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Intercultural Communication

by: Miss Dillan Paucek

Intercultural Communication COMM 3560

Miss Dillan Paucek
GPA 3.58

Yang Kim

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About this Document

Yang Kim
Class Notes
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This 5 page Class Notes was uploaded by Miss Dillan Paucek on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to COMM 3560 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Yang Kim in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 29 views. For similar materials see /class/213118/comm-3560-middle-tennessee-state-university in Communication Studies at Middle Tennessee State University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
SYLLABUS COMM 35605560 INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION Section 001 CRN 85368 Fall2011 TTR 1120AM 1245PM BDA 314 Instructor Dr Yang S Kim Associate Professor EMail yskimmtsuedu Phone 4948756 Of ce Jones Hall JH 257 Of ce Hours MW 9001100AM TTR l00200PM or by appointment Graduate Students See me for your extra assignment Honors students are encouraged to begin planning their Honors thesis projects as soon as possible To graduate from the Honors College students must complete 20 hours of lower division coursework and 11 hours of upperdivision coursework including the research project For information about graduation requirements and the thesis project please contact Laura Clippard in HONR 227 at lclipparmtsuedu or at extension 5464 We would like to speak with each student individually to determine your research interests and goals A Course Description This course offers athorough examination of the challenges and promises in communicating with people with dilTering culturalsubcultural backgrounds Variations and commonalities in perception and behavior are examined along with factors that impede or facilitate communication effectiveness and relationship development across culturalsubcultural boundaries Re ecting the interdisciplinary nature of intercultural communication as an academic field the course is grounded in pertinent concepts theories and research findings from across social science disciplines addressing the following main themes 0 Global and domestic changes that have contributed to the increased significance of intercultural communication 02 Describe the historical development of the field of intercultural communication 03 Cultural and psychocultural factors that in uence intercultural communication 04 Experience and re ect on cultural di erences and commonalities among all human experiences 05 The role of communication in adapting to an unfamiliar culture 06 Develop necessary skills to promote relationships across cultures 07 Develop effective communication and con ict management skills across cultures 08 Ethicalmoral concerns and dilemmas in intercultural communication B Required Textbooks l Intercultural Communication in Contexts 2009 5Lh Ed by Judith Martin amp Thomas Nakayama New York McGraw Hill 2 Readings posted on D2L Please download the following reading articles and read it before the class 1 Diversity among teachers a concern for county system from Tennessean Rutherford AM April 13 2005 2 Mapping the Domain of Intercultural Communication An Overview by Young Y Kim in Communication Yearbook 2001 Turning Japanese It Takes More Than a Passport by Howard W French LA 4 We are from America no matter our color from Sidelines Nov 18 2004 Adapting to an unfamiliar culture by Young Yun Kim 2001 VI C Course Policies 1 You MUST access your MTSU email accountD2L in a regular basis for this course The university strongly recommends that students use MTSU email instead of other alternative emails because of virus issues The instructor will use the MTSU email system D2L as a way to send you post important course information If you have trouble accessing D2L or Electronic Reserves contact a site consultant found at any of the computer labs on campus or Information Technology Help Desk X5345 immediately Do not ask Dr Kim for help Do not assume that you can download the information the night before exam or an assignment due date Quite often problems with the server occurs during peak times evenings and on weekends when stalT is reduced To avoid roblems it is your res onsibilitv to access the system well in advance to download any and all les as soon as possible and to keep both a hard copy and electronic copy for your records Problems accessing web based information before the assi ed date or exam CANNOT be a valid excuse N0 extensions on assigpments will be granted Failure to check your MT SU email throughout the semester may cause you to fail this course 2 Please keep a copy of everything you hand in Also keep everything I hand back to you Also save all assignments on your computerin case of an accident 3 Your cell phones and pagers should not ring or beep during the class Refrain from taking all electronic devices out during class unless authorized by the instructor 4 Attendanceparticipation Regular attendance in class is vital to the students success for this class Poor attendance will negatively in uence your grade Roll will be taken at the beginning of class 2 Do not be late for the class If you are late for the class you will be marked as LATE Three LATES will be counted as ONE absence 3 You are allowed only two absences Additional absences beyond allotted amount ie two absences will result in a 5 point penalty per absence Ifyour absences exceed more than four 4 class sessions you WILL NOT get the passing grade for this course 4 Exceptions to this policy can be made only in the case of clearly documented emergencies for illness official university functions or other dire emergencies No excuse will be granted without proper documentation due within one week of the absence 5 However although you have excused absences if your absences exceed more than 4 gfour class sessions you must withdrawdrop the course Failure to do this results in F grade for this course There is no exception 6 If you miss the class missed assignments quizzes handouts lecture notes are your responsibility and not the responsibility of the instructor 5 Late Assignments As for the late assignment 10 points per day will automatically be deducted from your grade on the assignment Any assignment over ve 5 days late will receive a zero 0 If a student has a serious or extended illness a student should talk to the instructor to make necessary arrangement 6 Incomplete Students requesting an incomplete must meet two criteria 1 They must at the time of the request be passing the course with a grade of C or better 2 They must provide the instructor with compelling proof of either a legal medical or family obligation of an emergency nature as objective and legitimate grounds for the request 6 Reasonable Accommodation If you have a disability that may require assistance or accommodation or you have questions related to any accommodations for testing note takers readers etc please speak with your instructor as soon as possible Students may also contact the Office of Disabled Student Services 8982783 with questions about such services Please note All faculty members have been instructed that no accommodations should be made unless and until the Of ce of Disabled Student Services verifies those disabilities 3 7 Academic misconduct Plagiarism falsi cation and misrepresentation of sources used for papers or any form of cheating on any test or other assignments will result in failure of the testassignment and failure for the course Please note that MTSU policy also provides signi cant penalties for plagiarism http wwwmtsu eduNjudaIfinte grityhtmabout 8 Disrupted behavior University disruptive behavior policy authored by John Dickerson Assistant Dean for Judicial A airs Dean of Student Life states the following In order to create and maintain a positive and productive environment in the classroom it is essential that each person treat other class members and the instructor in a respectful manner Therefore disruptive behavior will not be tolerated Disruptive behavior includes but is not limited to the following intentionally antagonizing the instructor receiving beeper or phone messages during class leaving class early or coming to class late talking while another individual is talking sleeping in class doing assignments for other classes during this class and engag ng in other activities that detract from the classroom learning experience Students who disrupt the class will be asked to leave for the remainder of the class period and will be required to meet with the instructor prior to returning to class Continued disruption will result in the recommendation to the Office of Judicial A airs and Mediation Services that you be expelled from the class 9 To retain Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship eligibility you must earn a cumulative TELS GPA of 275 after 24 attempted hours and a cumulative TELS GPA of 30 thereafter A grade of C D F or I in this class may negatively impact TELS eligibility Dropping a class after 14 days may also impact eligibility lfyou withdraw from this class and it results in an enrollment status of less than full time you may lose eligibility for your lottery scholarship For additional lottery scholarship rules please refer to your Lottery Statement of Understanding form review lottery scholarship requirements on the web at httn 39 web mtsn J quot quot ilityhtm or contact the MTSU financial aid office at 8982830 10 When coming or going from class please enter and leave the second oor from the elevator on the side of the building nearest to the KUC and Forest Hall The second floor hallway on the Falkenberry side of the building is a waiting room clinical treatment area for adults and children with speech or hearing disorders Please respect the privacy of the clients by NOT passing through that part of the building The doors to the Clinic are clearly marked with large signs restricting transit Thank you for your consideration D RequirementsAssignments 1 Exam 200 points There will be two scheduled examinations that will assess your understanding and integration of readings lectures and class discussions Exam will consist of multiple choices truefalse and matching The course lectures reading materials and quizzes will be especially helpful in studying for the exam 2 Movie Film Critique Paper 100 points presentation 10 points View a lm in which culture or cultural diiTerences are central themes Select one movie from the list After watching the lm you are required to write a 4 page paper analyzing the main themes of the lm Students are expected to present their paper to the class on the deadline The paper is worth 100 points and the paper presentation is worth 10 points For more detailed guideline please see the guideline posted on DZL 3 Interview Paper with an international student 100 points presentation 10 points You are to interview an international student and write a 4 page interview paper In your paper you need to explain describe the respondents experience of intercultural adaptation intercultural communication in American host cultural environment Use the framework of stages in the Ucurve of adjustment to analyze your respondent s sojourning experiences Students are expected to present their paper to the class on the deadline The paper is worth 100 points and the paper presentation is worth 25 points For more detailed guideline please see the guideline posted on DZL 4 News Articles Summary 100 points presentation 20 points Read 5 ve news articles in which culture issues e g cultural con ict immigration prejudice and stereotype etc are a focus and write a 12 page summary of each article Students are expected to present two 2 news articles to the class Students presentations are only limited two articles Each news article summary is w01th 20 twenty points 5 news alticles X 20 points 100 points Each news article presentation is worth 10 points two news articles x 10 points 20 points A sign up sheet indicating when presentations are due will be distributed the rst week of class E Grading ScalePolicy Exam 1 MidTerm 100 points Exam 2 Final 100 points Movie critique paper 100 points Presentation 10 points Interview paper 100 points Presentation 10 points News article summary 100 points quot 20 points Total 540 points 5


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