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Fundamentals of Communication

by: Miss Dillan Paucek

Fundamentals of Communication COMM 2200

Miss Dillan Paucek
GPA 3.58

Rebecca Webb

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About this Document

Rebecca Webb
Class Notes
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This 2 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Dillan Paucek on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 2200 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Rebecca Webb in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 13 views. For similar materials see /class/213117/comm-2200-middle-tennessee-state-university in Communication Studies at Middle Tennessee State University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
Speci c Purpose To inform my audience about affordable travelling where to go how much it costs and where to plan your trip Central Idea Travelling although seemingly expensive can be quite affordable Introduction The majority of us in here are college students with the exception of Mrs Webb therefore we all share the similar burden of managing our expenses II It s also safe to say that we ve all had a long school year and are ready for summer I So what better way to spend your summer than to travel IV Travelling in general appears expensive however there are many beautiful places to visit as well as lots of ways to travel without having to spend a large amount of money V Today I m going to inform you about affordable travelling where you can visit how much it costs to go and where you can start organizing your travel Transition Let me start off with where you can visit Body You may be asking yourself where in the world can I go that is both beautiful and also very cost effective at the same time A A prime example of one of these places is Cancun Mexico and may be very familiar to many 1 As stated in an article on the VisitMexicocom website posted in 2008 quotCancun is Mexico s most important tourist destination and one ofthe world s most well known resorts 2 Although it s known for having luxurious hotels and resorts many overlook the deals that Cancun s smaller accommodations have to offer 3 fa week of relaxation is all you need Cancun s turquoise beaches and tropical climate has just what you need a Since beaches are a public place admission to them is free making lying on the beach a very cost effective activity b Another great activity that is very cost effective is sight seeing around Cancun while enjoying the serene weather that surrounds it B Among the 200 plus restaurants Cancun accommodates there are many cost efficient places to eat located in Downtown Cancun a If you decide to dine in there are many cantinas and bistro like restaurants located in Downtown Cancun b If you prefer walking the streets of Downtown Cancun there are many food stalls lined up on the sidewalks Transition Now that we have an idea of where to visit let s talking about pricing and costs Generally speaking most would imagine staying at a beautiful place like Cancun would cost them a fortune however there are many alternatives that will save you an enormous amount of money A Let s start off my looking at the price of getting there by flight 1 A round trip to Cancun Mexico from Nashville Tennessee scheduled on May 21 to May 28 ofthis year from Orbitzcom totaled at 457 after taxes and other fees 2 That s seven days on a beautiful coastal city for under 500 and is less than 70 a day B With that in mind let s move onto hotel accommodations 1 Many people stay at large luxurious hotels and spend hundreds on their accommodation when many smaller hostels in the surrounding area offer their pricing at a substantially lower cost a An example of one ofthese hostels is the Soberanis Hostel located in Downtown Cancun i Soberanis Hostel s pricing rate is 12 a night for a dorm which is extremely cheaper than staying at a luxurious hotel ii This pricing also includes taxes and continental breakfast which also takes care of your dining in the morning A thing to remember when choosing an accommodation is that you re most likely only going to be using it to sleep c Most are located in the downtown area making it an easy walk to many stores and shopping malls 5quot Transition So after looking at where you can visit and about how much you re going to spend to get there and accommodations you re probably wondering where can I start planning my trip I I m going to go ahead and use Orbitzcom and other well known travel companies A Many of these places offer tons of deals such as last minute round trip flights starting at 250 to purchasing tickets months in advanced 1 Shown on the Travelocitycom website on March 28 2011 a 7 day round trip flight from Nashville Tennessee to Tampa Bay Florida is only 22800 2 Another similar deal is shown on Pricelinecom on April 2 2011 for a 7 day round trip from Nashville Tennessee to Norfolk Virginia is priced at 23600 B Finding an accommodation is also very simple to do 1 A major website to use is Hostelscom it offers over 30000 hostels world wide and has customer rating system for the community to rate previous hostels that they have stayed in 2 Likewise to Hostelscom is HostelWorldcom which offers a similar experience to but is aimed more toward college students Conclusion


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