial gt Invader 0 From France 0 Creates mosaics and places them on random public buildings 0 LA wants to arrest gt Swoon gt What is Art 0 The conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects 0 quotArsquot is Latin for quotSkillquot I Creative image 0 Figure 325 o Hieronymus Bosch 0 The Garden Earthly Delights 0 Oil on panel 0 3 piece painting 0 Left Garden of Eden 0 Middle Pleasures of Life 0 Right Hell on Earth I in the production of aesthetic objects The branch of philosophy concerned with the feelings aroused in us by sensory experiences such as seeing and hearing 0 Are you feeling aroused 0 Figure 226 o Auguste Rodin o The Kiss 0 Marble I in the production of aesthetic objects 0 Beauty anything that by its quality pleases the senses o Pleasure a feeling of delight that which brings happiness or enjoyment o Pleasure disinterested contemplation o Is this beautiful 0 Figure 226 Art Notes for Exam 1 o Auguste Rodin o The Kiss 0 Marble o Is this beautiful 0 Figure 211 o Francisco de Goya I Lived in the Napoleonic era I He painted for the king I Got maneres disease which drove him crazy 0 SaturnChronos Devouring One of His Children 0 Wall painting o Is this art 0 Figure 24 Leonardo da Vinci o Mona Lisa 0 Oil on panel 0 Created during the High Renaissance I About 6 million people visit the Louvre each year and most see the Mona Lisa I from the Italian word for quotsmokequot a technique of painting in this glazes to achieve a hazy cloudy atmosphere o Is it Art 0 artistic material of low quality designed to appeal to current popular taste I Ex Thomas Kincaide o 5quot a picture or diagram that helps make written material clear I Ex The Amazing Spiderman 0 3m the art or profession of visual communication that combines images words and ideas to convey information to an audience especially to sell a product 0 sitArt o NIB Not in book Banksy Keep Britain Tidy Paint on Wall ii markings slogans or drawings written spray OOO painted or sketched on a sidewalk wall of a building or public Art Notes for Exam 1 deliberately mischievous or malicious destruction or damage of property gt Problems with Defining Arts o Is it Art I Manet had been inspired by Marcantonio Raimondi s The Judgment of Paris an engraving from a drawing by Raphael o Scandalous 0 Figure 214 o Edouardmanet o Luncheon on the Grass 0 Le Dejeuner surl herbe 0 Oil on Canvas 0 Impressionsism if u the depiction of erotic behavior as in pictures or writing intended to cause sexual excitement NIB 3 obscene writing drawings photography or the like especially those having no artistic merit dictionarycom o AlexandreCabanel 0 Birth of Venus I Naked women with cherubs above Is this pornography What if the cherubs were removed 0 Robert Mapplethorpe 0 Did mostly PG stuff until the Xportfolio I Obscene offensive to morality or decency indecent deprave diccom 0 Figure pg 224 0 Robert Mapplethorpe o Selfportrait 0 Photograph gt Is it Art 0 Figure 221 Jackson Pollock 0 Number 1 o Enamel and metallic paint on canvas 0 Abstract Expressionism Trying to elaborate paintoncanvas I Showing his emotion Wanting to evoke emotion from viewer Art Notes for Exam 1 1 It I i utiw an American art movement of the mid20 h century characterized by large scale abstract and nonrepresentational imagery It emphasized the artist s spontaneous expression as it flowed from the sub conscious glossary o Nonrepresentational abstract painting in which the physical act of applying paint to a support in bold spontaneous gestures supplies the expressive content gloss gt Is it Art 0 NIB 0 David Hammons 0 Rock Fan 0 Rock fans bolts International art movement that emerged during WWI It created quotantiart that emphasized absurdity irrationality chance whimsy irony and childishness gloss o Included writers poets artists etc a public declaration of intentions opinions objectives or motives NIB gt Is it Art 0 1917 Changes the definition of Art Figure 2123 Marcel Duchamp came up with the name quotR Muttquot to be anonymous I The Fountain I Ceramic with black paint I Dada movement gt How does one become an Artist 0 Learn from a master artist I Be an apprentice 0 Go to art school I Be an academic artist 0 Just do it I Be an Art brut o Someone who in the process of training with a master artist NIB I Leonardo studied with Verrocchio o Verrocchio was a top dog of the Early Renaissance o NIB Art Notes for Exam 1 Andrea del Verrocchio Baptism of Christ 000 Oil on panel 0 Early Renaissance o Verrocchio is the Master 0 Leonardo is the Apprentice I Figure 26 I Andrea del Verrocchio I David I Bronze with gold details I Early Renaissance 0 Was possible that Leonardo was posing as David for Verrocchio due to the shape of his nose Someone who has gone to art school NIB 0 Picasso went to Art School 0 School of Fine Arts in Barcelona ampSchool of Fine Arts in Madrid I Figure 212 I Pablo Picasso I First Communion I Oil on Canvas an early 20 h century movement in its most severe llanalytical phase it abstracted the forms of the visible world into fragments or facets drawn from multiple points of viewquotGloss Art made because the artist felt like it NIB 0 Figure 2117 Pablo Picasso Les Demoiselles d Avignon The Ladies of Avignon Oil on canvas 1907 000 gt Just do It Be an Art Brut 0 Folk Nai39ve Intuitive Primitive Art Brut Outsider selftaught artist I Figure 28 I James Hampton I Throne of the Third Heaven Gold amp Silver aluminum foil craft paper plastic sheets over wood paperboard and glass 0 This was done after Hampton reads Revelations and does this as a tribute o NIB Art Notes for Exam 1 o Frida Kahlo o Selfportrait with Monkeys 0 Oil on canvas gt Analyzing Art O O naturalvisible world Gloss I If we can identify the objects and events then the work is representational 0 Hair m Descriptive of art that does not represent or otherwise refer to the visiblenatural world outside of itself Gloss I Nonobjective Nonrepresentational gt Representational o z Whatis subject matter The next question is Howis the subject matter depicted I Trompe l oeil 1 I Realistic 2 I Naturalistic 3 I Abstract 4 o Tromp loy French for llfool the eye representational art that mimics optical experience so faithfully that it may be mistaken momentarily for reality Gloss I Figure 215 I Duane Hanson I Housepainter III I Autobody filler polychromed mixed media and accessories lifesize 0 Cheat Trick 0 Suggests a more focused almost clinical attention to detail that refuses to prettify harsh or unflattering matters Gloss I Figure 176 I Michelangelo Caravaggio I Entombment of Christ I Oil on canvas 0 Cheat Looks like a photo 0 39 Descriptive of an approach to portraying that visible world that emphasizes the objective observation and accurate imitation of appearances Gloss I Figure 25 I Claude Monet I Fisherman s cottage I Oil on canvas I Impressionism Art Notes for Exam 1 0 Cheat obvious brushwork b lr r gcii Art in which the forms of the visual world are purposefully simplified fragmented or otherwise distorted Gloss I Figure 312 I Pablo Picasso I Guernica I Oil on canvas I Cubism 1937 0 Cheat That s messed up gt How are the objects depicted o Trompe l oeil It s alive It s a Trap 0 Realistic It looks like a photo 0 Naturalistic Obvious brushwork o Abstract That s messed up gt Art and Meaning 0 the physical appearance of a work of artits materials style and composition Gloss o 39 critically looking at the form NIB I Figure 224 I Henri Matisse I Piano Lesson I Oil on Canvas 0 a characteristic or a number of characteristics that we can identify as constant recurring or coherent Gloss I Individual style I School style I Cultural style I Regional style I Historical style 0 Individual Style I Figure 110 I Vincent Van Gogh I Starry Night I Oil on canvas I PostImpressionism 0 School Style I Figure 25 I Claude Monet I Fisherman s Cottage I Oil on canvas I Impressionism Art Notes for Exam 1 gt 1 39 a movement in painting originating in the 1860 s first show 1874 in France Subject matter was of modern life leisure activities and landscape Painting were often executed outdoors using chopping brush strokes to capture the transitory effects of natural light and color Gloss gt Louis Leroy vs Jules Castagnary o NIB 0 Monet o Impression Sunrise 0 Oil on canvas 0 quotCatlickingsquot gt The Exposition of the Impressionists A revolution in painting that makes its debut by causing terror 0 Cultural Style I Hquot y 3939v n l Descriptive of representational art in which methods for depicting forms have become standardized and can thus be repeated without further observation of a realworld model Gloss 0 Figure 218 0 Egyptian Culture 0 Hathor and Sety o Painted plaster on limestone Figure 412 Bill Reid The Raven and the First Men Laminated yellow cedar Pacific Northwest Coast Native AmericanHaida I Over 6ft H gt Historical Style Time Period the period in Europe from the 14 h to the 16 h century characterized by a renew interest in classical art architecture literature and philosophy Gloss I Broke into Early High and Late Renaissance I Style 0 Balanced compositions 0 Correct anatomy 0 Correct perspective I Subject matter and meaning content 0 Classical ideals o Humanism I History context 0 Artists achieve Celebrity Status The objects or events depicted Gloss Art Notes for Exam 1 O 0 Content what a work of art expresses or means it subject matter as interpreted by a viewer Gloss I Figure 114 I Audrey Flack I Wheel of Fortune Vanitas I Oil over acrylic on canvas I NIB I William Kalf I Still Life with Lobster and Drinking Horn I Oil on canvas 0 Dutch Baroque An image especially popular in Europe in the 17 h century in which all the l objects symbolize the transience of life NIB explained in text by figure 114 Subject matter vs Content I Figure 225 I Henri Matisse I Music Lesson I Oil on canvas the personal and social circumstances surrounding the making viewing and interpreting of a work of art Gloss I Figure 231 I Asante Culture I Finial of a linguist s staff I Wood on gold Politics and Propaganda I Figure 1718 I Elisabeth VigeeLabrun I MarieAntoinette and Her Children I Oil on canvas I 1787 The identification description and interpretation of subject matter in art Gloss I Figure 229 I Jan Van Eyck I Arnolfini Double Portrait I Oil on wood I 1434 I Figure 228 I Jocho I Amida Art Notes for Exam 1 I Budda from the Western Paradise I Gilded wood symbolic hand gestures NIB


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