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Political Parties

by: Taurean Paucek

Political Parties PS 3330

Taurean Paucek
GPA 3.56

Lisa Langenbach

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About this Document

Lisa Langenbach
Class Notes
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This 35 page Class Notes was uploaded by Taurean Paucek on Wednesday September 23, 2015. The Class Notes belongs to PS 3330 at Middle Tennessee State University taught by Lisa Langenbach in Fall. Since its upload, it has received 17 views. For similar materials see /class/213122/ps-3330-middle-tennessee-state-university in Political Science at Middle Tennessee State University.

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Date Created: 09/23/15
Assignment 1 1 N E 4 9 gt1 9 0 O A common error mane by students is the spelling and capitalization of party names Which is correct a The Democratic party A converting election is a An election in which the coalition supporting the two major parties shift on a new line of cleavage but the party that had been the majority remains in that position A leader of the Federalist party was a Alexander Hamilton A line of cleavage is a A dividing line that separates supporters of one party from supporters of another A movement of farmers in the Midwest who were discontented with government policy that favored industry over agriculture was known as a Granger Movement A partisan election is an election in which a Those on the ballot are identi ed by their political party affiliation A political boss is a A derogatory characterization of the leaders of a local party organization Abundant evidence exists that realignment has happened in the south in recent years This is probably due to a A civil rights movement According to V0 Keys Jr the party in the electorate is a The voters who generally align themselves with a particular party Axelrod believes that a groups contribution to a political coalition such as the New Deal Coalition is a product of three things a Size of the group percentage of the group that turns out to vote and the loyalty of the groups members to a political party Direct election of US Senate came about with the a 17111 amendment Divided government is a A political system in which the executive branch and the legislative branch represent opposing political parties Every two years a All members of the house of reps and 13 of the senate are up for reelection IfaUS Senator dies while in office a The governor of his her state appoints a replacement until the next general election A 1796 electoral competition was between a John Adams and Thomas Jefferson 1860 the issue propelling realignment was 00 O N O N N N N L N 4 N ON N l N 00 N 0 LA 0 LA LA N a Slavery In 1940 what percentage of the popular votes did the republicans receive a 448 In the 1003911 congress what percentage of the senate was occupied by democrats a 55 In the days of the classic political machine precinct leaders frequently hed patronage jobs jobs that depended on their a Delivering votes on election day In the election of 1824 a Andrew Jackson won the popular vote but didn t have a majority of electoral votes to win In the state of TN the govemmor is elected for a 7 term State reps terms of offica are 7 years a 42 In which congress did the democratic party have the fewest senators a 56 James Madison sided with 7 in the early partisan battles a Thomas Jefferson Leaders who took the discontent of the fa1mers into the political realm threatening the hegemony of the two existing parties is known as the a Populist Lloyd Bensten and Joe Leiberman have what in common a They lost election for US vicepresident the same day they won reelection to the US senate Members of a political party who are serving in an official capacity in the government are a The party in the government Most analysts feel that a description of electoral coalition that was accurate in the mid 1930 s would have been similarly accurate into the a 1960 s One of the major roles that nonmaj or parties play in twoparty systems is to a False debate the controversial issues of the day Perhaps the classis example of an urban political machine a Was Tammany Hall of New York Political is not only about power but also about a Money Public acceptance of the right of public officials to hold office and to make policies on their behalf of known as a Legitimacy Since the role of the candidates own personalized campaign has increased the role of hill committee has a Increased because of the need for more money states have imposed herm limits on their US Reps and Senators a 18 Taking a de nitive stand on slavery a Was something neither of the major parties was willing to do The chairs of each national committee are formally elected by a The committee members The claim that Henry Clay threw his support in the house in the 1842 presidential election to John Quincy Adams thereby ensuring Adams election in exchange for clay s appointment as secretary of state is referred to as a Corrupt bargaining The issue propelling realignment in 1932 was a Government involvement in domestic economic affairs The last federalist presidential candidate was defeated a In 1816 The method of choosing electors a Given to the states by the constitution The New Deal Coalition is made up of a Urban workers ethnic Americans Jews academic elites blacks and traditionally democratic south The political machine provided a Jobs housing extra groceries and means of socializations for immigrants The president is elected for a year term as are most a 4 governors The republican national committee has members and the democratic national committee has members a 150 over 400 The second party system underwent a realignment what is a realignment a When fundamental and lasting changes occur in peoples voting behavior signaling a change in the line of cleavage The spoils system was expanded by Andrew Jackson rewarding legions of friends who helped him politically This is referred to as a Patronage The times and places of elections is controlled by a States The top of the party organizational hierarchy are the a Two national committees The urban political machine was based largely on a Giving material incentives to immigrant groups in exchange for votes The voting rights act of 1965 VI 0 UI UI N UI VI 00 VI 0 ON UI ON 0 Political participation beyond voting is less prevalent Only one in a Permitted the federal government to impose federal registars on voting districts in which a minority of black citizens was registered to vote The Whigs were a A political pa1ty that J J the f A quot and with the Jacksonian party system 1 r Those who support a political party at the polls are a The pa1ty in the electorate What is the difference between a secular realignment and a critical election a A critical election cases a realignment immediately while a secular realignment causes a realignment over a period of elections Which is correct in referring to a type of government a Republican democratic Which of the following is NOT a contribution of the first party system a Political action committee were first formed Which party had the largest majority in the US House of Representatives in 1958 a Democrats Who was Wilber Mills a The once powerful chairman of the House of Ways and Means Committee A political boss is a A derogatory characterization of the leaders of a local party organization A taX paid by each person as they exercised their right to vote was called a A poll taX Black voter registration in Mississippi saw the biggest increase between a 1964 and 1969 Black voter registration in TN increased percent from 1960 1994 a 109 Direct elections of US Senators came about with a 17111 amendment 18 21 year olds won the right to vote with the a 26th amendment In 1789 the electorate was a Composed of one in 30 americans Money that is raised for political purposes that is outside of the constraints specified under the FEC act is known as a Soft money National part chairs whose party controls the white house usually are referred to as a InpaIty chairs Americans belongs to a political club or organization or contributes money to political campaigns a Ten The eligible electorate has been Turnout among Robert Erikson demonstrated that the biggest reason citizens do not vote is because a They are not registered voters Since the role of the candidates own personalized campaign has incread the role of Hill committee has a Increased because of the need for more money The chairs of each national committee are formally elected by a The committee members and the actual electorate has beenii a Expanding not growing proportionately The franchise is a The right to vote The groups of political leaders mostly women who campaigned for more than sixty years at both state and federal levels gain the right to vote for women were called a Suffragists The highest rate of turnout in the presidential election in recent years was a 1960 The republican national committee has members and the DNC has a 50 400 The second step in expanding the franchise involved a Enfranchisement of black male citizens The tope of the party organizational hierarchy are the a Two national committees voters is the lowest of all time a Young Turnout is a The of the voting age population that actually votes was the first state with universal women suffrage a Wyoming Which party s receipts are usually higher a Democrats Women got the right to vote with the a 19 h According to Campbell and his associates which is more nearly correct a The average voter seldom spends a good deal of time keeping informed about politics An independent is one who a Does not identify with one major party or another Turnout rate for women have exceeded the rates for men in every national election since a 1980 00 O 100 101 A group that In recent directory of Washington lobbyist over In absolute numbers there are approximately Which state has the highest percentage of registered voters as a percentage of voting age population a Minnesota cannot have taxexempt status by the Internal Revenue Service a Raises large sums of money A preponderance of groups active today exist to defend their members a Economic interest A study that built on The American Voter but criticized it as time bound is called a The changing American voter According to Miller in the 1980 s a A two stage realignment occurred b Realignment was more regional then national Date of the American electorate going back many years is kept by a The Pew Research Center for the people ofthe press Every election year the League of Conservation voters identi es the worst members of congress according to their rating on environmental concerns This group dubs these reps a The dirty dozen Fiorina claims that the electorate is more apt to engage in a Retrospective voting How much soft money may still be raised by the state parties per donor a 10000 Is a group decides to support candidates for office they must a Form a separate PAC In 1988 were there more democrats or republicans a Democrats individuals were listed a 125000 7 times as many corporate PACs a labor PACs a 5 Independent expenditures in congressional elections have a 7 Issue advocacy advertisement are a Are permitted because the group expressing its view is exercising its first amendment right to free speech Key believes that 7 play the role in American politics of ultimately determining the winner of an election a Switchers Legislation aimed at preventing political abuse of an by federal employees is Assignment 3 In what congress did newt gingrich take the helm of the in the us house a 104 b 106 c 102 d 107 2 The most apt description of the elections at the end of the twentieth century is a Candidate centered b Party dominated c Run by interest groups and parties d Out of touch with American voters 3 A hallmark of recent congress was a Cooperation b Bipartisanship c Violence across the aisles d Contentious party line votes 4 During the period of democratic hemegony repuublicans in congress a Fought tooth and nail with democrats over every issue b Had the strategy of attacking democrats publicly but cooperating in private c Cooperate publicly but not privately d Attacked everything the majority leader says 5 Newspapers and leaflets in the early years of the republic were named bc they sold for a penny a Penny papers b Free press c Penny press d Paid media 6 The actual votes cast for president and vice president by the electors members of the electoral college are called a Presidential votes b Popular vote c Electoralvotes d Election votes 7 According to the book candidates for the presidenecy are interest first in winning but also in a Winning at all costs b Avoid pitfalls other candidates made c Taking both houses of congress as well d Winning with a large mandate 8 A specific technique used to implement the overall strategic design of a campaign is a Strategy b Tactic c National committee d Campaign organization and execution 9 The DNC national chair in 1992 is a John brown b Ron brown c Bert lance d Pat Buchanan 10 He refused public funds in his 2000and 2004 campaign a W bush b Clinton c Hw bush d Gore 11 Where is the presidential campaign office located a DC b Wherever the candidate happens to be c War room d Homestate 12 The overall design of the campaign is its a Design b Campaign organization c Strategy d Tactics 13 This person or people make sure the candidates day runs smoothly a Campaign manager b Advance people c Site aides d Himherself 14 Small groups of citizens taken to be roughly representative of some subpopulation their views of probed in depth a Focus group b Rolling sample c Polling sample d Constituents 15 Who wrote selling of the president 1968 a Mcginnis b Rafshoon c Nixon d Patterson and mcclure 16 In virtually every recent campaign the major party candidates have surrounded themselves with a Beautiful women and rich men b Loyal followers and dogged workers c Major fundraisers d nner core of dedicated and trusted advisers 17 No election has been decided by the house since a 1992 b 1824 c 2826 d 2000 18 A campaign puts more resources into states where it feels is has a chance If a state is definitely won or lost it gets fewer resources This is known as a Coalition of geographic support b Margin of victory plan c Strategic approach of campaigning d Geographic strategy 19 The effort to position oneself between extreme positions so as to draw support from both sides is known as a Sitting on the fence b Strategic positioning c Waffling d Triangulation 20 Who tends to set the tone for the campaign a Campaign manager b Main monetary contributors c The candidate d Chief speechwriter 21 A candidate is most able to define his or her own message to articulate his or her own theme when a Early in the campaign b After the convention c Later in the campaign d Travelling state to state 22 One of the most important things voters look for in choosing a presidential candidate in addition to party and ideas is a Views on controversial issues b Money c Family connections d Character 23 In times of peace issues are most salient a Domestic especially relating to the economy b Foreign policy c Domestic relating to controversial issues d Moral 24 How many of the last 6 presidents prior to Obama have lost bids for reelection a 3 b 2 c 1 d 4 25 The that a campaign adopts is its overall plan to convince voters controlling a majority of the electoral college that a candidate deserves support a Tactics b Strategy c Tactical approach d Campaign plan 26 The are the day to day means used to implement the overall campaign plan a Tactics b Campaign manager c Strategy d Campaign plan 27 The most scarce resource in a presidential campaign is a Enough money b Donations that don t have to be reported c Bright staf f capable of running a quality campaign d Candidates time 28 The sets the theme for a campaign a Opening message b Candidate c Media barrage d Issues and approach to them 29 Since the presidential debates have been sponsored by the commission of presidential debates a privately funded bipartisan organization headed by the chairs of the two major parties a 88 b 60 c 92 d 72 30 These folks walked out of the 1948 democratic convention in protest over the parties civil rights plank and ran Strom Thurmond as their candidate for president a Black democrats b New southern republicans c Dixiecrats d Wallace faction 31 John Anderson ran for president as an independent in what election 32 Ross perot crossed the first hurdle minor party candidates face when he was able to a Recruit many unpaid volunteers to help him out b Raise substantial sums of money c Stay on message in all early talks d Get on the ballot in all 50 states 33 Perot invented a new form of political media advertising called a Infomercial b Speeches directly to the American people c Commercial advertising d Tactical media spending 34 Third party candidates are of three types Perot represented the type which a Runs an ideologically pure platform b Runs hard at first then loses steam and dies away c Splintered from another party d Based on the other individual 35 Newspapers lost their primacy with the emergence of a Tv b Internet c Radio d Twitter 36 During prime time in 79 what percentage of America watched tv news on one of the 3 major networks a lt40 b 44 c 90 d 60 37 For what percent of americans was the internet a prime source of news in 2006 a 3 b 44 c 15 d About 69 38 In 2007 what percent of americans read onine bogs a 11 b 22 c 34 d 3 39 Media exposure that a candidate receives such as coverage in newspaper or on tv news shows a Biased reporting b Free media c Paid media d Press coverage 40 provide a forum for citizens and opinionated hosts to inform and misinform each other a Talk shows b Penny press c Cable tv d Mews magazines 41 A representative democracy rests not just on consent of the governed but on a Ability of people to vote b Role of the elected c Freedom and liberty for all d Informed consent of the governed 42 Efforts by newspapers and some tv stations to monitor political advertisements for accuracy is called a Free press function b Spin control c Adwatch campaign d Watchdog function 43 The phenom of all journalist covering an event following the lead of one of their colleagues instead of pursuing their own angle on the story is a Expectation game b Spin c Pack journalism d Typical mass media behavior 44 The strategy of setting expectations of performance low so that results will be viewed in a favorable light is a Pack journalism b Expectation game c Spin d Image creating and manipulation 45 Eliminating some candidates from a multicandidate competition is done by a Determining the message of the campaign b Winnowing the field c Dropping out d Losing many races 46 The media views itself as of the public good a Watchdogs b Soldiers c Warriors d Lapdogs 47 Critics of constant polling during campaigns claim that these polls remove the drama from the campaign and a nflate turnout and may impact elections higher on the ballot b Deflate turnout and may impact elections higher on the ballot c Deflate turnout and impact elections lower in the ballot d nflate quot quot 48 Surveys of voters as they leave the poll booth are called a Daily polls b Exit polls c Managed news d Tracking polls 49 A person casting votes for more than one candidate for the same office is referred to as an a Undervoter b Overvoter c Fraudulent voter d Chad 50 Candidates determine their message and pay to communicate it directly to potential voters a Freedom of the press b Media feeding frenzy c Free media d Paid media 51 Short paid ads that must simplify a message to conform to a ten or twenty of thirty second time frame is called a Spot advertisement b Positive ads c Free media d Paid media 52 Political advertisement that points to perceived flaws in the record of the sponsoring candidates opponents are called a Contrast ads b Negative ads c Positive ads d Manipulating advertising 53 Why do candidates engage in negative advertising a Cant help it b ts effective c ts mean spirited and makes the opponent mad d Being a nice guy is the best way to win the race 54 The goals of paid media campaigns are a Set the agenda attack opponents lessen loyalties of party members and establish a positive image b Set the agenda attack candidate establish a questionable image for the candidate and reinforce loyalties of party members c Set agenda establish a positive image for the candidate attack opponents and reinforce loyalties of party members d Change the agenda establish a negative image for the candidate attack opponents and reinforce loyalties to party members 55 An ad hoc committee comprised of senators and reps called together to resolve differences between senate and house version of the same bill a Standing committee b Joint committee of the whole c Conference committee d Rules committee 56 In his view strong parties were the best mechanism through which a democracy could convert public opinion into policy alternative a Woodrow Wilson b VO keys jr c Ee Schattschneider d Sandy maisel 57 Cooper and brady argue that parties and part leadership are strong and active only when a Their members policy preference are relatively homogeneous b quot quot heterogeneous c The moire diverse members of the party makes for easier cross party coalition d On party is bigger and more dominant than the other 58 The situation in which one political party controls both elected branches of the government is called a One party system b Unified control c Divided government d Political unification 59 Unified party control of the government guarantees legislative harmony a True b False 60 Voted on which a majority of one party votes against a majority of the other party a Party cohesion votes b Party line vote c Party unity votes d Party votes 61 Party scores are clearly much higher today than they were 30 years ago a Leadership b Unity c Loyalty d Cohesion 62 Who describes the congressional parties as lllegislative cartels a Brady and buckley b Cox and mccubbins c Krehbiel d Aldrich and rohde 63 The leader of the house of reps a Majority whip b Speaker of the house c Majority leader d Pres Pro tempore 64 The majority party official in a legislative charged with aiding the floor leader informing members of party positions tracking the intentions of individual members and attempting to persuade reluctant members to follow the party stance when appropriate a Speaker of the house b Pres Pro tempore c Majority leader d Majority whip 65 Who is credited with formulating the idea of a contract with America a HW bush b Cheney c Lott d Gingrich 66 The GOP leadership team of the the congress was arguably the most cohesive and centralized of any in recent memory a 108 and 109 b 107 and 108 c 104 d 104 and 105 67 Before ascending to majority leader served 8 years as majority whip where he earned the nickname llthe hammer a Cheney b Delay c Hastert d Gingrich 68 Minorties wield far greater power in the a Senate b House c Leadership d Congress 69 Who was forced to step down from GOP senate leadership in 2003 when he made public comments supportive of Strom Thurmond s 1948 segregationist presidential election a Delay b Daschle c Gingrich d Lott 70 Who describes the presidents power essentially as the llpower to persuade a Reagan b Maisel c Clinton d Neustadt 71 In 1996 Dole attacked Clinton on issues oras much as a Character and policy b Terrorism and economic policy c Domestic policy and foreign policy d Economics and foreign policy 72 Over percent of house incumbents seeing reelection are successful in election after election 73 Reason for high rates of incumbency in the house include a Majority of house districts are safe seats for one party b Interest groups spend lots of money on house races c All of these choices d Constituents are happy with their performances 74 In legislative districts in virtually every state true two party competition a None of these answers b Comes and goes c Happens regularly d Remains the exception not the rule 75 Approximately of US municipalities hold nonpartisan elections to determine who will hold local offices a 13 b 45 c 72 d 23 5A 76 What is the news source most relied upon by the American voting public a Radio b Tv c Newspaper d Internet 77 Due to tv voters are making decisions based on a grossly oversimplified view of the important issues of the day a True b False 78 The average local news programs on tv spends nearly as much time on as on a News weather and sports b News sports c Weather and sports d News and weather 79 Modern American elections are primarily centered aTv b Party c Candidate d Electorate 80 What is one major thing that caused the rise of candidate centered elections a Rise of interest groups b All of these answers c Growth of talk radio d Imposition of primary elections as the principal way of nominating candidates 81 The most interesting debate about the role of political parties in the 21st century may be about a How the 2 parties define themselves b None of these c Which party is dominant d Which party is replaced by the other 82 One problem the republic party has in the early part of the let century is that a It is dominated by the social conservatives b Economic conservatives hate the social conservative and they all hate the democrats c It has 3 wings d Dominated by the economic conservatives 83 One things that bothers many citizens and politicians today is a The fact that a woman did not win presidency b The fact a black man won c Too many nonvoters d Tone of the debates Answers 509089 59 Nf gt5gtbabba gtwwcoowcugtugt H 9 7U A not D To 7UU 20 im going to assume its C71 picked D N Equot gtDgtUDgt N U 1 A not D L b gtb gtb gtb gt gtb gt meeaweewwwwawwaawwwawmawmam 77 A 78 A 79 C 80 B I think I got that wrong so im assumingiits not C 81 A 82 C 83 D Assignment 2 N E 4 V39 9 gt1 9 0 The 1907 Tillman Act the 1925 Corrupt Practices Act the 1939 and 1940 Hatch Acts and the 1944 SmithConnolly and 1947 TaftHartley Acts A were largely and easily ignored The 1974 amendments to the 1971 FECA limited a individual contributions to candidates to 1000 per election The AARP is one of the most in uential interest groups in Washington AARP stands for a American Association of Retired People The average Congressional district has approximately citizens a 650000 The Changing American Voter found that new independent voters are a very well informed and very concerned about politics The following questions come from chapter 5 Campbell and his associates found that a rarely do Americans view politics in abstract terms or develop a coherent ideology The National Ri e Association s overall expenditures including funds for lobbying a Congress is approximately a year a one hundred and twenty million There are roughly PACs today a 4600 V0 Key s term for those voters who support the candidate of the same party for two consecutive elections are called a STANDPATTERS What groups have been very in uential in getting on the Republican Party39s platform committee and asserting their views into the party s platform a The religious right The National Association of Realtors PAC ranks number What must soft money be spent on a Party building activities What year 19521996 was the percentage of strong Democrats the largest a 1964 When did public nancing of presidential campaigns take effect a 1976 How have pure independents39those who do not lean toward one party percentage in the electorate changed since 1952 In other words what is the trend a increased in terms of total money given to federal candidates in 200102 a rst In Senate races which year saw the greatest percentage of incumbents reelected 1960 1998 a 1998 A benchmark poll a Determines the publics view at the beginning of the campaign A contest for legislative seats that is so close that either major party has a reasonable chance to win is called a A marginal seat A plurality of votes means that the candidate won a More votes than any one else got but not a majority A primary in which only voters enrolled in a particular party may participate is called a A closed primary According to the text incumbents tend to win reelection because a Challengers tend to be poor campaigners According to the text the 1998 election was N ON N l N 00 N 0 LA 0 LA L N LA L a A great victory for the democrats because they held even in the senate and picked up five seats in the HOR Advantages that current office holders have in seeking reelection by virtue of the fact that they hold the office is called a Incumbent advantage An efficient campaign organization will reach prospective voters a A number of times in number of different ways At the end of the Reconstruction era the party totally dominated Southern politics a Democratic California is among states with provisions for recall of elected state officials a 18 Direct mail a Can be targeted to specific groups of voters Drawing district lines to achieve certain political purposes is called a gerrymandering EMILY s List a Stands for Early Money If Like Yeast a group of financially supported women candidates easly in the process Goldenberg and Traugott 1984 found that congressional candidates in 1978 spent nearly percent of their total campaign budgets on media expenditures and advertising a 60 Governors seeking reelection more frequently than do members of the House of Representatives a lose How many different parties ran candidates for federal office in 2008 general elections a About 20 In five of the last ten congressional elections more than percent of the incumbents won reelection U A LA Ul LA ON LA 1 LA 0 A o A A N A U Nearly a 95 In the past few decades new politics has a Totally replaces old politics OR pretty much died out and is being replaces by neopolitics Many members of Congress retire early because a The pressure to campaign is too heavy Media advertising as a surrogate for personal contact is very important in today s campaigns However the electoral context determines the extent to which media campaigning can replace personal campaigning as a way to reach voters a TRUE Modern campaigns rarely employ media consultants and public opinion pollsters a FALSE parties ran candidates for congressional races in 1998 a 40 New politics is a Media and image oriented in which political part orgs has been replaces by candidate centered campaign orgs Old politics meant a Campaigning was person to person and door to door and candidates were individuals representing political parties One thing that thirdparty candidacies may NOT cause is a Decreasing voter turnout Precinct committee persons who used to identify and categorize voters and monitor progress toward reaching campaign goals have largely been replaced by a computers Seats in which no incumbent is running for reelection are called a An open seat 44 The The party tends to provide more services and money to their candidates running for of ce a Republican s job is to determine how much of a candidate s time is spent with what groups how much in what areas of the district how much with what kinds of activities a scheduler The drawing of the lines for legislative districts that takes place after decennial censuses is called a redistricting The rst job of a prospective candidate is to a Raise money The hypothetical scenario given at the beginning of chapter 7 about the two candidates campaigning in Washington County Somewhere indicates that a These two politicians must both identify likely supporters and gure out some way to get those supporters to the polls The hypothetical scenario discussed at the beginning of chapter 7 shows that a The two candidates pro led are really engages in a very different enterprise The independent governor of Maine 19952003 was a Angus King The means of nominating party candidates in most states a Varies a good deal The most important resource any candidate has is a Personal time The political party is a great resource for all candidates in all races and thus its support should be actively sought by every candidate a TRUE The practice of members of one political party voting in the other party s primary presumably to nominate the weaker candidate is called UI UI VI 0 UI VI 00 VI 0 O L ON 4 The Progressive Party pushed for a Crossover voting for philosophical and ideological reasons a primaries What candidate and officeholder felt that asking someone for money was the most distasteful part of politics a Humphrey What group does not have a clearly de ned role in the election process a The courts What is the difference between a caucus and a primary a All of the above What is the role of the field organization in a campaign a The reach out into the geographic are covered by the campaign and make people know that others also support the campaign What percentage of US House incumbents won reelection in the 2006 election a 96 What two states have provisions in their electoral laws that require primary winners to receive at least 35 of the vote to be declared a winner a SD and Iowa Which activity is NOT undertaken by the field organization of campaigns a Running tv ads Which type of primary is most prevalent a Closed Who is the Texan who urged a special session ofthe TX leg To redraw congressional district lines to favor the GOP a DeLay Who runs the day to day campaign a Campaign manager Why did the democratic TX leg Flee over state lines in the summer of 03 a Wanted to deny the leg a quorum so that a redistricting plan that greatly favored Republicans could not be pushed through The main reason for the winograd commission was because a The party regulars wanted to make new rules so that Mondale would be assured an easy nomination A major change made by the Mikulski commission was a Outlawing of open primaries A new category of delegates called super delegates were added by the commission a Hunt A technique used by pollsters to gauge public opinion by continuously replacing one portion of the group they are polling each night with a newly selected group is called a Rolling sample All states award the plurality winner of the popular contest all of that states electoral votes a FALSE Critics of the 1968 democratic nomination process contended that a The party was bosscontrolled and the election process was unfair and undemocratic Delegates chosen to each subsequent level of the presidential nominating process in proportion to the level of support they receive at the previous level is called a Fair re ection of presidential preference Elections in which voters cast their vote for presidential candidates or for delegates who will support specified presidential candidates are called a Presidential preference primaries Every candidate for national office develops a set speech that is given at virtually every campaign stop along the way a TRUE In 1968 In establishing a national organization a J Money raised by the NC and spent of behalf of the entire ticket is called How many electoral votes are needed to win the presidency a 270 Hubert5 H Humphrey the Democratic presidential nominee in 1968 won primaries a None If no one wits the number of electoral votes that is necessary to win the presidency what happens a The HOR votes with each state getting one vote states chose delegates to the RNC through the primary process Making up percent of the delegates a 16 34 In 1992 Bush was constantly criticized for not having the vision thing what is the vision thing a The ability to convey a sense of why someone wants to be president to have and explain their goals for the nation In 1992 what percent of delegates to the Republican convention were chosen in primaries a 87 39J quot 39 dquot andhis manager must remember a number of important factors Which is NOT one of those a They must see to it that the state chairs raise enough money to support the campaign in his state and can be used in addition to grants given to the presidential campaign from public funding a Soft money Most campaign headquarters are located a DC Most presidential campaign managers divide their time between a Headquarters and regional or states headquarters oo 0 00 l 00 00 00 O O O O 93 96 One of the reason McGovern won the 1972 democratic nomination was because a He helped write the new rules under which the nomination process was to operate One of the results of the Winograd commission was to shorten the primary season to a three month period from early march to early june why a Is would be difficult for a challenger to gain the needed momentum to overcome an incumbent One really important outcome of the McGovem Fraser commission was that a State were required to comply with certain procedures in order for the delegates to be seated at the convention Prior to 1972 party leaders preferred the causes convention system of choosing delegates because a The control the results Prior to the 1972 election delegates to the Democratic party nominating convention were a Largely chosen by party elites with only a few states primaries directly selecting delegates Proportional representation at a means of choosing delegates to the parties nominating conventions is used by a The Democratic party Proportional representation in primaries can have the effect of a Hurting the front runner AND assuring the no one candidate can win the majority of delegates support before the convention representation is based on characteristics such as gender race age etc a Demographic Running for a presidential nomination involves running more than 50 separate campaigns This requires a All of the above Some politicial reformers feel that land hew hamshire have more in uein the nominating process than they should have because a citizens in these states are not reprensentative of either party s vote The commission created by democrats in reaction to the previous years rules commission was the rst of the reaction reform commissions ie a


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All subscriptions to StudySoup are paid in full at the time of subscribing. To change your credit card information or to cancel your subscription, go to "Edit Settings". All credit card information will be available there. If you should decide to cancel your subscription, it will continue to be valid until the next payment period, as all payments for the current period were made in advance. For special circumstances, please email


StudySoup has more than 1 million course-specific study resources to help students study smarter. If you’re having trouble finding what you’re looking for, our customer support team can help you find what you need! Feel free to contact them here:

Recurring Subscriptions: If you have canceled your recurring subscription on the day of renewal and have not downloaded any documents, you may request a refund by submitting an email to

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you’re not satisfied with your subscription, you can contact us for further help. Contact must be made within 3 business days of your subscription purchase and your refund request will be subject for review.

Please Note: Refunds can never be provided more than 30 days after the initial purchase date regardless of your activity on the site.